My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 49 – New album release

After “Your Father” posted the Weibo, many netizens who liked him poured into his Weibo to comment on it.

[missing persons return!!]

[Dad, have you finished writing your song? ]

[Once upon a time, there was a blogger who said, “I’m going to write a song” and never came back …] 

[Look! What did I dig up! ! 】 

[Reporting to Dad, @Uncle Squid talks nonsense about YC again! ]

[Sure enough, dad is looking after @ Ye Cang. That’s true love! ]

“Uncle Squid” stared at the comments on the Weibo like a masochist, he was jealous and hateful. He worked hard for a long time and every comment he made was carefully worded. He changed it countless times before sending it out. It was not easy to have some results, but in just one night it was erased by this person.

After he gained so many fans effortlessly, even if he never went online, as long as he posted a Weibo many people responded immediately.  

“Uncle” was sad and resentful until he saw netizens complaining on his Weibo.

“Uncle Squid” : “!!!”

Mmp! These netizens are too despicable! 

Regardless of his slight bitterness, he quickly deleted the long Weibo that mocked Ye Cang.  

“Uncle Squid” was bitter in his heart, he wanted to be tough, but he did not dare to make a fool of himself again when he thought back of  “Your Father” ‘s mockery from last time.

However, he and the netizens thought too much.

Ye Cang’ s second account was not for the sake of humiliating people.

He had been very busy since his last meeting with “Uncle Squid.” First, he was busy with the competition, and after the competition he was busy writing songs for his new album. Until now he had little leisure time, so he never used his second account.

During this time period, Ye Cang listened to many songs, spent time chatting with Li Zihang and Yan Xiangming and gradually learned the current situation of original music creators.

In recent years, very few good original songs have appeared in China. Many people were listening to the old songs from more than ten years ago, and even in musical variety shows, they were more likely to sing old songs. Even if a few good new songs came out once in a while, they made no splash.  

Coupled with the shrinking record market, the internet playback was also a mess.

Because of this, the record companies became more conservative, some music that was too ahead of the time or niche, the market for it shrank further.

Within this vicious circle, the domestic original music went under water ( slowly disappeared? ).

Ye Cang doesn’t think he could change this situation on his own, but he thought he could still do something.

“Your Father” ‘s account, that currently caught everyone’s attention, came in just the right time. What he could now do is plant a seed, but whether this seed can eventually grow into a big tree, he does not know either. 

As a result, netizens soon found out that “Your Father” not only didn’t start a quarrel, but also began to push songs seriously.

He tweeted only unpopular original songs, and the recommendations had his personal characteristics. Sometimes he would attach some of his own experience in music creation, not limiting himself to rock and roll, which reflected his profound musical skills.

At the beginning, netizens went to listen with curiosity. Some found it boring and turned it off directly, but others liked it very much after listening. They left a message on “Your Father” ‘s Weibo excitedly, hoping that he could recommend more songs.

There were also many independent musicians who sent him private messages. After listening to their songs, Ye Cang would recommend them if he thought they were good. When some companies got interested in his traffic and wanted to pay for a recommendation, he directly ignored them.

He didn’t have a fixed time for posting on his Weibo, when he heard good songs, he would forward them. If he was too busy or hasn’t heard any good songs he would leave his Weibo  empty.

Ye Cang doesn’t feel like he is doing great things, and he never advertised himself on “Your Father” ‘s Weibo, so fans only regarded this account as a place to recommend music.

Bloggers and fans are not saints, but even if they were unaware of it, they were already changing the world imperceptibly.

Shen Huai knew that Ye Cang was playing with his second account again, but he didn’t care. Now his requirements were very low. As long as Ye Cang’s main account didn’t have any problems, he could do what he liked with his second account.

Soon it was time for Ye Cang’s album date to be released.

On the day of the press conference, a lot of media and fans came to the venue. Shen Huai, as an agent, was very busy. Not until  the smooth start of the conference did he finally feel relieved and stood on the side to look at Ye Cang on the stage.

Among Ye Cang’s songs on the album “Rebirth”, the most eye-catching ones were “The World After Death” and “Long Night” sung by Ye Cang on “The Star of Tomorrow”. However, Ye Cang did not choose to sing these two songs at the new album release.

The media at the scene couldn’t help whispering that Ye Cang was so headstrong that they even complained about the live broadcast on the website.

[Come on, everyone is here to listen to “The World After Death” and “Long Night”! ]

[Does he think he can still write better songs than these two songs? ]

[Gone with the Wind After Being Praised by Big Brother] 

[Screenshotted already, I’ll see how these people on the comments will hit their own faces]

Ye Cang didn’t care what other people thought at all. He went on stage with a guitar in his arms.

After his death, as a state of soul, he had nothing to amuse himself with. Each day seemed very long. Only when he created would time pass faster. So, over the years, he created many songs in his mind, but they had not been heard.

In the eyes of others, the album produced in such a short time must be eager to collect money. Only he knew how devoted he was to music and how hot his heart was to start creating.

He did not care about the suspicion and slander of others at the moment, for as long as they heard it, they would shut up.  

Five minutes later.

When the music stopped, the media on the scene stared at each other one by one. After a while, they all responded to the screams of the fans. 

As journalists, they still had an aesthetic ability. Naturally, they could hear that this song was not less powerful than “The World After Death” and “Long Night.”

From the beginning, these two songs were praised by several big shots as rare ones among the songs of the past ten years. They thought that having two such songs would be great, but now he had a third one. What’s more, after listening to Ye Cang’s meaning they were afraid that he had more than these three songs??

What does that mean?!

Big news!!

The reporters seemed to have flashes of eye-catching headlines in their heads, one by one excitedly lifting cameras and photographing Ye Cang.  

They couldn’t even wait for Ye Cang to speak, so they raised their hands to ask questions.  

Fortunately, the host was very experienced. With a few words he pacified the crowd and let Ye Cang introduce the creation background of this song, then he let him sing his second song.

Although the style of the second song was different, its quality was no less than the previous one.

With these two songs, the reporters determined that the quality of this album was very high, maybe this year, no, maybe the best rock album in this decade!

On the live stream, since Ye Cang began to sing his first song, fans who took screenshots after waiting for the netizens to lose their faces took no time to jump in.

[Do those complaining faces hurt, hhhhhh].  

[Maybe it’s really fragrant… ]

[I was one of them back then, and the past is too painful to look back on …] 

[To be honest, I pay close attention to Ye Cang, because I feel good seeing these bawling idiots being slapped on the face]

[I just argued with my husband about the quality of Ye Cang’s album. Now he has to give up all his private money and kneel on the keyboard. Thank you, Ye Cang]

The reaction of fans at the venue was much more direct than the bizarre comment section.  

Cao Yun held her face and screamed at the computer.  

[Cang Cang is so handsome!! Mom loves you! Ow!]

Yao Jianing, who was led by her to hear the whole performance, covered her mouth that was about to scream.

She opened Li Zihang’s Weibo, ready to breathe a mouthful of love beans to renew her life, but she directly bumped on a new Weibo.

[@Li Zihang V: @Ye Cang is such a cheapskate that he won’t even send me his new album, I can only ask an assistant to buy it. [angry] [angry]]

Yao Jianing: “…”

With a stiff expression, she opened the comment section, and the fans inside were already crying.  

[Brother, what’s the matter with you? You are about to release your own new album, why support others ah!!]

[As a fan of our brother, should we also support him?]

As soon as Yao Jianing saw this message, she immediately made a justly speech.

[No way!! Our brother is indifferent to fame and wealth, but we as his fans can’t do this. I’ve saved a month of living expenses while waiting to support my brother’s future album sales!!]

With her words, she immediately united fans to support Li Zihang’s new album.

Yao Jianing breathed a sigh of relief, put away her mobile phone, and calmly said to Cao Yun, “Can you lend me money to buy a Ye Cang album? I will return them to you when I get my part-time job salary next month.”

Cao Yun agreed, and curiously asked, “Aren’t you Li Zihang’s die-hard fan? Why do you want to buy Cang Cang’s album all of a sudden?”

Yao Jianing face remained unchanged. “My brother supports Ye Cang. As a fan, I also want to have this kind of broad mind.” 

Cao Yun: “Li Zihang is so nice?” She whispered, “I thought you changed sides!”

“No way!” Yao Jianning denied it conditionally.

Cao Yun snorted. “When I changed sides, I was scolded by you for a month. If you also changed sides, I must laugh back.”

Yao Jianning nodded stiffly.  

“Don’t worry, I’ll order one for you right now.” Cao Yun patted her chest and promised, “I’ll tell you that Cang Cang’s album will definitely be of good quality and you won’t regret buying it.”

“Of course I know, or I wouldn’t have risked being ridiculed by you for buying it for me,” Yao Jianning said.

The venue of the album release started getting hotter and hotter. Reporters were looking forward to the performance, and finally it was time for the question session.  

When the first lucky person was chosen, he immediately stood up and asked, “Ye Cang, your album is of unimaginable quality. How did you create so many high-quality songs in such a short period of time?”  

Ye Cang took over the microphone and said in a half-true and half-false way, “I’ve been creating songs since I died in my last life. You think it’s a short time, but I think it has been long enough.”

There was a burst of laughter at the venue, thinking that Ye Cang was joking, because the album was called “Rebirth”, so they thought it was Ye Cang who deliberately linked to the theme of the album.

Many people were lamenting that Ye Cang’s sense of humor during the variety show was not good, but now it was obviously very humorous! 

Only Shen Huai held his forehead in silence.

The second question, the reporter asked directly, “For your first album, do you have any forecast on the sales volume?”

Ye Cang said with a smile, “When it comes to this matter, there is one thing.”

The spirit of the reporters below become refreshed, but Shen Huai had an ominous premonition.

“I made a bet with Fang Zhiqing that the sales volume of my album would exceed his best record, and whoever lost would run naked.”  

Fang Zhiqing who was watching the live broadcast at the moment: “Ye Cang, you son of a bitch!”  

The reporter who originally asked this question was stunned. She really wanted to get a strong answer for this question, but Ye Cang… Isn’t this too awesome?!

Although his album was really good, but he wanted to get double platinum, wasn’t it too difficult?

Ye Cang glanced over to the reporter bellow and asked with a smile, “Would you like to bet with me, too?”

Reporters: “…”

Except for two eager male reporters, most reporters touched their swollen faces and gave up silently. 

Ye Cang was a little disappointed. “There are only two?”

Shen Huai felt that if he didn’t stop Ye Cang, the conference would go completely off the track, so he signaled the host to bring back the main topic. 

The host was also a little confused, he had lead so many press conferences but he never saw a star like Ye Cang…  go about it like this.

“Well, because of the limited time we only have enough for one more question, ” he said hurriedly. 

Many journalists still stayed with the previous answers, only one female reporter raised her hand trembling.

The host hurriedly handed over the microphone. 

“Hello, Ye Cang!” Then she asked, “I saw a special song on your new album, but you didn’t perform it today. May I ask, what kind of song is this song?”  

Ye Cang smiled, “This song for different people will have different meanings, but in my heart, this is a love song.”

As soon as he said this, there was a sudden uproar at the venue.

Shen Huai was also stunned. In the previous demo, he only heard ten songs from the album. Ye Cang kept this special song hidden from him. Later, he was so busy with his work, he only got the new album yesterday. He didn’t even have time to listen to it yet.

The female reporter was also excited, “Really? Who have you written it for?” 

Ye Cang laughed. “For a special someone, of course.”

Reporter: “…”

Ye Cang left it in suspense, but his eyes crossed over the heavy crowd and fell on Shen Huai’s figure standing behind. 

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