MAIR – Chapter 168 – Under the Neon

After two weeks of intense voting, “National Idol” finally ushered in the final battle.

In the 24 hours before the start of the competition, all the contestants’ votes in “National Idol” were hidden. However, this did not stop the j-i’q-in fans voting. In this kind of rush, the fans’ enthusiasm for voting became crazier and crazier.

In the Entertainment Forum, a high-rise post has even been opened to predict the rankings of the contestants.

There were also a variety of forwarding lottery and fans’ various responses in Weibo, which was just like a big party of Weibo and hot searches for “National Idol”.

“National Idol” was a phenomenal variety show this year. These 20-year-old girls set off the hottest fire this winter. Before that, I am afraid no one could have imagined it.

Originally, many people thought this was just a boring talent show, but with the continuous progress of the program, the sweat of these girls moved many people. Too many people focused on the brightness of the idols, but the program let the audience see the sweat and tears behind the stage.

Moreover, with the Xia Shiyu “Sinking” out of the circle, the topic of # Is independence sexy # and #Can women appreciate sexuality?# has also aroused many people’s minds.

Although this was only a talent show, it is no longer just any talent show. Many people have seen in this show the independence and strength of girls, as well as their desperate efforts to pursue their dreams.

Ling Ling was only bored when she watched the first episode of “National Idol”. She didn’t expect that she would eventually become a fan of Xia Shiyu. She also didn’t even expect that she, who never enjoyed the feeling of chasing stars as a teenager, would do at the age of 30.

Before the finals began, she had already asked for annual leave from the company, just to watch the live broadcast of “National Idol” tonight and see the debut of Xia Shiyu in C position with her own eyes, as if it could make up for the regret that she gave up her dream when she was a teenager.

There were many fans like Ling Ling. Some of them were on their own and they opened their Weibo and friends circle, while opening the live streaming software, and some of the others gathered with their friends to prepare their beer and snacks and posted waiting for the game to start

According to the previous survey and statistics of Weibo, these fans were full-time housewives, white-collar workers, students, teachers, doctors, and all other walks of life. Women accounted for more than 70%, and 40% of them were highly educated women.

There were various posts at this moment.

[Fellow men, do you remember the fear of being dominated by your girlfriend during the World Cup? The time for revenge has finally came!]

[ There are many divorces and breakups during the World Cup, and today opportunity is back! Of course, if you go chase “National Idol” together, then forget it, I can only wish you a hundred years of good marriage [good-bye]].

[Today is our anniversary. My boyfriend asked me whether I will choose him or my little sister. What should I say? Urgent matter]

Although it was a little exaggerated, it showed how popular the “National Idol” was.



At the moment, in the “National Idol” competition site, also came a group of very low-key bosses.

The staff led them to the VIP seat in the front row. Guo Wenyuan took off his sunglasses and looked behind him. “It’s really lively!”

Many fans were holding support cards, as the whole scene was dotted with colors. Once the camera will come, they will all shout the name of “National Idol”

Pei Ran smiled and said, “It is very nostalgic.”

Guo Wenyuan, who has never enjoyed the fans’ pursuit, closed his mouth angrily.

Pei Ran originally just wanted to express his point of view, but when he saw the situation, he changed the topic: “ Where is Junior Shen? Didn’t he come with us?

Chu Mei Bo replied, “He seems to be answering the phone.”

Shen Huai was making arrangements with Ming Wei on the phone in the corridor. Although the Ying Yuan company has been beaten down by them, everything was uncertain before the end of finals, so Shen Huai was cautious and careful.

Ming Wei was very confident: “Don’t worry, Mr. Shen. We are all ready to guarantee that there won’t be any more black material.”

Shen Huai said “um” and wanted to say anything else, but he heard a scream from outside of the competition area, and his voice was immediately drowned out.

Waiting for this wave of screams to pass, Shen Huai quickly gave a few orders, then hung up the phone and went to his seat.

At this time, Guo Wenyuan was messing with a pile of things he had asked Jia Mingming to prepare for him, not only a huge sign but also a pile of glowing headbands and glowing sticks.

Guo Wenyuan can’t help himself and also prepared a whole set for Chu Mei Bo and Pei Ran, which was shiny and very lovely.

Guo Wenyuan said eagerly, “This is all for us to support Xia Xia!”

Chu Mei Bo and Pei Ran: “…”

While the two big shots were speechless, Shen Huai happened to come over. Just as he sat down, Guo Wenyuan held his shoulder warmly, and then placed a glowing headband on his head.

Shen Huai responded very quickly and was about to take off the headband, but Pei Ran and Chu Mei Bo saw this opportunity very quickly and held his hand together.

Shen Huai: “…”

Pei Ran: “As the manager of Xia Shiyu, you must set an example in supporting her.”

Chu Mei Bo: “Besides, how conspicuous this is! Junior Ye will see you at glance from the jury seat!”

The two worked together in tacit understanding and sang in harmony if you didn’t see their tight grip on Shen Huai hands it would be looking very sincere

Nonsense, they will not die alone!

Shen Huai struggled to move his fingers, and finally had no choice but to say, “I won’t take it off, just let it go.”

Chu Mei Bo and Pei Ran looked at each other, and then let him go.

Shen Huai moved his arm and was about to say something when he heard a scream from the scene.

He raised his head in a daze, only to find that he had been directly photographed just after one of the cameras passed by them, and the video of him wearing rainbow headband soon spread across the whole network.

In Morning Star company, Ming Wei and others were wary of all kinds of wind and dirt on the Internet. But instead of seeing it for Xia Shiyu they saw it for their own boss.

Everyone: “.,.”

A member asked Ming Wei in a low voice, “Sister Ming, is this black material?”

Ming Wei: “…”

Looking at the rapid increase in the number of retweets of this picture, she said with difficulty: “This… don’t count. Let’s try our best from now. “

All the members who got the instructions quickly began to be busy.

Ming Wei took another look at the short video, then silently downloaded it and put it into her collection.



The countdown to the start of the finals of “National Idol was half an hour.

Fan Jiarou, a highschool student, hurried back to her room after taking a bath. She didn’t even hear her mother’s voice calling her to eat fruit. At this time, the QQ group on her computer was already very lively.

Fan Jiarou opened her class group and it was very lively with already 99 unread messages. Fan Jiarou didn’t care about the news and instead immediately opened the live broadcast software. However, she doesn’t know whether there were too many people watching or because of the speed of the Internet, but entry was very slow.

Fan Jiarou got up from her chair, opened the door, and asked her parents who were watching TV in the living room: “Mom, are you not watching your TV show?”

Mother Fan looked up inexplicably: “No, ah, you come to eat fruit…”

Before she had finished her words, Fan Jiarou closed the door and opened her WeChat group hurriedly.

[@ everyone, sisters! Are you in the broadcast! ]

[No! It’s too laggy. I just went to Weibo, and it was said there that too many people are watching, so the software crashed.

[Ah ah, no! I’ve been looking forward to today for such a long time. We must watch the live broadcast! ]

[It’s said that CCTV will also broadcast live at the same time? I don’t care. If I can’t get into the live broadcast, I will go out and rob the TV from my mother.]

Fan Jiarou breathed a sigh of relief, looked up, and found that she was able to squeeze into the live broadcast. Although the picture was still very laggy, she was relieved.  Because the game had not yet started, they were chatting in the group, and Fan Jiarou could not help asking a question.

[ Who do you think will get the C position tonight?]

[I am sure! Xia Xia is the best! ]

[alas, I used to be fan of Wang Can, but Ying Yuan was to disgusting that I didn’t even vote for Wang Can]

[Can Can is also trapped by this company. I just read on the Weibo that her fans have left the support club of Ying Yuan, and Wang Can has been keeping a distance from the other members of the company in the program for some time]

[Even if it’s her company’s problem, doesn’t she also know about it? Is there nothing wrong with her? Xia Xia came out of the valley with her own strength, but she was made so miserable by them. Now that she knew she was scolded, she quickly put aside their relationship. Bah! I hate her anyway! ]

The girl who spoke up for Wang Can didn’t talk anymore.

Their argument is also the epitome of online speech. On the Internet, people’s opinions are more straightforward. Overnight, Wang Can from a popular player became the target of public criticism.



At the same time, in the backstage of “National Idol”.

When Wang Can changed her clothes and came out of the fitting room, the originally noisy background immediately calmed down. Several girls who were standing next to the fitting room moved their bodies and kept their distance from Wang Can.

Wang Can pursed her lips, pretending that she didn’t see it, and walked to the dressing table.

After the previous online comments, several girls of Ying Yuan become immediately isolated by others, and some contestants from Ying Yuan company fell out of the podium even before the show hid their votes.

Wang Can has always been very popular and powerful. Even without the hidden plan of Ying Yuan company, she had a considerable number of fans.

After knowing her company plan, Wang Can vehemently opposed it and secretly kept her distance from the members of her original group and quarreled with them.

But no one believed her at this moment, especially those contestants who had a real conflict of interest with her.

Wang Can was under a lot of pressure due to comments on the Internet and indifference and isolation from others, but she didn’t give up. After a short period of confusion and crisis, she chose to grit her teeth and carry it through.

But now she was alone, vaguely ostracized by both sides.

Even if Wang can has done more psychological construction for herself, at this moment she couldn’t support it.

She didn’t want to stay backstage any longer and walked out quickly. But when she went out, she tripped and held the well just in time.  She looked at this unrepentant, playful girl, clenched her teeth and went out.

Wang Can went to the coordinator where there was no one, and finally couldn’t help crying, She was just too afraid of ruining her makeup, so she could only lower her head completely to let her tears fall directly to the ground.

She told herself that she would be weak only for a moment, but her tears seemed to be endless.

Just then, a hand with a tissue appeared in front of her.

Wang Can froze.

She sniffed and looked up slowly. She saw Xia Shiyu standing opposite her. Her face did not have the hatred and anger she imagined, but was even a little gentle.

“Wipe it.”

Wang Can blankly took the tissue, whispered “thank you” and bowed her head.

Xia Shiyu looked at her, and her mood was also very complicated. Although Wang Can in her impression was a little coquettish, her heart was not bad nor was she as resourceful as what was said on the Internet. It was just that she was shot in the head, and as the most popular player under the Ying Yuan company, she naturally became a target for a lot of people.

This kind of network violence was also something Xia Shiyu experienced, which makes her feel very regrettable, so she did not want Wang Can to become the next Xia Shiyu.

Wang Can wiped away her tears and calmed down a lot.

Xia Shiyu thought about it and said to her: “For some things, just a clear conscience is enough, don’t give yourself too much pressure.”

Wang Can, since this incident, she has been under a lot of pressure and said nothing, because she knows very well that no matter what she says at this time, no one would believe her. But she did not expect that Xia Shiyu would comfort her.

At this moment, Wang Can unexpectedly has the desire to talk.

She looked at the Xia Shiyu, her voice unexpectedly a little eager: “I didn’t agree with the company approach, I had been arguing with the company and have quarreled with my agent many times, I can prove it! But It can’t stop them… “

At the end of the day, she seemed unable to speak. Her voice fell, she clenched her fist tightly, and whispered, “But anyway, I’m sorry.”

Xia Shiyu looked at the top of her head, and said softly: “I believe you.”

When Wang Can hear her say it without hesitation like it was superficial. The light in her eyes dimmed and she smiled bitterly: “You are right if you don’t believe it. I don’t believe it myself…”

Xia Shiyu knew as soon as she heard it that she had misunderstood.

In fact, such a thing also happened to her when she was Tang Wanjun, so she was able to understand Wang Can’s mood at the moment.

But she knew that for Wang Can, who was extremely sensitive at this moment, no matter how she explains it, she would doubt it.

So Xia Shiyu gave up the explanation, took her hand and pointed to the stage where the lights were already turned on.

“You don’t need to prove it to me or to anyone else. That stage is where you prove yourself.”


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