Chapter 20 – Your Father is Still Your Father

Uncle squid is a well-known music blogger on Weibo, famous for complaining about popular music variety shows. He has a sharp tongue and no mercy for the artist. It was is in line with the preferences of netizens so he has become an online celebrity.

After “Star of Tomorrow” began to broadcast, he naturally would not let go of such a big and popular program. All the players in it were chewed and spit out, and even Li Zihang was not exempt from this. Among them, Ye Cang was the one chewed the most.

Originally, at the beginning of the top ten, he rolled up his sleeves and was ready to take good care of Ye Cang. However, after the ending of two games, he still did not find a place to complain.

The first game has the original singer Fan Jing, the second game has the Lu Yang brain disabled fan Xia Fei to support him. If he spits, he would be laughed at by netizens in a blink of an eye.

It was not easy to wait until the third scene.

Originally, Uncle squid also had some scruples about the arrangement of Yan Xiangming and Fang Zhiqing, but who knew that Ye Cang sang so unintelligible in the program. After the program was broadcast, a large number of viewers could not understand it, not to mention that Ye Cang argued with Jiang Junyan after the match. Causing a wave of bad feelings.

This is a rare hot spot!

Uncle squid concocted an article overnight, analyzing “Mulholland Avenue” from a musical point of view. He criticized the song as useless, saying that Ye Cang had no musical aesthetics, and even vaguely saying that Fang Zhiqing and Yan Xiangming had abandoned their professional ethics for the sake of money. Even if this kind of song can be accepted, it is simply not as good as the network divine song.

Later, it was from Ye Cang to today’s music scene, a gesture of worrying about the country and the people, as if Ye Cang sang this song, Chinese music will go backward for decades.

Now that traffic is in charge, the fan economy is popular and many netizens are suffering from it. They sympathize with his article, and the Squid Uncle is good at sensationalizing, so after the article came out it got a large number of supporters.

[Uncle is right. I resent this untalented little fresh meat who only has a good face]

[Supporting uncle! Uncle is really worried about the development of music]

[I want to puke when I think I’ll have to listen to this stupid song in the future]

At the same time, Ye Cang’s predecessor Bai Jiajia complimented this Weibo.

Bai Jjajia made his debut year ago and performed well. Not long ago, he won the Golden Melody Award for the best newcomer and has always been regarded as a rare power in the new generation.

That’s a bit subtle.

At the same time, people broke out that Ye Cang and Bai Jiajia quarreled the company, almost settling down Ye Cang’s “arrogant and domineering” charges.

Netizens were in a state of excitement, and the comments under Ye Cang’s Weibo are simply unsightly.

Shen Huai frowned tightly and his heart was very angry. He was ready to return to comfort Ye Cang.

Ye Cang has already opened his mouth with a cold hum: “It’s all bullshit!”

Shen Huai: “…”

He forgot that his artist was not a fuel-efficient lamp.

Shen Huai pressed his sore forehead: “Don’t argue with him, you will only make him more excited.”

Ye Cang: “I know.”

Shen Huai showed an expression of mistrust on his face, seeing his rolled-up sleeves ready to play appearance.

Finally, Shen Huai can only temporarily withdraw, and let him go back to rest.

Ye Cang returned to his room. Of course, he could not listen to Shen Hui and have a good rest.

He was so angry and can’t vent!

Of course, he was not angry because he was scolded. This kind of verbal violence was just a drizzle to him.

However, this Squid Uncle secretly changed the concept, repeatedly starting from music, in fact, it was only for personal gain, or to catch people’s attention. By criticizing this song, he attacked Ye Cang.

This makes Ye Cang very upset.

Who can’t criticize?! Many of his friends were music critics. When he played this game with them, he was not born yet!

Ye Cang wanted to teach the other side a lesson, but his Weibo was taken away by Shen Huai. He hugged his arm and suddenly his eyes lit up.

Right ah, he can register another account ah!

Just do it.

Ye Cang immediately registered account, proudly called Your Father, and then rubbed his hands to write a small paper, which soon was posted under Uncle Squid’s Weibo.

Listen to the Wind is a college student in the music department of the Art Institute. He has a bit of talent, but he doesn’t work hard. He skips classes and plays games every day.

After “Star of Tomorrow” caught fire, he also looked at it a few times, but scoffed at it, thinking that the songs sung by these contestants were all the same and meaningless.

Until he heard the song “Mulholland Avenue”, his whole person seemed to have been overthrown.

– It turns out that songs can still be played like this?!

After the game, he excitedly searched the Internet for news related to “Mulholland Avenue,” The intention was to find a like-minded friend. Who knows he will see Uncle Squid’s ruthless criticism of the song. Underneath the Wiebo, there were all voices of approval.

Listen to the Wind instantly got angry, directly quarreling with the people in the comments.

For the first time, he regretted that he had not studied hard and had no way to refute Uncle squid’s words. He could only say again and again in vain how good the song was.

Just as Listen to the Wind was being scolded and doubted about his life, he suddenly saw a comment.

The other party’s name is very arrogant, called Your Father. 

And the content of the comment is in the same style as his screen name.

In the beginning, he directly dismissed the Squid Uncle as nonsense, saying that he was the grandstanding one.

It was followed by a refutation of the criticism of the Squid Uncle, from his definition of the song style to the deep meaning of the arrangement, as well as the presentation of the song expression.

It was well-organized, well-founded, humorous and harmonious, and full of all kinds of allusions, enough to see his profound musical literacy. The most important thing is that he doesn’t bite like a Squid uncle, his words are quite grounded, He does not make them mysterious and confusing.

Although it is a newly registered account, the criticism is sharp and precise, if it was not in comments, he would have thought it was an article published in an authoritative music magazine.

Listen to the Wind immediately get excited.

This should be a music professor or a well-known music critic!

Listen to the Wind immediately praised it, he found that in just a few minutes, this comment has already received hundreds of compliments, and soon rushed into the hot comment.

But Listen to the Wind was not reconciled to this, he screenshotted two Weibo and send them to his professor.

Shortly after the hot search on the post, Uncle Squid received several calls, including those who asked him to withdraw the post, those who wanted to interview him by the media, and those who wanted to reprint the post.

Uncle Squid is not a man who treats money like dirt, but at present, his post was very hot. How could he promise to withdraw it, so he refused the other party.

As for the offers to be interviewed and reprinted, he put on airs and got enough benefits before he agreed.

When he was busy with this wave, he happily went back to enjoy his post again and found the most popular comments.

Seeing the screen name, Squid Uncle’s eyelids jumped violently.

Looking at the content, his expression became serious in an instant.

He relied on this to eat, and naturally, he could see that the other party was not simple. His knowledge of music was enough to fill the facade in front of the layman, but in the eyes of the insider, it was not enough.

Moreover, the heat of this comment is getting higher and higher, and more people are questioning Uncle Squid at the bottom. The netizens who originally supported him can no longer carry it, let him explain it quickly.

Squid uncle was depressed and half-dead, but can not pretend to die, otherwise, people will question his professional ability, and his popularity will be abolished.

So he could only send another Weibo to Your Father to start the war.

It’s just that the wording of this essay is really holding for him. After all, no matter how it is written, it will eventually be @Your Father. Plain people will take advantage of it.

Ye Cang responded quickly.

The two started the debate on Weibo, and Squid uncle put on an academic style and wrote a large article.

Your Father is very familiar with those musical terms and slowly refutes them one by one.

During the debate, many netizens found that Your Father has a wide range of knowledge, not only rock music but also other music. Explanation is also a profound and simple example of life, he can also casually tell a lot of interesting stories about the music industry of the last century. Not only did this let the netizens benefit a lot, but also make them laugh.

This “debate” has become more and more popular and even attracted many insiders. Some names are not familiar to netizens, Some even don’t have VIP, but when they click into the other’s homepage, to see the other party’s profile, many netizens have a soft knee almost kneeling for the big guys.

However, Your Father talks with these big guys without hesitation, talking about professional problems and even letting these big guys down.

Netizens did not dare to disturb the communication of the big guys, but it did not hinder them from sending out unclear feelings.

[It’s not a f*cking Weibo! This is a music exchange conference!]

[My mother asked me why I was on my knees watching Weibo]

[I haven’t understood a word, but I’ve written three pages of notes… ]

[After learning from station B, Weibo has also fallen, [learning makes me happy. Jpg]]

This “Immortal fight” let netizens eat melon seeds while learning, it was a lot of joy, many netizens chased the fun making then began to urge more under Uncle squid’s Weibo.

[@Your father you have been sending Weibo for almost half an hour, can you hurry up!]

[Have you run out of talent and can’t say anything?]

[Be gentle. What if the uncle gets angry and goes offline?]

[Don’t frighten people away. I still want to see Your father’s reply! ]

[@Uncle Squid, hang in there! ]

Uncle Squid wanted to cry without tears, which is totally different from what he expected.

But he can’t stop now. The current situation has completely put him in a dilemma. He can only grind his teeth and support hard.

To his despair, however, Your Father is still doing well, but he was already a little stretched, he can only temporarily hold Buddha’s feet and flip books all over the world.

With Uncle Squid’s collapse, netizens lively eat melons seeds, this interesting war was unknowingly launched into the hot search of Weibo.

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