My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 45 – Talent and Effort.

Chu Mei Bo’s shooting went very smoothly, which made Shen Huai gradually feel relieved. The new assistant had been hired, making Chu Mei Bo’s side stable. It was finally time for him to return to Zhongjing.

He didn’t know if Ye Cang, who has been busy recording the new album recently, was eating and sleeping on time.

Shen Huai was suddenly a little distracted. 

It was then that the WeChat on his mobile phone suddenly rang. When he opened it, it was Ye Cang who sent it.

Ye Cang had been really busy recently. The music of the new album has been decided, and he has been discussing with Yan Xiangming about music arrangement recently. It was not easy to find free time to send Shen Huai a WeChat, so when Shen Huai answered, he immediately initiated a video call. 

Shen Huai hesitated in a slight  panic.

Ye Cang’s face appeared on his mobile phone. He looked a little thin, but was in good spirits.

Shen Huai became a little absent-minded. They have only been separated for a week, but he felt as if he had not seen him for a long time. When he thought about it, they had been separated for the first time since Ye Cang’s rebirth. 

Suddenly connected to the video, neither of them spoke first. 

After a while, Shen Huai returned to his mind and asked softly: “How have you been?”

Ye Cang also seemed to have just regained his mind and coughed uneasily: “OK, the new songs have been confirmed, and when the arrangement is determined, we can start recording.”

This speed was beyond Shen Huai’s expectations. What is he trying to say?

Ye Cang sighed: “It’s just that I haven’t eaten or slept well lately. Junior Xue is very honest, every time he sees me when I’m writing a song, he is very considerate and won’t disturb me…”

Shen Huai: “…”

Xue Chengge, who had just pushed the door to deliver food to Ye Cang, stood for a while, then retreated silently. 

He was not interrupting? I don’t dare to disturb you, OK?!

Xue, who carried the meals everyday, sighed bitterly, so it’s so easy to be disillusioned when you are the assistant of your idol.

Ye Cang in the room didn’t realize that he had hurt his assistant’s heart at all. He talked with Shen Huai vigorously: “Sometimes I feel like I’m back to the beginning, making music with a few friends, drinking beer and talking about my ideals, it looks like I found my original heart.”

Shen Huai’s expression gradually softened at his words.

Ye Cang looked at him through the phone, but couldn’t help wanting to reach out to trace his face.

A friend once said that he was like a wind that could not be grasped. There was no one in this world who could stop him. Once, he thought so too, until he met this man in front of him.

Missing him was like building a sand castle. However, the moment of seeing him was like a huge wave. The sand castle collapsed and his whole heart was shattered.

Ye Cang opened his mouth and finally asked in a low voice: “You… When will you come back?”

Shen Huai froze, then whispered: “When the new assistant comes, I will come right back.”

In fact, Ye Cang asked him this before, but still couldn’t help asking again. He smiled: “OK.”

Shen Huai was a little shaken by his smile: “Then… It’s OK. I’ll hang up. “


Ye Cang looked at the camera. In fact, as usual, he could say some ambiguous words to tease Shen Huai, but at the moment, he couldn’t say anything, he just smiled again: “Nothing, I’ll wait for you to come back.” 

With that, he hung up his phone.

Shen Huai stared at the darkening screen for a long time, but did not return from his daze until he was awakened by the sound of the door opening.

Chu Mei Bo sat and raised her eyebrows: “Was it Little Cang who just called?”

Shen Huai: “…”

Chu Mei Bo smiled: “Don’t be shy. Just be in love and talk about it, how big it is.”

Shen Huai: “…”

He no longer wanted to argue with Chu Mei Bo about this kind of thing. He coughed a little and straightened his expression: “Sister Mei, the assistant will come over this afternoon. I’ll relay the duty to her tonight. I’ll go back when you finish your scene tomorrow.”

Chu Mei Bo waved her hand: “Don’t worry, I’m not as delicate as Little Cang.”

Shen Huai: “…”

The next day, there was the first major scene for Chu Mei Bo. Before that, Chu Mei Bo was always shooting casual scenes. This was her first serious scene, and it was very difficult.

The scene was a showdown between the male lead Chang Yu and Kwai Ji. 

Chang Yu was almost enchanted by Kwai Ji before, fortunately he was saved by his women. Later during the demonic sect attack, they tried to defend their sect, yet the younger martial sister Jiang Jiang sacrificed herself to protect it. Chang Yu, thanks to his grief and indignation, broke through and rushed all the way to the devil sect leader for revenge, but was blocked by Kwai Ji. The new feeling of revenge and old hatred added up, making the scene very fierce.

And this was also the last scene of Kwai Ji in this drama.

In the original work, Kwai Ji was chopped to death by Chang Yu. In her last moments, she only took a look in the direction of the demonic sect.

Many book fans were speculating about what Kwai Ji was looking for before she died. Did she have something or someone to miss, this ruthless demon?

In this drama script, the writer added a secret love for Kwai Ji.

This was a very routine operation in domestic TV series, but if it applied to Kwai Ji, it could give a very bad performance. It can’t be too heavy or light, a little difference can make Kwai Ji’s character collapse.

Director Gao also attached great importance to this scene because it can also be a very important turning point of the whole drama.

He didn’t need to worry about Chu Mei Bo’s control over the emotional scenes. Recently, Chu Mei Bo had fully demonstrated her talent in acting. She not only performed well, but could also bring actors who are not as good as her into their characters. 

The only thing to worry about is the fight, especially this scene, when they need to use lines all the time.

Many actors and actresses play decently standing on the ground, but not when they are suspended in mid-air with no feet and no support. They not only have to overcome the fear of being high up in the air, but also rely entirely on the strength of their backs. It’s much more difficult to act with good martial arts while in the air than standing on the ground.

The actor who plays Chang Yu is called Chai Junfeng, who had a child star background. He had been very popular all the way and had many fans. What’s rare was that he had a good acting attitude and a good reputation.

He had a lively personality, and had always been very popular with the crew. After changing into his costume and arriving at the set, he arched his hand at Chu Mei Bo in a polite way: “Sister Mei, a word of advice …”

According to her age, Chu Mei Bo was the youngest one in the cast, but her acting skill was the best. At the beginning, several actors who played with her asked for advice in acting. Chu Mei Bo didn’t wriggle at all, as long as someone asked, she answered.

Later, as a result, the whole drama crew started calling her like that, sometimes even Director Gao Di would jokingly call her elder sister.

Chu Mei Bo also changed into her costume. Her eyebrow raised slightly, and her nose made a sound: “Hmmm.”

Chai Junfeng knew that she had entered her character, and his face became serious. The two people simply went through the script before entering the official shooting.

With the start of recording, Chang Yu walked slowly.

His body was covered with wounds and bloodstains, but his eyes were full of hatred. His master, younger sister and so many brothers died in this battle. No… It was not a battle, it was a massacre.

Scene after scene of Chang Yu’s painful memories played from his mind, and finally only one word was left: revenge! 

However, when he finally stood in front of the demonic sect’s army with a sword, he saw that in their line was standing a woman in a gorgeous red dress. She was charming in appearance, but her heart was as ruthless as an iron stone.

Seeing her, the hatred in Chang Yu’s eyes deepened.

He pointed at Kwai Ji with a sword: “Monster! I will take your life!”

Kwai Ji just lifted her lips and dodged Chang Yu’s sword lightly.

She seemed to fly into midair completely unfettered. Her upper body was motionless and her toes were straight as she gently held a blue stick. After the special effects were added later, the stick would become her usual long sword.

Director Gao Di looked at the monitor in surprise. Kwai Ji in the camera looked like a swallow and was floating like a fairy, but he knew how hard it was to do this. Because her tiptoe is completely unable to support her she needs her whole body’s muscles to tighten to maintain this kind of state, it was not easy for a normal person to maintain this kind of position for more than ten seconds, and Chu Mei Bo not only needed to maintain this kind of action for the whole process, but also need to speak her lines with emotion.

The martial arts instructor said in a low voice: “This little girl is not simple. She has been practicing since her first day in the crew. She not only practised in private, but also often asked me for advice. She has talent and is willing to work hard, she will certainly achieve a lot in the future.”

Gao Di nodded in affirmation.

However, Shen Huai on the side knew better than them. Chu Mei Bo did not start to work hard after she joined this drama crew, but even before she took this part she was already preparing after taking over this body.

Shen Huai heard from her cleaning aunt that she would train until her clothes were soaked with sweat every day. For this reason, Shen Huai had to find a nutritionist and a fitness coach for her, for fear that she would break her own body.

Shen Huai remembered that Gu Mei once acted as a playwright, now that plays can no longer be found, but the relevant deeds are still circulating. 

It is said that her role at that time was a Dao Ma Dan. The Beijing Opera payed attention to singing, reading, dancing and acting. At that time, there was no so-called late dubbing or body double. All of the scenes had to be performed by the actors themselves.

Gu Mei practiced with her master for a whole year in the pear garden. No one knew how much she suffered. But in the end, when she went on stage to sing, even the most critical fans had nothing to say.

It was not only because of her talent that she was able to achieve what she did at the beginning.

In this scene, Chang Yu and Kwai Ji fought. When Kwai Ji was originally facing Chang Yu, she always played games of cat and mouse, but now their situation was reversed.

Kwai Ji’s lips were bloody and her hair was in disarray. She had never been so embarrassed. 

However, there was no fear in her eyes. Her eyes were fixed on Chang Yu, she stuck her tongue to lick the blood on the back of her hand. However, this action did not bring any emotion. On the contrary, because of the contempt in her eyes, it would only make people feel frightened.

The state of Chang Yu opposite her was not much better. On his face, sweat and blood were mixed together. Only his eyes remained bright, if not for his hatred of Kwai Ji he would have fallen a long time ago.

Just then, a disciple of the demonic sect came out and said proudly: “Kwai Ji, you can’t even kill such a small pawn. The master is so disappointed with you, he asks you to make a quick decision, or you don’t need to come back. The demonic sect doesn’t need any useless people.”

Kwai Ji didn’t even pay attention to him, she just said impatiently: “Scram!”

Then the disciple of the demonic sect become enraged: “So arrogant, this is the leader…”

Before he finished speaking, Kwai Ji suddenly moved, and the sword in her hand rushed directly to Chang Yu’s chest like a meteor. Chang Yu was prepared for it. He dodged, and then he slashed in the direction of Kwai Ji. Kwai Ji turned back and used her sword to block it. However, she didn’t expect that Chang Yu’s cultivation had already broken through. Before that, Kwai Ji had been hiding her strength, but it was too late now and her sword was broken and her chest was hit heavily.

Kwai Ji just spurted out a mouthful of blood. 

However, Chang Yu did not miss this opportunity, his long sword slashed down towards Kwai Ji with anger.

Kwai Ji had used up all different ways to save her own life, but her sword was broken and she had no other way to resist this deadly blow.

But even at this time, she was not afraid or begging for mercy. She did not even blink in the face of the long sword.

Just at the last minute, she suddenly turned her head hard and looked desperately in the direction of the demonic sect. 

The camera gave her a close-up.

Her eyes seemed to flash a lot of emotions, and at last she froze on a mockery. She did not know whether she was ridiculing herself or her unspoken love.

Fresh blood splashed on her face, her whole body was motionless, and the light in her eyes gradually faded.


Director Gao Di stood up: “OK! That was great!”

Hearing the word “cut”, Chu Mei Bo seemed to relax instantly, and her sweat seemed to burst out suddenly, soaking her whole body.

Chai Junfeng held the prop sword in one hand and helped her up.

Chu Mei Bo stumbled for a moment, fortunately, Shen Huai came in time to take her from Chai Junfeng’s arms, but in just a few seconds, her whole face was covered with sweat, which made a mess of her makeup.

Director Gao came over and gave her the red envelope, with a complicated expression: “Little Chu, you don’t need to body double or double take. Have a good rest and redo your makeup, then we will take a few more shots.”

Chu Mei Bo nodded and her lips turned pale. After this scene she was so exhausted that she did not have the physical strength to even speak. If she had not been supported by Shen Huai, she would not have been able to stand. 

Le Jiameng ran over crying: “Sister Mei!! You’re so awesome, woohoo!”

The actors and actresses of “Tianji” also applauded Chu Mei Bo one after another, not only because of her dedication to work, but also because she had achieved the level of professional martial arts as an actor with a newcomer identity. She deserved this respect and praise.

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