My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 44 – Into The Play

At the time when the publicity photos caused a heated discussion, Chu Mei Bo had followed the crew to Shanyang Film and Television City, the largest film and television base in China, with more than a dozen scenic shooting spots and two super large modern studios.

Chu Mei Bo was shocked as soon as she saw it. She couldn’t take her eyes off everything in front of her: the ancient gate, the tall and towering buildings which once existed in the magnificent historical  cities , and the beautiful palaces once destroyed by the flames of war that have been completely restored in such a small town. 

After a long time, she slowly came back to her mind: “It’s spectacular.” 

Shen Huai could understand her mood at the moment, and he softened his voice and said: “This is just one of the scenic shooting spots, there are also palaces of other dynasties. There are also streets in the style of the Republic of China. When the shooting is over, I can accompany you to have a look.”

Chu Mei Bo sighed: “When I saw Hollywood, I thought it was the best I could imagine. I didn’t expect that one day our own country would build such a film and television city.” 

When Gu Mei became famous, she was invited to shoot a movie in the United States. She became a Hollywood star, which made a sensation in the whole country at that time. After all, China was poor then. Even in their own country, Chinese were regarded as second-class citizens.

However, when Gu Mei went to Hollywood, she was not timid, even though she was not able to speak the language proficiently and was discriminated against. She was full of spirit, her whole person was like a burning flame, and she did not lose in acting to any other movie emperor.

She had conquered Hollywood with her own strength, and injected a strong shot into the hearts of people all over China.

Shen Huai also thought of this period in history, as if he was also infected, he could not help saying: “China has not only this Film and Television City, we have others, you will see it during the filming in the future.”

“Yes!” Chu Mei Bo laughed. “This country is getting better and better.”

Her eyes turned nostalgic and with a low sigh she whispered: “With this… I will feel that what I did was worth it.”

The cast of “Tianji” held the opening ceremony. From the director to all the actors, they went to light incense in turn. Then they shot the first scene of the drama, that is, the first encounter of the male and female leads.

The first day of shooting was not heavy, most of the crew members did not know each other, and because Gao Di liked to use newcomers, most of the actors of “Tianji” were new.

Chu Mei Bo had a cold temper, and her appearance was not the most outstanding in the entertainment circle where handsome men and beautiful women gathered, so not many people came to chat her up.

She didn’t care, she was just reading the script.

According to the shooting plan, she would film her first scene tomorrow. Even if Chu Mei Bo was a calm person, she could not help feeling some ups and downs.

At this time, several people came to her and said: “Are you the one who stole the role from Sister Qingqing?”

Chu Mei Bo raised her eyebrows and looked up. They all introduced themselves before. She recognized He Fangfei, the actress who played the second daughter, as well as several other actresses on the set.

Shen Huai was about to come over to rescue Chu Mei Bo, but she stopped him.

She had seen so many of these tricks that she was not necessarily aggrieved by Liu Qingqing. They just used this to make a crack on actresses in the same group. At the beginning, in the film company, actresses did much more to compete for roles. Chu Mei Bo, as a veteran, didn’t care at all, but since she met them, she didn’t mind teaching them how to behave like human beings.

Chu Mei Bo lips curved in a smile and her body leaned back in a slow and orderly way: “Oh, do you have any advice?” 

He Fangfei froze. At this moment, it was clear that they are standing and Chu Mei Bo is sitting, but she felt that she fell short, which made her jealous: “I will tell you, in the future, you should be calm in the crew and don’t always think about the limelight, or…”

Before she finished speaking, a voice interrupted her: “What are you doing, He Fangfei? I’ll tell the director if you do that again!”

Several people looked in the direction of the voice. It was a girl in her twenties, with a baby face, smiling cheeks and two dimples. At the moment, she pretended to be berating He Fangfei ferociously, but because she was too cute and not fierce at all, she looks like a kitten with fried fur.

However, when He Fangfei saw her, her face changed, and she could not look for Chu Mei Bo to make trouble again, then she left in a hurry with the other people.

The girl snorted, then came over and asked anxiously, “Are you ok?”

Chu Mei Bo chuckled, “I’m fine.”

The girl introduced herself: “My name is Le Jiameng, a junior at Zhongjing Film Academy, and I am an actress of Junior Sister Jiang. You’re playing Kwai Ji aren’t you?”

Chu Mei Bo smiled and nodded, “My name is Chu Mei Bo. Hello.”

“Hello.” In the face of Chu Mei Bo’s smile, Le Jiameng became stunned and said in a small voice, “He Fangfei just likes to do this kind of small action, you ignore her! She just looked at your promotional photos and thought that you had a good performance and felt a sense of crisis, so she came to you to make trouble.”

It was only then that Chu Mei Bo realized that she felt the same way as Ye Cang at the bottom of her heart. 

Alas, an excellent person like me, even if she changes her body, always exudes enviable brilliance.

Shen Huai, seeing Chu Mei Bo’s expression: “…”

Le Jiameng thought she was worried, and hurriedly said, “Don’t be afraid. He Fangfei is a paper tiger. She is honest in front of the director.”

Chu Mei Bo looked at her serious expression and her smile became deeper: “Well, I’m not afraid.”

Le Jiameng who watched her carefully felt that her brain caught fire, and her whole face became red as if she was a ripe tomato, then she ran away with her face covered.

Shen Huai: “…”

At this time, he didn’t know whether he should persuade Chu Mei Bo to rein herself better or whether he should blame Le Jiameng’s bearing capacity for being too poor. 

Shen Huai rubbed his sore forehead: “He Fangfei and Liu Qingqing are artists of the same company. Liu Qingqing thought that the role of Kwai Ji was secured for her, but was stolen by you. She must have felt unreconciled. No matter for what reason He Fangfei came to cause you trouble, you will try not to have a conflict with her in the future, and leave it to me to deal with, so you will not be caught in it.”

Chu Mei Bo smiled: “I will try my best.”

“Not try, but definitely.” Shen Huai emphasized in his tone.

Chu Mei Bo raised her hand and innocently replied, “All right, I will not do it.”

Shen Huai: “…”

What? What are you not going to do?!

Shen Huai sighed for a long time, and had a feeling that after these two big personas appeared, his career seemed to have gone astray.

The shooting of “Tianji” was divided into two groups: A and B. Chu Mei Bo’s first scene was in the afternoon of the next day. It was after Kwai Ji, whose pseudonym was Zhang Wan, killed Chang Yu’s master. After the female lead found a clue, she came to confront her. However, she provoked the moody Kwai Ji and was nearly killed by her. 

Chu Mei Bo changed her costume. Although it was just a simple cloth dress, it was very beautiful on her. That harmless and pitiful temperament, no wonder Chang Yu and others would be hoodwinked at first.

The actor went through the script before the official shooting started.

He Fangfei relied on her academic background, and at first she did not pay attention to Chu Mei Bo. Who would have thought that it was just the script reading, and Chu Mei Bo already entered her role. Originally, at this early stage, Ning Shan was aggressive and Kwai Ji cleverly defended her words. However, under the suppression of Chu Mei Bo, He Fangfei stuttered her lines.

After the reading was over, He Fangfei was almost dead from anger, she thought that Chu Mei Bo was aiming at her intentionally. Otherwise, who would be so serious about the reading?

Chu Mei Bo was also very unhappy, and complained to Shen Huai: “This is a film academy student? Her attitude is just not right.”

When the shooting officially started, He Fangfei recalled the plot of the script again and settled her mind. After all, she was a professional, and soon adjusted her state.

Ning Shan discovered the truth about the murder of Chang Yu’s Master and rushed to Zhang Wan’s room in anger.

In the room, Kwai Ji was watering the flowers. When she heard the noise, she turned her face slightly. From the camera lens, you could see only half of her face. She asked softly, “Sister Ning is so angry, what happened?”

Ning Shan clenched her fist and took a step forward: “Why are you still pretending to be innocent? Did you kill immortal Master?”

It wasn’t known whether it was intended or not, but He Fangfei blocked Chu Mei Bo in front of the camera.

Director Gao in front of the monitor frowned slightly, but did not call them to stop.

In the camera lens.

Kwai Ji stood up slowly and walked towards Ning Shan.

She walked very slowly, but it seemed that every step became more oppressed. Her expression could not be seen in the camera, but He Fangfei, standing opposite her, could feel the deep indifference and sarcasm in her eyes.

He Fangfei was caught by this look and took a step back uncontrollably.

And that step made space to expose Kwai Ji’s face in the camera.

Kwai Ji smiled: “Sister Ning is joking. How can I kill when I am just a weak woman?”

Her voice pulled back some reason to He Fangfei. She didn’t expect that she would be frightened by Chu Mei Bo. Her embarrassment turned into anger and almost blinded her, which made her become aggressive: “I have found a long time ago that you are not right. The night of this accident, I happened to pass by your room. There was no one in your room. Where were you?”

Kwai Ji did not panic at all. She covered her lips and said with a smile, “Sister Ning, if I said that I was with your sweetheart to enjoy the flowers and the moon, would you be more angry?”


Ning Shan grabbed her wrist and said viciously, “I am telling you, don’t be complacent! Sooner or later, I’ll get something on you!”

Kwai Ji felt offended, and the soft smile on her face suddenly disappeared: “I hate people who touch me the most.”

Ning Shan hadn’t responded yet. The woman in front of her was suddenly tearing off her mask. Her eyelids slightly down, looking at Ning Shan, the violence in her eyes seemed to compress the air into a solid state, making people breathless.

At that moment, He Fangfei forgot that she was filming. She felt like a bug targeted by a frog. If she moved, she would be swallowed by the person in front of her.

Cold sweat fell down on her forehead and beads of sweat slowly slid across her cheek, but she didn’t dare to wipe them. She could only endure the slow and torturous process, which stretched her heart into a line.

However, in that moment, Kwai Ji suddenly reached her hand to her neck.


Something in her brain suddenly broke, and fear filled her face. 

She suddenly let go of Kwai Ji’s hand and cried out, “No! Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!”


Director Gao abruptly stopped and said with satisfaction, “OK, this scene is over, Ning Shan,  have time for rest. Kwai Ji, prepare for the next scene.” 

Chu Mei Bo took back her mood and smiled again. She went to one side and asked the makeup artist to retouch her make up for her, while Director Gao explained the key points for the next scene.

On the other hand, He Fangfei finally returned to her mind in a daze, but there was still fear lingering on her body. Only then did she realize that her back was wet, and as soon as the wind blew, she could not help but shudder. 

Director Gao came over: “Junior He, this scene performance was very good, especially the part of fear, which felt very real! Keep up your efforts!” 

He Fangfei said thank you in a trance, and it was a long time before she came back to her mind. 


She was brought into the scene by Chu Mei Bo.

He Fangfei can’t help but turn her eyes to Chu Mei Bo, who is retouching her makeup. Chu Mei Bo also just looked over and smiled at her. 

He Fangfei: “…”

She hugged her arm and ran away quickly.


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