My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 60.1 – Audition

Not long after Shen Huai and Chu Mei Bo sat down, Yu Chen and his two good friends were also seated in an elegant room upstairs under Mr. Xue’s arrangement. 

Yu Chen was about forty or fifty years old, tall, dark-skinned, with unexpectedly thick-hair. He held a fan in his hand. With him sat his two good friends Yu Guangping and Shi Ren,who was also one of the actors this time.

All three of them have been fans of opera for many years. This time, they came to the audition with him, but also to listen to the performance organized by Mr. Xue. 

Mr. Xue was nearly seventy years old. With neatly combed white hair he looked extremely elegant. 

Tea was served for four people, and Mr. Xue said, “Today, I will be honored if you appreciate new faces. After they are on stage, you are also invited to give them advice.”

Yu Chen said with a smile, “This is like asking us to play tricks in class.”

Shin Ren also said, “I heard that your daughter has always been called ‘Little Yun Chuo Yi’ . We are also fortunate to see Mr. Xue’s elegant demeanor on stage again.”

Mr. Xue waved his hand. “Some of my friends are exaggerating. I can’t take it seriously.” 

In spite of what he said, he had a proud smile on his face, which showed that he was only being modest. Xue Ling was the daughter he and his wife have always pampered. Otherwise, with his personality, he would not do such backdoor things.

After they chatted for a while, the performance began.

In order to promote traditional opera, Mr. Xue especially built this theater. Everything was modeled after the old stages, and the rules also followed those of the past.

Most of the performers here were Mr. Xue’s disciples, as well as students at the local Beijing Opera Academy. They not only performed old arias, but also arranged several new arias.

The four of them watched and commented on it. 

Mr. Xue’s eyes were a little sad. “In recent years, opera has gradually declined. There are not many children who want to come to learn opera, and many of those who come can’t bear the hardships. But the most particular thing about singing opera is ‘ten years off stage equal one minute on stage’. Once there is a little slacking, it can be seen immediately.”

“Just like in this section, the flavor didn’t come out…”

As he spoke, Mr. Xue sang directly. Although he was of age, he was not that old. His voice was rich, broad and bright, leaving behind a long lasting aftertaste.

Because this was the end of a performance, there were gongs and drums on stage, and many fans offstage were chatting.

Mr. Xue’s libretto, immediately attracted many people’s attention. Although it was only a few words, they couldn’t help but directly applaud.

Shen Huai and Chu Mei Bo also looked in that direction.

Chu Mei Bo raised her eyebrows and said, “Is this Mr. Xue?”

Shen Huai nodded and mentioned, “Your target is there too.”

Chu Mei Bo gave an “um” sound and bowed her head thoughtfully. 

At this time, accompanied by the sound of gongs, Xue Ling came on the stage.

It had to be said that the song she chose was very ingenious. It was Yun Chuo Yi’s “Beating The Drum To Curse Cao” that made her famous. When she came out, even Chu Mei Bo was in a trance for a moment, thinking it was the reborn Yun Chuo Yi.

The fans at the bottom of the stage also cheered loudly.

Xue Ling had some abilities and her voice was somewhat similar to that of Yun Chuo Yi. She also deliberately imitated the tone of Yun Chuo Yi’s opera when standing on such a retro stage.

It seemed that people could really see the young woman standing on the stage. Even though she was a woman, she had the awe-inspiring dignity that did not lose to any man.

When Xue Ling finished singing, the cheers and applause at the bottom of the stage were very warm. Mujiang city was originally the hometown of opera. People here grew up under the influence of opera since their childhood. Many old opera fans have been immersed in it for decades, and it was not easy to win their applause.

Upstairs, Yu Chen applauded slowly in shock. “She can sing like this at such a young age. It is unbelievable!”

Yu Guangping and Shi Ren also nodded in succession.

With pride on his face, Mr. Xue said, “Although she was spoiled by me and her mother since childhood, she has never slacked off in practice. It’s not my boasting that among all of my disciples, only my daughter can really inherit my mantle in the future.”

Yu Chen was about to echo his words when he heard a clear female voice coming from below. – Beating The Drum To Curse Cao song

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