Chapter 15 – Misfortune

Summer weather changes, the previous day is still windy and sunny, the next day is stormy, The “Star of Tomorrow” six-to-five competition is held on such a day.

Fans, wearing raincoats and umbrellas, waited outside the studio early. Now that the contestants have their own colors, fans have a clear distinction between the colors of raincoats.

Cao Yun, dressed in a green raincoat, ignored the reprimand cast by Yao Jianning in the red camp not far away and excitedly discussed the game with the “leaves” next to her. 

“have you ever heard the song that Cang Yan is going to sing?”

“No, I looked all over the network and didn’t find “Mulholland Avenue.” Could the cub have written it himself?”

Cao Yun heard the words, then said: “It can’t be, I went to the original Flying Birds Orchestra, this band is about 30 or 40 years old. Their music style seems to be very unpopular, so not many people know them.”


Facing the eyes of admiration around, Cao Yun proudly stood up, overlooking that she spend two nights in the library looking it up. 

Someone hurriedly asked, “Have you heard this song? Does it sound good?”

Cao Yun wilted down, and she shook her head: “No, they released a very small number that year, and the song has only been issued on vinyl records, not even the tape can be found.”

Several girls around them sighed.

A few days ago, the Internet suddenly revealed that Ye Cang and Fang Zhiqing and others walked out of Star Art together. Many people suspected that Ye Cang’s background was not simple and even questioned his previous promotion.

The leaves fought the sunspots for 300 rounds on the Internet, but just as they were rubbing their hands, ready to continue to protect their brothers… 

The “Star of Tomorrow” crew suddenly posted a Weibo message.

The first is still to declare that there is no shady dealing in the program group and that all the games are just and fair.

The second is to confirm that Ye Cang’s repertoire “Mulholland Avenue” was difficult to arrange, so he asked for foreign help. This is not contrary to the rules of the program group, but after the game, for the sake of absolute fairness, players will no longer be allowed to find foreign aid, and the program group will arrange the arrangement and recording studio.

After the Weibo message was posted, the leaves were grateful to the program group, and many netizens praised their simple and responsible attitude.

The program group was originally forced to send Weibo and did not expect the effect to be so good, and there was no longer a complaint.

Many netizens are hahaha on Weibo.

[Is it unfair to ask for an arrangement outside? If you have the ability, you can also ask the party to send it!]

[If you have talent, a person will be able to take the exam and test 90 with a little bit of money. If you have no talent, you can only pass after more than ten years of studying]

[IS is too real, causing discomfort, has been reported]

Because the matter was resolved quickly, netizens were not affected too much but played under Weibo instead.

There are also some people who were interested in Ye Cang competition songs revealed by the program group, the Internet unexpectedly can not find a trace of this song.

Finally, a professor at a music school told the origins of the song.

In the most prosperous era of music, a short-lived orchestra, a special musical style.

All of these elements have given the audience the highest expectations for the song.


Li Zihang was overwhelmed by his grandfather this week. He simply turned off his mobile phone and prepared the song for the game.

Therefore, it was only when he arrived at the scene of the competition that he knew what song Ye Cang was going to sing in this issue.

Li Luan is a rock fan, he has a large collection of records and tapes. When he was a child, Li Zihang lived with his grandfather in his old house for some time. When he was naughty, he took out these records to listen to. This was also the initial enlightenment of his musical career.

He had also heard the song “Mulholland Avenue”. Although he didn’t like the song too much, the impression was still very deep.

It’s just that he didn’t expect Ye Cang to use this song as a competition repertoire.

Ye Cang’s ability to attack the two players in this competition is not too strong, as long as he plays as steadily as the first two games, with the appreciation of the judges, it is no problem for him to advance directly.

Grandpa was blindly confident in Ye Cang and personally came to the scene.

However, Li Zihang is not nervous, after all, Grandpa is now, in his eyes, no different from those crazy star-chasing girls.

No, I’m stuck again when I think about it.

Li Zihang came on stage with a full stomach of resentment. He held his breath and performed better than ever before.

The contestants in the same group wanted to cry without tears.

There was almost no doubt about the result, and Li Zihang became the first contestant to advance to the top five.

After that, Ye Cang appeared.

Just as the audience was full of expectations, the program group entered the advertisement quite arrogantly.

In the backstage, Ye Cang walked out of the dressing room, and Shen Huai suddenly couldn’t speak when he saw him.

This time Ye Cang dyed his hair blond. He also wore smoky makeup, gold-rimmed glasses and a thin golden chain extending from the frame to the back of his head.

He wore a vintage shirt and trousers, and the golden demon collar needlework added a little caution. With pale skin and indifferent eyes, he was like a vampire lord who had just stepped out of the coffin.

Ye Cang’s beautiful appearance could not overwhelm his aura at all.

Not only Shen Huai, but even the staff who came to call him came were stunned.

Ye Cang suddenly smiled and hooked an arm around Shen Huai’s neck. The vampire lord became a gentle scumbag in seconds.

Shen Huai regained his mind and frowned, pulling his arm down.

The staff stared at the dodge and whispered, “Ye Cang, it’s your turn to go on stage.”

Ye Cang gave an “um” sound and looked at Shen Huai again.

Shen Huai said helplessly, “I know. I’ll be watching you in the audience.”

I don’t know what’s wrong with this man. Since that day, I’ve been asked to stand down and watch him from the audience every time.

Ye Cang watched Shen Huai walk to the audience, then turned his head to the staff: “Let’s go, I am ready to go on stage.”

As soon as Ye Cang stepped on the stage, his costume triggered the screams of fans.

However, when he stood in the center of the stage and inserted the microphone into the microphone stand, the scene was completely quiet as if he had pressed the mute button.

However, when the prelude came out, the stage was confused.

The acoustic guitar plays the music briskly, with a little retro flavor.

But what about the car siren, the crowd noise, and the background music that is inconsistent with the main tune?

Is that the wrong music or something?

Soon, however, other music gradually came in. Replacing these background sounds and creating an extravagant and prosperous scene.

At the same time, the smoke created by dry ice dissipated, and the lights and projections completely restored the scene of Hollywood of the last century. Retro and luxurious, it seems to bring people directly into this crazy and beautiful era.

No one knows when Ye Cang started singing.

Without the lyrics, his voice seemed to become a musical instrument, humming and growling. The style of music is psychedelic rock, but it doesn’t seem to be that simple.

The audience was brought into the song, and many people enjoyed this strange, but real and illusory scene with their eyes closed.

Standing on the stage, Ye Cang seems to have traveled for a century and walked on the Mulholland Avenue in the prime of Hollywood’s time.

Even those who do not like this song have to admit that Ye Cang on the stage is too charming to look away.

Ye Cang sang at the top of his lungs, took the guitar from the guitarist and improvised for a while.

He did not seem to regard it as a game that determined his fate, but as a concert, free and easy.

Xia Fei at the judging seat was so excited that he almost broke the pen in his hand.

By the end of the song, all the lights on the stage went out, leaving only the most central beam of light falling on Ye Cang. All the music stopped, and only the guitar moved gently.

Ye Cang half-closed his eyes, held the microphone and sang the only lyric of the whole song.

“Good-bye, glorious times.”

The original song was written at the most brilliant time of Hollywood movies. Behind the extravagance and prosperity is the decadence of the end of the song.

They seem to have foreseen the day when this era ended.

But Ye Cang sang this lyric on the stage at the moment, but it seems to have other meanings.

However, apart from Shen Huai, I am afraid no one could understand him.


Ye Cang bowed slightly, and there was a burst of applause on the spot. However, accompanied by applause, Xia Fei hit the table.


For the song, the audience all has different views and whispered together.

And the screen was bombarded with noise for a long time.

[What the TM was sang, I didn’t understand a word]

[Although I don’t understand what Ye Cang sang, the stage is really beautiful! The song is also good]

[I love it!]

[what a nuisance!]

[This mess can also be called a song?!]

[This is not a song, with all due respect, people like you deserve to listen to the Internet Divine Comedy]

It was not just online bickering, but after the next contestant came on stage, the three judges also fell into disagreement.

However, after a period of discussion, the judges voted for Ye Cang, who succeeded in the first round.

The next contestant on the stage is Jiang Junyan. He is the oldest of all contestants, ordinary in appearance, only medium in strength, and barely advanced in the last game.

But this time, he probably realized that he might have to stop here, unexpectedly it turned out to be a big outburst. A singer’s heart was broken, and many little girls began to wipe their tears at the scene.

When he finished singing, the host called the contestant Ye Cang back to the stage to be judged by three judges.

This time Jiang Junyan’s performance was indeed very good, even Xia Fei has to admit, so the voting process has become particularly difficult.

The three judges discussed it for a long time without results, and in the end, they had to make a decision by one person, one vote.

Xia Fei needless to say, still took a clear-cut stand in support of Ye Cang.

Another male judge praised Jiang Junyan and voted for Jiang Junyan.

The two tied one to one, and the last vote was in the hands of the only female judge, Tang Ruoyi.

Tang Ruoyi hesitated for a long time and finally voted for Ye Cang.

As a result, Ye Cang was successful in two rounds and was directly advanced to the top five.

Many people at the scene were sorry for Jiang Junyan, after all, his performance was outstanding.

Jiang Junyan clenched his fist tightly. He was unwilling. His performance was so good that he touched all the audience on the scene. Why did he lose to Ye Cang?

The host just came to him and said, “Junyan, you didn’t succeed in this fight, but your performance…”

Before she had finished speaking, the microphone was snatched by Jiang Junyan.

“I don’t accept it!”

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