Chapter 21 – Be Obedient And Take Off Your Clothes First

Shen Huai had a bit of headache, he found Uncle Squid, but the other party didn’t even ask about a price. He refused the request to withdraw the Weibo post.

Ye Cang relied on his strength to speak, he should not have cared about this kind of clown.

But after all, no one knew that the little newcomer is the reborn Lu Yang. People naturally believed in authority. If he let them make a stereotype of Ye Cang, even if he is strong, the road after that will not be too good.

Ye Cang’s next song is “Meow Meow Meow.“

Shen Huai’s brain flashed with several solutions, but without waiting for him to take action, he suddenly received a phone call. 

“Hello, Mr. Shen. I’m  assistant Zhou of the president of Mahayana Real Estate.  Do you still have an impression?“ Shen Huai remembered that he was Li Luan’s assistant. At that time, he wanted to dig up Ye Cang. The terms were very generous, and he did not give up after he was refused.

Later, it was not surprising, knowing the origin of the relationship between Li Luan and Lu Yang.

“Hello, Assistant Zhou.“

“I’m sorry to disturb you at this time, but, here’s the thing: our company and the Music Association have jointly launched a ’Million New Singers’ project. We are very optimistic about Ye Cang’s strength and hope to  cooperate with you.“

“Million New Singers“ is a campaign sponsored by the Music Association and Mahayana Real Estate. Selected from all the new singers of the year, the winners can get millions of new franchise fees provided by the Mahayana Real Estate.

For Shen Huai, money come secondary, but this activity was just right. With the Music Association’s official background, their affirmation can more or less offset the bad influence caused by Uncle Squid.

As they reached a preliminary intention on the phone, there was specification to wait for Ye Cang to discuss “Million New Singers” after the competition.

Hanging up the phone, Shen Huai breathed a sigh of relief.

He did not expect at this time, the software sounded the early warning bell. Shen Huai frowned when he opened hot search, and immediately became speechless.

This familiar tone and writing structure style, there’s no need to  question who it is.

Ye Cang was playing enthusiastically in his room when he heard a knock on the door. At the thought of who would knock at the door so late, Ye Cang’s blood suddenly cooled down.

He remembered the instructions of Shen Huai, and could not help feeling guilty. He wanted to pretend to be asleep, but outside the door came Shen Huai’s voice.

“Open the door. I know you’re awake.“

Ye Cang: “. . .“

He had to go ahead and open the door.

As soon as he opened the door and they looked at each other, Shen Huai asked lightly, “Don’t you want to tell me anything?“

Ye Cang pretended to be stupid: “Tell you what?“

Shen Huai took his mobile phone, and the hot search on “Your Father” was bright, and very conspicuous.

Ye Cang: “. . .“

He was still panicking inside: “AHAHA, this hot search is. . . very interesting. . . “

Shen Huai saw that he really wouldn’t shed tears until he saw the  concluding evidence. He did not beat around the bush anymore and directly asked him: “The mobile phone number registered for this account is owned by me. Do you think I  wouldn’t know it was you?“

Ye Cang: “. . .“


“You didn’t say I couldn’t use the second account,“ he argued. 

Shen Huai  pushed his glasses up: “So, are you blaming me for not making it clear in advance?“

Ye Cang seems to be able to feel the chill behind the lenses, and suddenly his desire to survive broke out and he quickly admitted his mistake. . . However, after admitting his mistake, he reluctantly muttered, “Anyway, it’s just a second account, and nobody knows. . . Why does it matter?“

Shen Huai knew the nature of “actively admitting his own mistakes and  dying without repentance.“ 

He sneered: “But other people’s second account are hidden. How can they be as high-profile as you are? The speed of powder rising this evening is faster than your  actual account!“

Ye Cang choked for a moment: “. . . I’m a brilliant person. What can I do about it?“

Shen Huai: “. . .“

He felt that he had never took over such a arrogant artist.

He decided to stop talking and kill him with one blow: “How’s your song adaptation for the next game?“

Ye Cang: “. . .“

The originally reasonable Ye Cang was like a frost-beaten eggplant.

So when Uncle Squid searched through the information, he confidently launched a long Weibo.

“@Your Father”: no more games. I’m going to write a song. By the way, @Uncle Squid, the sixth line is not what Lu Yang said. Next time, you want to pretend to be a cultured person to do your homework first.

Uncle squid almost sprayed his blood on the screen.

Netizens also added fuel to the fire:

[I deliberately checked it, It’s really not what Lu Yang said, how did Your Father know such an unpopular sentence?]

[Uncle, put your heart into it. Look, “Dad” doesn’t even play with you anymore]

[@Uncle Squid, blindness is what we expected of you]

[Let’s go. “Dad” is not playing anymore. What else is there to see?]

[Suddenly felt a little sympathy for Uncle Squid, he turned over the information for a long time, the result is still wrong. . .]

Uncle Squid drew a blank and directly fainted in front of the computer.

After being  chastised by Shen Huai, Ye Cang finally accepted his fate  of writing songs.

However, this evening was not totally fruitless. Chatting with several people in the industry has given Ye Cang a new inspiration. Since it can’t be changed directly on the original basis, it is better to come out with a big one.

So Shen Huai got up the next morning and met Ye Cang coming out of the room with red eyes.

With Ye Cang staying up so late to work, Shen Huai would not believe that he got up so early.

“You haven’t slept all night?“

Although Ye Cang stayed up all night, he was actually in a state of excitement because he had some ideas about the revision.

Regardless of Shen Huai’s frown, he pulled him directly into the room, excitedly saying, “I’m telling you, I have a new idea. . .“

Shen Huai, at this time, almost tripped over some of the clutter on the ground.

“Be careful!“

Ye Cang reacted in time and pulled the Shen Huai hard by his hand. He didn’t realize that Shen Huai was about to stand up. He was pulled by him and instead of stabilizing Shen Huai, they directly fell down.

The hodgepodge on both sides accumulated tirelessly by Ye Cang were already shaky. When the two men collided with each other, they fell down and covered them tightly.

Shen  Huai, who was protected by Ye Cang, felt nothing. Who knew that after falling, he knocked his waist. The pain made his face white instantly.

Ye Cang  knew that he has done something wrong,  ignored the pain on his body, and anxiously asked Shen Huai: “Are you all right?“

Shen Huai waved his hand and stood up slowly, but when he had pulled his wound it hurt him so much that a fine bead of sweat suddenly appeared on his forehead.

Ye Cang helped him back to his bedroom and went to find him some ointment. Fortunately, the available medicine in Shen Huai’s house was pretty good. Ye Cang took the ointment and came back to Shen Huai.

Shen Huai frowned slightly: “I’ll do it myself.“

Ye Cang raised the ointment high: “What do you want? You hurt your waist, can you rub it yourself? Be obedient and take off your clothes first.“

Shen Huai had no choice but to unbutton and take off his shirt.

To be fair, Shen Huai’s figure is not bad, his shoulders are wide and his waist is narrow, his white skin is covered with a thin layer of muscles. Beautiful butterfly bones formed a shallow depression, though he was not accustomed to being naked in front of outsiders, and his body was somewhat stiff, making the depression deeper.

The originally righteous Ye Cang suddenly got stuck.

His heart was beating violently, and a burst of numbness went straight to his forehead from the soles of his feet, and he hardly knew what he was going to do.

Shen Huai did not hear Ye Cang’s movement for a long time, and couldn’t help but move his body: “What happened?“

Ye Cang regained his mind and said in a panic, “It’s all right. I’ll apply medicine.“

His eyes slid down, and when they came into contact with the bruise at the back of Shen Huai’s waist, he immediately sobered up and threw those beautiful thoughts out of his mind.

He squeezed out ointment, rubbed it on his palm and pasted it to Shen Huai’s wound.

Shen Huai’s skin was slightly cool and suddenly came into contact with burning heat, which aroused goosebumps. This stimulation made his body tremble and he wanted to escape, but Ye Cang firmly pressed his shoulder.

“Don’t move.“

Ye Cang had no other idea at this time other than intently rubbing the bruise on Shen Huai’s waist. He had a little callus on his palm, and when he touched Shen Huai skin, it seemed to bring a feeling of tingling and itching, which almost made him groan.

Shen Huai was not able to move his shoulder, and could not move, so he could only gnash his teeth and bear it, not allowing himself to make a sound.

When Ye Cang rubbed the blood away, both of them were sweating.

Shen Huai hurriedly put on his clothes and hung his eyes without looking at Ye Cang: “Go and take a bath. The crew will be here soon.“

Ye Cang touched his nose and vaguely sensed that Shen Huai was suppressing his emotions. He did not want to die at this time and went out obediently to take a shower.


By the time Cherry came over, Ye Cang was absentmindedly eating breakfast in the living room.

Cherry greeted him vigorously: “Ye Cang is up early!“

Ye Cang was still listless: “Good morning.“

Cherry looked around and did not see Shen Huai, she curiously asked: “Where is agent Shen? Why isn’t he here? Is he not feeling well today?“

Ye Cang was a little melancholic. “He got hurt, so he’s resting in his room.“

“Hurt?!“ Cherry stared, “How did he get hurt? Where is the wound?“

Ye Cang did not want to say those humiliating things, so he just casually said: “It’s no big deal.“ I won’t talk about it again.

Cherry also not dared to ask more questions, although Ye Cang is always fooling around and seems to have a good temper, but Cherry’s animal instinct tells her that this person is not easy to mess with, and she dared not be too presumptuous in front of him.

Because the room was flooded with sundries, Ye Cang had to move his place of work to the living room. He was inspired and made rapid progress.  However, he seemed to have something on his mind and was not as focused as usual.

Cherry looked at his cold side profile, getting more and more embarrassed. She could only huddle in the corner with the big brother and let the camera work by itself.

She cried out in her heart: Agent brother, you come out quickly.

God probably heard her cry, and the door of the upstairs room was opened.

Ye Cang, who seemed to be working hard, looked at it more quickly than they did, but  hurriedly removed his gaze.

Shen Huai walked out of the room and said hello to them.

Cherry originally wanted to ask about Shen Huai’s injury, but watching him walk in an unnatural posture, as well as Ye Cang’s nervous attitude, she suddenly had a guess.

Her mouth was open in the shape of O.

Is their relationship like this?! It’s too. . . too intense!


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