MAIR – Chapter 91 – The first audition of “Red Actress”

Although “Travel with History” had only two episodes aired, it had already become popular all over the Internet.

After only the two episodes, superb acting and excellent production became the label of the program, making all kinds of tap water on the network try their best to make profits and many entertainment numbers become determined. It was believed that the program would receive the highest rating of the year.

The supporting actors also became popular, especially Chu Mei Bo. With her amazing performance in the second episode, she once again became popular all over the Internet. In particular, when new fans learned that Chu Mei Bo was Kwai Ji in “Tianji” and Wen Nan in “Honey”, they were stupefied.

[What kind of immortal is she!! ]

As for the people in Morningstar, they were walking proudly these days.

Brokerage companies did not rely on their artists, but the more popular artists the company had, the more resources it had, and the more famous the company got, the more artists it would attract, thus forming a virtuous circle.

Morningstar’s reputation in the industry had always been good, and they managed many artists. They were evenly matched with several companies of the same level, and maintained a delicate balance. However, this balance had begun to shift since Ye Cang and Chu Mei Bo became popular one after another. 

For example, when it came to signing, some second-line stars that Menghe Entertainment had actively contacted before and who had already agreed to come over, suddenly changed their mind and signed with Morningstar.

Not only that, the industry also started paying attention to the agent who had discovered Ye Cang and Chu Mei Bo. His resume was amazing, and he even got the nickname “golden thought”. 

When Hua Rong heard the news, she almost vomited blood, and was no longer in the mood to maintain a kind appearance. She scolded her assistant half to death for every little incident. She couldn’t help but urge her to look for Chu Mei Bo’s dark history again. She was cruel and believed she must beat Chu Mei Bo down before she could gain a firm foothold.

Just after Hua Rong hung up her phone, the door of the office was pushed open.

She was startled and asked, “Who is it?”

Xu Anqi came in and said lightly, “Sister Hua, I heard you were looking for me?”

When Hua Rong saw it was Xu Anqi, she breathed a sigh of relief. “You just got here?”

“Yes.” Xu Anqi was a bit impatient. “If you have anything to say, Sister Hua, I will make more time later.”

Hua Rong felt relieved by her attitude and was not angry. She had always been very patient with artists who could make money for her.

“Well, I’ve got a variety show for you as a special guest.”

When Xu Anqi heard that it was a variety show, her expression became more and more ugly. “Sister Hua, I said it before, I don’t want to take any more variety shows!”

“This one is different.” Hua Rong smiled mysteriously. “The name of this variety show is ‘Travel with History’. “

Xu Anqi froze.

Hua Rong said with a smile full of satisfaction, “You should know how popular this show is now and how many people are waiting in line to get on it!”

“Is it really this show?” Xu Anqi asked hesitantly. 

“How can I still lie to you?” Hua Rong stood up and patted Xu Anqi on the shoulder. “You don’t know how much time and effort I have spent to win this program for you. You always say that I am biased. Now you know who I am biased towards?”

Xu Anqi did not have Song Yimian’s naive nature. With her fame and status, it was not difficult for her to be invited as a special guest. Hua Rong just habitually exaggerated her own merits.

But she still said reluctantly to Hua Rong, “Thank you, Sister Hua.”

Hua Rong was dissatisfied with her attitude,  but there was nothing she could do about it, so she added, “That Chu Mei Bo is the supporting actress of the program group. You should act as her opponent in that episode. You can serve snacks to avoid losing to her. Otherwise outsiders will think that it wasn’t you who abandoned Shen Huai at the beginning, but that he dumped you after signing up a new star with more potential.”

Xu Anqi’s expression suddenly changed.

Hua Rong felt more comfortable. She knew very well where Xu Anqi’s weakness was, and she never failed to exploit it.

She comforted Xu Anqi for a while before letting her go.

When Xu Anqi arrived at the underground garage, her assistant Ping Ping was very happy. “Anqi,  I told you, Sister Hua still attaches great importance to you, this is a good opportunity … Anqi, what’s the matter with you?”

Xu Anqi came back to her senses. “Nothing.”

Seeing that she didn’t want to talk, Ping Ping started driving full of doubt.

Sitting in the car, Xu Anqi remembered that before entering Hua Rong’s office she heard her on the phone with someone. She only heard a few sporadic words – “can’t”, “firm foothold”, “black history” and “fighting”.

She couldn’t help wondering.

Who is Hua Rong trying to crush?

Shen Huai also heard the rumors circling within the industry, but he didn’t take them seriously.

He knew his own family’s affairs, and the true identities of these two famous artists. He knew the truth and could be regarded as someone with a keen vision who could recognise talent. But even if he told the truth, no one would believe it thinking he was only joking.

He simply concentrated all his thoughts on his work and soon the audition for “Red Actress” became his main focus.

Director Xie attached great importance to “Red Actress”, especially regarding the audition for the role of the heroine, so he would participate in the whole process. The crew did a good job maintaining secrecy, and there were no leaks to the media.

The crew deliberately booked a hotel for the audition.

When Shen Huai and Chu Mei Bo arrived, they found out who else was auditioning for the role of the heroine Cheng Yanxin, and even Shen Huai was shocked.

This audition alone included almost all of the first-line and second-line female actresses in China. Some of them had been popular since they were child stars up until the present moment, some of them had  become popular in recent years, and still some had risen abruptly from the drama stage to the big screen, based on their accumulated strength. 

They may be popular in different ways, but they all had one thing in common, namely, they were all powerful female stars with their own masterpieces.

Compared with them, Chu Mei Bo, who had only acted in one online drama as a second female lead and one variety show, was simply of a different status.

However, Chu Mei Bo was still very calm.

Others thought that she was so relaxed because she felt hopeless.

After all, even though Chu Mei Bo performed well in “Honey” and “Li Yuan” she still only acted as a supporting role after all. She didn’t have the ability to boost the box office as an actress at all. Maybe she would be able to do so in the future, but for now, she lacked the qualification to compete against these female stars.

It was already a compliment for such a new actress to stand here.

Chu Mei Bo didn’t care whether she had the strength or not, she would rely on the audition to speak for her.

As one famous female star after another entered the audition room and walked out with calm faces, the atmosphere at the scene became tense.

Among all the actresses, the most competitive one was Weng Tian. She was 26 years old, with a professional background, and she had already won the Golden Ying Award for best supporting actress. She was in her prime and more importantly, her appearance was similar to that of Gu Mei. So it was rumored that she was the most suitable candidate in Director Xie’s mind.

Weng Tian herself was also very confident. After all, she had ambition. She wanted to win the Best Actress Award relying on the role of Cheng Yanxin and become the first chinese actress in the past 90 years to win the British Golden Award for best actress.

For this role, she had also specially found a teacher and studied Gu Mei’s films. It can be said that she had made all the preparations she could.

During her audition, she was very satisfied with her performance, and even Director Xie raised his eyebrows.

Just as Director Xie was about to speak, he heard a commotion outside the door. He frowned and motioned to the deputy director. “Go out and see what’s going on.”

The deputy director hurriedly walked out, and saw several people surrounding a man in a suit coming in. He was about to ask the bodyguards to drive him away, but when he looked at him, he was stunned. “Mr. Guo? What are you doing here?”

It was Guo Wenyuan who came.

His eyes glanced at the people present, and his gaze paused in the direction of Shen Huai and Chu Mei Bo.

There was a lot of speculation at the scene. Everyone knew that Guanrui was one of the investors of “Red Actress” and Guo Wenyuan’s face was not unfamiliar in the circle. Now, when the investor came forward on his own initiative, it was hard not to imagine what his purpose was.

Shen Huai and Chu Mei Bo looked at each other, and were also surprised. But they knew that this Guo Wenyuan was not the same Guo Wenyuan from before. If Guo Wenyuan pretended not to know them, they would not take the initiative to say hello.

Guo Wenyuan pretended not to hear the whispers around him and said to the deputy director with a smile, “I just happened to be visiting here recently, and I happen to know that ‘Red Actress’ is being auditioned here. I got curious, so I came here to have a look. You’re busy, so don’t mind me.”

The deputy director was stunned and wished he could change places with somebody else. Leave him alone? He was still their financier’s father!

The deputy director could only call the producer hurriedly. The producer had drunk a lot last night. He hurried over after waking up this morning with a hangover.

“Mr. Guo, what are you doing here?”

“Oh, I just came here to have a look.” Guo Wenyuan told the producer what he had just said to the deputy director.

Producer: “…”

In fact, Guo Wenyuan also felt very helpless. He had recently asked his assistant to find a script for him. The assistant found a bunch of scripts and promised to tailor them to him. However, after Guo Wenyuan finished reading them, he almost couldn’t help but fire his assistant again.

His vision was too bad!!

What’s with a ghost who is falling in love with an overbearing president?! This aesthetic was not even  at the level of a primary school student!

Then he heard the news of the audition for “Red Actress”. In fact, he had a certain connection to “Red Actress” and a good relationship with Director Xie. He had heard from Director Xie before, that he wanted to shoot “Red Actress”, but the conditions were not mature back then and it was put on hold. At that time, he was not sick, and Director Xie said he would give him a role. Later, when he died, the matter came to an end.

But wasn’t he alive now?!

He didn’t know if he could claim what Director Xie had promised to him after changing his body.

Guo Wenyuan’s heart itched, and in the end he couldn’t resist and ran over here.

The producer lowered his voice and asked cautiously, “Mr. Guo, tell me the truth, what on earth are you doing here?”

Guo Wenyuan also lowered his voice, “I just wanted to come over for an audition.”

Producer: “Mm-hmm…. Huh?!”

The producer looked at Guo Wenyuan’s sincere expression. He had really drunk too much.

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