My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 51 – Signature

In a flash, Chu Mei Bo had been studying for a month, and her campus life was more enjoyable than she had imagined.

Considering Chu Mei Bo’s situation, Shen Huai chose an art high school for her, in which the students are required to take an art exam. The learning atmosphere was a little more relaxed than that of a general high school. When she sometimes went out for a shooting it was easier to ask for a leave of absence.

After Chu Mei Bo entered school, of course, there were some minor troubles. 

For example, just after entering school, a group of little girls blocked her. Chu Mei Bo followed them innocently to a small corner, and then beat them up with a smile on her face.

Since then, the little girls came honestly to school every day, and never dared to provoke her again.

Later, after Kwai Ji’s acting clip went on the hot search, she became famous at school. 

The students were the simplest group. When they realized that the new student was gentle and righteous, and wasn’t some kind of gangster, they immediately became enthusiastic about her. 

However, the students in the art school were quite calm about these things. There were some people who performed while still in high school, so after a few days of excitement it slowly quieted down. 

Chu Mei Bo took this opportunity to build a good relationship with her classmates.

When Ye Cang’s new album was released, it immediately became very popular. Many of Chu Mei Bo’s classmates ware Ye Cang’s fans. Some of them weren’t his fans but still followed the trend and bought his album.

Chu Mei Bo didn’t know who said that she and Ye Cang had the same agent, but soon there was a lot of people looking for Chu Mei Bo, hoping she could bring some of Ye Cang’s signed albums. 

Of course, Chu Mei Bo would not refuse such a small thing.

When she came home on the weekend, she was about to talk to Shen Huai about it, but Shen Huai spoke about something else.

“I’ve already looked into the Changtian company.”

Chu Mei Bo was stunned, and then she remembered that the Changtian company was the company of Chu Chu’s father.

Shen Huai said, “In these years, although Mr. Chu is in charge of the Changtian company, they mostly use existing funds. His business instinct is not sharp, and he has already been set up several times. Coupled with the diluted shares, not only have his assets not risen, but instead, they’ve been declining.” 

“There are also complaints from the company about him. If it wasn’t for his status as a major shareholder, he would have been excluded a long time ago. That’s why he cared so much about the 50% stake and even wanted to marry off his daughter in exchange for financial support.”

Shen Huai not only sent people to check these things, but also made some trouble for Mr. Chu on the way. He left him no time to look for Chu Mei Bo to make trouble. Unexpectedly, he was worrying too much, Mr. Chu didn’t care about this daughter of his at all and didn’t plan to look for her at all. He was dreadfully cold. 

Chu Mei Bo listened quietly, before asking, “When can I get this company back?”

Shen Huai said, “If things go well, the end of the year should be fine.” After thinking for a moment, he added, “That couple also knows that the company may no longer be working, so recently they have been busy collecting cash and preparing to flee abroad.”

After Shen Huai spoke, he took out the report on the Changtian company directly for Chu Mei Bo to see.

Chu Mei Bo frowned slightly. She could feel uncontrollable anger arising deep within her, and a short memory came to her mind.

The gentle woman hugged her lovely daughter, pointed to the company logo and said, “Honey, this is the company that Grandpa built. Changtian is Grandpa’s name. Like mom, this company is also like your grandpa’s child. When you grow up, this company will be yours, and you should take good care of it, like mom…”

Chu Mei Bo could almost hear the desperate crying when she grew up, and a sour feeling directly burst in her.

Shen Huai noticed that there was something wrong with her face and hurriedly asked, “What’s the matter? Are you not feeling well?” 

Chu Mei Bo shook her head, suppressed her emotions, and slowly said, “Can you speed things up and take over the company earlier?”

“It’s not impossible.” Shen Huai calculated in his mind. “But in this case, I’m afraid it will cost a lot of money.”

Chu Mei Bo pursed her lips and said, “I’m sorry, I’m willful. ——Take the money as if you lent it to me, you can calculate it with interest like in a bank.” 

Shen Huai knew that Chu Mei Bo was not such a willful person. She must have her own reasons for doing so.

He nodded. “OK. But forget about calculating interest. It should be regarded as an extra service.”

Shen Huai made a little joke, which made Chu Mei Bo feel a lot better.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Shen Huai put the report away and said, “Don’t worry too much. This company is just poorly managed at present. If you change to professional managers in the later stages, you may have the chance to rise again.”

Even if she knew that he was just comforting her, Chu Mei Bo’s mood still became much better.  Although he did not take it seriously, she solemnly thanked him. 

Shen Huai sighed and decided to wait for the facts to speak. 

Seeing that Shen Huai was about to leave, Chu Mei Bo suddenly remembered her classmates’ request, and hurriedly stopped him.

“Where is Cang? Why didn’t I see him today?”

Shen Huai did not expect that she would suddenly ask about Ye Cang, for a moment he felt a little uncomfortable, and corrected his glasses. “He has an announcement today, he should be busy right now.” 

Chu Mei Bo touched her chin. “I heard that his album sales are going well. Many people in my school bought it.”

That’s true. Although Shen Huai thought the album sales would not be too bad, he didn’t expect it to be so good either. 

Including pre-sales, the sales volume on the first day exceeded 20,000, which was only the sales volume of his physical album. 

Unlike other singers who produced the digital album first and the physical album after, Ye Cang came from an era that had a different attitude towards physical CDs, so he insisted that he should release the physical album first and the digital album a week later.

Many viewers were amazed by Ye Cang’s performance at the press conference, and some of them couldn’t wait for the sale of the digital album, so they simply bought the physical copy. 

When the sales volume just came out, Xue Chengge was so stunned, he held his cell phone and started giggling, even running outside to yell excitedly.

In the next few days, the album sales not only didn’t fall, but got better and better instead. 

So Xue Chengge also slowly calmed down.

However, he didn’t expect this album to become so hot, that in a week, it reached 60,000 sales. Not only that, its popularity was still rising, and many people came and knelt under his Weibo to speed up the release of the digital album.

Chu Mei Bo did not quite understand what this meant, so she naturally asked Shen Huai to help her get more than a dozen signed albums and went back leisurely.

Shen Huai hadn’t had time to refuse.

He pressed his forehead and rubbed it. Since the night of the press conference, he had been trying to keep his distance from Ye Cang. Ye Cang probably understood his intention. Although he was a little lost, he still respected his decision.

Now that Chu Mei Bo made this request, he could let Xue Chengge do it on his behalf, but he felt that it was a little disrespectful.

Shen Huai hesitated for some time before deciding to go to Ye Cang himself.

After Ye Cang finished recording the announcement, his whole person became paralyzed, almost every program asked the same questions, his answers back were about to become a form of conditioned reflex. 

Compared with singing and songwriting, this kind of thing was very annoying to him. If it was the him from his last life, he would not have done these things at all. After all, in his opinion, fans liked his songs, and their communication through music was enough.

But from life to death, and from death to life, after so many things happened, he figured out a lot of things. In the past, he thought it was a compromise, which was not rock and roll. However, now he doesn’t care about these formal things. A small concession doesn’t make him lose his rock soul, but makes him see the wider world.

Ye Cang sighed from the bottom of his heart, but suddenly heard Xue Chengge say, “Brother Shen!”

He immediately raised his head, and there was nothing in his mind but the man in front of him.

Shen Huai still wore his familiar three-piece suit set. Seeing Ye Cang’s surprised eyes, he corrected his glasses and said, “I just have something to do here, and I come to see you by the way.”

Xue Chengge who was about to speak, was already taken over by Ye Cang who had taken the lead. “Just in time, Junior Xue has to go back to school. I just don’t know how to go back. You can drive me later!”

Xue Chengge: “???”

When did he say he was going back to school? However, as a good assistant, he didn’t need to ask why, but immediately nodded. “Yes, my professor has something to do for me. I’ll go back first, Brother Shen and Brother Ye, I will trouble you.”

Xue Chengge finished and ran away at the very obvious hint from Ye Cang.

Shen Huai: “…”

Instead of debunking them, he turned around and walked to the elevator. 

Ye Cang hurriedly followed him. On the way, he had a lot to say, but he was afraid that after he said it Shen Huai would pull the distance between them even further, so his expression was entangled as if he had constipation. 

Shen Huai didn’t see it on the way.

When he got home, Shen Huai said what he had come for, and Ye Cang’s eyes brightened. “No problem!”

Although he had recently signed so many to the point of spitting blood, it was not the same. When signing, he can take the opportunity to talk with Shen Huai. If he spoke well, he could break the two people’s current embarrassing situation. 

Just as Ye Cang was calculating, he saw at a glance the albums prepared on the table and blurted out in disappointment, “Sign these few albums only?”

Shen Huai: “…”

Ye Cang slowly touched the albums, and did not give up his suggestion. “Sign these only? Don’t you want my signature too?”

Shen Huai: “…”

He didn’t want to wonder where Ye Cang had learned these things, so he pressed his forehead and said, “No, just sign these.”

Ye Cang sighed, ” Elder sister Chu Mei Bo needs to know how to read the atmosphere a bit, isn’t taking a few more a good thing?”

Shen Huai: “I’ll tell her that for you.”

Ye Cang: “…”

He coughed and started signing, but Ye Cang still watched Shen Huai secretly.

These days, Shen Huai left early and came back home late. Under the pretext of being busy, he handed over all of the appointments to Xue Chengge. Ye Cang came back tired and half dead every day. He wanted to talk to him, but fell asleep every time he waited, so he hasn’t sat alone with Shen Huai for a long time. 

Shen Huai’s sitting posture was very proper. Even if he was looking at the documents on the table, his back was still straight.

Ye Cang looked at him and felt that his heart was finally at peace. The anxiety and boredom of the past few days seemed to have left him at this moment. 

He was even afraid to speak, fearing that he would ruin the atmosphere as soon as he spoke. 

Naturally, Shen Huai felt Ye Cang’s gaze, and he couldn’t help being distracted. When he regained his mind, he found that the pen in Ye Cang’s hand had  stopped moving.

It was too quiet around them, and even the sound of swallowing saliva would be heard. 

Ye Cang’s hot gaze fell on Shen Huai’s body, which made him unable to ignore it.

Shen Huai picked up the documents  and said in a  tone as smooth as possible, “You can sign these albums slowly. When you sign them, just leave them here. I’ll pick them up tomorrow morning.”

When Shen Huai finished speaking, he stood up and hurriedly walked upstairs.

Ye Cang hurriedly called him to stop him, even taking a few steps to chase after him.

From Ye Cang’s point of view, he could see Shen Huai’s tense back, and his white knuckles holding the documents. Suddenly, he could no longer bear it.

It was different from the feeling that burned his heart, it was a little sour and painful.

Ye Cang suddenly realized that he was in love with Shen Huai and he didn’t want to force him.

He swallowed down his original words. He just pretended to be cheerful and said, “OK, I’ll sign them slowly. You go to bed early.” 

Shen Huai froze, he obviously didn’t expect Ye Cang to say that.

He turned his head, but Ye Cang had already taken a few steps back. He said sincerely, “Huai, although I don’t know why you don’t want to accept me, it doesn’t matter. This is your freedom, and you don’t have to bear with it.”

“If you want to restore our relationship as an agent and artist purely, I can do the same. If I don’t say anything that bothers you in the future, can we get along like before?”


Shen Huai looked at Ye Cang’s gentle smile. His heart seems to be touched. He knows Ye Cang’s intention. He doesn’t want to give up, but he doesn’t want to burden him either.

If Ye Cang had been chasing and fighting fiercely, Shen Huai may be able to keep sober and restrained, not letting himself cross the minefield.

But his gentle concession and tolerance made Shen Huai unable to bear it.

With great willpower Shen Huai forced himself to look away, answer him in a low voice, and then fled to his room in disorder.

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