Chapter 17 – Network Divine Comedy

It was wasn’t know whether he was stimulated by Ye Cang or what, but Jiang Junyan played extraordinarily well in the PK game and entered the top five.

The next one is five into four, but also the last random selection of “Star of Tomorrow”. 

This can be said to be the most hated part for all contestants, after all, everyone has their own skills, but who knows what song will be chosen randomly. If it chooses a song that is not suitable for you, it’s very terrible, especially when this game is still so important.

All the contestants had a straight face, and some said good-bye by the side before they come to the stage, hoping to give themselves some good luck by holding Buddha’s feet.

The audience almost laughed to death, no matter how cold the usual contestants were, they always break the score and bring a lot of laughs.

All the contestants carefully drew their songs, and finally, it was Ye Cang’s turn.

Li Zihang tugged at him: “Brother, be sincere.”

The tragedy of the last time’s “Summer Bug” is still vivid in his mind, Li Zihang has lingering fear, and he can’t help but cheer him on.

Ye Cang responded carelessly, and then casually called to stop.

The screen bounced and landed on a pink interface.

Li Zihang: “…”

Ye Cang had a bad feeling. When he looked back, he saw a whole piece of pink, with three words on it.

– “Meow, Meow, Meow”.

What the hell is this?!

Although he didn’t know what this song was about, Ye Cang already saw sympathy from Li Zihang’s eyes, a premonition of the piss quality of this song.

Li Zihang: “Brother, I’ve never seen worse luck than you. Did you go to the stage without washing your hands?”

Ye Cang: “… Roll.”

He can’t help but be a bit stunned now. Is it true that he used all his luck to come back to life??

Li Zihang patted his shoulder with a pained expression.

Ye Cang looked awkward.

The camera also gave a close-up to the two people in a particularly spiritual way. The people who watched the live broadcast almost died of laughter.

[Ha ha ha ha ha ha]

[Excuse me, do you want to go through the procedure or directly, ha ha ha ha ha?]

[Laughing I sprayed water on the screen, Ye Cang you compensate me!!]

[Ye Ye is too miserable, hhhhhhhh]

[The little expression of our cub’s grievance, in other words, is this system really not hostile to him? Hahahaha]

Ye Cang was in a trance and stepped down with one foot deep and one foot shallow. Not only that, he also learned another terrible news after he stepped down.

“Crew following closely?!”

A new rule was added after the last show, and contestants were no longer allowed to ask for foreign aid. In order to implement this rule, the program team sent five teams to follow them closely, and the captured material will also be used for post-editing.

This point was written in the contract before, so no matter how unwilling Ye Cang is, he can only agree.

The big brother who is shooting Ye Cang is a chubby uncle with a good temper. Accompanied by a photography assistant and a director named Cherry.

Cherry is small and very lively. After these few games, she has become a fan of Ye Cang, taking the initiative to apply to follow Ye Cang’s group.

A group of people returned to the villa in Shen Huai’s car. Cherry asked Ye Cang carefully about the range of photos. “Can we go into your room and have a look?”

Ye Cang: “If I say no, will you not go?”

Cherry: “…”

Under the constant persuasion of Cherry, Ye Cang finally agreed to let them shoot his room.

Cherry heart pounding nervously, she can finally see the room of the male god!

But when the door opened.

Cherry: “…”

Ye Cang used to dig out the road for Shen Huai, but after a day it was filled with all kinds of debris, like a large garbage disposal plant.

At the thought that the male god would live in such a place, and he did not feel ashamed but proud, Cherry felt that she can no longer breathe smoothly.

Shen Huai who just brought tea saw the expression of Cherry, and could not help laughing. Before she saw it, he resumed his seriousness: “Come have tea first.”

Cherry was depressed for a while, then quickly recovered and asked Ye Cang, “I saw that you have recording equipment in your room. is this your own?”

Ye Cang: “Mm-hmm.”

Cherry becomes spirited: “So you really learned the arrangement with the two great gods?”

Ye Cang: “You guess.”

Cherry: “…”

It was interesting to see the male god, but in his own turf…

Hey, male god, I can’t love you anymore!

Later, Cherry’s routine was easily resolved by Ye Cang, finally, she could only drink tea and leave.

As soon as they left, Ye Cang breathed a sigh of relief and lay on the sofa in a large movement.

Shen Huai was still cleaning up the mess. Ye Cang looked at his side face and suddenly got up to leaned to his side: “Because of the outsiders, I haven’t had any time to ask you. How is my performance today?”

He was so close that his hot breath hit Shen Huai’s ear, he almost couldn’t hold the cup in his hand. He could barely stabilize his mind and pretend not to mind: “You are not a real newcomer. How are you singing? Don’t you know?”

“That’s different!” Ye Cang became even worse and leaned on him again, “You are my agent. Your opinion is much more important than others.”

Shen Huai’s body tightened and his eyelashes shook violently. He suddenly pushed away Ye Cang and stood up. “I’m a little tired. I will go to bed first, and you go to bed early.”

He hurried up the stairs without the usual leisurely pace, and even the sound of the door closing was much louder than usual.

Ye Cang watched Shen Huai’s back as he ran away. He supported his forehead, laughing for a long time: “So shy ah, agent.”

When Shen Huai returned to his room, his beating heart slowly calmed down, leaving only the tips of his ears a little red.

He forced himself not to think about Ye Cang and put his thoughts into his work.

The last time Ye Cang drew “Summer Bug”, although he had some doubts, he was not sure. He asked Chen Chiyu for that USB just in case.

However, before the game was over, he received an email.

At that time, there were a lot of people, and it was not easy for him to open it, but he had already guessed the content of the email.

He turned on the computer and clicked on the mail.

What is shows is video recording, which is evidence that someone has modified the song selection program.

This is exactly the same as Shen Huai’s guess. His look suddenly cooled down, and the eyes behind the lenses seemed to be brewing a blizzard.

“Meow, Meow, Meow” is an online divine song, famous for its vulgar lyrics and brainwashing melody.

By the time five into four-game, the remaining players were not weak. Ye Cang’s song completely puts him in an extremely disadvantageous situation.

Even if Ye Cang has the strength, but in the face of such a song, he simply can not play to his strength. If he is eliminated, the audience’s favor accumulated in his previous performances will disappear.

The strategy is so venomous, but because it is stuck within the rules, even if they know it, it is very difficult for them to deal with it.

The colder Shen Huai’s eyes are, the slower his eyebrows wrinkle.

Who on earth is so hostile to Ye Cang? If the “Summer Bug” scene may be due to Li Zihang, then this one landed bare against Ye Cang.

Shen Huai originally wanted to go downstairs to find Ye Cang to ask clearly, but he stopped just after taking a step.

The heat of the ears seemed to be rising again, and Shen Huai’s eyes showed a feeling of regret, but finally, he did not go out of the door.


The next day, Shen Huai got up early. He always slept very well, but he had an unexpected dream last night. He didn’t know what he was dreaming about, but his ears felt itchy.

He went downstairs, paused as he passed Ye Cang’s room, and then walked away quickly.

He wanted to make breakfast, but he happened to see a mess on the coffee table, and last night came back to his mind. Fortunately, after a night, the excitement was not as strong as before. 

He pursed his lips and cleaned up very quickly.

At nine o’clock, Ye Cang came out of the room in a daze. His hair was in disorder after sleep. He also had a dull hair standing on his head and swayed left and right with his movements.

Shen Huai quietly drank his coffee.

Ye Cang skillfully went to the kitchen to have his breakfast. He was always restless, even the breakfast was different. He held coffee and eggs in his hand, but the toast was in his mouth.

Shen Huai waited for him to sit down, only then said: “I have something to discuss with you.”

He turned on the computer and pointed the screen towards Ye Cang.

Shen Huai: “You got this song in this game. Someone deliberately framed you. Even the previous “Summer Bug” has this possibility.”

Ye Cang blinked, struggled to swallow the toast from his mouth and took a breath: “I told you, how could my luck be so bad!”

Shen Huai: “…”

Is that the point?!

Shen Huai: “I mean, if you don’t want to sing this song, with this as evidence, we can ask for a new draw.”

“Forget it.” Ye Cang waved indifferently. “Even if I was framed, I pulled it out in the eyes of the public.”

Shen Huai: “But…”

Ye Cang leaned forward and looked at Shen Huai with a smile. “If you could re-draw it so easily, you would have done it earlier, and would not have asked me, would you?”

“Of course I know. If I say I’m going to change the song, you’ll find a way to do it for me. But again, we are in a partnership, I trust you and leave my affairs to you. You should also trust me.”

“With my strength, what song can stop me?”

This sentence is aggressive but has his stage demeanor.

He suddenly became serious, but Shen Huai was not used to it. He held on to his glasses and said, “Okay, I understand.”

He stopped talking.

Ye Cang is a man who can’t stand the fart even for three seconds, and he was too curious to pass it by: “So, what are you going to do with this, agent? What goods are you going to trade this evidence for?”

Shen Huai: “I’m going to trade this for the right to watch the clip in advance.”

Ye Cang: “look at the clip? Why?”

Shen Huai: “Because you are too black, I can’t do it in the live broadcast. I can only take precautions in these places.”

Ye Cang: “…”

Shen Huai remembered the hot search that had not stopped since last night and sighed silently.

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    Ah, so Meow Meow Meow is a song like 小蛮腰. (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) A famous online song with vulgar lyrics and brainwashing melody.

    Good children shouldn’t click this link.

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    Ah, so Meow Meow Meow is a song like 小蛮腰. (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) A famous online song with vulgar lyrics and brainwashing melody.

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