My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 46 – New Album

After that day, probably because of Chu Mei Bo’s performance, the atmosphere of the whole cast became much better. Everyone there was a young actor who were easily influenced by their peers. Chu Mei Bo was the youngest of them, so they became even more reluctant to lose to her.

Under this kind of “comparison”, the shooting progress went by very fast, which made Director Gao smile from ear to ear.  

Shen Huai handed Chu Mei Bo over to her new assistant and went back to Zhongjing.

After getting off the plane, he went directly to Star Art Studio.

Shen Huai used to hide his identity, but Yan Xiangming simply revealed his identity to other colleagues in the studio after the photo incident. People knew that the studio could be opened because there was a behind-the-scenes boss. Now they finally could see the boss’s real face.

So when Shen Huai went in, the staff he met said to him respectfully, “Hello ( respectful greeting – good morning?), Boss.”

Shen Huai: “…”

He was too lazy to correct them one by one, so he took it as a default.

At this time, Ye Cang and Yan Xiangming happened to be recording the new album in the studio. Now they were doing the arrangement. However, their opinions on the previous two songs were quite similar, but they were completely different regarding this song, so the discussion had been fruitless for a long time.

Seeing this, Shen Huai did not disturb them, he just sat outside in the reception room reading magazines.

Ye Cang didn’t know that he was coming, he was only focused on discussing with Yan Xiangming. He did not pay attention to the time, and soon it became evening.

Both men’s stomachs made a sound, and Ye Cang finally regained a little sense from his hotheaded discussion. He shook his head. He sat in the studio all afternoon and now he was feeling a little dizzy. He was ready to go out to get some fresh air and buy some food on the way.

Who knew that when he just walked out of the studio he would see Shen Huai sitting on the sofa. Ye Cang’s expression suddenly became unbelieving. He rubbed his eyes and then showed a surprised smile.

“When did you come back?”

When Shen Huai heard the sound of the door opening, he had already put down his magazine. Seeing Ye Cang come over, he said with a smile, “Not long ago, just got off of the plane.” 

Ye Cang felt a little flushed, he didn’t know if his brain lacked oxygen because of this afternoon, but he seemed to have lost his usual eloquence. His whole person became clumsy as he answered blankly twice.

Yan Xiangming came a step later than Ye Cang and was also surprised to see Shen Huai. “Boss, how come you are here?” Then he touched the back of his head. “You should have come straight in to find us. How tired you must be waiting outside!”

“I saw that you were busy, so I didn’t want to disturb you.” Shen Huai stood up from his seat. “But you came out just in time. I ordered something to eat.”

With his words, the delivery man arrived from the nearby famous private restaurant.

Shen Huai had not only ordered for them, but also for the whole Star Art Studio.

The table was set and fragrant aroma hit their nostrils.

The staff was moved to tears. “Thank you, Boss!”

Shen Huai waved his hand helplessly.

After dinner, Shen Huai and the others sat together to talk about Ye Cang’s album.

The rock album will have a total of ten songs, and will be named “Rebirth,” starting with “The World After Death” and ending with “Long Night.”

Shen Huai, as if he felt something, looked up at Ye Cang.

I’m afraid that only the two of them could really understand the meaning of this album.

Sitting beside them, Yan Xiangming inexplicably felt a little redundant.

Fortunately, Shen Huai quickly retracted his eyes and refocused on the album. When he turned to the end he found a song not included in the official album.

“What is it?”

Ye Cang took a look. “Oh, this is a special song.”

Shen Huai wondered, “A special song?”

Yan Xiangming was about to explain but was stopped by Ye Cang. “Nothing. The style of this song doesn’t suit the rest of the album, so I called it that way.” 

Although Shen Huai felt it was still a little strange, he accepted this explanation.

The process of the album production was very attentive, but the progress was not slow. It was so fast it could be finished at the beginning of September. After the publicity and distribution period, the album could be distributed by the end of September at the latest.

However, after hearing this, Shen Huai hesitated.  

After September, the record market was usually bleak, and near the Golden Melody Award, the singers who try to win the award will take advantage of this time period to boost up sales, making this period more chaotic.

If Ye Cang tried to win Best Newcomer, it would be okay to publish an album at this time, but with his strength, he could definitely win the Best Songs Award, which made the release time a bit problematic. 

However, Ye Cang didn’t care. “Now that we are finished, there’s no need for delay. As for awards, I don’t care. I don’t need those things to prove myself anyway.”

“I think so too,” Yan Xiangming said seriously. “And I think the quality of this album is very good. In fact, even if it’s only one month, the sales volume can also be achieved.”

Yan Xiangming’s vision was very good. Shen Huai said, “Since this is the case, the publicity activity should be done early!”

Ye Cang was not interested in publicity, but Shen Huai, as an agent can’t ignore it.

However, Ye Cang’s album originally had the gimmick of “Million New Singers.” Besides, it was not long ago that he won the championship of “Star of Tomorrow”. Fans wouldn’t forget him so quickly. If they applied for a promotion fee from the company, there should not be a problem.

Generally speaking, when two singers of the same company compete for the Golden Melody Award at the same time, the company will not agree. It would disperse resources, and it was likely that it will not benefit any side and no one will win the prize in the end.

However, with Ye Cang choosing to release an album at this time, they assumed that Ye Cang wanted to compete for the Best Newcomer Award, so there was no conflict, and if both of them won awards, it also would be a good thing for the company.

As a result, the company readily approved the publicity fees, and asked the publicity department to assist in the promotion.  

Only Ming Wei looked at Shen Huai’s lips curved in a light smile. Somehow, when she remembered that he used 1% of the advertising profit to replace Ye Cang’s song copyright, she suddenly felt that this matter may not be so simple.  

However, Ming Wei was the only one who was so keen. Everyone else thought the same, that Ye Cang was going to compete for the Best Newcomer Award.

Although Cassie knew about it, she didn’t pay attention to it. She even thought that Ye Cang was a little silly. Since it’s good to produce a single in order to compete for the best newcomer award, why rush to produce a full album? It was pointless.

Shen Huai did not pay attention to other people’s ideas, but for the album promotion, he went to Li Luan’s company for cooperation.

When Li Zihang found out about it, he immediately called Ye Cang. “Do you really plan to release an album in September?”

Ye Cang: “Mm-hmm.” 

Li Zihang was a little depressed, but soon after he was full of fighting spirit. “Although I lost to you in the finals, this time I will not!”

Ye Cang smiled. “Would you like to make a bet?”  

Hearing this sentence, Shen Huai turned his head and looked reproachfully at Ye Cang. After teasing Fang Zhiqing, he still had no intention to spare Li Zihang.

Ye Cang touched his nose, and also felt that he was a little unkind, so he was about to change this topic.  

Li Zihang asked, “What are you betting on? The Best Newcomer? I’m not stupid.”

Ye Cang heard a strong disdain for himself in his words, and he suddenly changed his mind and squinted. “Make it more exciting. I don’t care.”

“The Best Song?” Li Zihang asked.

Ye Cang: “Well.”

Li Zihang: “…”

After a long time, a sneer came from Li Zihang. “Ha ha ha.” It was clear that he thought he was whimsical.  

Ye Cang: “What are you laughing at? If I dare to say it, then I am going to win the Best Song Award this year.”

This time, Li Zihang’s silence lasted longer.

Ye Cang almost thought that he had hung up the phone, when Li Zihang replied quietly, “Then I’m even more reluctant to gamble with you.”  

Ye Cang was surprised. Unexpectedly, Li Zihang was so rational. He asked curiously, “Why?”

Li Zihang: “Refusing gambling is the rule of my family.” 

Ye Cang: “…”

Of course, he couldn’t imagine that the only reason Li Zihang refused him was because of his grandfather.  He could not estimate how much harm his poison did to this family.  

Ye Cang hung up the phone with some regret.  

Sure enough, the fools in the world were relatively rare.  

On the other hand, Fang Zhiqing, who was making an album for the diva Ye Hazel, sneezed heavily.

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