MAIR – Chapter 65 – I Can’t Think of a Title

Chu Mei Bo thought she was enlightening Shen Huai, but she didn’t expect she would need to go so far. Shen Huai didn’t speak for a long time.

Chu Mei Bo: “Eh, is what I said too straightforward?”

Shen Huai: “…”

Chu Mei Bo’s temperament was somewhat informal, and had recently been opened to the new world by her small fans. She became more outspoken in her speech and behavior.

Shen Huai’s expression was indescribable. He really wanted to refute and say that Ye Cang’s thoughts were not as pornographic as Chu Mei Bo thought. However, he was afraid that if he refuted it, Chu Mei Bo would say even more shocking words later.

If she was an ordinary artist, Shen Huai would ask her to go back with her assistant to reflect, but Sister Mei…

Well, he really was in no position to teach her a lesson.

Shen Huai endured in silence.

However, Chu Mei Bo’s words also let him seriously think about his relationship with Ye Cang.

Shen Huai had never been a person with emotional supremacy, and he thought Ye Cang was the same. So at the beginning, he alienated Ye Cang and felt that he would retreat when facing some difficulties. Although it would be a pity, at least their careers would not be affected.

However, Ye Cang never gave up.

Shen Huai was inevitably shaken.

Shen Huai always thought he wasn’t an indecisive person, but in this relationship with Ye Cang, he never dared to take that step. Perhaps, the more you care, the more at a loss you are.

When Chu Mei Bo finished signing in, she was about to get back to filming. Since the crew changed the filming location, she decided to go by plane, and it so happened that Ye Cang was also going to the area, so she simply bought a ticket for the same plane. 

However, when they got on the plane, Ye Cang found out that Shen Huai did not sit in the same row with him, but sat with Chu Mei Bo.

Ye Cang remembered that the last time Shen Huai met Chu Mei Bo during her signing up, there was something wrong with him when he came back. In the next few days, he also had a very wrong attitude towards him and now he chose the position farthest from him.

Ye Cang’s heart was really sour.

He watched the back seat anxiously. When Shen Huai left his seat to go to the toilet, he immediately stood up and sat down in Shen Huai’s seat. 

Chu Mei Bo, who was resting, after hearing the movement, opened her eyes just to see Ye Cang. She raised her eyebrows, but did not show a surprised expression. 

Ye Cang lowered his voice and asked, “Sister Mei, last time when Huai accompanied you to sign up, what did you say to Huai?”

Chu Mei Bo smiled. “Oh? Have you lost your temper at last?” 

Ye Cang: “…”

Seeing this, Chu Mei Bo no longer teased him, and turned to him. “I just talked with him about emotional issues.”

Ye Cang suddenly became nervous. “Then… Did he say anything?”

Chu Mei Bo supported her chin with one hand, looked at him and suddenly asked, “Before I answer your question, I want to ask you a question first.”

“Just ask.”

Chu Mei Bo: “You should know that the current domestic atmosphere is not very enlightened. If you two are together and this is known by the outside world, it will have a great impact on you and may even destroy your current path to stardom. Even with this do you still want to be with him?” 

When Shen Huai was coming back, he happened to hear this sentence and immediately stopped. 

Ye Cang didn’t see him because he was looking at Chu Mei Bo at this moment. Hearing this, he wondered, “If my star path is destroyed, it is because I can no longer write songs. What does it have to do with me and Huai?”

Shen Huai was so shocked that he almost unconsciously took a step forward.

Chu Mei Bo actually asked Ye Cang this question when she saw Shen Huai coming back. In her opinion, these two men clearly liked each other, but they did not know what the other side was worried about, which made even her, who was a bystander, worried. 

Shen Huai didn’t say it before, but Chu Mei Bo guessed the reason from his expression, which was why she took the opportunity to ask Ye Cang.

When Ye Cang was about to look back, Chu Mei Bo immediately asked, “But what if you can’t step on stage again? Won’t you resent him?”

Chu Mei Bo was very clear what kind of people she and Ye Cang were. If not for their dedication to the pursuit of the stage, they wouldn’t linger in this world for so many years. Maybe Shen Huai also knew this very clearly, that’s why he dared not gamble with his feelings on this sentiment. 

Before Chu Mei Bo could finish speaking, Ye Cang on the contrary smiled. “You are afraid that I would hate Huai because of this later?”

Chu Mei Bo didn’t say anything, just raised her eyebrows to prove that she really thought so.

Ye Cang breathed a sigh of relief. Although his voice was light, it was very firm. “If I hadn’t thought about these things clearly, I wouldn’t have pursued him. I’m stubborn. I like to sing, and I’ll go on singing all my life. Now I like him, and I’ll go on loving him for the rest of my life.”

After that, Shen Huai could no longer hear what they said. 

He retreated behind the curtain, and held his chest in a daze. His heart beat so loud that he couldn’t ignore it. It was as if all the noises had disappeared, and only Ye Cang’s words were left echoing in his ears. 

He stood there until the flight attendant asked, “Sir, are you not feeling well? May I help you to your seat?”

It was only then that Shen Huai regained his mind, declined the help of the other side, and went back to his seat.

Ye Cang had returned to his own seat, and Shen Huai gave him a complex look before sitting down again. 

Chu Mei Bo turned sideways to face him and put the iPad in her hand in front of him.

There were three words on the open memo. 

——You are welcome

Shen Huai: “…”

Chu Mei Bo, who retired after her own success, withdrew her hand, hid her fame and achievements, and closed her eyes to continue her rest. 

After getting off the plane, Chu Mei Bo took Tong Yun back to the crew to continue shooting. Shen Huai took Ye Cang to the event venue. 

Unexpectedly, as soon as they left the airport, they could see green everywhere. Many Ye Cang fans held up banners and message cards, waiting for Ye Cang at the airport. As soon as they appeared, a violent scream broke out at the scene. 

“Ah! Cang Cang!” 

“Cang cub!! Mom loves you!”

“Cang Cang, look this way! Oh, whoo! Mom! I see him live!”

Ye Cang: “…”

Although he had experienced airport pick-ups several times, he still felt embarrassed every time he heard the shouts of all kinds of fans. 

The airport security immediately gathered around to tell the fans to pay attention to safety. 

Ye Cang was protected by Shen Huai and several bodyguards. Looking at the excited fans around him, he became worried. “Don’t squeeze, pay attention to safety!” 

However, when he spoke, the fans became even more excited.

Ye Cang had never been in Zhongjing city before, this was the first time he came to this city, and this trip was announced early, so the fans who came to pick him up from the plane were especially numerous and excited, and the security guards were unable to control them.

Seeing this situation, Shen Huai asked them all to speed up their pace and quickly get in the car.

The fans also hurriedly followed them, and no one knew who pushed first from behind but one fan fell in Shen Huai’s direction with a frightened look on his face. 

Shen Huai was protecting Ye Cang so he didn’t notice it. 

Ye Cang saw it. He stretched out his hand to hook Shen Huai behind him. The fan crashed directly into his body and the camera in his hand smashed on Ye Cang’s head.

The lens of the camera broke immediately, and a small piece of glass brushed Ye Cang’s cheek, causing a bleeding.

There was a scream at the scene.

The fan was so scared that he didn’t even pay attention to his broken camera.

Shen Huai had already responded, his face immediately growing cold.

Before he could speak, Ye Cang grabbed his arm, left the airport hall before the fans could react, and sat in the car.

The driver drove the car out of the airport at once. 

In the car, Shen Huai looked at the wound on Ye Cang’s face and said in a rare impatient tone, “Why did you do this? Even if he bumped into me, nothing would have happened. It would have been better and you are injured now…”

Ye Cang touched his nose a little sheepishly. He also acted subconsciously at that time and did it without even thinking, but even if he had a chance to do it over, he would still do it. 

At least, a glass cut on his face was better than a cut on Shen Huai’s face.

Shen Huai tightened his brows with a serious expression. When they arrived in the city, he got off to buy some medicine and applied it to Ye Cang’s face. Fortunately, the wound was not deep, and it would get better in a few days. But even so, his face did not look better.

Ye Cang coughed softly and had nothing to say. “This… I guess I won’t be able to attend tonight’s event.” 

Shen Huai said coldly, “What else do you want to attend? This kind of thing happened today, the organizers are also responsible for it. When we arrive at the hotel, you stay there and I will negotiate with them.”

Ye Cang: “…”

Realizing that Shen Huai was really angry, Ye Cang kept his mouth shut and stopped talking so he wouldn’t annoy him.

He did not know that Shen Huai was afraid because that glass fragment cut was located very close to his eyes. Because he was not careful, they could’ve hurt his eyes. He blamed himself. He should have considered these problems before, but he was distracted recently and made such mistakes frequently. This time it was OK. But just in case… 

For the rest of the car ride, neither of them spoke.

When they arrived at the hotel, Shen Huai didn’t have time to find the organizer because the other party came first. It turned out that Ye Cang’s injury that had just happened had already become a hot search.

Recently, Ye Cang was extremely popular, because the sales volume of “Rebirth” was still rising, but this also attracted many jealous eyes within the industry.

Many water armies were making trouble and trying to bring discord under the hot search.

In the first place, many people didn’t like Ye Cang and others thought that “popularity is the original sin”. Everything from Ye Cang’s music to his character has been criticized, causing a sudden bloodshed, which made many passers-by feel antipathetic.

Although Ye Cang got popular because of the “Rebirth” album, his foundation in the industry was too shallow. If he was any other newcomer, he would have been suppressed a long time ago. 

In the past, Shen Huai would first suppress the hot search, and then slowly deal with the follow-up.

But today, his mood was fluctuating a lot and he became a little irrational. 

After negotiating with the organizer, he looked at the hot search coldly and made a phone call to the publicity side. “If they dare to make trouble, we can do the same, do they really think they are so clean?”

As a former investment tycoon, Shen Huai had a lot of materials on his hand, and it was time to release some of them to warn these competitors who didn’t play according to the rules.

But before he had time to do it, the hot search was updated again. 

A famous gossip account sent a Weibo message. 

@the eighth sister from the circle V: Shit! Nick Garcia, the king of American rock and roll, just praised Ye Cang on Twitter!!!

Below was a screenshot of Nick Garcia’s Twitter, with a translation attached.

[A friend of mine just recommended an album to me. He told me: Hey, Nick, you must listen to this oriental boy’s song. So I’ve been listening to this album again and again since yesterday afternoon. I think my soul is trapped in it. Even if I turn off the music, I still tremble all over! My God, this must be the best singer in China! No, the best rocker in Asia! I can’t believe that such good music has not been released in the United States yet?!]

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