My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 62 – Press Conference

This time, the Music Association made great efforts to make the press conference very grand.

One couldn’t blame them, the record market declined over the years. They wanted to publicize well, however, they found that they didn’t have any achievements to publicize. So when Ye Cang’s performance came out, the Music Association immediately seized the opportunity. 

On the day of the press conference, there were many media and even many bloggers.

The Music Association, in cooperation with Tomato Network, would broadcast the whole conference live. 

Many of Ye Cang’s fans had been staying in front of the computer for a long time, almost holding their breaths in anticipation of Ye Cang’s appearance. It was said that many top musicians of the music industry were invited to the conference, and that they would even walk on the red carpet, which confirmed that Ye Cang would wear formal clothes, which they haven’t seen him wear before.

Many fans started the topic directly on Weibo while opening the live broadcast. 

[I wonder how Cang Cang looks like in formal clothes? This child doesn’t have any fashion resources now, he won’t be surpassed all the way, will he?]

[I don’t think so. I heard from a friend in the industry that his agent lent him a V card]

[Shi, Willing to borrow a V card, his agent is pretty arrogant, there was a second-line actress who wanted to borrow their clothes before, but was rejected because of insufficient popularity]

[So awesome?! Cang Cang’s agent has great skill]

[Forget about that, the V designers are notoriously picky, I’m a little worried about our cub now]

With the time approaching, all the big shots who attended the conference arrived one after another. Another black limousine parked in front of the red carpet, the door opened and a man came out. 

The suits of the V brand were always the most selective of body type. The people who wore them had to have wide shoulders, a narrow waist and long legs. Moreover, they had straight lines and were close fitting. It was a disaster for anyone who had a different build.

However, at this moment, Ye Cang perfectly showed the charm of this suit. The bright sapphire blue had a strong sense of existence, and the slim cut perfectly showcased his figure. His hair was slightly shorter, but it showed the excellence of his facial features.

Although in the eyes of outsiders, he was just a newcomer, Ye Cang did not have the slightest sense of nervousness, his footsteps calm and natural and full of momentum.

The fans on both sides paused for a second, then began screaming, and the media at the venue began taking pictures frantically. 

From the other side of the door, Shen Huai also came out. He was wearing a suit of the same color as Ye Cang’s, but in a completely different style. 

Compared with Ye Cang’s aura, Shen Huai was much more restrained, and his blue suit made his skin paler, coupled with his golden glasses and his black hair combed to the back of his head, his whole person exuded a kind of reserved and cold aura.

Shen Huai felt very helpless. He didn’t want to wear the same color clothes as Ye Cang, but he couldn’t resist Ye Cang’s soft grinding. He was worried that he refused too much. but when he saw that suit, he had to change into it in the end.

Shen Huai was originally behind Ye Cang. He wanted to wait for him to go first, and then enter through the side door. But who knew that when Ye Cang saw him not following he simply stopped.

Fans didn’t know why, They only screamed more vigorously. There were even agitators who broke their voices directly, making the security guards worried that they were too excited, and they rushed to maintain order.

Shen Huai had no choice but to follow.

The presence of the two handsome men resulted in the screaming at the venue rising by another decibel.

There was a short interview planned originally, but the voice of the host was completely covered by the screams of the fans, he could only helplessly let the two people enter the venue. 

After the two people entered the venue, the fanatical brains of the fans finally calmed down. 

Whether they were new fans or old fans, they never recovered from the lingering sound of screaming.

A little fan asked stupidly, “Who is the man who just walked with Cang Cang?”

On the other side one of the old fans calmly replied, “It’s our cub’s agent.”

Little fan: “Shit!! Cang Cang chose this agent only to look at his face! Am I so ugly that I don’t deserve to be a fan of him!” 

Old fan: “…”

Next to them stood Cao Yun and Yao Jianing. Yao Jianing, who had just finished screaming, coughed awkwardly, “That… I was just trying to fit in, you know, not climbing the wall!”

Cao Yun jokingly said, “You’re climbing the wall ah, it doesn’t matter. Cang Cang is so excellent. I welcome you to support him.”

Yao Jianing’s heart shook shamefully for a second, then shook her head in tears. “Still can’t climb the wall … gaining ten kilos of fat!”

When she promised it, she would never violate it, but Cang Cang was so handsome…

Not only the fans at the venue but also the live broadcast and Weibo exploded.

[Ouch, ouch!! Cang Cang x Shuai exploded!!]

[I’ve never seen anyone look better in V clothes in my whole life! I’m going from a talent fan to a face fan!]

[Cang Cang, you are still a child! Mom won’t let you flirt like that!]

[No! I am not a mom fan at this moment! I’m a girlfriend!!]

[My mother! Is my husband’s beauty real! I’m dead, ouch, ouch!]

[Mom!! This is my man! I’m going to marry him!!]

In addition to the Ye Cang fans who were about to shed tears from happiness, there were also two other small groups who were also quietly celebrating like it was the Lunar New Year today.

The first group was Shen Huai’s silently growing fan base. 

[Sobbing. I can see Huai Huai wearing such a high-profile color in my lifetime. I always thought that there was only black, white and gray in his wardrobe…… ]

[It seems he did it in order to unify with his artist. So can we expect Huai Huai to unlock more coquettish colors [saliva] [saliva] [saliva] in the future?]

[It’s so beautiful. Although there aren’t many shots, it’s a video! I can lick it for half a year!]

[Relying on the old picture for the last two months, I never thought happiness would come so soon!!]

[Oh, Huai Huai, please make your debut! It’s too wasteful to be an agent with such beauty!]

In addition, there was another low-key group.

Cherry carefully watched the live broadcast while she was at work, covering her mouth and suppressing his own screams, but she couldn’t help showing her aunt smile.

“Shit shit! I can’t believe my male God stopped. He is waiting.. Ow, he is waiting for Brother Agent?”

“Shit, they walked side by side! They also looked and smiled at each other… Record it, record it.”

“Ow ow ow so sweet! Bombed with sweetness! Please get married now! I’ll bribe the Civil Affairs Bureau! I’m out of money… “

“Oh! The male God just laughed again! He grabbed Brother Agent’s hand!”

After seeing the red carpet part, Cherry couldn’t resist rewinding it back several times. She was soon sweetened by her own brain and couldn’t resist showing a rippling smile. Then she quickly cut this section off, and with a “hehe” smile, opened her evil folder – Chinese dream.

After entering the venue, Ye Cang sat in his seat next to his old acquaintance. Tang Ruoyi, one of the former judges of “Star of Tomorrow” was eager to dig Ye Cang for Chinese Entertainment Records. However, because of the copyright of the songs, it didn’t work out in the end. 

But that moment had already ended, Tang Ruoyi’s expression was very complicated. “If I knew you were so talented, I would have tried my best to persuade the company to dig you up.”

Ye Cang said with a smile, “That may not have  been successful.”

Tang Ruoyi: “…”

She couldn’t help but ask, “As far as I know, Morningstar Entertainment is not one of the top companies in the industry. What benefits do they give you that you want to stay there so wholeheartedly?”

Ye Cang touched his chin before saying, “Well, an agent.”

Tang Ruoyi: “???”

Shen Huai who happened to come over, and heard his words: “…”

Fortunately, the press conference began soon, and Tang Ruoyi put this issue aside. 

After going through a lot of speeches, it was finally President Fang’s turn to issue Ye Cang the platinum certification for his physical album.

President Fang was very moved, he wanted to warn Ye Cang to do more original work and not be blinded by his current popularity. However, after seeing Ye Cang’s eyes, he swallowed these words.

He kindly patted Ye Cang on the shoulder and handed him the microphone. “Young man, the stage is yours now.”

These words contained a pun, but Ye Cang smiled confidently, his eyes full of light. “Rest assured, just give it to me.”

President Fang left the stage with a smile, and Ye Cang who held the microphone turned to the stage.

As an artist who often spoke amazing words, he could be found in hot searches easily. The media at the venue were excitedly aiming their cameras at him, waiting for today’s headlines.

However, this time, Ye Cang’s speech was very well-behaved, as he thanked everyone officially.

But in the end, he looked down to somewhere off the stage.

“But the person I want to thank the most is you, Shen Huai.”

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