Chapter 14 – Solution and follow-up.

Entertainment Star Weekly is a well-known gossip media in China. He doesn’t know where they got the news, Yan Xiangming, the owner of Star Art Studio, suddenly pushed back his long-established work schedule. It was suspected that he is preparing for the next album for Ye Hazel…

As a result, several reporters have been outside the building. But they didn’t see the shadow of Ye Hazel until the wee hours of the morning. They originally intended to go back, but the photographer pointed out that Fang Zhiqing and Yan Xiangming walked out of the building at the same time, accompanied by two men.

Thanks to Ye Cang’s frequent hot search recently, these paparazzi recognized him.

Although they did not land Ye Hazel, this is also big news ah!

So in that evening, a piece of gossip entitled “Golden Songwriter rejected the new work post, and escorted the Y newcomers” detonated on Weibo.

In the news, the Y gentleman refers to the newcomer, but as long as the person pays attention to the entertainment news, in little association, you can guess that this Y gentleman is Ye Cang. 

Not to mention, there is a blurred photograph attached to the Weibo, and someone has already unraveled the identity of the person in the photo.

[Shit! Fang Zhiqing! ].

[Who is the man next to Fang Zhiqing, tall and strong, is that his bodyguard?]

[LS is not a fool, the man’s name is Yan Xiangming, the rest of you go to Baidu]

[Popularizing science, Yan Xiangming is the owner of Star Art, the most well-known arranger and producer in the industry. The following is the album he made.] The strings of names of Heavenly Queens and King is almost blinding.

[Shit, Ye Cang’s life is too good].

[The great god must have taken a fancy to the potential of my Ye Cang puppy!]

[I said how Ye Cang changed so much between the knockout stage and the top ten. It turns out to be a big god’s tune | good teaching]

[Doesn’t anyone find it strange? That Ye Cang can ask for help from these two great gods??]

[There seems to be a lot of background!]

[Hehe, did you forget Fan Jing so soon?]

Netizens talked about it, one after another, mostly speculating about the background of Ye Cang, as well as the achievements of the two great gods of popular science.

Overnight, the story has spread all over the Internet.

Zheng Zhao watched the news on the Internet with his own eyes.

Since he was eliminated, the previous job offers had gradually disappeared, and his uncle said that there would be no good new variety shows for a while.

Zheng Zhao was not reconciled, and hated Ye Cang, hoping that he would immediately lose his reputation in order to let himself take a sigh of relief.

However, when he turned on his mobile phone every day, he is seeing the news about the other party. That only made him angrier, but he couldn’t change this habit of self-abuse.

So he could only grind his teeth with hate, and at the same time, he could not restrain from searching.

So he was almost the first who saw the news.

Jealousy swept through him all of a sudden. Fang Zhiqing and Yan Xiangming, all people in the music circle will not be a stranger to these two names, because both of them have a glittering resume, not to mention the two people showing up at the same time.

The last time they appeared together was the commemorative album of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Xiao Tianwang.

But Ye Cang?!

Who is he?!

Zheng Zhao and Ye Cang went through the knockout stage together, he simply did not believe that the other side had strength, in his view, Ye Cang borrowed the light of these two great gods. With their adaptation, Ye Cang had such a performance.

At this moment, a thought appeared in his mind.

Since Ye Cang can ask such great gods to help him, what about the competition? Did he also buy the judges? !

Therefore, Xia Fei, will behave unusually and will praise him.

He did it on purpose. It was all designed! He snatched the honor that should belong to him!

This thought has been lingering since it appeared, just like a poisonous snake biting at Zheng Zhao’s heart. 

The elimination destroyed Zheng Zhao’s self-confidence, and he desperately looked for an excuse to prove that he is not worse than Ye Cang.

Now the situation gave him one of the best reasons. He selectively forgot that it was him who framed Ye Cang and made him sing “Summer Bug” and was completely caught up in his own trap.

There was a constant flash of resentment and jealousy in his eyes, and he was determined to make Ye Cang pay the price.

As a result, soon there was a marketing number with rhythm, questioning Ye Cang’s approach to other contestants as unfair, and even vaguely pointed that the program group had shady dealings.

The netizens were originally the wall of grass, and the wind has already taken direction.

Of course, there are also those with a rational analysis, but the words of these people can easily be drowned in the excitement of the crowd.

Ye Cang’s original improved image, after this incident, reached the bottom of the valley.

These messy messages flashed across Shen Huai’s screen, setting his face bright in the dark.

The filtered information is set aside to make a “beep” sound.

The online discussion was normal at first, but it was obviously gone wrong in the afternoon. The water army and the marketing account come up looking to put contestants against each other, but the spearhead was all aimed at Ye Cang.

The other party carefully bypassed the program group to pull up enough heat.

The program group issued a pointless statement that there was no shady dealing in the contest and then remained silent.

After all, the target of the other side is Ye Cang, and they do not want to rush into the water and make a fuss.

It is also the hidden rules of the entertainment industry.

It’s just that Ye Cang didn’t deserve this.

After Shen Huai knew of it, he soon dialed a phone to put pressure on the program group, which was also the best solution to the matter and there was no need to consider it.

If they wanted to clarify the relationship between Ye Cang and Fang Zhiqing, it would make them look guilty.

At this moment, the lights in the room were suddenly turned on, and the lights dispelled the shadows on the face of Shen Huai.

Ye Cang poked his head through the door.

“Agent, what are you doing? The lights aren’t on.”

Shen Huai’s eyes moved slightly, turned off the computer screen then came out from behind his desk: “What’s the matter?”

Ye Cang said with a look on his face: “I have a new idea for the arrangement of this song. I’ll let you hear it before I can discuss it with Lao Yan.”

Shen Huai followed him to his room.

The room is still in a mess, but it has long been artificially opened to give direct access to Ye Cang’s work desk.

Ye Cang had long been used to tossing and moving in all kinds of sundries, which is self-evident on this road.

Shen Huai thought it was a little funny and felt a little warm.

But although Ye Cang made a pathway for him, the only place he could sit down was still on the bed.

They sat side by side, and Ye Cang took the headphones to Shen Huai.

Shen Huai listened, the face gradually revealed surprise.

Ye Cang kept an eye on his face. When he finished listening, he smiled and asked: “Does it sound good?”

Shen Huai nodded and had to admire Ye Cang’s talent.

The arrangement of this song is completely different than before, in just two days, he made two arrangements for this song, each has its own advantages, but both perfectly show the best part of the song.

Ye Cang had a lot of confidence in himself, but Shen Huai’s affirmation still made him show a happy expression.

He sent the audio to Yan Xiangming and briefly discussed it for a moment before they decided to meet again tomorrow.

Shen Huai looked at Ye Cang’s side face. His dedicated appearance had a charm beyond his appearance. The disturbances on the Internet did not seem to interfere with him.

After talking to Yan Xiangming, Ye Cang turned around and find out that Shen Huai was looking at him. He raised his eyebrows and smiled: “Did you suddenly find out that I am super handsome?”

Shen Huai: “…”

Ye Cang smiled and patted him on the shoulder. “All right, I was just kidding. Your expression is so serious. What happened?”

Shen Huaiton paused before he made the decision to tell Ye Cang what was happening on the Internet. He had a solution for this case, but at this moment, he suddenly wanted to hear Ye Cang’s choice.

“… At present, we can choose to clarify or not to clarify. The advantage of clarification is that it can prove your talent, while the advantage of not clarifying is that netizens will attribute your sudden change to Yan Xiangming and Fang Yuqing, covering up your rebirth. But at the same time, it will make the public feel bad about you.”

He looked Ye Cang in the eye and said, “Which one do you choose?”

Ye Cang was stunned, but he did not hesitate for too long, directly said: “Why do you care about this? Am I talented or not? Shouldn’t I be looking at my future work?”

Shen Huai looked at his serious expression, the corner of his lips unconsciously twitched: “What a coincidence, that’s what I thought.”

He is usually reserved and cold, smiling with a certain degree of restraint, this is the first time Ye Cang has seen his real smile.

Although the smile was short and fleeting, it still dazed Ye Cang.

Shen Huai, however, did not notice his moment of loss, stood up and said, “Then I’ll go back first, you have a good rest.”

“Wait a minute.”

After Ye Cang said it and regretted it. He stopped Shen Huai, but he didn’t know what to say. Facing Shen Huai’s puzzled eyes, his brain turned rapidly and remembered what he had seen when he recently browsed Weibo.

His expression suddenly became serious.

He asked Shen Huai, “Do I look like a child?”

Shen Huai was a little stunned. He looked at Ye Cang, a young man who had just reached the age of 20, with a face full of collagen. Although his tall and thin figure still had a trace of greenness, he did not wear a trace of young people’s frizz. He was firm and mature. This contradictory temperament showed a special appeal in him.

Shen Huai suddenly withdrew his eyes and asked in a low voice, “Why are you suddenly asking this question?”

Ye Cang opened Weibo and said, “Because they all call me cub.”

Shen Huai is speechless, but in the face of Ye Cang’s insistence that he must have an answer, he can only explain: “This kind of fans are called mother hens. They treat their idols with their mother’s mentality, and so on. there are girlfriend fans, wife fans, and career fans.”

Ye Cang suddenly said, “Oh, I see.”

He opened another Weibo and said, “What about this CP fan? What is their mentality?”

Shen Huai: “…”

Shen Huai finally explained what CP powder is.

Ye Cang touched his chin. “After thirty years, people are so open?”

Shen Huai: “…”

Ye Cang frowned. Shen Huai thought he was disgusted, so he said, “In fact, everyone is joking. You don’t have to pay too much attention to it.”

“I know. It’s nothing.” Ye Cang waved but still frowned. “I’m just dissatisfied with why they want to pull me together with Li Zihang,” he said. “It’s not worth it at all!”

He looked up at Shen Huai and said, “Agent, you and me have a much better CP! They have no vision.”

Shen Huai: “…”

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