My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 53.2 – Record Sales

Chu Mei Bo didn’t tell Shen Huai that Xu Anqi was looking for trouble. First, she didn’t think it was a big deal. Second, Shen Huai was too busy recently, even if she wanted to say it, she couldn’t find any opportunity.

Ye Cang’s album entered its second week since its release and as of this week, his digital album “Rebirth” has also been launched on major music platforms. Just after it was launched, the sales volume reached a terrifying figure. 

Originally, people thought that after the launch of the digital album online, the sales volume of the physical album would slowly decline. Who would have thought that it not only would not decline, but even increase.

More than 60,000 records were sold in the first week, 20,000 of which were pre-sold, and by noon on Tuesday the following week, more than 100,000 copies had been sold.

At present, when the physical album market was  shrinking extremely, the achievements of real sales were full of gold.

Last year, the whole Chinese music industry produced only four records that achieved more than 100,000 physical album sales. This year, only Bai Jiajia and a pop singer with a long-standing reputation exceeded this number, and the whole market was extremely depressed.

Ye Cang’s record was such a black horse that even the Morningstar company behind him was shocked.

What did this mean?!

This meant that Ye Cang’s position as the best newcomer was very stable and if his album sales kept increasing at this speed, he could even win the Golden Melody Award for the best album!

This was a result that Morningstar had never achieved. After all, most of the Golden Melody Awards in recent years have fallen into the pocket of the Chinese Entertainment company. Companies like Morningstar spend most of their time competing against them.

Whether Bai Jiajia or Ye Cang will win the award, Morningstar’s position in the industry will undergo a huge promotion. 

They say that during this time, the boss of Morningstar was walking on clouds.

On the contrary, Ye Cang who was the party concerned, seemed to be much calmer. 

It’s no wonder that he was calm. After all, his records were already in platinum 30 years ago, not to mention that over the years, the cumulative sales volume of his records reached tens of millions of copies. Record sales today were only a fraction of what they were in his previous life. 

But the people around him were much more excited. Xue Chengge has set the 100,000th-selling poster as his mobile phone screen, and even Star Art studio offered to celebrate.

Ye Cang had no opinion. But Shen Huai agreed. 

On the day of the celebration, Ye Cang had a late schedule, so Shen Huai asked Chu Mei Bo and the others to go first, and said that they will come later.

The two arrived a little late. As soon as they walked through the door, several staff members sprayed confetti crackers at them.


Shen Huai and Ye Cang were shocked by this surprise attack, and both were sprayed with colorful confetti.

Yan Xiangming came out. “Boss, Junior Ye, come in, we have prepared cake!”

Several people went in the room happily.

Ye Cang patted off the colorful paper on his body and said with a smile, “Who in the world has come up with this idea? To spray confetti crackers with congratulations, I thought your next sentence would be to wish us a happy wedding!”

Shen Huai: “…”

Ye Cang’s attitude was normal, and no one took his words seriously. They all came forward to congratulate him on his record sales breaking the 100,000th copy.

Even Fang Ziqing came over, but compared with the other happy staff, Fang’s mood was much more complicated. Originally, he thought that Ye Cang could not win against him, but after listening to his album, he started to panic. 

According to the horrific growth rate and the quality of the album, it was not impossible to surpass him. Fang Ziqing repented at the beginning, but this gambling agreement was proposed by him, and now he felt depressed when thinking about it.

Recently, everyone who saw him would ask about the betting incident with concern. Even a good old man like Yan Xiangming suggested that he should start exercising from now on, because it was said that this winter would be very cold, and he was afraid that something would go wrong with him. 

Fang Ziqing was still angry at first, but now the pot was already broken. 

They shared the cake and opened champagne to celebrate.

Xue Chengge drank some wine and said blushing, “I went online today to see the sales amount in streaming media. If we follow this momentum, Brother Ye should have no problem with platinum records, right?”

In the past, album sales were calculated on the basis of physical copy sales, but 17 years ago, streaming copies also started to be converted into the sales volume of albums. Now that Ye Cang’s album was on the rise, it was only a matter of time before he got platinum.

“I don’t think it will be just platinum, double platinum is also fine!” said one of the staff members excitedly.

“Eh? If elder Brother Ye gets double platinum, does this mean that Mr. Fang would have to run naked?” 

Fang Ziqing: “…” My heart was stabbed again.

He became angry from embarrassment. “Go away!”

The crowd burst into laughter. 

“If we can get double platinum, this year’s Golden Melody Award is also in our Brother Ye’s pocket.”

“Getting the best newcomer and the best album award at the same time, my God! This is amazing!” 

“And the best song! If you get all three at the same time, this will be a first since the Golden Melody Award was founded, right?” 

“Shit! Dream on!”

At this time, Yan Xiangming, who had not spoken for a long time, said, “It is not impossible.”

Everyone froze and looked at Yan Xiangming.

Yan Xiangming’s face was a little red, his eyes seemed to glow and his voice was even a little shaky with excitement. “If the physical copy sales volume can reach platinum records, he can definitely win these three awards!”

The staff were stunned for a long time before someone asked carefully, “Brother Yan, are you drunk?” 

“I’m not drunk!” Yan Xiangming said and became more and more excited. He directly stood up and walked back and forth in the room. “I just looked at the sales results of the physical album and there are already 150,000 copies and the sales speed is still increasing. If it goes like this it may not be impossible to reach a million!” 

“Look at the previous platinum records. The quality of ‘Rebirth’ is not inferior to them! On the contrary! It is even better than them!” 

Although Xue Chengge had great confidence in Ye Cang, he still didn’t dare to set up this kind of flag. He hesitated before saying, “But… Brother Yan, you are talking about stuff from 2,000 years ago. It’s more difficult for the physical sales to reach platinum than for the whole record to reach diamond!”

“No!” Yan Xiangming was unexpectedly stubborn in this matter. “I think this album will be OK. Moreover, if Ye Cang’s physical sales can get platinum, then that would make him the youngest singer in the history of China to get platinum for physical record sales! Compared with this honor, the Golden Melody Award is nothing!”

Xue Chengge couldn’t help but think about what he said and then recalled the current record holder. Then he immediately cried with a sad face, “Brother Yan, don’t tease me. The person who holds this record now is Lu Yang!”

Yan Xiangming: “What’s with Lu Yang? No one can break Lu Yang’s record? I think Cang will! Isn’t that right, Cang?”

Ye Cang: “…”

At a time like this, Ye Cang didn’t know what to say. 

At last, Shen Huai opened his mouth to save Ye Cang from this.

Yan Xiangming sobered up for a while, as if he thought he had gone too far, and said shyly to the crowd, “I was talking nonsense just now, so let’s just pretend you didn’t hear me…” 

“No,” Chu Mei Bo said with a smile, “Ye Cang, take out your strength and defeat that guy Lu Yang! I will look forward to it.”

Ye Cang: “…”

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