My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 33 – Original

Backstage, the two groups of singers and players who have not yet appeared, looked at each other, and saw helplessness in each other’s eyes.

Previously, when Qiu Jie and Ye Cang talked on the stage, they also discussed how to teach these two people a lesson, but now when they saw the performance of these two people, they realized that the two people were not only arrogant, but also had real strength.

On the contrary, they are now more worried about themselves, and it would be better not to be thrown off too far by these two.

Li Zihang, who was about to play, exercised and said, “I’m going to fight for it!”

“Come on!”

With the pressure from Qiu Jie and Ye Cang, the two groups who came on the stage did not dare to take it lightly. The stage performance was burning and exploding, and they gave two ultra-high-quality performances in succession.

The screams of the audience came one after another, satisfied and tangled.

These three high-quality performances made them feel refreshed, but then they fell into the difficulty of choosing. After all, they can only support one player, and choosing everyone makes them feel like they’re digging into multiple dishes of meat.

However, in the end, Ye Cang and Qiu Jie still won the first victory with an absolute advantage.

The host handed the microphone to Qiu Jie.

Qiu Jie smiled and looked at Ye Cang. “What I said has been done, the rest depends on you. Now that you said such cruel words, don’t let me down! If I don’t win with more than a hundred vote advenge, I’ll laugh at you.”

Ye Cang: “You won’t have this chance.”

The two were so indifferent, that others couldn’t watch it any longer.

Li Zihang: “You think we are already dead! —— Liu Ke, we’ll give him some colour to see later.”

Liu Kai could not laugh or cry. He had already recognized his position. It was the two gods place to fight, so he could not join in the fun.

Three contestants stepped down to prepare for the next competition.

The staff guided the three singers to take their seats at the guest table. In front of several predecessors, even the arrogant Qiu Jie shrank a lot, greeting them all one by one, and then sat down beside Tang Ruoyi.

Faced with a familiar company’s senior, Qiu Jie relaxed a lot: “Reporting to sister Ruoyi of the successful completion of the task.”

Tang Ruoyi: “Thank you, you have worked hard this time.”

Qiu Jie: “It’s not hard, it was a piece of cake.”

Tang Ruoyi listened to his boasting and laughed, “Still boasting, just on stage were you not almost suppressed?”

Qiu Jie was seen through by her, and for a moment he was embarrassed, and then muttered:”I had taken enemy lightly, but where on earth did this Ye Cang come from? He’s just too strong on stage.”

Tang Ruoyi shook her head, the performance of Ye Cang at present and in the previous knockout matches has completely changed. Can a person’s progress be so fast? Or did they never see his talent?

At that moment, Bai Lin next to her said, “Ruoyi, it was said that Ye Cang will perform his own original works, have you ever heard of them?”

Qiu Jie shook his head: “The program group hid them so well, that I didn’t get a chance to hear it.”

Several big guys looked at each other. Although they accepted the invitation of the program group for different reasons, they had to say that they were curious about Ye Cang.

Ye Cang’s previous adaptation shows his musical proficiency and aura, which is very rare in this circle. But the ability for adaptation does not mean his original works are good enough to enter their eyes.

“I hope his original work can be as good as his singing ability.” Fan Jing finally said.

The order of appearance in the second game is calculated according to the ranking of the support rate in the previous game.

Liu Ke was the first to appear, followed by Li Zihang, and finally Ye Cang.

Liu Ke’s performance was very good and Li Zihang’s performance was not bad, which can be proved by the cheers and applause of the audience on the scene.

However, for the big guys at the guest gallery, what they are most concerned about is the final appearance of Ye Cang.

—— What kind of song will he bring?

Shen Huai has also asked Ye Cang this question before.

Throughout his life, Lu Yang was called a “rock tyrant”, but he dabbled in all kinds of music styles. Even for rock songs, he wrote various themes.

Ye Cang leaned on the sofa and turned to look at Shen Huai. He gently spit out one words: “Death.”

The host read out the name of the song.

—— The World After Death.

Ye Cang has changed his clothes, he wore a long black trench coat with a black shirt and black trousers, and even the electric guitar in his hand is pure black. His hair was fixed behind his head with hair gel, and he looked as if he had come from hell.

He just stood in the middle of the stage and let the atmosphere change abruptly.

The light dimmed, as if adding a little solidity.

At this time, a string of high-pitched guitar sound rang through the entire stage, the difficulty was almost dazzling, so that the audience’s adrenaline also soared to the highest level.

But at the height of the tide, the music suddenly stopped.

The feeling that can not be vented, turned into depression, backlogging in the chest.

The stage lights suddenly turned on, but only a bunch of them fell straight on the center.

Ye Cang’s body was half in the light and half in the dark.

At this time, the band began to play, and the music, like a sharp blade, broke the gloom in the chest, but the feeling of suffocation did not disappear, and the dense drumbeat seemed to match the frequency of the heart, leaving everyone breathless.

This is when Ye Cang’s voice joined in.

A slightly rough voice pulls people directly into the abyss. The song was like some kind of magic, like roller coasters. When they reach the top, they are in close contact with death, the fear and despair clear.

What is death? What’s the world like after death?

In this world, I am afraid there is no one who had a better understanding than Ye Cang.

It was solitude and boundless darkness.

It’s like putting a man into the deep sea, and his chest is almost bursting with pressure, but because he can’t die, he can only endure the pain in vain.

Such a feeling, even if you felt it once, you will be scared, but Lu Yang endured it for more than 30 years.

Shen Huai watched Ye Cang singing on stage, and suddenly felt a little sad.

Since his resurrection, it seems that he has never said what kind of life he lived in his former residence, day after day, alone in a world where no one saw him, and how strong he was before he collapsed.

Shen Huai had never thought about these problems before, but when he heard the song, he realized.

The man on the stage is much stronger than he thought.

By the time Ye Cang finished singing, the audience at the scene took a breath, and even the audience outside the screen could hear the clear sigh. 

The guests at the guest table also breathed a sigh of relief.

Ye Hazel touched the sweat on her forehead and said with a bitter smile, “I’m afraid I’m going to have a nightmare when I go back tonight.”

Chang Min and Tang Ruoyi look at each other. They were both songwriters. This song was far more shocking to them than others.

Death is the eternal proposition in creation. The style is also different, with horror, strangeness, respect, or laughter. Some songs can even lead people to suicide, but there has never been such a song, as if people really crossed over to life after death. They saw the world after death.

Chang Min smiled reluctantly: “I almost thought he really died once, saw the world after death, in order to write such a song.”

The rest of them did not speak.  they had a vague understanding of things on the Internet, knowing that Ye Cang had experienced cyber violence before and committed suicide. Perhaps he did die once, as Chang Min said, and it was in hell that he exchanged souls with the devil to have this shocking talent.

In fact, in China, there are many people who can sing. It was not hard for them to find a better singer than Ye Cang.

But not everyone has the ability of creating original songs, let alone such excellent ability, it is not too much to say that it comes only once in ten years.

Many famous creators that have worked hard all their lives may be able to write such a song, but Ye Cang has already written it now, and he is still so young.

The director had turned the camera to the guest table, and the staff handed over the microphone. The host asked, “Seniors, after watching Ye Cang’s performance, is there anything you want to say?”

Bai Lin sighed a long sigh: “Afterlife is awesome.”

Ye Hazel took the microphone and said with a smile, “The reason why I accepted the invitation of the program group was because Qing praised you in every way. When I get back, I will tell him that you are better than what he said.”

Ye Hazel words made many viewers exclaim, this evaluation is too high.

After that, Chang Min gave a higher praise: “I have forgotten the performance of the first two contestants. Of course, this is not to say that they have not performed well. In fact, they were good enough, but it was just a superb performance. In front of such a song, they inevitably lost color. This is the unparalleled vitality of a good song.”

The microphone was finally handed to Fang Jing, who was famous for his amiability. However, his expression was very serious at the moment.

“Of course, you are very talented, and I can see your sharpness and the purity of your music, which is your greatest treasure. I hope you can maintain this sincerity to the music, this song is just the beginning, you will bring us more and better works.”

Ye Cang’s eyes swept through the faces and vaguely saw something familiar in them.

He once thought that after thirty years, the music world had been corrupted by money and impetuosity, but now in these seniors he saw that they have never lost their original love and will to pursue music.

He showed a smile: “Don’t worry, you can see it right away.”

Fang Jing: “…”

The other seniors were also speechless, young is young. Don’t dilate them with a slight sentence. Do you think good songs are Chinese cabbage?

Not to mention the few big guys, even the barrage couldn’t bear it.

[Shit, do you need to take a casual compliment seriously? Can’t you be modest?]

[Is it necessary to be modest when you have strength? Excessive modesty is hypocrisy.]

[There is no denying that Ye Cang has strength, but the song of such high quality even Fang Jing can not casually come up with two of them at the same time.]

[I also want to mock Ye Cang, but I don’t dare to think of the faces Ye Cang had slapped since entering Top Ten]

[People who have just been face slapped don’t dare to speak. They are tired]

In one word, Ye Cang went to the next stage without any suspense.

Li Zihang, on the basis of two accumulated advantages, surpassed Liu Ke and entered into the final championship and runner-up battle.

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