My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 54 – The Second Watch of The Night

Just as Ye Cang and the others were celebrating, his fans had also gone crazy with happiness. 

After all, for fans, there’s nothing more exciting than the fact that their own idol’s strength was superior to the others’. Not to mention Ye Cang’s own face-beating buff, anyone who tried to taunt him would be slapped in the end without exception.

Just like at the beginning of this album release, many music critics worried about whether the quality of the album produced so quickly would be bad or not, and some radical ones directly accused Ye Cang of deliberately chasing after money.

Now, however, all these remarks have disappeared, leaving only rainbow farts. ( praise )

Now, the eleven tracks on the “Rebirth” album have all been listed in the major music charts. Among them, “The World After Death” and “Long Night” have leapt into the top ten just after the release of the digital album, while the other nine tracks are steadily climbing up the charts. With almost every update, one can see them jump forward several places. 

So the daily life of Ye Cang’s fans became: first check the album sales, then check the song ranking on the major music charts, then check the hot search on Weibo, and finally check the rainbow farts of fans and the new jokes by the comedians.

At the end of the day, their body and mind were simply happy.

And the latest joke was:

[Is it possible that Ye Cang will claim all top ten spots in music charts?Then the focus of the fans will be, which song will unfortunately land on the 11th place??]

Under, the fans a “ha ha ha ha”.

[They are all from the same root of life (source). Why hurry hhhhhh]

[ouououo, I’m like a little radish now. I think each song sounds good and no song deserves to fall to the 11th!]

[Once upon a time, I allowed my love to be equally distributed, and I played the whole album in a loop every day, but since I saw this joke, I have become a poverty alleviation party, listening only to the last song in the rankings.]

[poverty alleviation party 1: the competition between “Don’t Understand” and “Blade” is so fierce. I think the 11th place may be between them]

[I bet it will be “Blade”]

[Bah! “Blade” is so good to listen to! Do you have any taste?!]

[I don’t know, cub! Go! Mom will send you in and out of the aisle!!]

The Internet was full of joy, just like on Chinese New Year, but while some people were happy, others were worried.

Cassie kept walking around the room. Bai Jiajia, who was next to her, was in a decadent state and couldn’t help shouting, “Stop pacing around, you make me dizzy!”

Cassie was also very angry. “I’m not to blame! What are you mad at me for?” 

Bai Jiajia rubbed his hair irritably. “If it weren’t for you saying this is the year of record, I wouldn’t have released it this year, and it wouldn’t have turned out like this.”

Cassie was long used to his character of shirking responsibility when he was in trouble. Although she was a little uncomfortable, she didn’t say it in the end.

She frowned and looked at the sales comparison between them.

After all, Bai Jiajia released his album earlier. For now, his numbers were still better than Ye Cang’s, but this was only temporary. At present, the sales volume of Ye Cang’s physical records almost exceeded Bai Jiajia’s, and the gap in the digital sales volume was also rapidly shrinking.

Cassie clenched her teeth. “No, we have to take action now, otherwise, if the company thinks Ye Cang is more likely to win the prize than you, they may invest all their resources in Ye Cang, then we won’t stand a chance at all.”

“What are you going to do?” Bai Jiajia asked in a hurry.

“There’s no way to sell more physical copies.” Cassie pointed to the digital sales volume in the back. “But there is a way to do this, some platforms also have loopholes. I’ll find someone to brush up the data.”

Bai Jiajia became worried, “What if someone finds out?”

“Even if they find out, they will have no evidence. These platforms have their own loopholes, and they can’t cover them up. How can they admit that? As long as you win the Golden Melody Award, who cares about these things?”

Bai Jiajia nodded in agreement with her.

“In recent days, I have asked people to stir up your fans. You have also sent one or two tweets that suggested that your fans are young and easy to instigate.”

“I’ll pick another two variety shows for you so you can go up and publicize it.”

Bai Jiajia frowned. “No, I’ve been on too many variety shows since I released the album. The audience is tired of watching it! I’ve recently seen my fans on Weibo saying ‘stop going to variety shows’ .” 

“I don’t want to do that either! But isn’t there no other way?” Cassie hurriedly advised him. “This is also for your future, as long as you can get the Golden Melody Award, it is worth it!” she said, also a little depressed. Originally she thought that this year was the year of small singers, the big guys won’t release albums, Bai Jiajia should be stable. Who would have thought that he would meet Ye Cang, whose album performance was unexpectedly good, making her so angry that she could vomit blood. 

She thought for a moment and said, “I’ve tried to contact several judges of this year’s Golden Melody Award before. They are very optimistic about you. After a while, I’ll take you to see them in person. Even if we spend more money, it’s necessary to determine this matter early.”

“After all, Ye Cang’s album was released too late. The deadline for the Golden Melody Award is in mid-October. As long as we hold on for half a month and win the Golden Melody Award, no matter what happens to him later it would have nothing to do with us.”

Just as Cassie talked about the countermeasures, Bai Jiajia suddenly asked, “Is there anything we can do about Ye Cang other than doing just this?” 

Cassie frowned. “What do you want to do?”

Bai Jiajia’s eyes were fixed on the top ten song chart. Now, Ye Cang had four songs on the list, and the only song he had that entered the top ten has already fallen to the ninth place under Ye Cang’s attack. It’s probably only a matter of time before he completely falls out of the top ten.

Bai Jiajia’s eyes became red from jealousy, Ye Cang was just a delivery man, yet he caught up with him step by step, and even surpassed him. Bai Jiajia almost went crazy.

His face was gloomy as he said, “You can also brush the data for Ye Cang, and the more fake it is, the better, then wait until the eve of the Golden Melody Award’s deadline to bring this matter to light! In any case, I will never let Ye Cang do better than me!”

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