MAIR – Chapter 177 – Making a fool of yourself

Although the original “Red Actress” was a work of high literary, its narrative sense was not very strong, and it is very difficult to adapt it into a movie. However, under the adaptation of Yang Yizhou, it retained the sad temperament of the original work, but strengthened the narrative, which leads to today’s “Red Actress”.

Yang Yizhou, one of the top writers in China, showed his skills incisively and vividly in this movie, His perfect cooperation with Director Xie and the excellent acting skills of the actors brought the audience into the plot.

With the slow narration of the movie, an hour and a half passed in a blink of an eye, and the story came to the end.

Cheng Yanxin’s identity was exposed, but she didn’t panic at all. She just sat on the chair in her study and sunlight got through the window panel making the room half bright and half dark. Cheng Yanxin sat between the bright and dark boundaries.

She opened the drawer and found half a full box of cigarettes and matches in it. This was what Zhou Hanchen left here.

Since Cheng Yanxin decided to separate from him, she returned all his things and sent them back. Only this pack of cigarettes, was accidentally left here when Zhou Hanchen sent Cheng Yanxin home. Cheng Yanxin hesitated for a long time, but finally she did not throw it away, but put it safely in the drawer.

Cheng Yanxin fingers gently caresses half a full box of cigarettes.

She remembered the way Zhou Hanchen smoked. He was half leaning under the streetlamp light, with smoke curling around his fingers, and his eyes were covered by glasses but when he looked up and saw her, the joy in his eyes could not even compare with the stars all over the sky.

Cheng Yanxin looks down as if the whole person sunk into dark.

Trembling, she opened the cigarette box and pulled out a cigarette, which was held between her lips, but the fire was not lit several times. The light of the match swept over her face, as if to give a glimpse of the fear and regret that the legendary beauty had never shown.

After all, she was just a mortal. At the time of death, she couldn’t help but show the mortal emotions, but these emotions are too short, just like the moment when the match suddenly lighted and goes out, quickly making people think it was an illusion.

But the keen movies critics still saw it, and there was a strong sense of disbelief in their hearts.

This scene was not an edited shot, the camera was firmly facing Cheng Yanxin face, and even the angle hasn’t changed. These complex and difficult emotional changes were done all by the actress herself. What an acting skill this was !

She didn’t say a word, but still brought all the audience into this sad atmosphere. Some members of the audience had already let out low sobs.

Finally, a match lit the cigarette, and the faint light fell on Cheng Yanxin’s face.

Instead of smoking, she looked dazed. No one knew what she was thinking about, but suddenly her eyes showed a smile. She took the cigarette off her lips, and a touch of her lipstick was left on it,

She smiled softly and put the cigarette on the inkstone.

The camera turned, and through the light of the fire, it could be seen that she walked out of the room. Outside, there was the sound of military boots stepping on the ground neatly, as well as the sound of guns colliding.

The light of fire gradually dimmed.

Cheng Yanxin’s death was filmed with great restraint, as if the director couldn’t bear to see such a peerless beauty die under the guns of the neon army. However, such a blank left the audience more and more aware of the heavy sadness behind this history.

When the darkness faded again, it showed the old Zhou Hanchen who was sitting in a courtyard. On a bright spring day, you could hear the sound of children laughing and playing.

He looked peaceful, as if with a smile, he murmured: “Finally liberated, I don’t know if you have seen it, but it doesn’t matter. I’ll help you see this day…”

As the camera zooms out, the blazing sunlight falls on the position beside him, as if converging into a graceful posture.

At the same time, the ending song of the movie sounded and the cast list appeared on the screen.

It was only then that the audience regained their senses, many people wiped their tears in a dazed way. Then, the whole theater burst into violent applause.

This applause lasted a whole minute.

This was the highest praise for all the cast members and crew.

Director Xie wiped the corners of his eyes and led the main cast to the stage to accept the reporter’s interview.

Reporters rushed to forward them their microphones, both the quality of the movie and the reaction of the audience have proved the success of this movie. If there were no accidents, it would be the best movie of China this year.

In addition to reporters, the on-site critics were also very excited. Many critics have posted brief comments on their Weibos, without exception they were only praises.

Some critics have boldly predicted that the box office of “Red Actress” will exceed four billion yuan, making it another masterpiece of Director Xie.

The main cast on the stage finally felt relieved in their heart, especially Wei Siyong whose whole face seemed to be flushed. Although he was very confident in this movie when he was still filming, but now the audience response was far beyond his expectation, which makes him even more excited. If “Red Actress” is just as  predicted by movie critics, he is likely to win next year’s Golden Ying Award for best actor and completely secure his position as a front-line actor.

This kind of anticipation made Wei Siyong work harder and harder in promotion. He is full of spirit, and the golden sentences appear frequently, making him the limelight at the premiere.

When Wei Siyong was satisfied with his ambition, Fu Cheng, who was sitting under the stage, was very upset.

Fu Cheng, with a stiff smile, accepted the baptism of all kinds of eyes around him. He could guess what these people were thinking, he lost such a huge watermelon which was picked up by Wei Siyong.

Fu Cheng looked at Guo Wenyuan, who was standing next to Wei Siyong with a touch of hatred. He gritted his teeth with hatred. He never thought that he was expelled from the “Red Actress” because of his own person, but blamed Guo Wenyuan for everything.

If Guo Wenyuan hadn’t complained to Sheng Jiang, he would not have left the cast of “Red Actress”, and now he would have stood on the stage and accepted all the compliments from the reporters and the admiration of the audience.

Thinking of this, he quickly turned his head to look at the single-minded Taoist sitting next to him: “Taoist, please today…. Taoist, why are you crying too? “

The single-minded Taoist looked at the stage with a stiff expression and tears were streaming down his face.

As a matter of fact, he really has two brushes. As soon as he came in, he noticed Guo Wenyuan and found that his face had changed. His former face of death had disappeared and turned into the face of wealth and fortune.

At first, when he saw photos, it was not so obvious. But now, when he sees the other person with his own eyes he become more and more confused. It was not like being taken over by some fierce ghost. It was not too much to say that such a good face is the reincarnation of ten generations of good people.

He couldn’t think of the solution, and could only take out his charm.

This was left to him by his master, with which he could see truth through everything.

But when Taoist lit the spell and opened his eyes again to look at Guo Wenyuan, he was almost blinded by the dazzling golden light.

He could only see his position in the front row as he had been completely covered by a thick golden light of merit, and even he couldn’t see him clearly.

The Taoists heart was about to explode.

How much of goddamn merit this was!!!

During the whole process of the movie, everyone else was moved by the movie and cried bitterly, while the Taoist priest was moved by the golden light, which made him unable to close his eyes.

As a Taoist, he knew that the identity of Guo Wenyuan was by no means simple, so he should give up.

Thinking about this, the Taoist began to consider how to terminate his deal with Fu Cheng.

When Fu Cheng saw that he looked uncertain, he became a little worried. He lowered his voice and said, “Taoist, what’s the matter with you? Hurry up and get rid of that demon! “

The Taoist frowned and said: “No way.”

Fu Cheng froze, then blurted out, “What are you talking about?”

He did not control the volume, and immediately attracted the attention of the audience nearby. Fu Cheng quickly closed his mouth and looked at the Taoist with bad eyes.

Taoist, knew that he hated Guo Wenyuan very much, that he might not be able to explain it clearly for a moment, the golden light was so dazzling that it made him dizzy. So he just stood up and left, he will explain to Fu Cheng later.

At this time, the host happened to say that he was going to select someone from the audience to question the crew. He then saw the single-minded Taoist standing up, he didn’t notice Fu Cheng sitting next to him. He only saw that the movie had been finished for such a long time but this man was still crying.

He must be a loyal fan of the book, so he said enthusiastically: “This gentleman, yes, yes you. You are still crying. You should have been deeply impressed by this movie. Do you have any questions to ask our crew? “

As a result, everyone’s eyes were focused on the single-minded Taoist.

The single-minded Taoist immediately froze in place.



In the front row, Pei Ran was talking to immortal Mingjing.

Mingjing immortal and Pei Ran know each other for a long time. Although Pei Ran played tricks on him, they still had a good relationship. Later, after Pei Ran died, he went to Hong Kong for a memorial ceremony, and even used Taoism to summon his souls. He wanted to see his good friend again, but there was no result.

This made immortal Mingjing very sad. He thought Pei Ran’s soul had dissipated, his heart was broken and he never went to Hong Kong again.

He never thought that he failed soul summon because Pei Ran soul was imprisoned in Hong Kong stadium. After so many years, his soul did not dissipate, but instead, he had another adventure and reshaped his own body.

Mingjing immortal felt too much emotion in this moment, so he started to talk about the old days with Pei Ran.

The Taoist priest Qing Yuan didn’t expect that Pei Ran and his master were old friends, so asked Pei Ran curiously.

Pei Ran then quite naturally took out a pile of the black history of this bright and clean immortal.

Mingjing immortal looked at the shocked eyes of his disciple, and his whole person became almost depressed to death.

How could he forget? Pei Ran was a narrow-minded bastard and a good memory.

He finally set up a profound image of an enlightened master in the eyes of his own disciples, and now it was all over!

Immortal Mingjing was both anxious and angry, urgently needing to find something to change the topic. Then he heard the host question and he hurriedly pulled Pei Ran and Qing Yuan: “OK, this is the premiere of the movie. What do you want to do! Focusing on the movie is the main business! “

Pei Ran smiled and didn’t expose him.

Mingjing breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly turned his head to the audience who asked questions, pretending to be very attentive.

However, when he looked, he froze.

Just as the single minded Taoist was wiping his tears and brainstorming what questions to ask, he suddenly heard a familiar voice coming from the front row that got rid of this dilemma.

“You Evil!” Pay for my cell phone! “

Suddenly, he saw a familiar and elusive face standing up near the golden light.


With a sudden change in his face, he jumped directly from his seat, jumped nimbly over the head of the audience next to him, and rushed out of the theater.

Immortal Mingjing was not willing to show any weakness, and he stopped gossiping and ran out like a gust of wind.

The speed of the two men was so fast that the audience next to them saw only two vague shadows, then only the swinging door panel remained.

The reporters didn’t have time to respond and all of their faces looked dull.

Thanks for his rich experience and quick reaction, Director Xie said with a smile: “I didn’t expect that the audience’s emotions would be so intense. It makes me very flattered as a director.”

Reporters: you donkey!  These two people say something about paying for cell phones and so on! It was clearly the personal grudge!!

The reporters were resentful, but the scene happened so quickly that they didn’t take a picture, so they could only listen to Director Xie telling lies with his eyes wide open, but they soon saw Fu Cheng who had an ugly expression seating his seat.

The reporters eyes lit up with new light.

The big news was here! It seems that Fu Cheng really has something to do with leaving the cast. The show is on!

Fu Cheng felt the searchlight like the eyes of the reporters and had already guessed what the news headlines would be tomorrow, but he clearly didn’t do anything and he couldn’t run away like a ghost.

He was speechless, and finally his grievances turned into a word.



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