MAIR – Chapter 70 – one, or all?

After dinner, Nick and Ye Cang became brothers again.

The two of them hit it off, and Shen Huai didn’t know how they could communicate with each other by using “yes” and “no” because they didn’t speak the same language. It could only be said that the friendship of artists was very unpredictable.

Nick knew that Ye Cang and Shen Huai would stay in the United States for another day, so he suggested going to a bar tomorrow night. 

According to Nick, the owner of the bar was a veteran rock fan, and many bands sang in this bar before they became famous.

Hearing this, Ye Cang readily agreed.

The next day, they made an appointment with Nick and went to the bar together.

Nick didn’t have the airs of a superstar at all. He casually wore a hat and a scarf, as if he wasn’t worried about being recognized at all. 

When they entered the bar, it was relatively deserted because of the early hour. 

The owner of the bar knew that Nick was coming, so he came up to give him a hug.

Nick pointed to the boss and said, “Ye, Shen, this is Joseph, who introduced your album to me back then.” 

Joseph was a tall red-haired man. Seeing him, he enthusiastically slapped him on the back. Ye Cang felt that his lungs were about to be crushed. Seeing that Joseph was going to pat Shen Huai too, he immediately shook his hand.

Joseph: ”?”

Shen Huai had no choice but to help him out, “This is our chinese etiquette.”

Joseph: “Oh, Oh.”

Nick touched his chin and thought about what his wife said last night. 

Joseph didn’t pay attention to these things and after a while, he got excited again. “Tonight, there is a band the main singer of which happens to be an overseas chinese student. He is a fan of Ye, and he also brought the album ‘Rebirth’ for me from China before.”

Ye Cang was a little surprised. What a coincidence.

When Joseph finished speaking, he was approached by a bartender. He smiled apologetically at them and then went to deal with the matter first.

The three of them didn’t mind. They sat at the bar while they talked. Nick said a hearty hello to the bartender and ordered a glass of whisky. Ye Cang was about to order wine, but withdrew his hand when he met Shen Huai’s cold gaze.

Shen Huai hadn’t forgotten the last time he got drunk and went crazy, which was one of the most embarrassing moments in Shen Huai’s life. 

Nick’s eyes glanced over both of them and couldn’t help it, “Woo ~”

Shen Huai: “…”

After a while, Joseph brought a tall somewhat ferocious-looking young man. When he saw Ye Cang his eyes lit up and he couldn’t help but stammer. His shyness was totally inconsistent with his appearance.

Joseph gave each of them a hard pat on the back. “Don’t be nervous, Philip. Say hello to your idol.”

Ye Cang was hurt by this slap, but the chinese youth named Philip didn’t move. He scratched his head shyly and said in plain Chinese, “Hello Ye Cang, my name is Luo Zhengkai, my friends and I are your fans.”

Ye Cang greeted him with a smile. 

Luo Zhengkai then said hello to Shen Huai, but when he saw Shen Huai’s face he looked stunned.

Shen Huai had a premonition. “What’s the matter?” 

Luo Zhengkai shook his head hurriedly. “No. Nothing. Maybe I got the wrong guy.” 

According to Luo Zhengkai, he came to the United States during high school. Now he had graduated from college and was studying for a master’s degree in finance. Because he had always liked singing, he formed a band with his classmates.

When it came to music, Luo Zhengkai’s shyness was gone. He immediately talked eloquently with Ye Cang and the others. 

He was reluctant to leave until his companion came to remind him that he was going on stage. 

At this time, the bar slowly became more and more lively. Two beautiful and sexy latin beauties just entered the bar. One of them asked the bartender to order a glass of wine for Shen Huai, then winked, blew a kiss in his direction and left with her friend smiling.

Shen Huai: “…”

Joseph laughed, “Shen, it seems that you have a good chance for a sexual encounter tonight.”

Ye Cang’s face has been ugly since the latin beauty sent wine to Shen Huai. Nick seemed to realize something and winked at Joseph, “Well, in fact…”

Joseph suddenly realized something, and said to Ye Cang, “Ye, don’t worry. I’ll introduce the most beautiful girl in our bar to you later.”

Nick pressed his forehead. “No, Joseph, I wanted to tell you that they are a couple. Don’t mess around…”

Shen Huai: “We aren’t…”

When Ye Cang heard them saying something about them, he could barely understand a few words. He asked Shen Huai confused, “What are they talking about, group, couple, who is a couple with whom?”

Shen Huai: “…”

Joseph fully understood and no longer wanted to introduce them to beautiful girls. He said seriously, “I wish your love would never change.”

Hearing “you” and “love“, regardless of what the other party said, Ye Cang smiled and nodded, “Yes, yes, thank you.”

Shen Huai pressed his forehead and decided to give up the translation.

Fortunately, Nick and Joseph were no longer enthusiastic about gossip when the band came on stage, and quickly changed the topic.

First was a local punk band that played for the first time in this bar. It seemed that there were a lot of their fans at the venue, and they were very enthusiastic.

Luo Zhengkai’s band was originally going to be the second band to perform, but before they went on stage, they found out that their guitarist had eaten something wrong and had an upset stomach. When Ye Cang learned about that, he didn’t hesitate to go up.

Although it was the first time for Ye Cang to cooperate with their band, he had a very tacit understanding with them.

When they came on stage, there were many chinese students present, who supported Luo Zhengkai. At first, they didn’t respond, but in a moment someone recognized Ye Cang and they shouted excitedly, letting almost everyone know.

Ye Cang becoming popular in the United States had a different significance for these foreign students.

They also didn’t dare to disturb each other so they could only endure the excitement for the time being and take out their cell phones to film.

Luo Zhengkai sang Ye Cang’s “The World After Death”. Before Nick promoted “Rebirth”, Shen Huai posted a video of Ye Cang singing the two songs on YouTube and “The World After Death” became very popular.

It was a song that Ye Cang was familiar with, and the one he was also most adept in.

It’s just that no one expected that the fans of the previous band would suddenly turn unhappy. They called Encore but the band didn’t come back, which was also the rule of the bar. Each band had a fixed length of time and couldn’t play overtime.

All of the old guests knew these rules, but this band was new and it was also their fans’ first time coming here. They were used to the previous mode, so they were unsatisfied.

So, while Luo Zhengkai was singing, they were making a lot of noise down the stage, laughing and making strange noises.

Both Shen Huai and Nick frowned.

Joseph didn’t expect this to happen either. His face immediately sank as he took several bar bodyguards to talk with them.

Unexpectedly, an accident happened before he could step in. It seemed that some chinese students couldn’t bear it and asked them to be quiet, but the group laughed and showed them the middle finger.

Naturally, the chinese students couldn’t help it and scolded them immediately. 

No one knew which side made the first move, but someone suddenly overturned a table, and the violent noise directly scared the nearby guests into screaming.

The two groups engaged in direct combat.

The scene suddenly changed and became very chaotic.

Many people screamed and ran outside the bar, screams and sounds of beatings came from the crowd.

This side of the bar was also affected. When Ye Cang found out that something was wrong, he jumped off the stage trying to pull Shen Huai out. However, he bumped into a red eyed man that recklessly threw a wine bottle at Ye Cang.

Ye Cang turned around and dodged, but the man rushed over directly. Ye Cang didn’t hide even when he saw it. He directly picked a stick from the side and began to fight with the man.

He was not an orderly man in his previous life, and later he became specialized in fighting. After his rebirth, he changed his body, and his original reactions and strength were almost gone, but his abilities were still there. Coupled with his recent diligence in fitness, it was more or less effective. 

Seeing Ye Cang’s harmless appearance, the man thought he would be a soft persimmon. Unexpectedly, he was directly beaten to the ground and several of his companions who saw it, rushed to him shouting.

Ye Cang frowned, but his blood was boiling. He didn’t want to run, just moved his neck, weighed his stick, and hooked a finger at the person opposite him.

When the man saw this, he was about to rush over but unexpectedly his face froze. He fell straight forward, directly scaring his companion. 

Ye Cang himself was shocked, and thought he had some sort of superpowers.

But then he saw Shen Huai standing behind the man. 

Shen Huai’s face was cold, but it seemed different from before. The corners of his lips seemed to be slightly raised and this unusual smile almost changed his whole temperament.

He slowly unfastened the cufflinks of his shirt and looked coldly at the people near Ye Cang, as if he was mocking them. “One or all?” 

Ye Cang had never seen such a Shen Huai before, so he was stunned.

Those people were angered by Shen Huai’s attitude, and rushed up directly.

Shen Huai looked gentle, but his moves were very fierce. He should have been professionally trained, his movements were simple and sharp.

Ye Cang also returned to his senses and rushed to the fight to help him.

Shen Huai looked elegant, but his attacks were extremely ruthless, almost all aiming at fragile parts such as a nose, chest, throat or crotch. Ye Cang looked smart, but he was not good at being subtle. A simple twist could make people lose their ability to move, and they could only scream on the ground.

The two cooperated with each other quite tacitly, directly beating this group of people.

Both men were extremely thin and small compared to this group of tall and strong foreigners, but no one could beat them at all. Instead, they beat their opponents to the ground.

Luo Zhengkai had hidden in a corner. When he saw Shen Huai’s movements, his mouth opened wide.

“He, he is… Oh, karma!!!” 

Fortunately, Joseph’s bar was quite famous, and he had a good relationship with the police, so the police arrived quickly.

But by that time, there weren’t many people still standing in the bar.

Policeman: “Joseph, are those two Chinese making trouble?” 

Joseph: “… No, it’s the human pile lying on the ground.”

Police: “???”

But anyway, with the bar’s surveillance video, coupled with Joseph’s and Nick’s guarantee, the police believed that Shen Huai and Ye Cang did not make trouble, but acted bravely. 

While the police arrested the people, Ye Cang hurriedly leaned over Shen Huai and asked anxiously, “How is it?” Are you alright?” 

Just now he remembered someone attacking them from behind. It was Shen Huai who blocked the attack for him and he didn’t know if Shen Huai was seriously hurt.

Shen Huai slowly calmed his breath and said in a low voice, “It’s alright.”

If it wasn’t for the wrong surroundings, Ye Cang would have wanted to take his clothes off immediately to see how badly he was injured. 

Shen Huai was trying to say something.

Luo Zhengkai on one side rushed over excitedly. “I didn’t mistake you! You are Satan, right?” 

Ye Cang: “What the heck???”

Shen Huai hadn’t expected that his dark history would be exposed. He felt a sudden headache and took a deep breath. “This……”

However, Luo Zhengkai didn’t listen to what he was saying and spoke excitedly, “Well, there was an underground boxing ring in this city and at that time, a Chinese came to fight and won ten battles in a row. He was rumored to be a myth at that time. Because he didn’t say his name, everyone gave him the nickname Satan.”

“Before I liked rock and roll, Satan was always my idol. I just didn’t expect you to stop boxing and become an agent. I thought you were the wrong guy when I saw you wearing glasses and a suit.”

Ye Cang looked at Shen Huai in disbelief. “Underground ring? Illegal boxing?”

Shen Huai felt his headache growing. “Listen to my explanation.”

Ye Cang was in a trance. He felt that his three outlooks were shattered. As a man who had been fighting since childhood and was regarded as a bad boy, he had never taken part in illegal fights while Shen Huai who looked gentle and refined, led a much more exciting life than him.

He got a bit confused now. He didn’t know whether he should feel sorry for him or for himself. He deserved to be the one he likes, he really was good enough. But still he should be glad that he didn’t listen to the netizens’ tips and go straight for him. Otherwise, his grave would have been covered with grass by now.

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