My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 63 – Thank You For Seeing Me

With Ye Cang’s words, all the camera lens turned in Shen Huai’s direction in an instant.

Shen Huai looked at the stage with shock.

Ye Cang looked sincerely and said earnestly, “My agent is very excellent and professional. I am a stubborn person, and I often have arguments with him. But in the end he always respects my opinion. I don’t know how much he has done for me in private, or how much pressure he has borne for me in silence. The honor I have now is not only my own, but also half his.”

“He’s the person I want to thank and the most important person around me.”

He fixed his eyes on Shen Huai.

“Thank you for pulling me out of the cold water, and thank you for seeing me.”

The first sentence is what he said for the original Ye Cang, but the latter is what he himself wanted to say to Shen Huai. 

Shen Huai could understand it, but precisely because he could understand it, his mood became complicated. As he once said to his friends, when he became an agent he took the artists under him as an investment. Neither their gratitude nor their  resentment affected his mood. 

But now hearing Ye Cang solemnly thank him on such an important occasion, the satisfaction and emotions in his heart could not be faked.

The media below the stage all did their homework in advance. Knowing that Ye Cang had been abandoned by his original agent and tried to commit suicide out of despair, Shen Huai rushed to his rental apartment just in time to save him. Later it was also Shen Huai who took him over and brought him to his present position.

Therefore, it was possible for a rebellious man like Ye Cang to completely let go of his pride and publicly thank him on such an occasion. 

Although this was not a big selling point, compared with the situation of chicken feathers torn by artists and agents in the circle nowadays, their experience of mutual support and achievement is enough to write a touching article. 

The fans on the live stream chat were also moved.

[Just went to check Cang Cang’s experience, 55555 came back crying, thanks for such a good Cang Cang and thanks to his agent. If it wasn’t for him, maybe we wouldn’t be able to see Cang Cang now]

[Cang Cang is really grateful to his agent. He just bowed so seriously and made me cry directly. Really, a big thank you to the agent]

[The agent is really good and professional. Our Cang Cang is also very popular. Even if Cang Cang is talented, it is easy to go down the wrong path. But our Cang Cang was very stable along the way, thank you agent]

[Former garbage agent!! You looked down on people. Now I see our Cang Cang is so popular, regret it till you die! Fortunately, Cang Cang was lucky to meet this handsome agent now. Thank you, agent. Please keep supporting each other like this.]

[Sobbing, what a touching friendship! Please don’t part for the rest of your life! Thank you agent, I will be your and Ye Cang’s double fan!]

[Thank you agent]

[Thank you agent +1]

After a while, the chat was floated with [Thank you agent]. 

Before, most of the people in Shen Huai’s fan club were there because of his face. However, seeing this scene now, they couldn’t help speaking.

[Handsome, good character, good business ability, this kind of male god is hard to find!!!]

[Huai Huai is really cold outside and hot inside. I can’t resist this kind of people]

[Sobbing, both of them are so awesome and miserable at the same time. Ye Cang was betrayed by his former agent, but Huai Huai was also betrayed by his own artists. Ah, I hope the two of them can stay like this forever]

Cherry CP fan, burst into tears.

[Mom, what kind of fairy did I become! ! ]

By the end of the press conference, #Ye Cang tearfully grateful to his agent# topic rushed to the hot searches, and the Ye Cang fans in the comments section were repeating Ye Cang’s gratitude and thanks to his agent. The atmosphere was peaceful. 

In recent years, there were many conflicts between artists and agents in the entertainment circle, some of which had nearly been brought to court. It was not uncommon for fans to tear up the agents’ companies. It was very rare that Ye Cang’s fans and his agent had a harmonious and friendly relationship.

At this time, the protagonist of the hot search, Ye Cang, sat in the car and pointed to one of the questions and asked very seriously, “What’s going on with this hot search? Where am I tearful?” 

Shen Huai: “…”

He was quite helpless. Today’s press conference was supposed to be Ye Cang’s highlight moment. He even thought about the publicity focus after that and made a plan in advance. But he never expected that nothing else that he was worried about had happened and ended up in Ye Cang’s own hands.

Now, Ye Cang’s original achievement that belonged to him alone was divided by his own hand. Even the public’s attention was deviated. The original plan had been overturned and needed to be redone, and even Shen Huai had a headache thinking about such a large amount of work.

It was just that in spite of what he thought, there was a smile on his face, which diluted the coldness on it and revealed a little softness. 

Ye Cang looked at such a Shen Huai, and his mind wavered. “Huai, I……”

Before he finished speaking, Shen Huai bluntly refused, “No.”

Ye Cang: “I haven’t said what I want to do yet?”

Shen Huai: “No matter what you want to do, now is not the time.”

Ye Cang was not convinced and was about to refute it, but Shen Huai had already continued speaking, “I posted the video of your competition on YouTube before, and the response overseas was very good. I discussed it with the company publicity department and decided to take advantage of the current popularity to launch an overseas promotion. In the future, you may spend most of your time on the plane.”

YouTube was the largest video website for foreign countries, many users would post videos on it. In recent years, domestic singers who wanted to promote themselves overseas chose to publish promotional videos on YouTube to expand their influence.

However, no one thought that Shen Huai would start the foundation so early. Now, Ye Cang’s songs were very popular on YouTube, and his identity had been dug out. Everyone knew that he had already released an album in China, and many foreigners were also looking forward to the release of his songs overseas, and even enthusiastically provided suggestions for them.

This was indeed the best time for publicity. Ye Cang had long known that Shen Huai was a farsighted man who always thought ten steps ahead, but it was too much of a coincidence that he suddenly proposed it at this time.

Ye Cang waited for a good opportunity to promote his feelings, but once again could only declare bankruptcy.

Ye Cang was held back, in the end did he really not know, or pretended not to know?

When Ye Cang returned to his room, the more he thought about it, the more depressed he became. He couldn’t fall asleep even when he was lying in bed. Finally, he simply got up and posted a Weibo.

@Your Father: asking for help from omnipotent netizens. The person you like is too shy. How can you pursue them?

At this time, it was 11:00 in the evening, and the Weibo traffic was huge. Ye Cang had just posted a Weibo and in a moment there were already comments at the bottom. 


[See what I’ve done… What?! Dad, what are you talking about?!]

[I thought it was a new recommendation, as a result, what is it??]

[Shocked!!! Dad!! I can’t believe you’re still a single dog (no)]

[It is a loss of morality and distortion of human nature that a well-known music blogger would ask such a question on Weibo!]

[Dad, what else do you want with such a poisonous tongue.]

Ye Cang scrolled the comments, but there was nothing useful. He was even more worried and replied directly in the comments.

[Not kidding, serious.]

Seeing the main poster reply, netizens finally got serious and began to seriously think of a way for him in the comments. 

[Dad, the most important thing when chasing a girl is to be considerate, such as sending flowers and gifts. Believe me, as long as you are sincere to her, she will be moved.]

[Dad is so talented, why don’t you write a song for the little sister? This has both heart and ambition, the little sister will definitely be attracted to you!]

[The best way is to ask the girl you like to climb the mountain with you. When she can’t move anymore, hold her hand or carry her on her back. Believe me, girls can’t resist this kind of man.]

[Romance and sense of security are the most important thing. Dad, I’ll give you an analysis of Blablabla … you should Blablabla …]

[Wait, why do you think it is a little sister! Maybe it’s a little brother!]

[Fuck, thinking carefully and fearing extremely.]

[Thinking carefully and fearing extremely +1]

[Thinking carefully and fearing extremely +10086]

[The straight men upstairs shut up, okay! Dad, listen to me, if the other side is a little brother, and you are sure that the other side is bent, then don’t be a pussy, and go straight for it!]

[So it has been confirmed that it is a little brother? Weeping ji ji all handsome guys are with other handsome guys these days.]

[Don’t change the topic. Dad, please believe me, I’ll teach you the treasure code of chasing your wife right away.]

[The avatar upstairs is definitely a fat single dog. It’s a treasure book of farts. Dad please believe me, I have been talking about love for decades, I read all of John Green’s novels. No matter if you want to chase a girl or a man, I will certainly be able to give you the most perfect advice!]

[All the people who cheat on private comments get out of here! According to my years of experience, the success rate of chasing people depends on the face beauty value. Dad take a photo first, so I can prepare the most effective way for you according to your beauty value.]

[Shit, the person upstairs is so despicable, but I also want to see my father’s photo.]

Then the topic of the discussion completely shifted and turned into asking for a photo.

Ye Cang turns off Weibo, depressed. He always thought he was a very serious person. Why are all of his fans like this??

However, although most of them are like that, but it was also true that some people have made serious suggestions. 

Ye Cang touched his chin and decided to be a doctor for the dead horse and give it a try.

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  1. Ri Hikaru

    One of my pet peeves is novel characters asking for advise from other people because love is situational, and their advise is never helpful as it never fits the situation at hand

    1. nanairohana

      I don’t see a problem in this. Because sometimes you really got advice that you will never thought of yourself. Or come to realise a situation that you overlooked. A plus is that it is anonymous for both sides. Here, the advice of being straight forward in chasing is quite fit. Ye Cang didn’t know Huai worries about being exposed and coming out as gay, maybe if confronted with hiding, Huai will communicate this worry. Then Ye Cang can gave his pieces too. Next, the can move on to the next stage instead of skirting aroung eo like rn.

  2. Zo Arai

    The fans are stupidly cute 😂😂😂
    Poor Ye Cang.
    Shen Huai is way too smart to be conquered, but I’m sure He Cang can win if he stay consistent.
    Fighting, Ye Cang!!

    Thank you for the update ❤️

  3. eggcorn

    I mean yeah love is situational but it can really help to have outside perspectives illuminate aspects of your situation you may be missing. Everyone’s situation is different precisely because everyone has different personalities and life experiences, and sometimes you need someone else who has a similar perspective as the person you’re trying to figure out to decode the signals, you know? I think it’s perfectly natural to seek advice, it’s just when you follow obviously bad or joke advice earnestly that your poor judgment creates a problem.

  4. IamNobody

    so author also read foreign books…. I didn’t expect to see John Green here… The few webnovels I’ve read that referenced foreign books all used Harry Potter…
    Webnovels mostly referenced Chinese pop culture and the classics. It’s nice to see some references I can relate to sometimes.

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