My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 48 – Dad’s Back

Liu Qingqing spent a lot of money on marketing before, and although she didn’t enter the “Tianji” crew, she entered another drama crew with the virtue of her own current popularity.

Compared with Tianji, the other side’s conditions are incomparable in all aspects. Even if she played the second female lead Liu Qingqing felt very unhappy.

She and the director of the new drama hit it off on the spot, taking advantage of the popularity of “Tianji”, stepping on Chu Mei Bo at the same time and also promoting her new drama. The effect was surprisingly good.

Liu Qingqing and the crew were very satisfied, but unexpectedly, the situation completely changed in just one night.

Liu Qingqing woke up after a good night’s sleep  and opened Weibo, ready to see how much everyone had scolded Chu Mei Bo. Who would have known that the first hot search would be: 

#Sister Mei marry me#

When her eyelids jumped, she opened it at once. Unexpectedly, it was a Weibo full of confessions for their love for Chu Mei Bo. The more she looked, the more her heart shook. She opened Chu Mei Bo’s Weibo. In just one evening, Chu Mei Bo’s Weibo rose directly from only dozens of people to 500,000.

Liu Qingqing never thought that her painstaking efforts were only to make a wedding dress for Chu Mei Bo. She gritted her teeth angrily and was about to make a phone call to the publicity crew, but they called first.

The crew originally wanted to promote their own drama through Liu Qingqing and “Tianji”. Who would have known that when they stole rice they would only end up losing chickens? Now, many people came to scold Liu Qingqing on her Weibo, and even involved the crew in the flames of war.

The other side directly said, “Liu Qingqing, this matter is caused by you, you have to be responsible for solving it, don’t involve the drama cast.” And then they hung up.  

Liu Qingqing was half dead from anger. When she wanted to borrow the heat from “Tianji,” these people shouted affectionatel “Sister Liu” one by one. Once something happened, they immediately changed their faces.  

But there was nothing she could do at the moment, even if not for this drama, she must think of a way to turn her present situation around.

Liu Qingqing immediately found a water army and wanted to wash herself white. However, netizens had already made eye-catching efforts for all kinds of signs of marketing accounts. As long as there was a slight sign of it, they immediately suspected the life of it.

Liu Qingqing’s Weibo had also dropped. Most of her millions of fans were bought, and there were only a few real live fans but in the face of the excited netizens, they could simply not resist.

[@Liu Qingqing, come out and explain!!]

[When you hinted there was a sugar daddy, weren’t you very active? Why are you playing dead now?]

[When I was watching TV, I liked your role very much. I was very happy to see you come back to acting, but I didn’t expect that you were such a person]

[If it weren’t for our Elder Sister Mei acting so well, for any other small newcomer wouldn’t you slander them to death?]

[@Liu Qingqing, apologize!!]

Liu Qingqing looked at the comments on her Weibo, gritted her teeth and anxiously walked around the room. Without expecting any good news, she refused to wait any longer and turned to call He Fangfei.

He Fangfei has just finished filming her part, and when she saw Liu Qingqing’s phone call, her face changed a little. She walked to a secluded corner to answer her phone. “Sister Qingqing.”

Liu Qingqing’s tone was very affectionate to her and after a few pleasantries, she said her true Intention, “I saw that video, in that part you were oppressed very badly. ——Don’t tell me that staff could secretly film it. Everyone knows that, without the consent of the director, who would dare to release such a video?”

He Fangfei secretly gnashed her teeth. She also watched that video. She couldn’t compete with Chu Mei Bo with her acting skills and was always very concerned about being brought into character by her. After this video was released and she saw the comments below, the more boastful they were, the more humiliated she felt by the public.

Liu Qingqing understood that no matter how the video came out, it couldn’t be done without the help of the crew. She hated it and in her heart, she also had her own small calculations. She would not be easily bewitched by Liu Qingqing words. Before she helped Liu Qingqing out, she had her own plan. This time, she would not be a fool. 

She said directly, “I understand what sister Qingqing means, but I’m not the kind of person who gives guns to other people. If you want me to expose any material that are out of line in the cast, it’s unnecessary.”

Liu Qingqing’s face changed, her voice becoming cold, no longer pretending to be sisters with He Fangfei, “Then there’s nothing more to say!”

“Wait.” He Fangfei stopped her. “Sister Qing, don’t be angry. In fact I hate Chu Mei Bo just like you. If you want to get back at her, I have a way.”  

Her words really stopped Liu Qingqing from hanging up the phone.  

“What can you do?”

He Fangfei said, “Do you know who Chu Mei Bo’s agent is?”

Liu Qingqing frowned and recalled the day of the audition, but vaguely remembered that Chu Mei Bo was with a very handsome man.

He Fangfei didn’t hear her answer and continued, “Chu Mei Bo’s agent is Shen Huai. You know, he brought out  the champion Ye Cang out of the talent show “Star of Tomorrow.”

“What are you trying to say?” Liu Qingqing said impatiently.

He Fangfei lowered her voice, “I heard gossip in the crew. Xu Anqi was found by Shen Huai single handedly. Later, no one knows what their conflict  was about  but Xu Anqi jumped to Menghe, and Shen Huai stopped signing actresses and started signing male singers.” 

“Before Xu Anqi and Ye Cang appeared on the variety show together, it is said that they couldn’t deal with each other backstage, and almost fought on the spot. Afterwards, Xu Anqi also said that Ye Cang is lucky that he is a singer, if he were an actor, she would make it impossible for him to survive in the entertainment industry.”  

Liu Qingqing frowned and asked, “Really?” 

He Fangfei replied with a smile, “Do you care whether it is real or fake? Trying it won’t cost any money. Do you have a better way?”

After hanging up the phone, Liu Qingqing became really excited. He Fangfei was right. Trying won’t cost any money.  In case Xu Anqi and Chu Mei Bo get on each other, how could Chu Mei Bo be her opponent with Xu Anqi’s current reputation in the circle?

A trace of pleasure flashed on Qingqing’s face, then she opened her address book and began to make a phone call.

“K, I hear you’re  Xu Anqi’s stylist right now, aren’t you…”

Shen Huai settled the trouble easily, and set the audition time for Chu Mei Bo’s campus drama, then he turned his attention to Ye Cang’s new album.

Ye Cang’s new album had been fully produced, with one million yuan for production funds. As he said before, it was all spent on the album production. In the end there were more than 200,000 yuan left. He did not retain them and completely returned them to the music association to support the development of new singers.

After Li Luan knew of this matter, he was very moved. At the beginning, he took out this money to fulfill  his own dream. Even if Ye Cang spent all of it, he would not say anything.

But when he saw that Ye Cang had kept his promise and spent all his money on production, making an excellent album beyond his imagination, he was really touched.  

There were many people in this world who can say that they don’t love money, but only a few who can really control their desires after standing in front of money.

He knew Ye Cang’s life experience. A poor child from the remote mountain village suddenly stepped into the colorful and wealthy world, but still remained true to himself. How could he not be moved? 

Li Luan sighed with emotion and called his music company to cooperate with the promotion of Ye Cang’s new album at all costs and ordered 100 albums for himself.

The person in charge of the company rushed at once to ensure the completion of this task.

Li Luan’s assistant sighed silently. If it goes on like this, he was afraid no one in the company would know who the real young master was. The love for Young Master Li come second to his idol.

With sufficient publicity expenses and the efforts of both companies, the news of Ye Cang’s new album soon spread.

[It was a little more than one month. What kind of album could they make?]

[This is all to cheat money from us! I won’t listen to it anyway]

[Oh! Oh! Oh! Support Cang Cang! I’ll buy three, one for collection, one for licking and one for listening!]

[The best newcomer at the end of this year will be my family’s Cang!]

[Ah! Ah, finally news of an album has been released! When will there be internet audio?]

[Will there be the two original songs from the finals? I love them! Even if only for these two songs, I will buy!]

At present, the new album had not been released for sale yet, but on the whole, there were still many expectations. Many music bloggers also took this opportunity to analyze a wave and predict the sales volume.

But most of them only repeated old news. It’s not interesting.

Many people missed the unexpected showdown between “Uncle Squid” and “Your Father” from that night, but “Your Father” hasn’t made any movement since he posted on Weibo “I’m going to write a song.” After a week of being as quiet as a chicken, “Uncle Squid” started to update his Weibo again as if nothing had happened, but apparently his speech became quite restrained.

However, after some time “Uncle Squid” couldn’t control his hands anymore. Just as news of Ye Cang’s new album were released, he wrote a long Weibo criticizing Ye Cang for floating. Could he make a good album in such a short time?

However, just a second after his Weibo was launched, he heard a “Ding”, his heart was also “dinged” for no reason.

A message popped up.

[the user “Your Father” who you pay special attention to just tweeted]

[@Your Father: Daddy is back!]

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