Chapter 10 – Invincible, unable to resist

The week of turmoil passed quickly, and the crowd ushered in the second issue of the Top 10 competition of “The Star of Tomorrow”. This issue is full of gimmicks, and has occupied the hot searches for a whole week. The number of people watching this issue has increased by a lot compared with the first one.

Naturally, the contestants have made great efforts. Since Ye Cang’s strong killing last week, the trend of the competition has become more and more complicated and confusing.

Zheng Zhao and his teammate had just walked out of the studio after rehearsal when they bumped into Ye Cang and Li Zihang. They seemed to be talking about something, and they didn’t notice him at all.

Zheng Zhao’s face suddenly sank: “Wait!”

Li Zihang stopped to take a look at him. Zheng Zhao took a step forward and was ready to give them a hard word.

However, Ye Cang seemed to have heard nothing and passed him directly, only to find that Li Zihang did not follow, and then asked doubtfully, “What’s wrong?”

Li Zihang took back his eyes as if nothing had happened. “Nothing.”

The two men turned a blind eye and passed Zheng Zhao.

Zheng Zhao was mad and looked at the backs of the two people angrily.

I’ll let you be arrogant for a while, at the end of the live broadcast tonight, you will disappear from this program forever!!

To ensure the observability and excitement of the program, the rehearsals of the contestants are separate, and except for on-site staff, not even the mentors can see it.

Xia Fei has always respected the rules of the program group, but this time he was unexpectedly a little nervous. After the last game, he was very optimistic about Ye Cang, but he did not expect that Ye Cang would draw “Summer Bug”, which made Xia Fei, who originally wanted to protect this good seedling, take a firm stand.

After all, one is a rookie who has just been discovered, and the other is an idol he has worshipped for many years. There is no need to worry about who is more important.

Even so, he was a little uneasy about the game, but the rules couldn’t be broken, so he can only retreat for now and let his assistant go to the rehearsal.

Xia Fei was waiting at the hotel, and when he saw the assistant come in he hurriedly asked, “How is it?”

The assistant looked at him and said nothing.

Xia Fei could not help but be a little annoyed: “Say something!”

After following him for many years, the assistant knew that he had always been stubborn, and this time it was about his idol Lu Yang. It was a dream to let him open his net. But the assistant thought of the two shining people on the stage and hesitated again and again. “Boss, since I have been with you for so many years, without merit and hard work. Can you be gentle with this group? “

Xia Fei: “???”

Xia Fei could hardly believe his ears. The assistant had been with him for many years. He is honest, loyal and untalkative. This was the first time he had made such unreasonable demands on himself. He didn’t know what he saw before so he could react like this.

But no matter what Xia Fei asks, the assistant doesn’t say more.

Not only did Xia Fei not feel better, but he became more and more anxious about his heart and liver.

This led to his first time being so unprofessional and somewhat absent-minded throughout the game, so the players and spectators found that Mr. Xia, who had always been bitter-tongued, was unexpectedly mild this time. Even Zheng Zhao, who had made a mistake, was not severely scolded.

After Zheng Zhao made a mistake, the original heart turned cold. Who knows Xia Fei didn’t seem to see it at all, so he made a few comments and let them go down.

Zheng Zhao breathed a sigh of relief. As he stepped down from the stage, he happened to see Ye Cang and Li Zihang, who were ready to take the stage from the other side. Resentment suddenly rose in his heart. Originally, he wanted to sing well and severely suppress these two people, but didn’t think he would make such a low-level mistake.

Nevertheless, he comforted himself that Xia Fei would never give them the promotion, and he would still win!

When it was Ye Cang and Li Zihang turn to play, Xia Fei suddenly cheered up and was obviously much more focused than before. There was also a lot of talk about this scene on the bullet screen, and everyone knew that the high tide drama is coming.

[I thought teacher Xia had changed his mind, but I didn’t expect to hold back the big move here.]

[Brother Whoops and Whoops]

[Face countdown… ]

[I don’t believe Ye Cang, that spicy chicken, can make it to the top six! If he enters the top six, I’ll eat shit live!].

[Is that the brother from last time? Can you eat the shit from last time first?].

Ye Cang’s attitude was relaxed as if he did not know what kind of retreat he was about to face. On the contrary, Li Zihang was unusually nervous. He only knew this morning that Grandpa was coming to the scene, and the difficulty of “Summer Bug” made him a little nervous. He was on the stage, and his throat was a little tight.

Ye Cang remembered that Shen Huai promised to watch his game under the stage, but he could not find Shen Huai’s position at all.

Ye Cang regretfully retracted his eyes, only to notice that his teammate was in a wrong state. He bumped into Li Zihang’s arm and said, “Are you nervous?”

Li Zihang choked for a while, and the burden of idols broke out instantly. The wind was light and the clouds were light. “Who’s nervous, nothing happened.”

Ye Cang raised his eyebrows and showed an unspoken smile.

Li Zihang: “…” My teammate is both friendly and hateful!

But after all this interruption, his mood was rather strange and calm.

Li Luan frowned bitterly off the stage and complained, “If no come on stage, what are they quarreling about?”

The assistant was helpless: “Chairman, fans are like this.”

Li Luan snorted coldly, “I don’t know yet? I was…”


Before Li Luan had finished speaking, he was almost frightened by the sound of screams beside him. Only then did he find that Li Zihang and Ye Cang had come on stage, and the screams of the fans immediately raised a level.

In the scream, the two men were wearing retro striped suits, their hair pulled up their foreheads, only the top two shirt buttons unbuttoned, and their throats were visible, exuding an abstinent and sexy temperament. This is a tribute to Lu Yang’s costume in Summer Bug, which triggered a popular upsurge in China. Thirty years later, the power of the costume remains unchanged.

However, as the lights dimmed, the scene gradually became quiet.

They stood back-to-back, Li Zihang facing down the platform, and Ye Cang facing in.

As Li Zihang began to signal, a fierce drum beat suddenly appeared, and then Li Zihang played a fluent prelude with his guitar. His timbre quality was excellent, and his stage sense was strong. The first sound was impressive. In the beginning, there was a heatwave.

The adaptation was so good that even the picky Xia Fei has to admit that his eyebrows are gradually unfolding.

Li Zihang lived up to expectations, gave full play to stability, and directly pushed the atmosphere to a high tide.

Then the tune turned, Li Zihang and Ye Cang changed their position, and there was a distinct sound of exhalation at the scene.

Ye Cang combed his hair back, showing his whole forehead, and the end of his eyes seemed to be drawn by eyeliner, making the black pupils deeper and deeper. He held the microphone in one hand, and then his eyes went to the stage indifferently. Even though he has not yet opened his mouth, he has grabbed everyone’s attention.

When he sang the first lyrics, almost everyone felt a layer of goosebumps, the scene seemed to be quiet for a moment, then applause rang.

Just one sentence, judged high and low.

Xia Fei opened his eyes wide as if he did not believe what he had heard.

The reaction of Li Luan off the stage was similar to that of him. In recent years, the two people have listened to the song “Summer Bug” no less than 10,000 times and have a deep understanding of this song. Over the years, many people imitated Lu Yang, and it is not that they do not have a voice similar to him. But they are only similar in shape and look, lacking Lu Yang’s domineering spirit on the stage.

However, Ye Cang is different.

His voice is very different from Lu Yang, coupled with the change of arrangement, and it is quite different from the original song, but it reminds them of a person at the same time.

– Lu Yang.

In terms of timbre, Ye Cang is not as good as Li Zihang. In terms of strength, previous elimination competitions have proved that Li Zihang is also stronger than Ye Cang. However, in this song, Li Zihang is completely suppressed… This is not Li Zihang’s bad performance, but Ye Cang is just too strong, the strong explosive power in his singing, as well as the intensity of his heart and soul in his singing, will make his teammates particularly thin.

He was like a sudden sun, which overwhelmed the light of other stars unreasonably.

Such a person is not suitable for chorus, because as long as standing on the stage with him, no matter who can only become a foil.

However, Ye Cang’s performance is more than that.

The original “Summer Bug” is more about the darkness, temptation, and struggle in the adult world.

At this moment, however, a beam of light suddenly appeared in the boundless darkness.

Ye Cang’s high-pitched voice is clear and penetrating as if it has broken through its own voice area, but it shows no flaws and is easy to do. And then many times the sound converted true and false, but naturally melted, stable as if they were in the recording studio.

The audience was shocked. Some people even closed their mouths tightly and dared not make a sound even when they breathed. The camera swept past the judges, and the expressions of the three judges were no different from those of the audience.

Shen Huai’s eyes followed Ye Cang, and his heart seemed to have an itchy feeling as if the question he had been chasing over the years had finally been answered.

Ye Cang on the stage is completely different from usual. He is like a magnet. As long as you accidentally see him, your eyes will never be removed. People like him, who don’t seem to care much about anything, have a pious belief in the stage. He can endure thirty years of loneliness and still retains this strong and pure love. The stage naturally gives him the most powerful weapon.

Invincible, irresistible.

Xia Fei looked at Ye Cang and saw the fanaticism he had not noticed.

Such an atmosphere, such expression, for so many years, he has only seen one person.

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