MAIR – Chapter 105 – Old friend

Shen Huai and Guo Wenyuan entered the sanatorium and saw Yi Mian, who was basking in the sun.

Since their last meeting, Yi Mian seemed to have become a little older. When Guo Wenyuan saw his old friend’s appearance, his eyes also dimmed.

Yi Mian turned around and saw the two of them. He looked more energetic and said to Shen Huai with a smile, “There was a magpie at the door of my ward this morning. So I knew there was a distinguished guest coming to my door. It turned out to be you!”

Guo Wenyuan whispered, “Liar! You can’t tell even a sparrow apart from a magpie… “

Shen Huai: “…”

Yi Mian didn’t hear Guo Wenyuan’s words, but Guo Wenyuan’s clothes were too conspicuous to be left unnoticed.

Yi Mian turned his puzzled gaze to Guo Wenyuan and asked, “Who is this?”

Guo Wenyuan said unhurriedly, “I’m a singer Mr. Shen just signed. I sing rock’n ‘roll!” he said, and made a rock sign, “Rock!”

Yi Mian: “…”

Shen Huai: “…”

Shen Huai finally understood why Guo Wenyuan had dressed like this. He should have heard that he and Ye Cang came to see Yi Mian last time.

But it had to be said, that this was the worst time for a rock singer to get popular.

Yi Mian really regarded Guo Wenyuan as an artist signed by Shen Huai, so he didn’t pay attention to him. Shen Huai pushed him inside the ward, while talking about some interesting things.

Guo Wenyuan was a little slower, but he suddenly remembered that when he was ill and hospitalized, Yi Mian came to see him and talked about a friend he knew in the United States. Now it seemed that this friend must’ve been Shen Huai, which was some kind of fate.

After entering the ward, Yi Mian insisted on making tea for both of them.

Shen Huai took the initiative to pour water to boil the tea. Yi Mian chose the cups seriously before handing the tea to the two other people. Shen Huai took a sip and as he was about to say something, he noticed that Yi Mian froze, looking at Guo Wenyuan.

Du Yuping used to go to Yi Mian’s office to ask for tea. He had a habit of turning the cup around when he took it. So when he took the tea from Yi Mian’s hand, he unconsciously turned the cup around.

Guo Wenyuan responded in time, releasing his hand, as if nothing had happened, “The tea is a bit hot.”

Yi Mian didn’t think too much about it, and said with emotion, “You just looked like an old friend of mine…”

Guo Wenyuan couldn’t resist saying, “Was it a very dear friend?”

Yi Mian sneered. “An old guy who I have known for more than 20 years.”

Guo Wenyuan: “…”

Yi Mian didn’t notice Guo Wenyuan gnashing his teeth, and seemed to think of something, showing a nostalgic expression. “This old man had a bad temper and a poisonous mouth. He was unreasonable and unforgiving. We had a fight every time we met, but he is gone now. I didn’t think I would miss quarrelling with him. It’s so strange but I miss it…”

Guo Wenyuan’s heart was sour. He could no longer say what he wanted to say.

Seeing this, Shen Huai hurriedly changed the subject, “When I first came in, I heard from the nurse that you haven’t taken your medicine these days?”

Yi Mian immediately said, “I have!”

Guo Wenyuan: “Liar!”

Yi Mian said angrily,  “Why do you call me a liar?”

Guo Wenyuan snorted coldly. “Your fingers are holding the corners of your clothes, eyes looking to the right, you are lying!”

Yi Mian froze, withdrew his hand, and touched his nose awkwardly, then looked suspiciously at Guo Wenyuan. “How do you know?” His little habit of lying was known only to those who were close to him.

Guo Wenyuan took his time. “Micro-expression psychology! It’s very simple.”

Yi Mian: “…”

Although there was nothing wrong with Guo Wenyuan’s reason, Yi Mian felt it was a bit strange, so he squinted at Guo Wenyuan’s face, and the more he looked at it, the more familiar he felt it was.

Guo Wenyuan closed his mouth and regretted being too frivolous.

Fortunately, Shen Huai rescued him in time. “You … Wait for me outside. I have something to say to Mr. Yi.”

Guo Wenyuan breathed a sigh of relief, and hurriedly stood up and walked outside the ward, not forgetting to close the door for the two people.

Yi Mian had been eyeing his back, full of suspicion. “This man is strange, is he really an artist you signed?”

Shen Huai coughed and said vaguely, “Something… Something like that.” 

Yi Mian thought of another thing at this moment. “By the way, I heard that your artist has become the heroine of ‘Red Actress’? ” 

Shen Huai nodded. “Her name is Chu Mei Bo. She is a very good actress.”

“If you can say that, she must be excellent,” Yi Mian said with a smile, “Director Xie has such a stubborn temper. He said before, that Cheng Yanxin’s role was the most brilliant and difficult one in ‘Red Actress’. If he couldn’t find a suitable actor, he would rather not make this movie at all. Now, that he got what he wanted, he must be grateful to you!”

Shen Huai laughed, “Director Xie would be angry if he knew that you are evaluating him like that behind his back.” 

“I’m afraid, he will be angry!” Yi Mian blew his beard and stated, “This old man still owes him shooting  two more films! I guess If I can’t repay him, I’ll pass it to you from now on. I absolutely can’t take advantage of him!”

Hearing Yi Mian’s words, Shen Huai’s smile gradually faded, and his expression became a bit more dignified. “I heard that Guanrui has been suppressing Yihang, is that right?”

The expression on Yi Mian’s face also became gloomy, then he sighed. “Guanrui has taken a fancy to our Yihang copyright library and has always wanted to acquire it. Whether it was poaching Fu Cheng or making obstacles for us in the cinema, they were forcing me to sell the company…”

Shen Huai frowned. “I… What can I do for you?”

“Nothing.” Yi Mian smiled and shook his head. His eyes were clear. “I already know that you’ve helped me a lot in the dark, but now it’s time to make a choice…”

Shen Huai was silent.

In fact, they all understood that Yihang’s problem was very serious. In fact, they couldn’t hold on for too long. It was only because Yi Mian had been reluctant to give it up, that the company had survived to the present day.

Yi Mian looked at Shen Huai with a gentle expression. “Don’t be too sad for me. In fact, I should have made this decision a long time ago. It’s easy to make. Just like me, it is too old to keep up with the modern times.  Instead of letting it eventually become a bad film-making machine, it is better to retain its dignity and at least make a good impression on the people who have seen our films before.”

He patted Shen Huai on the shoulder. “You’ve been taking care of me in secret all these years. I really appreciate it.”

“Yi Mian……”

Yi Mian interrupted him, saying,”I have nothing else to repay you with. I will leave you the Yihang copyright library. You should cherish it!”

Shen Huai looked at him in shock.

Yihang was an established film company that became famous in the last century. It had made a lot of popular films at home and abroad.

Although these films were a bit old, they were all classic films after all, and many people wanted to see them. It was easy to rely on collecting the copyright fee for each film from television and websites every year for a large amount of income, let alone making a remake, or using elements from them, they all needed to pay the copyright fee to the Yihang Company.

It was estimated that the whole Yihang copyright library was worth at least 10 billion yuan, which was also Yihang Company’s most valuable asset at present.

Guanrui had spent so much effort to make this copyright library easy to acquire.

But now, Yi Mian unexpectedly wanted to give this copyright library to Shen Huai!

Shen Huai hurriedly said, “Yi Mian, this is not appropriate… “

“Don’t say anything about it being unappropriate!” Yi Mian, with an irrefutable face, said. “If I don’t give it to you, do you want me to sell it cheap to this Guanrui Group of villains?”

Yi Mian looked at Shen Huai and said earnestly, “Don’t think that I am impulsive. In fact, I have been thinking about it for a long time. Over the years, we have seen excellent foreign films, with large-scale productions and q high box office, that dazzled everybody’s eyes. In recent years, these film companies, no matter whether they have the ability or not, have all been making these big productions on their own, but have lost what is really important.”

“I don’t want to give these movies that I regard as treasures to them. Only in your hands, they will have a safe home.”

Shen Huai didn’t expect that in Yi Mian’s heart, he would be thought so highly of. For a while, he had mixed feelings.

When Yi Mian saw his expression, he laughed and said, “Alright! It’s settled. You can get a lawyer to come and sign the contract in a few days.”

Shen Huai no longer resisted. He knew that Yi Mian was rich and didn’t care about money. What he really cared about was the films he made with his heart.

Shen Huai looked at Yi Mian and said solemnly, “Yi Mian, don’t worry, I will live up to your trust.”

“Don’t be so serious!” Yi Mian’s attitude was relaxed. “When my daughter heard that I finally decided to shut down the company, she was so happy, she decided that she would come back to China to pick me up. Besides, I’m old, so it’s time to enjoy my family’s happiness.”

Shen Huai pursed his lips, knowing that Yi Mian said these words deliberately, so that he would relax.

Yi Mian was afraid that he would think too much, so he simply instructed him to push his wheelchair out for a walk. Then he saw Guo Wenyuan, who was chatting with several old people in the pavilion. “Isn’t that your artist?”

Guo Wenyuan was dressed in a non mainstream punk outfit, mingled with a group of elderly people in hospital gowns. No matter how strange it looked, it unexpectedly had a sense of harmony.

Yi Mian touched his chin. “I still don’t believe it. Is this the artist you signed?”

Shen Huai thought that he had seen through Guo Wenyuan’s identity. So very nervously he tried to explain, “Actually…”

Yi Mian’s expression was serious. “I absolutely can’t believe your vision is so bad!”

He looked at Guo Wenyuan again with an expression of disgust. “Do you really think I haven’t heard of rock’n ‘roll? That’s it! It’s almost like singing old disco!”

Shen Huai: “…”

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