Chapter 23 – Coming Up Next

Dean Fang Zhilan’s Weibo is of course not just for the sake of criticizing people, but for the purpose of curbing bad habits of today’s music circle.

Soon, many singers forwarded the Weibo, many of them were well-known creative singers, Xia Fei and Tang Ruoyi also forwarded the Weibo.

In the beginning, after Uncle Squid’s Weibo was posted, many netizens hinted that the program group had something to do with it. They were wronged, but they couldn’t say it. After all, music is still a matter of personal perception. If others don’t like it, they can’t force it.

Those who have experienced great storms and waves, don’t pay much attention to the comments on the internet, but they were also somewhat depressed.

Now that there was Dean Fang’s words, those netizens who were excited about the situation found their voice and Uncle Squid’s Weibo was captured in a twinkling of an eye.

[You got the right name, splashing all kinds of black water!]

[@Uncle Squid, apologize!!! ]

[How many talented musicians have been killed because of people like you! ]

Uncle Squid pretended to be dead.

Netizens flocked to Ye Cang’s Weibo to comfort him, and many other people went to listen to Mullholand Avenue.

Netizens have no prejudice to these song, but they do have a lot of fun.

Especially in the middle of the song, Ye Cang melted the scene of a Hollywood film named “The Past of the United States.”

This movie is about the golden age of Hollywood, in the most classic scene, there is beautiful and affectionate actress looking back with a smile, skirt slightly raised, behind her is Hollywood. Lots of people remember this movie.

And this arrangement is full of new ideas and surprises, so many people who like to watch Hollywood movies of the last century have shown a heartfelt smile.

There is more than one of such surprises.

This song is not so much about Hollywood but a tribute to the era when music flourished in the last century.

Because of this song, the old people recalled, the young people become curious, the old song broadcasting volume increased sharply, setting off a retro craze in China.

Ye Cang, as the source of this craze, has been very low-key recently. Besides the necessary forwarding, he kept silent.

His fan base is also polarized. On one hand, they had unlimited confidence in him, even if they know that his next song is a vulgar network song, They also believe that Ye Cang can sing it with different flavor; on the other hand, they worried a lot. After all, before the Top Ten, Ye Cang mostly sang these types of song, and now there is no Big God to help him adapt. Who knows whether or not he will return to this habit?

“Star of Tomorrow” issued the five-in-four broadcast. The program group gave each contestant a personal trailer. 

The other contestants had a normal trailer style, but Ye Cang’s trailer style suddenly changed.

First, the routine interview, with Ye Cang’s familiar poisonous tongue, the director almost couldn’t ask any questions, directly and indifferently moving the camera: “Okay, we will go straight into the rehearsal scene. —Personally, I’m looking forward to the clip of Ye Cang’s “Meow, Meow, Meow.”

From outside the camera, come Ye Cang’s voice: “That’s embarrassing. I may fail to live up to your expectations.”

Then, instead of turning to a rehearsal scene, the camera turned to a living room where Ye Cang sat idly on the sofa with a computer in front of him and a guitar in his hand.

Outside the camera comes the voice of the director Cherry, full of shock and incredible: “Really… Should it really be adapted like this?”

Ye Cang nodded: “Yes.”

Then the camera turned again, and this time it really entered the rehearsal scene, but there were no clips of Ye Cang’s rehearsal. Instead, they were interviewing the live band and the harmony team and asking them what they thought of the song. 

Keyboard: “This one is too big…”

Guitar: “I think he’s trying to kill me…”

Sound: “Don’t ask us, we’re autistic…”

Then, the camera turned to Ye Cang.

Cherry asked, “What is the difficulty of adapting this song?”

Ye Cang lightly: “Oh, maybe it is a higher demand for the live band.”

Finally, the camera was directed at Yu Ke the unlovable music director. He is an excellent musician who had experienced all kinds of big music reality shows and had seen all kinds of storms, he said two words to the camera.

“Piss off!”

The announcement came to an abrupt end, and the audience laughed, the video having aroused endless curiosity. Looking at the meaning of this trailer, Ye Cang will make a world-shaking adaptation, and the song after adaptation is extremely difficult, even Yu Ke, who has always been good-tempered, cursed people.

[Why? Why there are still three more days? I want to watch the game now!!! _________________ ]

[Mr. Yu just sent a Weibo with a night picture of 3.00 in the morning].

[My heart aches for Boss, my heart aches for the band, but I’m still hahahaha]

[I think you’re trying to embarrass me with Niu Colu Ko.jpg]

[Yu Ke: Piss off. jpg]

[Is he trying to make me laugh to death so that he can inherit my flower? ]

Netizens were laughing underneath and Cassie who was supposed to buy a black water army hesitated.

Bai Jiajia gritted his teeth and persuaded Cassie: “The program team did not dare to release clips of his live rehearsal, there must be a problem, so they release such unclear interview fragments.”

Cassie thought it was the same. In the end, if Ye Cang sang poorly the prophecy would be plausible. Besides, the deposit has been given, and even if they give up now, they can’t get it back.

More importantly, the video of Bai Jiajia and Ye Cang arguing in the company was already put on the Internet. Now many people have begun to mock Bai Jiajia, who is about to enter an important stage of releasing the new album. It must not happen at this time.

Cassie agreed, and the water army immediately began to move.

The direction of the wind on the Internet suddenly changed and they began to praise Ye Cang uncontrollably, to the point that even useless things were mysteriously used to create hype for Ye Cang. Especially before the next match started, they had already blown the matter up, saying that Ye Cang could win the championship and belittle other players.

Some younger, radical fans did not feel any problem, just became more and more enthusiastic under their leadership. Reasonable fans, aware of the problems, began to dissuade it under Weibo.

Yet others reacted faster than they did. 

Ye Cang Fan Support Association issued an announcement for the first time. At the same time, several pictures were posted below, to which the so-called “Ye Cang Fan” jumped the most. They paid close attention to Ye Cang very recently. There is no information about Ye Cang on their Weibo. Their identity is self-evident.

Fans suddenly realized they were played and they had rushed up and scolded the water army half to death.

Nevertheless, there was still some impact. Some passersby’s perceptions of Ye Cang have become very bad. Beginning with the warning, they have continuously raised the expectations for the public competition.

If Ye Cang can perform well, naturally there is nothing to say, but if Ye Cang’s performance is a little worse, the rebound will become more dramatic.

Shen Huai had guessed the people behind this action, Bai Jiajia and Cassie, and his heart was angry, but he also knows that what is most important is Ye Cang’s next game. At present he only issued an announcement, the rest needed to wait until the end of the game.

Ye Cang turned his head and saw his agent’s face full of doubts. He didn’t know what to think.

He went straight ahead and put his arm on Shen Huai’s shoulder. Shen Huai regained his mind, but he was powerless to complain about his behavior. 

Ye Cang laughed and said, “Okay, how big is it? For you to put a sad face every day?”

“You don’t understand the importance of public opinion for artists right now. They’re trying to destroy you…” 

“Am I something they can destroy if they want to?” Ye Cang didn’t care. “Music still depends on strength to speak. No one will buy songs due to an artist’s good reputation.”

Shen Huai and Ye Cang have different perspectives and he does not intend to refute him. Just as he was about to end this topic, Ye Cang is relentlessly entangled with them again: “If you think about it, these people are also helping us to publicize when the result of the competition comes out, they steal rice only to lose a chicken, isn’t it funny?”

Shen Huai: “…”

Shen Huai felt that he had been damaged by Ye Cang. He thought about it, and… It was really funny.

Ye Cang saw the smile on Shen Huai’s face and felt his rapid heartbeat came out again. He seemed to be tempted to come over, but was found out by Shen Huai and blocked by his hand in time.

“What are you doing?”

Ye Cang was shocked when he realized what he wanted to do. However, when he saw Shen Huai’s cold face again, he said, “Agent, laugh again.”

Shen Huai frowned: “What did you say?”

Ye Cang had already said such shameful words, so he became more and more shameless: “Your smile is so good looking, why do you always keep a straight face? Think of this as welfare. If I do well this time, would you please show me a smile?”

Shen Huai: “…”

He pulled Ye Cang’s claws off his shoulders and turned away indifferently.

Ye Cang hurriedly pursued: “Don’t be angry! If you don’t smile, I’ll give you a smile!” 

Shen Huai: “… Did you take the wrong medicine today?”

Ye Cang: “Did you just laugh? You must be smiling. Oh, don’t go!”

Shen Huai: “…”

In any case, under the expectation of netizens, the “Star of Tomorrow” five into four competition has finally begun. 

Even the directing team did not expect that the top 10 competition will become hotter and hotter one after another. By this time, the auditorium has been surrounded by fans, and the number of online live viewers has reached a new peak.

On the spot, the director shouted, “Five, four, three, two, one, the program begins.”

The top five players went on stage together.

After the opening performance, it was an exciting showdown.

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