MAIR – Chapter 104 – Resolution

After Hua Rong got the news, she rushed to Dongjiang city, but she didn’t expect that the Chu couple wouldn’t see her.

Hua Rong couldn’t believe it, but when she called again, she couldn’t get through.

Hua Rong looked at the person who provided her with the information. “Didn’t you say that they had a bad relationship? Chu Chu robbed their company, forcing them to go abroad. Now that they have the chance to get it back, how can they not be willing?!”

“Indeed!” The other side seemed puzzled and whispered, “It’s impossible to have such a father-daughter relationship all of a sudden…”

Hua Rong didn’t believe it. She felt that the Chu family must have something on their hands. Otherwise, how could they suddenly be robbed of the company, and did not even dare to retaliate.

But now when the Chu couple refused to come forward, all of this was useless, which meant that her original plan of ruining Chu Mei Bo’s reputation with the main point of being unfilial, lacked solid evidence.

But Hua Rong was unwilling to give up. She had tasted too much frustration because of Chu Mei Bo. 

In the beginning, she wanted to dig up Chu Mei Bo and promise her to make her a female star of a national level within a year, but Chu Mei Bo refused and even refuted arrogantly that she didn’t need to use such an effortless method.

“With my strength, one year is enough.”

In the beginning, Hua Rong thought that what Chu Mei Bo was talking about was just a dream, and was deliberately making fun of herself. But now that Chu Mei Bo got the role of the heroine in “Red Actress”, Hua Rong realized that maybe she hadn’t said it as a joke at all, but she had always believed in what she said.

This thought made Hua Rong even more depressed.

The more excellent Chu Mei Bo was, the more solid the proof of how bad Hua Rong’s vision was. This was something she absolutely couldn’t stand.

When Hua Rong returned to Zhongjing city full of resentment, she knew that the casting press conference of “Red Actress” was about to be held. Hua Rong’s eyes suddenly darkened. She knew that if Chu Mei Bo was allowed to play in “Red Actress” smoothly, nothing could stop her from becoming popular anymore.


Shen Huai was making the final preparations for the press conference of “Red Actress” when the people monitoring the Chu family called him. The Chu family had already boarded the plane.

Shen Huai answered and then hung up the phone.

A few days ago, when Hua Rong went to Dongjiang to find the Chu couple, Shen Huai already knew about it. Fortunately, he was well prepared and sent someone to warn the Chu couple once again.

Hua Rong always thought that the Chu couple had something on Chu Mei Bo on their hands, but she didn’t know that it was on Shen Huai’s hands, and Shen Huai already knew that she had gone to Dongjiang.

Now that the Chu family had already gone abroad, the last factor that affected Chu Mei Bo had disappeared.

And Shen Huai’s patience for Hua Rong had already reached its limit.

To Shen Huai, Hua Rong was just a bug that had been “buzzing” all the time. He didn’t care about the other person at all, but if the bug kept buzzing in his ear, he didn’t mind crushing this person down.

In fact, after the incident with Song Yimian, Shen Huai wanted to do this, but Du Yuping had just become Guo Wenyuan. He was worried that Hua Rong had something on Guo Wenyuan on her hands. In addition, if this incident was exposed, it would probably cause additional damage to Song Yimian, so he had to put up with it.

Now that matter had passed for such a long time, Guo Wenyuan had solved all his problems, and Song Yimian had gradually stepped over this shadow and started a new life.

Shen Huai no longer had any scruples. If Hua Rong was honest, she might still have a chance, but she just had to make trouble.

Then don’t blame him for being rude.

So for the next period of time, Hua Rong had a very hard time. The partners who were still in contact with Hua Rong refused to cooperate with her one after the other. Even if they had already agreed, the other party would rather break the contract than continue to cooperate with her.

Hua Rong originally thought that someone from her artists had offended them, but there was no problem with the contracts the artists negotiated themselves. So at the end of the day, she found out that all the problems were directed at her.

At the same time, she received a message that none of the media dared to accept the black material she had sent on Chu Mei Bo.

It was a pure joke, everyone could see that Chu Mei Bo’s momentum was rising. If you really published such news, wouldn’t you offend her? If you offended her at this moment, weren’t you also offending Director Xie and the Guanrui Group?

More importantly, these people were all vaguely aware that Hua Rong seemed to have offended some big shot, and now someone was dealing with her, so no one wanted to get involved in this mess.

Hua Rong was almost furious, but when she made seven or eight calls and was hung up by the other side with an excuse, she couldn’t help panicking.

Just then, Xu Anqi pushed the door open and walked directly in her office.

Hua Rong said angrily, “What are you doing here?”

Xu Anqi took off her sunglasses and tossed a contract in front of Hua Rong. “I just signed a contract with Director Lu and came here to tell you to arrange the schedule for me, so that you don’t arrange some messy variety shows and activities for me. However, you shouldn’t be able to get any jobs these days, right?”

Hua Rong blushed with anger. “You came here to laugh to my face on purpose!”

“Yes.” Xu Anqi looked cold. “I just found out that ‘Things in Hutong’ originally wanted me to act as the heroine. But you stopped the script and let me waste so much time in vain.”

“Things in Hutong” was a big hit TV series broadcasted this year. No one expected that such a small-cost TV series about some small family’s history would receive such a high audience rating and such a high evaluation, making the heroine a popular female star at once.

After Hua Rong learned about it, she also regretted it. After all, the makers of “Things in Hutong” wanted to hire Xu Anqi in the beginning, but she thought that the crew was not well-known and talking about such trivial matters was pointless, so she directly refused them.

But there were very few people who knew about it. Hua Rong didn’t expect that Xu Anqi would also know about it.

Her expression softened immediately. “Anqi, let me explain first. …”

The corners of Xu Anqi’s lips lifted slightly. “You don’t have to explain it to me.”

Hua Rong froze.

Xu Anqi got out of the way, and behind her came someone from the personnel department of the company. The other person gave her a letter of resignation. “Hua Rong, you have been dismissed.”

Hua Rong was dumbstruck, and it took her a long time to recover, before she said frantically, “What nonsense are you talking about?! I want to see President He!”

The other side did not smile. “This is signed by President He himself.” Then she took two steps forward and said in a low voice, “Hua Rong, you have received a bribe in private, and forged accounts. I’ve always known these things. For the reason that you have worked in the company for so many years, it’s just dismissing you. If you are ungrateful, we can always just send you to prison.”

Hua Rong froze, her whole face suddenly turned pale.

She no longer cared about her image and sat on the ground. She knew that this time she was really finished.

Xu Anxi looked at her without any pity. After a while, she walked out of her office. Her assistant Ping Ping took a two-day vacation. She just heard about it and ran to the company. She asked helplessly, “How could this happen? Anqi, what are you going to do in the future? … “

Meanwhile it was already three years since Xu Anqi joined Menghe and she had already passed her most popular period. When she realized that Xu Anqi had different ambitions, Hua Rong stopped her several times, which left her in a very awkward position, but her contract was about to expire.

Menghe’s capable agents also had excellent artists under them. Naturally, they didn’t want to do a thankless job. But if Xu Anqi fell in the hands of an incompetent agent, the competition in this circle was so fierce that she may be soon forgotten.

Just as Ping Ping was feeling anxious, a woman with long chestnut hair and a gentle smile came over and said, “Don’t worry, Anqi will be given to me in the future.”

Ping Ping’s eyes widened. “Ke! Boss Ke!”

This was the deputy general manager of Menghe Entertainment. Originally a very capable agent, but after becoming the deputy general manager, she hadn’t accepted new people for a long time. It was unexpected that the other side would be willing to take Xu Anqi under her wings.

Xu Anqi looked at Mrs. Ke with a complicated face, but the other party just smiled and said gently, “You can sort out your mood now, and come to my office later.”

With that, she turned and left.

Originally, some people wanted to see Xu Anqi turn into a joke, but unexpectedly she had such luck, so they congratulated her in a few words and dispersed soon after.

Ping Ping could not recover from the excitement. “Anqi. Great! Boss Ke is so capable, you don’t have to worry anymore!”

Xu Anqi answered in a trance.

Of course, she hadn’t thought that Boss Ke would be so optimistic or sympathetic towards her. If Boss Ke really wanted to bring her under her wing, she would have done it a long time ago, and Hua Rong would not have dared to say anything at all.

But Boss Ke did it now, so Xu Anqi couldn’t stop thinking of a person.

Shen Huai.

She thought of Shen Huai’s low-key but broad-minded operations. She also thought of what she had reminded him of before, that Hua Rong wanted to deal with Chu Mei Bo. Now Chu Mei Bo had nothing to worry about, but Hua Rong had been fired, so it was difficult not to think of Shen Huai.

She understood that this was Shen Huai returning the favor.

She took a deep breath, her original unwillingness and anger were relieved at this moment.

Xu Anqi’s eyes welled up with fighting spirit as she motioned to Ping Ping, “Let’s go!”

Although she no longer resented Shen Huai, she still had to do what she had promised. She must become the best female actress!



After listening to Hua Rong’s circumstances on the phone, Shen Huai hung up the phone lightly and then went on to order things.

Because Ye Cang’s studio was established, the company distributed the work area to Shen Huai solely, and now all the people there were his subordinates.

But before Shen Huai finished speaking, he suddenly heard a commotion coming from outside.

Shen Huai frowned slightly when he saw Guo Wenyuan coming towards him. When Guo Wenyuan saw him, he waved his hand vigorously.

Boss Guo’s face was still famous in the industry. In terms of identity, the boss of Morningstar had to hold his thigh. Who would have thought that he would take the initiative to walk in Shen Huai’s office? It made people break their glasses.

Shen Huai pressed his eyebrows and asked the assistant to bring two cups of coffee. Only then did he close the door to keep those curious eyes out of the room.

“You came to see me today. What can I do for you?” Shen Huai asked bluntly.

Guo Wenyuan looked at Shen Huai’s office and said, “Didn’t you promise to check the script for me? My assistant is really unreliable, you have better vision.”

As Guo Wenyuan spoke, he put two scripts on Shen Huai’s desk.

Shen Huai’s eyes flew over the scripts. “You can contact me by phone or WeChat. There is no need to come here in person.”

Guo Wenyuan touched his head and said, “This old man …I don’t quite understand the use of these high technologies … “

“You invited Ye Cang and Sister Mer to play ‘Arena of Valor’ with you last night.” Shen Huai showed him no mercy.

Guo Wenyuan: “…”

Guo Wenyuan simply admitted the matter and said, “I really have something to do, when I came to see you this time.”

His expression became serious. “I just learned that Guanrui has been secretly suppressing Yihang Film Company, but although I’m a shareholder of Guanrui, I have no real power, and can put people in the crew at most. But I know you and Boss Yi are friends. If you can, I’d like to ask you to help him.”

Shen Huai didn’t speak.

Seeing this, Guo Wenyuan sighed and started playing his cards. “I know it’s a bit difficult, but all I could achieve was because of Boss Yi. I don’t want my old friend’s foundation to be destroyed. In short, if you are willing to help me, no matter what you ask me to do, I will do it. Should I use any excuse, I shall be struck by lightning!”

Guo Wenyuan had never begged Shen Huai so solemnly, not even about his own affairs.

Shen Huai sighed secretly. Yi Mian was his friend, and of course, he would not sit idly by, so he said, “In fact, I was going to meet Yi Mian today.”

Guo Wenyuan’s eyes brightened a little. “Really?! Then I…… “

He soon realized that he was not Du Yuping, and If he went over with Guo Wenyuan’s face, he would probably be beaten out of the ward, considering Yi Mian’s violent temper.

When Shen Huai saw Guo Wenyuan’s face dim, he could not bear it. “If you put on makeup and wear a mask, Yi Mian may not recognize you.”

Guo Wenyuan immediately became energetic again. “Good!”

So Shen Huai made an appointment with him and saw Guo Wenyuan at the door of the sanatorium with a “new” look.

Shen Huai’s expression was quite indescribable. “Does it have to be so exaggerated?”

Guo Wenyuan wore purple hair, heavy makeup, and leather pants. He thought it was very smart.

Guo Wenyuan was very proud. “How is it? This image of me, Boss Yi certainly won’t recognize!”

Shen Huai: “…”

Not to mention Yi Mian, who wouldn’t recognize him, he estimated that even if Guo Wenyuan’s real mother came, she wouldn’t recognize him either.

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