My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 50 – Love

Shen Huai who met Ye Cang’s eyes, as if he was burned by his line of sight, stepped back uneasily.

Ye Cang’s eyes dimmed a little, but he knew Shen Huai’s character, and he stopped talking.

Reporters wanted to ask more questions, but the host announced the end of the press conference. Ye Cang left the stage immediately under the protection of assistants and bodyguards.  

Although the journalists still had some regrets, the gains of this press conference made them very satisfied.  

After leaving the press conference, the participating media felt a mixture of joy and sorrow. What was gratifying is that the press conference had a lot of explosive points, and any of them could attract public attention. But it was also a major worry, there were too many explosive points. They couldn’t bear to give up any of them!!  

But this wasn’t Ye Cang’s concern.  

At the end of the press conference, he went to catch up with two other announcements, and by the time it was over, it was already 12:00 in the evening.  

Ye Cang let Xue Chengge go back to rest early, and then climbed in Shen Huai’s car.  

Shen Huai’s fingers moved uneasily, but in the end he didn’t say anything, just drove him back. Neither of them spoke on the way, and the atmosphere in the car turned a little stagnant for a while.  

When he finally got home, Shen Huai didn’t feel relaxed. Instead, he felt that the air seemed to be full of sparks. As long as he moved, they would explode.

Ye Cang looked at his profile and suddenly stretched out his hand.  

Shen Huai’s response was somewhat big. He grabbed his wrist and asked, “What are you doing?” 

Ye Cang, who was caught, said innocently, “You have a piece of ribbon on your hair. I just wanted to help you take it away.” 

Shen Huai was stunned.

Ye Cang, however, took advantage of this opportunity to free his hand and took something from his hair, and there was indeed a small piece of ribbon. He didn’t know if it was put on now or during the press conference before. 

Shen Huai was embarrassed. He adjusted his glasses. “Sorry, I overreacted.”  

Ye Cang held his arm close to him. “Overreacted? Why?”

Shen Huai moved his throat uncomfortably and whispered, “Nothing, get off the car and rest early. The publicity period will be very hard.”

He was about to open the car door and get off, but Ye Cang suddenly leaned over him and caught his hand holding the door handle. 

The distance between the two people became so close, that they could even feel each other’s breaths. 

Ye Cang stared at Shen Huai with burning eyes. “Huai, you don’t want to know, for whom I wrote my special song?”

Shen Huai lowered his eyes and kept his tone as steady as possible, “I prefer that this is a promotion point and your experimentation with music styles, which is a good thing for singers. As an agent, I really appreciate your performance today.”

Ye Cang: “…”

Shen Huai moved his hand, opened the door and went out.

The atmosphere created by Ye Cang was shattered. He didn’t expect that Shen Huai would reject him in such a businesslike manner.

If it was in the past, Ye Cang might have had the face to join in, but now he was really interested in Shen Huai. He didn’t dare to be as bold as before, moreover, he really felt a little hurt.  

For the first time in his two lives, he liked a person so much that he was even careful about flirting. He was afraid that he would be misunderstood and that he was not serious enough.

Moreover, Shen Huai clearly had feelings for him.

Before, in Donghai City, if it wasn’t for Chu Mei Bo being in the way, perhaps they would already have been together. 

Although he felt sorry at that time, he didn’t think too much about it. He felt that when they came back, they could be together, of course as long as the paper window was pierced.

However, he never thought that after he came back, Shen Huai would change. He was still the same as before during work, but in his private life, he reduced a lot the time spent alone with him. 

In the past, they were inseparable almost every day, but now, although they lived in the same house, he saw less and less of Shen Huai.

First he thought it was because Shen Huai signed Chu Mei Bo and had to spend more time with her, but now he had to admit that Shen Huai was avoiding him, which was just like a knife piercing Ye Cang’s heart.

He walked back to the house alone and saw Shen Huai’s tightly closed door. He stood at the door for a long time before slowly returning to his room.  

Behind the door, Shen Huai sat on the bed, his glasses thrown on the bed, his hands in his hair, his face showing a struggling expression with his eyes deeply lost.

After a long time, he seemed to calm down and slowly talked to himself.

“Shen Huai, you are an agent, that is your artist, you can have feelings for anyone, but you can’t have them for him.”  

“He has been alone in a dark place for 30 years before he came back to the stage. His future will be very bright. You can’t let him fall into the vortex of homosexuality because of your selfish desire. You can’t… destroy him.”

These words were like hypnosis, letting Shen Huai’s reason come back gradually.

He fumbled and put back his glasses again, repressed these stirred feelings, and hid them behind his cold lenses.

Although Ye Cang was frustrated because of love, he was very proud of his career.

After the press conference, the media released the news one after the other, and within hours, all of the information about the press conference spread all over the Internet.  

# Fang sends Ye Cang a bet about running naked # # Ye Cang’s love song # # Ye Cang’s new songs #

Anything related to Ye Cang rushed to the hot search in an almost rocket like speed.

Moreover, as soon as the press conference was over, the volume of Ye Cang’s new album orders increased. Even many physical stores that had just laid the album out, were sold out as soon as it hit the shelves.

Xu Anqi frowned as she looked at the hot searches. She moved her fingers on the screen twice and finally covered the news on the screen, out of sight and out of mind.  

Her stylist, K, was blowing her hair. She asked, “Anqi is also paying attention to Ye Cang?”

Xu Anqi snorted and didn’t speak.

K was not angry and continued, “A lot of people think he is quite good, but I think his agent is more powerful.” 

Hearing Shen Huai’s name, Xu Anqi moved her body and pretended not to care. “What’s wrong with him?” she asked.

K smiled. “Didn’t Tianji get popular on the Internet not long ago? My friend happens to be in the Tianji drama crew. She said that the girl playing Kwai Ji has the same agent as Ye Cang, and he is also very close with this girl. Don’t you think it’s serious?”

Xu Anqi’s face suddenly became very ugly. “You said, he signed an actress?”

K didn’t seem to see anything wrong, and continued, “Yes, I heard that many companies wanted to sign this girl. The conditions are very generous, but she is not moved. I don’t know what benefits this agent has promised her…”

“What’s her name?!” Xu Anqi asked suddenly.


“I said, what’s the name of that actress?”  

K hurriedly searched her mind. “Oh, let me think for a moment… it’s Chu Mei Bo.”

Xu Anqi stood up directly. “Are you done? I have to go.”

Ah, K seemed to have just found out that she seemed unhappy. She accompanied her carefully and said, “OK, Anqi, you…”

Before she finished speaking, Xu Anqi got up and left, leaving only the loud sound of the door closing. 

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