My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 27 – The First Half of The Semifinals

Starting from the semifinals, China Beijing TV Station will broadcast live with Tomato Network.

“Star of Tomorrow” was originally very popular, coupled with the recent frequent hot search on Ye Cang, it attracted many viewers who usually did not watch reality shows. Especially after the scolding battle between Uncle Squid and Your Father that attracted Dean Fang. Later, many singers forwarded the Weibo, sparking a discussion in society.

As a result, the number of live viewers reached a new high in the semifinals, and even the ratings of China and Beijing TV Station soared to the top.

The semifinals were divided into two stages. In the first half, the contestants sang a repertoire of their choice, which was scored by the judges and the audience. Those with high scores have the right to choose their opponents in the second half, the winners go directly into the finals, while the losers compete for third and fourth place.

This means that if you didn’t perform well enough, you may have to sing three times.

Ye Cang drew his first appearance in the last game, which was not a good sign, but for him right now, it is just right. After all, after the first one is over. He still has enough time to rest and prepare for the next game.

Ye Cang stepped onto the stage step by step, and a sudden burst of screams broke out at the bottom, where many fans were shouting his name.

Ye Cang’s dress for this game was very simple. That is, a white shirt and jeans. Looking carefully, it was very similar to the first match, but now it is quite different from the situation at that time.

Not only did fans off the stage chant his name, but also the netizens before the TV and live broadcasting were also looking forward to the song he was going to sing.

When the light dimmed, Ye Cang held the microphone and nodded to the rear.

The broadcaster held his heart tightly and, together with staff, staring at the picture shown by the camera.

In fact, this song was not very difficult, but it is, after all, a new song, the score was written by Ye Cang and rehearsed only once, In addition, Ye Cang is still sick. it was said that before the program began, they took his body temperature, and it turned out that he still had a low fever. They were all worried that something will go wrong with the live broadcast.

— Scene —

With a gesture from Ye Cang, the guitarist plucked the strings and a note of smooth music slipped out.

The song is completely unfamiliar. The prelude has a little bit of the flavor from folk songs, slightly faint, and a little sad.

“Dying Traveller” is Li Juan’s last song in the world. He is not a man of great talent. Even the last song had no amazing melody, yet it contained strong emotions that could not be ignored.

Li Juan’s life, in fact, was like a journey, he was like a lonely traveler, he is incompatible with the world, the only thing that he can relate to it is the guitar in his hand.

Where is his destination? Maybe even he didn’t know it, or his destination was too far, or he could not reach it in his lifetime.

Loneliness, emptiness, and despair.

That’s how he felt most of time during his journey.

Nevertheless, he never regretted that he had embarked on such a journey even if he had given up his life in the end.

If it was someone else, he was afraid, they simply would not be able to understand such strong feelings.

However, Ye Cang is different. Perhaps no one in the world understands Li Juan better than him. His soul has been in this world for more than 30 years. For these 30 years, he has no way to leave his former house. No one could see him. No one could communicate with him and everything in the world had nothing to do with him.

He stayed in the world because of his strong obsession, his love of music without any impurities. Once he gave up, he would disappear from the world at any time. 

Sometimes, in extreme loneliness, Ye Cang had wavered, he didn’t even know what he was insisting on.

But if he disappeared, he could no longer sing.

No, he doesn’t want to. He hasn’t sung enough yet. He wanted to stand on stage again.

This desolation and firmness in music is his answer to the world.

Ye Cang bent down and almost roared out the lyrics.

He is the dying traveler, but he will never… never regret… never give up.

The light that emanated from him was indelible to all the sufferings in the world and made all the people on and off the stage moved.

After this performance, Ye Cang was soaked with sweat, and his whole person was as if he had been fished out of the water.

When he finished singing, not only the audience gave warm applause, but also the band behind him put down their instruments and applauded him. The guitarist even inadvertently wiped the corners of his eyes.

They are also travelers on this road. No one understands the meaning of this song better than they do. They may not be as extreme as Li Juan, but they have already realized the solitary courage of the song which will never forget, never regret.

Ye Cang held the microphone rack, constantly gasping for breath.

The host came over and asked with some concern, “Ye Cang, are you all right?”

Ye Cang straightened up, rudely wiped off the sweat from his face, and smiled lightly: “OK.”

“I heard that you were sick before the game? But you still were able to give us such a wonderful performance, which made me feel very shocked.”

Ye Cang just laughed when he heard the host ask this question. He knew what the host meant, but did not follow his words: “You said that I was sick before the game. It has nothing to do with my performance on the stage. Good is good, bad is bad. Singers on the stage are like soldiers on the battlefield, the performance on the stage is key to life and death.”

His remark was not meant to be a gimmick, but that was what he thought, and that was what he did.

The host originally felt that the man was a little ungrateful, but she could not speak when she saw the sweat all over him, and a slight tremor. She could not speak again, but she had to go on talking.

The host asked, “I haven’t heard this song before. Was it your original song?”

Ye Cang shook his head. “No, the author of this song is Li Juan. Maybe no one knows him.”

“Is he a freelance musician?” The host was curious. “Your relationship with him should be very good, you choose to sing the song of your best friend in such an important game, he should be very happy to know.”

“We’re not friends. He doesn’t know me at all.” Ye Cang said faintly. “I don’t know if he would be happy or not, because he’s no longer alive.”

There was an uproar at the scene.

Actually, the host had known the inside story for a long time, but still showed surprise and led Ye Cang tell the story behind it.

With such a tragic background story, everyone at the scene felt a little heavy.

Ye Cang slowly opened his mouth and said, “Actually, there are many people like Li Juan in this world. I can’t comment on his choice. But it’s a good song. It shouldn’t only be heard by me, nor should be left in the dust.”

Ye Cang finished, bowed to the scene and left the stage.

For them, this stage is the original dream, but also the final destination.

After leaving the stage, Ye Cang’s calm face completely disappeared. He stumbled and almost fell down. He hurried to hold the shelf beside him.

Shen Huai hurried over and helped him.

Ye Cang coughed heavily as if he wanted to cough out his lungs. He was completely trying to support himself on the stage, but as soon as he got off the stage, he could not catch his breath.

Shen Huai did not know what to say. He could only help him enter the lounge. It was dark before, now when he entered the lounge, he found that his face was like gold paper and his lips were pale. He sang this song as if he were overdrawing his vitality.

Shen Huai was somewhat helpless. After he sat down, he took the thermos and medicine. “Drink some hot water first and take the medicine.”

Ye Cang reached for it, and Shen Huai noticed that his hand was trembling. He was not good at all. It seemed his body was worse than he had imagined. When he came on stage, he tried his best to sing,  while not even bothering to save half of his physical strength. He relied entirely on willpower to support himself. It was a miracle that he could support himself all the way to the end of the performance.

Usually, Shen Huai would blame him for not caring for his physical health, but at this time, he could not say a word.

Because he knows what stage means to Ye Cang better than everyone else on the scene.

Shen Huai took the water cup to his lips and whispered, “Don’t move, take the medicine first.”

Ye Cang seldom did not talk. He drank the water obediently and rested on the reclining chair. Shen Huai took the blanket from the side and covered him. He took out his handkerchief and carefully wiped the sweat off his face.

The makeup artist stood beside him, picked up the powder puff, and finally put it down. Looking at Ye Cang who was sweating like rain, even if she does his makeup, it would be washed clean by sweat after a while.

The other players and staff did not speak, and no one really believed that Ye Cang was so seriously ill when they saw him on stage before.

The live director came over and asked Shen Huai anxiously, “Can he still hold up? There will be another game later.”

Shen Huai took a look at Ye Cang. He was already sleeping tiredly, but Shen Huai knew that he would not choose to run away at this time.

He nodded: “Yes.” He paused and said, “But please prepare a car for us to send him to the hospital as soon as the game is over.”

The director moved his lips and seemed to want to say something, but in the end, he just sighed and left.

At this time, Ye Cang’s final score has been typed on the broadcast screen in the lounge.

—— 9.2 points.

Shen Huai was a little surprised.

Several judges scored directly on the spot. In addition to Xia Fei’s score of 10, the other two judges only gave nine points, but the score of the judges only accounted for 50%. This means that the average score of the audience is at least 9 points or more. It is difficult for the public to adjust. Getting this score from so many spectators is enough to prove how well Ye Cang did in this game.

The song of this competition is actually very simple, but it is more difficult to sing well.

Ye Cang expresses Li Juan’s emotions thoroughly and vividly, which infected all the audiences off the stage, as well as those in front of the screen.

The live bullet screen was almost flooded by tears. Even if someone wanted to say something bad about Ye Cang, it would soon be submerged.

[Whoo, whine, I cried to death]

[I don’t know why, but it was hard to hear this song, and even worse to see the story behind it]

[Is it true? For the first time, I hope it’s just a story]

[My tears are worthless. Whining! ]

[So this is love? Exhausted, desperate to do something, Ye Cang can sing this song so well, he is such a person in fact]

Players who came out after Ye Cang were more or less infected, splashing the sparks of tonight’s game as the spectators shouted for joy.

But these have nothing to do with Ye Cang and Shen Huai.

Shen Huai picked up the thermometer and found that although the body temperature did not decrease, it did not rise. He was relieved.

He looked down at Ye Cang. At the moment, Ye Cang did not have the usual appearance of a fool. He frowned on his chair and his pale face made him look much more fragile.

Shen Huai pulled the sliding blanket for him, and his eyes showed a softness he himself didn’t even know.

When all the contestants finished singing, Shen Huai called Ye Cang up.

After Ye Cang slept he looked much better. Looking at Shen Huai’s gentle attitude, he blinked: “I’m going to play soon. Don’t you want to give me a lucky kiss, agent?”

Shen Huai: “…”

It seems that it’s really much better to be able to talk.

Shen Huai’s expression suddenly cooled down. That tenderness was like the remnant snow in the sun, quickly disappearing without a trace.

Ye Cang snapped, but he didn’t dare to tease him again and went to the stage obediently.

In the first half, Ye Cang scored the highest score and it was up to him to choose his opponent.

Jiang Junyan clenched his fist tightly. He was still a little self-aware. He was the weakest of the three. Ye Cang had contradictions with him. In addition, he was sick. If he wanted to win, he is the most likely to choose him.

However, Ye Cang eyes skimmed around the people but fell on Li Zihang.

The audience at the bottom realized what was happening and immediately became agitated. These were the two strongest people in the competition. Is it necessary to stage the championship and runner-up contest in advance?

The host was also very excited and turned the microphone around: “Ye Cang, do you really want to choose Li Zihang?”

Li Zihang knew his situation and smiled, “Do you really want to choose me?”

Ye Cang smiled and said, “Why not?”

Li Zihang’s eyes lit up: “Okay. But let me first say that I won’t let you go easy. If you lose, go and play the third game obediently!”

“Who wants you to go easy?” Ye Cang said with a sneer, “Who will be  playing the third game is not certain yet!”

Although the two men have not yet confronted each other, the fiery taste of medicine has already been triggered.

For the audience, this is a rare scene, after all, before these two people have never faced each other head-on.

Ye Cang or Li Zihang, who is the strongest?!

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