Chapter 22 – Too Late to Regret

Shen Huai does not know Cherry’s heart had already made a YY of him and Ye Cang, he had not been seriously injured, but the process of taking the medicine was too embarrassing. But after a morning’s rest, he calmed down and thought about the shooting task below. He was worried about what moths Ye Cang had attracted, so he went out to see.

Seeing Shen Huai downstairs, Ye Cang wanted to ask him how his injury was… Who knows Shen Huai seems to have guessed his mind, before he opened his mouth, he has glanced coldly at him and blocked Ye Cang’s words in his throat.

Cherry originally doubted the relationship between the two people, but when she saw the interaction of the two people, she became more sure of her own guess.

With Shen Huai around, Cherry finally had the courage to ask Ye Cang about the arrangement for the next game.

In a few days will be the competition day, according to her colleagues, the arrangements of the other contestants have been basically confirmed, in the remaining days they only need to make some small adjustments, but Ye Cang’s side is still stuck in the arrangement stage.

Cherry believed in the male god, but the chief director is also urging. The preview will be cut soon. It is impossible for Ye Cang to take out his kennel-like room for filming. The director might agree but Cherry would not be willing to do so.

Although in the recent period, her worship of the male god is in jeopardy, she still has to leave a pair of underwear for the male god.

Ye Cang did not know how hard his fan sister had worked to leave him a pair of underwear. However, with Shen Huai next to him, he somewhat converged a little lazy temper and put out his whole idea of arranging his music.

Cherry opened her mouth wide again.

Every time she thought she saw the limits of Ye Cang, the next time he would give her more unexpected operations.

The idea is really… Too appalling!

Cherry thought excitedly how sensational it would be when the new “Meow, Meow, Meow” appeared on stage!

Everyone said that Ye Cang was lucky and was appreciated by Yan Xiangming and Fang Zhiqing. Only in the previous matches did he perform so well. Even in “Summer Bug”, Ye Cang said in the program that it was his arrangement, and many people did not believe it, thinking that it was the work of the two great gods and that Ye Cang was lying.

But after this period of contact, especially after listening to Ye Cang’s story today, she can say with certainty that the compilation of “Summer Bug” and even the arrangement of the discredited “Mulholland Avenue” are Ye Cang’s creativity.

Ye Cang who had his original male god status jeopardized returned to no.1 in the heart of Cherry.

But Cherry didn’t forget her job. She already had an idea for cutting the trailers in her head, so she couldn’t wait to go back and practice her ideas. She had a hunch that this game would drop everyone’s jaws. In that case, Let’s start with the trailer.

Cherry returned to the TV station and plunged into the clip.

It took four or five hours to finally make the rough cut forecast, Although the latter part was not added, Cherry herself looked very satisfied.

She stretched herself and took a break.

She turned off the software, plugged in her mobile hard drive, and secretly opened a folder with a very serious name called “social core values.”, but the content inside is not so harmonious, with various photos featuring Shen Huai and Ye Cang. 

Cherry giggled as she looked. After a while, she remembered what she was doing and opened the material she shot today.

Shen Huai and Ye Cang looked at each other several times, both of them seemed to be somewhat dodgy. Ye Cang looked at Shen Huai several times and stopped talking, and Shen Huai inadvertently pressed the back waist several times.

With Cherry many years of experience, it was definitely not easy between these two people.

Wrong! It should be said that she had noticed it since she first saw her agent brother.

She opened the folder next to “Socialist Core Values”, which is called “Chinese Dream,” But when you open it, it’s full of interactive videos of Shen Huai and Ye Cang, as well as the first interview with Shen Huai.

Cherry carefully cut out today’s interactive clips and saved them in this folder. This persistent meticulousness is not even comparable to when she was cutting the trailer.

Although Cherry promised Shen Huai that she would not release his part, but he didn’t say that she wasn’t allowed to collect it.

Cherry once again admired it, then boarded her second account and issued a series of “owowowowowow”. this feeling that only one person knows the truth, is really lonely…

Shen Huai and Ye Cang did not know that they had been seen as “adulterers,” and looked blankly at the news on the computer.

Ye Cang asked Shen Huai with some uncertainty, “What did you do?”

Shen Huai shook his head and asked him, “I thought it was your old friend again?”

Do not blame the two people reacting so big, because just now, Ye Cang and “Mulholland Avenue” were on the hot search, and this time, there was another name hanging with them.

Fang Zhilan, dean of Zhongjing Conservatory of Music, executive vice president of the Chinese Music Association.

Compared with a pheasant Internet celebrity like Uncle Squid, this is a real celebrity in the music industry who has the right to speak. 

Dean Fang has been committed to popularizing unpopular music and improving the aesthetic appreciation of the audience.

He has been abroad form many years, and his horizons have broadened a lot. He knew his country had a great treasure house of music, but he is also aware of the impetuous nature of the domestic music market over the years.

Thirty years ago, in China, the music styles were blooming, and talented musicians continued to emerge. At that time, Lu Yang, with a highly recognizable music style, led to the rock craze in all of China and even caused a sensation in the West. Lu Yang’s global tour at that time triggered the local Carnival at every stop, almost becoming the spiritual idol of the whole of Asia.

But now?

Dean Fang has always been hoping to recreate the prosperity of that year, and you can imagine how angry he was when he saw Uncle Squid’s Weibo.

He was well-informed, and he knew the song “Mulholland Avenue”, so after seeing the adaptation that retained the essence of the original song, he had a pleasant surprise. 

But unexpectedly, in the twinkling of an eye, the surprise turned into anger.

Dean Fang immediately sent out a long article.

First of all, he named and criticized Uncle Squid. He pointed out that when rock and roll and soul music entered the country, they also encountered misunderstandings. A new form of music appeared, which would not be accepted by the public at first. However, as a music practitioner, they should face it with a more tolerant and supportive attitude, rather than blindly criticizing it.

He also mentioned “Mulholland Avenue” as thought-provoking and innovative. 

Finally, he praised the musical literacy of Your Father, saying that he had many similarities with himself and hoped that they would have a chance to discuss in the future.

With this seal of authority, no one dared to say that “Mulholland Avenue” was bad. The media that originally wanted to find Uncle Squid for reprint and interview was now as quiet as a chicken as if nothing had happened.

Uncle Squid trembled in front of the computer and almost fainted again.

It never occurred to him that he had been attacked by an inexplicable unknown account all night, and the next day by such an authority.

Shouldn’t this kind of authority be very busy?! Why do you care so much about online tearing!!

Uncle Squid cried painfully in his heart. If he could turn back time, he would be honest and not say a word about Ye Cang.


In addition to the repentant Uncle Squid, there is actually another person who also regrets it.

Cassie never expected such a thing, she just recently put some more effort in the newly signed artist, and Bai Jiajia could make such a big deal for her…

“Didn’t I tell you to leave him alone? Why don’t you listen to me?”

Bai Jiajia is also very aggrieved: “You said it was so difficult to go to Star Art before? Why could Ye Cang go! Not only can a contest track be recorded in Star Art, but he also has something to do with Fang Jiqing!”

“You said before I was the most important newcomer to the company, but the company has been promoting Ye Cang!”

Cassie: “Then you can make them slip some praise?!”

Seeing Bai Jiajia is not convinced, she was even angrier: “You unexpectedly still let the water army send you two quarreling things? Are you stupid? The whole company knows what happened. If someone sends out the video of that time, your image will fall into the ink and will never be white again.”

Only then Bai Jiajia realized the consequences and asked Cassie in a panic: “What are we going to do?”

Although Cassie was angry, but after all, this is her own artist and could not ignore it. She thought, “Now I can only divert the audience’s attention. I’ll buy some water army, and stir up the audience’s expectation of Ye Cang’s next scene while it’s hot…”

Although Bai Jiajia was impulsive, he was not brainless. As soon as Cassie said, he reacted, “Yes! This program group is not allowing to invite foreign aid, As far as Ye Cang’s level is concerned, the audience will be disappointed as much as they expect.”

Cassie’s face softened a lot: “You know, when Ye Cang bears the anger of the audience, you will naturally be fine.”

In fact, Cassie is not without doubt about Ye Cang’s rapid progress. However, the impression of Ye Cang’s waste firewood image was too deep-rooted. She did not believe that Ye Cang had strength at all, but attributed everything to the two great gods.

They did not expect that Ye Cang’s soul had long been replaced by a superstar who was even bigger than these two. 

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