Chapter 18 – Close to You

Shen Huai went back to his room, then took out his cell phone and made a phone call.

He went straight to Zhang Li, the producer of the show, and they made an appointment at a cafe.

Shen Huai went out early, but did not expect that by the time he arrived, Zhang Li would already be there, which shows the degree of importance she attaches to this matter.

Shen Huai’s heart was clear, and there was no-nonsense. After a few simple pleasantries, he showed the video to Zhang Li.

Zhang Li got the phone call at first, Now that the evidence is clearly in front of her, she can no longer deceive herself or others.

Her face turned ugly.

Shen Huai saw this situation, and said: “I know this is not the original intention of production, the program team has always maintained a fair and just position as far as possible, which we saw with our eyes.”

His words made Zhang Li’s face look much better.

Originally Zhang Li was a little angry, but now she calmed down and understand that her anger at Shen Huai is not justified.

After thinking about it, Zhang Li’s savvy, which belonged to a strong woman, also came back.

“Mr. Shen, it is because our program group is not strictly managed. I apologize to you and Ye Cang.”

Shen Huai smiled and accepted her apology.

Zhang Li did not ask Shen Huai where this thing came from, nor did she ask Shen Huai to promise not to leak it out.

They are both smart people, so once they began to exchange terms… 

Shen Huai did not leave a big opening for the lion, and Zhang Li naturally returned the favor.

They talked very happily. Zhang Li not only agreed to Shen Huai’s request but even revealed a lot of news in the industry.

So after coffee was drunk, Shen Huai not only achieved his goal, but also got Zhang Li’s goodwill, and even eliminated Zhang Li’s prejudice against Ye Cang.

Shen Huai was so familiar with such a thing that he did not care. He looked at his watch and it was almost lunchtime.

Since the last time Shen Huai went out for dinner with his friend and came back to see Ye Cang, who had skipped eating two meals and was looking for food, he would try his best to rush back before dinner and make someone eat.

Besides, the crew is also here today.

As long as Ye Cang enters the working mode, he is as cold as if he was a different person. Shen Huai was also worried about the contradiction between the two parties.

When Shen Huai got home, he saw Cherry and the other people sitting humbly in the living room. Seeing him back was like seeing a savior.

It turned out that soon after Shen Huai went out, they came to the door.

Ye Cang has not begun to work yet, his temper was still good. Although he was usually sulking, Cherry had taken a lot of interesting pictures.

When Ye Cang returned to work, everything changed.

Ye Cang told Cherry in advance that he didn’t like to be disturbed when he was working. Cherry agreed, thinking that there would be no problem shooting just outside the door.

Who knows, when she and the photography elder brother walked lightly to the door of Ye Cang’s room.

Ye Cang seemed to feel something, turned his head and gave them a cold look.

At this moment, the two people outside the door felt the chill from hell at the same time.

They went downstairs in silence and then sat honestly in the living room until Shen Huai came back.

Shen Huai could not laugh or cry. Ye Cang did not like others to disturb him while he was working, but he is not so exaggerated.

Cherry: “I’m not exaggerating! Agent brother, that moments Ye Cang was scary! I almost called for my mother. “

Shen Huai: “…”

Just as Auntie made a meal, Shen Huai let Cherry eat first, and then went upstairs to call Ye Cang.

Cherry could not resist her curiosity and secretly followed him.

Shen Huai knocked on the door, and then pushed the door to go in, Ye Cang turned back, the original expression cold, seeing him, immediately blossomed.

“Agent, you’re back!” Ye Cang stretched out and stood up. “Oh, I’m starving!”

Shen Huai: “If you are hungry, hurry up and come down for dinner.”

Peeking Cherry: “…”

This is an obvious difference in treatment, Cherry really felt the malice of the world!

I didn’t expect you to be such a male god!

While eating, Cherry was wilting until Ye Cang, persuaded by Shen Huai, allowed them to film his daily work in the afternoon.

After dinner, while the photography eldest brother set up the equipment, Shen Huai rolled up his sleeves and cleaned up Ye Cang’s room a little bit, to resemble a clean place.

Cherry watched silently.

This kind of appearance of cold abstinence, but the gentle family man, Cherry feels that her love for male God is becoming less and less firm.

Just then, Cherry saw a shadow in front of her eyes.

Ye Cang hugged her arm and blocked her eyes from looking at Shen Huai. “I am ready, I can start at any time.”

His voice was a little cold, and Cherry trembled. “…Okay, okay.”

In this issue, Ye Cang is going to sing the network divine song “Meow, Meow, Meow”.  although he was sure in front of Shen Huai when he started to adapt, it was still very painful.

This song has a simple melody and is a typical viral music. There was not much room for adaptation at all. He had no chance to use his talent, and he was going to drive himself crazy.

He looked intently at the computer, dragged the meow meow over and over, writing something on paper from time to time, or using a guitar to sound a short passage.

He had complained about this song in front of Shen Huai, but when he got into work, he seemed to have abandoned all personal feelings.

Professional enough, charming enough.

Cherry seemed to see his soul burning in concentration, which made people unconsciously stare in awe at him.

They finished filming the material in silence, not daring to disturb him again, and went downstairs quietly.

Shen Huai called them for afternoon tea. He was surprised to see them come downstairs so quickly but did not ask. “You have worked hard,” he said. “Come and have a drink first.”

Cherry suddenly had an idea and asked Shen Huai, “Brother Agent, can I ask you some questions?”

Shen Huai was stunned. He didn’t know how this thing had gotten to him.

Cherry worried that he would disagree. “We have a shooting assignment every day,” Cherry said. “If we don’t get enough material, we can’t go back.”

Shen Huai has never been good at dealing with this kind of thing and only agreed to it after Cherry repeatedly assured him that the interview would not appear on the show.

Cherry hurriedly let the photography elder brother adjust the position of the camera, and did not allow Shen Huai to back out.

Good follow-up unexpectedly turned into an interview, Shen Huai was somewhat helpless.

Cherry: “I heard that you signed with Ye Cang after the top ten?”

Shen Huai: “Yes.”

Cherry: “Why did you choose to sign a contract with him?” After all, Ye Cang did not perform well in the previous elimination competitions.

Shen Huai knew what she meant, but it was impossible, to tell the truth at a time like this.

“I believed in his potential,” he said half-truthfully. 


“He is not lacking in talent, focus or hard work.”

Shen Huai remembered that every time he passed Ye Cang’s room, he could see him writing lyrics and music. He had clearly been able to lie down with his merit book for a lifetime, just like he had sung “Summer Bug” before, but he still chose to challenge himself.

Others think it is thankless for him to sing “Mulholland Avenue”, but in Shen Huai’s view, this is his charm.

Shen Huai lip corner slightly curved: “Although he is not famous now, I believe that there will be a place for him in music history in the future.”

Ye Cang just finished writing a short paragraph, ready to come out to get some air, just out of the door, he heard this sentence from Shen Huai.

He stood still.

Shen Huai has always been indifferent. Only by teasing and persecuting, he could get a compliment or two from his mouth. He didn’t expect him to evaluate him so highly in private.

Ye Cang could not say what he felt in his heart.

He likes music and is willing to pay for it. He never cares what others say about it, but after hearing Shen Huai say it… 

He suddenly felt his heart beating a little faster and his cheeks becoming hot.

He did not want to disturb them, so he silently returned to his room.

It was just that after he started working again, the music that had annoyed him before seemed to sound good.

In the evening, Cherry and others were embarrassed to continue interrupting and left early.

Shen Huai and Ye Cang sat opposite each other at the table to eat. He found that Ye Cang seemed to be a little absent-minded. He thought that there was difficulty in adapting, so he did not ask.

Who knew that after dinner, Ye Cang did not go upstairs to continue to work, but followed him, and stopped talking.

Shen Huai: “Is there something?”

Ye Cang muttered a word in a low voice.

Shen Huai: “What did you say?”

Ye Cang has already spoken, so he was not ashamed. “I said thank you!” he shouted.

Shen Huai froze: “Hello, why did you say thank you to me?”

Ye Cang naturally could not say that it was because of Shen Huai’s words in the afternoon, he coughed: “Well, you have been taking care of me these days. It is also right to say thank you.”

This kind of grateful and polite behavior is simply not in line with his character.

Shen Huai was puzzled in his heart and was about to ask him what had happened when suddenly his phone rang and it was showing Zhang Li’s.

Shen Huai was a little surprised.

A strong woman like Zhang Li is straightforward and acts harshly, but inevitably she is also somewhat headstrong. Before, she didn’t seem to care about it on the surface, but not in her heart.

Even if she found out the truth, with her character, she would not call him so soon.


The identity of the other party is not low, and even Zhang Li can’t help him.

Shen Huai flashed through the information very quickly in his head, and then connected the phone.

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