Chapter 19 – Punishment.

Zhang Li acted quickly. After leaving the cafe, she quickly sent someone to look it up.

She was originally from the Beijing TV station, after a few phone calls, she knew the truth. A pair of beautiful eyes almost spewed out fire.

Unlike Wu Jianguo, who is a sloppy administrative leader, Zhang Li fought at the TV station with her real talent and knowledge.

This is the first show she has produced since she left the TV station. The answer sheet is very important to her. Expect Zhang Li, no one knows how much effort she has paid for this. Almost every task has to be done by her. Otherwise, Ye Cang and Jiang Junyan’s conflict would not have been dealt with by her personally. 

People like Wu Jianguo, to put it bluntly, just came over to take part in the credit. They don’t do anything wrong, they just put on the posture of leadership all day long. But they dared to make small moves in private, almost ruining the reputation of the program group.

However, when the final result came out, the staff member who changed the program was directly expelled. Wu Jianguo was only transferred from the program group of “Star of Tomorrow”. As long as this matter passed, it would not impact him.

Zhang Li’s anger did not go away, and she hated Wu Jianguo more and more. At the same time, she also felt some guilt about Shen Huai. She called Shen Huai as soon as the result comes out.

“It’s not that I don’t want to punish the perpetrators, but there’s nothing I can do about the situation. I hope Mr. Shen will understand.”

Shen Huai said understanding: “I understand, Producent Zhang has tried her best, This is the end of the matter, you can rest assured.”

When she heard Shen Huai say this, Zhang Li’s heart calmed down. She had a trace of resentment against Shen Huai, and at this time she was completely grateful.

Shen Huai hung up the phone, but the expression on his face was completely contrary to the warmth of his voice.

At that time, he did not want to lose both sides with the program group. On the one hand, Zhang Li was deeply connected in the TV circle. For such a person, it is better to take a person in consideration than to offend her.

On the other hand, it is far more appropriate for Zhang Li to deal with this matter than to do it himself. As long as the person behind the scenes is punished, when it will be over, he will not cling to it.

But now that Wu Jianguo escaped punishment, don’t blame him for intervening.

The faint moonlight fell into the room through the gap in the curtains. Shen Huai leaned against the bed, and the light of the mobile phone reflected on his face, and it revealed a little bit of shadow.

He dialed a number and gave a faint order.

“Don’t let Wu Jianguo appear on Zhongjing TV again.”

Wu Jianguo was very proud recently. Originally, because Zhang Li pulled him out of the “Star of tomorrow” program group, he lost face, but because he firmly clung to the director’s thighs and gave a lot of gifts, not only was he not punished, he also got a chance to get a promotion because of this misfortune.

However, when he happily got the transfer order, his whole person was confused. He looked at his immediate superior and stammered, “Chief, this… Are you mistaken? How can you transfer me to Qingzhou??”

The director smiled and said, “No mistake, it’s you. This is the station that has just been decided.”

Wu Jianguo was anxious: “Chief, didn’t you agree to let me be…”

The director interrupted him: “Xiao Wu, Qingzhou TV station is our brother TV station, the station also attaches importance to you, they especially recommended you in the past, go is the deputy director, this is a good thing for promotion.”

This is not a good thing, Qingzhou is ghost place, Even if the director is not comparable to his current director, it is simply a dark rise.

Wu Jianguo wept and mourned: “Taiwan… Chief, there must be something wrong with this. I have always been loyal to you. You must help me!”

“it’s not that I don’t want to help you, Xiao Wu, but there’s nothing I can do about it, even if I want to. It’s already been decided.”

The director patted him on the shoulder and said, “You’ve been in company for so many years. How did Zhou Tai get down before, remember?”

Wu Jianguo’s heart thumped.

Zhou Tai went down two years ago, At that time there was the uproar, it was said that he is offended what big shot, is it?

“But, Chief, I’ve been keeping myself safe lately, and I haven’t offended anyone.”

The director saw his confused face. Obviously, he really didn’t know the reason. He said, “You don’t, but what about your family? I’ve heard that you and your nephew have great prestige in the program.”

Wu Jianguo immediately started to feel foolish, and only then realized that the root of the matter was helping his nephew cheat.

Wu Jianguo was anxious: “Director, I am wrong. I will take the little bastard with me to admit my mistake to the other side! For the sake of my years of hard work, please say a few words for me.”

The director shook his head: “It is too late, it is said that the other party just intended to teach you a lesson before, if you accepted punishment, the most would be a pay cut and dropping the project. It would be all right when the show is over. But on your side, alas…”

After listening to this, Wu Jianguo was so sorry that he felt like vomiting blood. 

This sentence also broke his last trace of luck, he could hardly stand, he lost his soul and left the TV station in despair.

When Zheng Zhao got the news and hurried to his uncle’s house, there was already chaos in it. His aunt sat in the bedroom crying and screaming: “I won’t go to Qingzhou, nor will I die!”

Wu Jianguo sat on the sofa smoking, and all of a sudden his whole person seemed to be older by ten years. 

Zheng Zhao came in and asked, “Uncle… Uncle, what’s going on?”

Hearing his voice, Wu Jianguo suddenly raised his head. His eyes were covered with red blood, and he rushed over and slapped Zheng Zhao on the face: “Don’t you dare ask what’s wrong!”

Zheng Zhao was slapped in the face, and after several times in a row, he woke up and ran outside the door, shouting: “Uncle, you hit the wrong person! I’m Zheng Zhao!”

Wu Jianguo gnashed his teeth and said, “Bah! That’s you, you son of a bitch!”

When he thought of the director’s words, his remorse almost drowned his whole person.

But a man like him would never look for a reason in himself, and immediately blamed it all on his nephew Zheng Zhao.

Wu Jianguo hated and angered, told the whole story and said, “If it wasn’t for you, how could I offend such a big shot?”

Zheng Zhao couldn’t believe it: “What are you talking about, uncle? How could Ye Cang have such a big background!”

Wu Jianguo stared at him with red eyes: “I warned you, don’t do any tricks! You made me like this, don’t think I won’t take care of you in the future!”


Before Wu Jianguo finished speaking, his wife could not help it.

Once upon a time, she was nice, smart and sensible, and also took good care of him, but now because he caused their family to move to such a hellhole in Qingzhou, the more she thought about it, the more she hated him. She rushed over and grabbed hair directly on Zheng Zhao’s head.

“You bastard! Our family is bloody and broken down because we have you as our relative!”

Zheng Zhao could not escape his face suddenly been pulled by two long cuts.

Seeing that his aunt was like a mad man, and still wanted to catch him, Zheng Zhao ran away in fear.

Zheng Zhao ran all the way home, and his head was still a bit muddled.

His uncle’s words crossed his mind over and over again, but he didn’t want to believe it at all.

Just then, his cell phone rang and he connected, and the other party was the director of a TV show.

“Sorry, Xiao Zheng, there’s something wrong with our schedule. You don’t have to come and record the show the day after tomorrow.”

Zheng Zhao hung up the phone angrily.

These snobs, as soon as something happened to his uncle, they came from the bottom of the well, who said he wanted to star in their stupid show?!

After a while, the mobile phone rang again, Zheng Zhao answered impatiently, unexpectedly it was the advertisement that he talked about before.

The other side has business relations with the TV station, originally to give a face to Wu Jianguo they let Zheng Zhao appear, now after the Wu Jianguo accident, they naturally replaced Zheng Zhao immediately.

Then came Zheng Zhao’s agency, where all the performances he had talked about were gone.

Listening to the agent’s sharp questioning, Zheng Zhao panicked.

Before he could figure out what to do, the door of the house was suddenly opened and his mother ran in crying.

Zheng Zhao had a bad feeling in his heart. He quickly hung up the phone and asked his mother, “Mom, what wrong?”

Mother Zheng covered her face and said, “I was fired from the TV station!”

Zheng’s mother, because of Wu Jianguo’s relationship in Beijing TV station worked as a temporary worker, she usually relied on her brother’s swagger, now after Wu Jianguo accident, she did not have a backer and naturally was fired.

Zheng Zhao let go of her hand and slumped down on the sofa.

It’s over. It’s all over.

He repented, if only he hadn’t had trouble with Ye Cang at that time, if he had scored safely, all this would not have happened…

Unfortunately, it was too late.

After Shen Huai made the phone call, he left Wu Jianguo behind and devoted himself to handling Ye Cang’s affairs.

Ye Cang is like a hot search manufacturing machine, which makes Shen Huai feel very helpless.

The hot search between Ye Cang and Jiang Junyan has not yet gone down, and the topic of # Ye Cang meowing # has rushed up again, and everyone is looking forward to how he will perform this song.

Both of these hot searches are in Shen Huai’s plan, and he has already done a good job of coping with them.

But in the evening, the software on his computer suddenly issued an early warning sound, and several red messages jumped out.

Well-known music blogger Uncle Squid sent a long Weibo blasting Ye Cang, and soon after it rushed to the hot search.

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