My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 53.1 – Record Sales

When Xu Anqi returned to her company, she was still in a bad mood. Moreover, the more she thought about it, the more depressed she became.

Assistant Ping Ping asked cautiously, “Anqi, let’s fix your make-up. There is a scheduled appointment later…”

However, Xu Anqi’s response was to sweep everything on the table to the ground. Ping Ping became scared and didn’t dare to speak again.

Just then the door was pushed open, and a gentle female voice asked.

“What’s the matter? Who made our little princess angry again?”

Ping Ping raised her head and mumbled, “Sister Hua.”

The name of the visitor was Hua Rong. She was the gold agent of Menghe Entertainment, white and slightly fat and always smiling. On the outside she looked like she had a good temper, but in Menghe, everyone knew how terrible this woman was.

By no means was it due to a good personality that she managed to become a gold agent of Menghe from a simple star assistant in just five years.

Even someone as willful as Anqi restrained her temper in the face of her “Sister Hua”. 

Hua Rong picked up the things on the ground with a smile. “I know you’ve been under a lot of pressure recently. Even if you lose your temper in the company, you must control it when you go out, so you will not damage your little fairy image.”

Xu Anqi pursed her lips and answered reluctantly. 

Hua Rong also didn’t ask why she was angry. She raised the scripts in her hand and casually changed the topic. “There are a few new scripts recently, do you want to see them?”

Xu Anqi nodded, took the scripts and sat on the sofa.

Hua Rong sat opposite her and looked at her gently, but the words she said were not warm. “Ping Ping, it looks like Anqi has gained some weight. Has the weight management been lax lately?”

Xu Anqi frowned. “Sister Hua…”

Hua Rong waved her hand. “You are going to join the Milan Fashion Week soon, which is related to your identity in the fashion world. You don’t want to be criticized for an extra pound of meat.”

“By the way, I’m going to gain a real high luxury endorsement this year for you. Your position as a little flower is really stable. You can’t spoil it for me, do you hear me?”

Xu Anqi answered in a low voice, then looked down to read the scripts.

Hua Rong did not care about her impolite attitude either. In her eyes, there were only two kinds of artists: valuable and worthless. The former such as Xu Anqi will be tolerated no matter what they do, and the latter, she wouldn’t even look at them.

After a while, Xu Anqi finished reading the scripts, but her face did not improve. “Sister Hua, what kind of scripts are these! Why are there only idol dramas and costume dramas? Isn’t there a better script?”

“TV series are good,” Hua Rong said patiently. “Most of the people in the movie circle are only looking for you for supporting roles, or some unpopular low-budget comedies, which are not helpful for your career, so I refused.” 

“Again!” Xu Anqi suddenly stood up and said impatiently, “Sister Hua, I’ve been in Menghe for three years, but in these three years, the company didn’t give me any decent resources. I’m still getting the original resources from three years ago! That’s not what you promised me!” 

There was a glimmer of displeasure in Hua Rong’s eyes, but she soon recovered her smile. “Anqi, this is not the case. In the past three years, I have raised you to the position of a popular flower. Which one of the top female stars of the same age has not participated in endorsements or variety shows? You can’t pretend you don’t see that, can you?”

For a moment, Xu Anqi was speechless.

“As for a good script, it’s not without any. Director Li has a new one in his hands. It’s a very good book and very competitive.”

Xu Anqi’s eyes lit up, but Hua Rong just chuckled. “However, the story takes place in the northeast countryside, and all the actors must stay in the countryside for a month, to really experience rural life before the beginning of shooting. You can’t wear makeup, or maintain it. You can farm and feed chickens in the daytime and sleep on a kang ( in the evening. The cottage is still one of these two story earthen huts. Can you bear this?”

Xu Anqi’s face turned white at once. 

Hua Rong said earnestly, “Anqi, look at you now, gorgeous and making money with ease. You don’t need to drink or laugh with investors  for the sake of your role. You live in a big house with seven or eight people around you. How many people envy you? Why don’t you cherish it?”

With this, Hua Rong beat Xu Anqi fairly and let her have a good rest in the room. Then she went out of the lounge and returned to her office.

After a while, Ping Ping knocked on the door and came in.

Hua Rong kept working and casually asked, “How is it going?”

“Anqi is still a little upset, but she will calm down soon.”

Hua Rong sneered. “What’s going on in her head? What kind of drug did Shen Huai give her before to make her become such a comfortable little princess?”

Something came to her mind, and she asked, “By the way, I think something is wrong with her today. What happened?”

Ping Ping hesitated for a moment, then said that Xu Anqi went to find Chu Mei Bo. 

Hua Rong frowned. “What is she doing finding trouble with a little newcomer? If the paparazzi found out, wouldn’t it be a stepping stone for others? ——No, Xu Anqi has a bad temper, but she never takes the initiative to cause trouble. What is the identity of this newcomer?”

Ping Ping whispered, “They say she is Mr. Shen’s new artist…”

“Shen Huai again?” Hua Rong frowned even tighter. “Find out the details and let me have a look.”

Ping Ping immediately took out the information on Chu Mei Bo, including the video of Kwai Ji, which was a popular hot search before. 

Hua Rong could not take her eyes off, and said with a complicated expression, “Where did Shen Huai find her? If she was in my hands, I would directly make her the most popular female star in China!”

Hua Rong watched the video again and asked, “You saw her today. What is her character?”

When Ping Ping remembered what had happened at that time, her expression suddenly became twisted. 

“It doesn’t look like she is easy to deal with?” Hua Rong frowned slightly. “OK, I see. When I’m free, I’ll contact her myself.”

Ping Ping wanted to speak but stopped.

“Sister Hua, if you sign her, what will we do about Anqi?”

Hua Rong said with a smile, “Xu Anqi is getting more and more famous now, and it’s time to let her have a sense of crisis. You know what to do, right?” 

Ping Ping’s face turned white, however, under the oppressive eyes of Hua Rong, she could only clench her teeth and nod her head.

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