My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 31 – Glasses.

After Shen Huai left the TV station, he drove to the law office.

However, as soon as he entered the law office, he saw a familiar face; a silver-haired, spiritual old man. Shen Huai walked over quickly and said, “Qi Wenyi, you are back?”

Qi Wenyi saw Shen Huai and was surprised. He came over and patted Shen Huai on the shoulder. “Just came back, I was just about to call you!”

Qi Wenyi is one of the top lawyers in China and a partner of the law firm. He has worked for his family since Shen Huai’s parents’ generation, who have been friends for decades. But now that Qi Wenyi is old and spends most of his time on vacation, he had other lawyers at the firm to serve him.

Knowing that Shen Huai had something to do with him, Qi Wenyi asked him to get busy in his office first and wait for him.

Shen Huai finished the work before he came to the door of Qi Wenyi’s office. Before he knocked at the door, Qi Wenyi’s voice came from inside: “Come in.”

When Shen Huai pushed the door, Qi Wenyi took off his old glasses and rubbed his eyes. “Old age makes even the words unclear.”

Shen Huai laughed and said, “When did you get old? I think you went scuba diving the other day, didn’t you? Even young people can’t compare with you in physical strength.”

Qi Wenyi also laughed: “You, ah, just like them, learn to flatter.” Then he asked, “How have you been lately? Still working as an agent?”

Shen Huai nodded.

Qi Wenyi smiled and said, “Well, tomorrow I’ll have someone buy a hundred and eighty copies of that album, to support your artist. I remember, he was called Bai… What was it again?”

“Bai Jiajia.” After Shen Huai finished, he said somewhat helplessly, “But we have already terminated our contract. He is not my artist now.”

Qi Wenyi wrinkled his eyebrows and said, “Has the contract been terminated again?”

Shen Huai: “… Yes.”

Qi Wenyi didn’t struggle much more: “OK, what’s your current artist’s name? I’ll support him.”

When Shen Huai suddenly decided to be an agent, many people did not understand him, but he always supported him.

Seeing that the old man really wanted to let people go out to buy it, and threatened to use it as a holiday gift for the law firm, Shen Huai smiled and shook his head. “No, he hasn’t made his debut yet.”

The old man was not happy: “Don’t take me as an old antique. I know all about it. I’ve already signed for Weibo.”

Shen Huai had to coax him again. After a while, the old man was happy again. He remembered something, opened the drawer, and took a box out. “Almost forgot, this is for you.”

Shen Huai was somewhat puzzled and picked it up, after opening it, inside lay a small medal.

Qi Wenyi sighed: “I happened to pass through your father’s alma mater this time to talk about his affairs with the principal. He also felt very sorry. This medal was won by your father in the competition. The principal asked me to give it to you. I hope you can go forward bravely without fear of hardship.”

Shen Huai watched the faded medal with delight, and the calm lake in his heart was full of waves.

Qi Wenyi looked at him, feeling a little sad.

Qi Wenyi has always been worried about Shen Huai.

He remembered that after Shen Huai’s parents plane crashed, he informed Shen Huai to return home. From the funeral to the announcement of their will, Shen Huai seemed very calm, and there was nothing unusual about the whole person. Later, he felt a little uneasy and went abroad to visit Shen Huai, only to find that there was something wrong with his state.

Shen Huai’s character was introverted and restrained from childhood. There was nothing to say, the death of his parents was a great blow to him.

He seems quite normal on weekdays, studying, investing and participating in various social activities, but in private, he began to be keen on all kinds of extreme sports, and even went to the underground black market, always wandering on the edge of danger.

Qi Wenyi has been trying to enlighten Shen Huai, afraid that he would do something stupid. Fortunately, after his return home from school, he did not know why, but he suddenly decided to become an agent.

After becoming an agent, Shen Huai finally stopped trying to die, which let Qi Wenyi breathe a sigh of relief.

Over the past few years, Qi Wenyi watched Shen Huai come out slowly, which dared him to talk about his parents in front of him.

Shen Huai regained his mind and was bumped into the worried look of the old man. He smiled. “Don’t worry about me. I’m fine.”

“I’m not worried about you.” Qi Wenyi had a hard mouth and then changed the topic. “I just wonder why you want to be an agent. Every time I ask you, you stall me.”

Shen Huai smiled and said, “I didn’t stall you, It’s just that I haven’t found the meaning of this job before.”

“What about now?”

“Now, I seem to know something about it.”

It was very late when Shen Huai returned home from the law firm. In a short time, Xue Chengge also sent back Ye Cang, who has just finished recording the program.

Ye Cang looked very angry. while Xue Chengge on one his side had a miserable expression on his face.

Shen Huai looked at the two men: “What happened?”

Xue Chengge was reluctant to speak, his eyes turned on Ye Cang, and then drew back.

Shen Huai noticed several scratches on the back of Ye Cang’s hand. Looking carefully, his clothes were wrinkled and his trouser legs were stained with grey. It didn’t look like he was recording a show in a studio. It was like he was coming back from some kind of wild survival event.

Shen Huai directly asked Ye Cang, “What’s the matter?”

Ye Cang clenched his teeth: “Xu Anqi, I am at odds with this woman!”

Shen Huai: “…”

Under the angry narration of Ye Cang, and Xue Chengge’s careful supplement, Shen Huai finally knew learned the full story.

Originally, in the beginning of recording “Happy Confrontation”, Ye Cang and Xu Anqi were performing a tit-for-tat, and in the course of the later games, they never let each other go. Ye Cang’s mouth was poisonous. Xu Anqi was not good at bearing with it, often ridiculing Ye Cang Finally, when the game was in a total mess, she left claw marks on Ye Cang hand.

Xue Chengge finished, worried about Shen Huai’s anger, and hurriedly added: “in fact, I don’t blame Brother Ye. Xu Anqi provoked Brother Ye from the beginning of the program. It was unbearable for Brother Ye, yet brother Ye was still behaving like a gentleman. He didn’t touched even Xu Anqi finger! “

Shen Huai: “…”

Shen Huai feels that since he brought Ye Cang in as his artist, his headaches have become much more frequent.

Shen Huai decided to settle accounts with Ye Cang later. He said to Xue Chengge, “Xiao Xue, you have worked hard today. Go back and rest early.”

“It was not hard work.” Xue Chengge said cheerfully, “Then I’ll go back first. Brother Ye, Brother Shen, bye bye.”

When Xue Chengge left, Shen Huai asked Ye Cang, “Isn’t it the first time you met Xu Anqi? How on earth did it end like this?”

Ye Cang: “Maybe our eight characters don’t agree with each other.”

Shen Huai: Be serious.

Ye Cang looked at Shen Huai and remembered the scene where he saw him talking to Xu Anqi in the sky garden.

Xu Anqi asked Shen Huai if they were lovers. Shen Huai denied it without even thinking about it.

Although this is true, Ye Cang’s heart stayed uncomfortable. He is not a fool, but at this time he could not guess what he thought about Shen Huai.

Ye Cang did not like to drag himself thought muddy water. He would ask directly if he wanted to know anything. However, at this moment, he couldn’t ask Shen Huai these words.

When Shen Huai saw that Ye Cang did not speak, he pressed his forehead again: “If you did it for my sake, it is not necessary, I and Xu Anqi…”

“Wait a minute.” Ye Cang nervously interrupted him. “I don’t want to hear anything about that name right now!”

Shen Huai: “…”

Seeing that Shen Huai wanted to talk, Ye Cang suddenly stood up and walked upstairs: “I’ll go back to my room first.”

Shen Huai: “Wait a minute…”

Before his words fell, Ye Cang had turned around. Shen Huai stood up just in time. His forehead and Ye Cang’s chin crashed into each other. Shen Huai’s glasses were directly hit and flew out, the two people at the same time issued a muffled hum.

They bumped too hard, Ye Cang felt a little dizzy in his head. He covered his chin and asked Shen Huai inarticulately, “How are you?? Are you alright?”

Shen Huai was extremely depressed, probably because the first meeting the two of them had was due to the fact that he hit his head on the post. He had been injured several times.

Shen Huai pressed his forehead and gave a muffled reply, “Please help me pick up my glasses.”

Ye Cang then noticed that his glasses had been knocked off. He found them by the cupboard not far away. He picked them up and walked to Shen Huai: “Here you are…”

His words suddenly got stuck.

Shen Huai frowned slightly and looked up in the direction of Ye Cang. “What’s wrong?”

Ye Cang did not move, still staring at Shen Huai.

He never thought that Shen Huai, when he took off his glasses, would be so, so…

… Lovely.

Shen Huai’s pupils are not black or brown, which are common in Asia, but a lighter amber color. Under the light, his iris shone like a broken diamond. Because of myopia, his line of sight was somewhat out of focus , and his always cool and calm face showed a bit of confusion and bewilderment.

Ye Cang’s heart began to race again, and he took a step forward as if bewitched.

Although Shen Huai could not see the expression on Ye Cang’s face clearly, he could feel the sudden sense of oppression coming from him as he stepped forward. His body unconsciously leaned back, and then he restrained himself, and somewhat unnaturally reminded Ye Cang.

“Have you found your glasses?”

Ye Cang realized what he had just wanted to do. His face suddenly turned red. He did not dare to wait any longer. He handed his glasses to Shen Huai and hurriedly ran upstairs.

When he returned to the room, he gasped for breath,  but the noisy mood in his heart could not be dispelled. He walked twice around the room like a trapped animal, and finally pulled out a blank piece of paper.

His boiling mood found somewhere to vent and the inspiration for music fell on the paper.

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