Chapter 4 – Sign Up

The next day, Shen Huai and Ye Cang went to the company to sign a brokerage contract. This was originally something that should be done before, but because Ye Cang had been in the hospital, it was delayed until today.

When they appeared at the company, they attracted many people’s attention. They looked at Ye Cang’s hand at the same time.

Ye Cang was wearing a simple black t-shirt, his skin was a little pale, and a circle of bandages around his wrist was particularly dazzling, making the crowd whisper. 

“Is it really suicide?”

“It’s not fake. It’s all over the Internet!”

“Brother Shen is also miserable. First, he was kicked out by Jiajia, and now he is assigned to such an artist…”

“That is, it is really unlucky to have such a glass heart on stage!”

“What’s the matter with the Internet? I can’t stand it. How they mix …”

A few words of gossip reached Ye Cang’s ears, but he did not care. While playing with his mobile phone, he followed Shen Huai, but Shen Huai suddenly stopped. Those who were gossiping stopped for a moment and then more excited discussion broke out.

Ye Cang looked up in confusion and saw the young man standing on the opposite side of Shen Huai who was exquisite in appearance but arrogant in attitude.

Bai Jiajia took a step forward, with an exaggerated smile on his face. “Brother Shen, long time no see.”

Shen Huai looked at him faintly and did not speak.

Bai Jiajia’s smile fell, he thought he would see Shen Huai’s expression of anger and regret, and then he could tell another person, that he was wrong, I was right! In the resentment of Shen Huai, he went away. Since the termination of his contract with Shen Huai, Bai Jiajia has been fantasizing about such a scene, trembling with excitement every time he thought of it, and even conceived several kinds of eyes when he left.

However, Shen Huai’s reaction was like pouring cold water on him. Shen Huai looked at him in the same way as before, as if the termination of his contract did not have any impact on him.

How could Bai Jiajia believe that? His eyes crossed to Ye Cang contemptuously and turned back to Shen Huai: “Is this the newest artist signed by Brother Shen?”

Ye Cang had learned of the story from the voices of the people around him and was very aggrieved for Shen Huai. It was very difficult for him to wait for his appearance. As soon as he had a chance to lay it and was about to open his mouth, he was stopped by Shen Huai.

Shen Huai: “Come on, don’t waste your time.”

Bai Jiajia smiled stiffly, but Shen Huai did not even give him a look and took Ye Cang to the elevator.

Anger stunned Bai Jiajia, and he couldn’t take it anymore. He said loudly: “Brother Shen, even if you want to sign someone, you can’t be too hungry. At least make a pick!”

Shen Huai’s footsteps stopped.

When Bai Jiajia saw the situation, he became more and more proud. Then he said strangely: “Brother Shen, for the sake of our previous cooperation, I kindly remind you that some people are just mud that cannot support the wall.”

Shen Huai snapped, “Shut up!”

Bai Jiajia was frightened, and he could no longer say the rest. When Bai Jiajia realized his mood, he was immediately ashamed, annoyed, and resentful. He was angry with Shen Huai for not giving him face in front of everyone, and even the termination of his contract had not angered Shen Huai. But now he was angry at him because he was not optimistic about this newcomer.

Shen Huai glanced at him coldly: “What my artist does has nothing to do with you, in my opinion, he is far better than you.”

This familiar look stung Bai Jiajia’s self-esteem, he was hot-blooded, and some words come out of his mouth.

“Brother Shen, is it interesting to keep a strong face? This kind of person who can commit suicide when he encounters a little thing will commit suicide for the second time, you just wait to wipe his ass…”

What he said was not pleasant to hear, but to others, it seemed to be true. It was only that he spoke it loudly in front of the party concerned, and even the bystanders felt that he had gone too far.

Shen Huai’s face sank completely, and he was about to teach him a lesson, but Ye Cang had already taken his mobile phone and walked out. He was half a head taller than Bai Jiajia and stood calmly in front of him. ”Kid, you still need to keep a few words for yourself, otherwise, you will be taught how to be a man.”

Bai Jiajia: “What are you…”

Ye Cang interrupted him, “see? Did you forget what I just taught you? It is also difficult for our brother Shen, to put up with you for a year before the termination of the contract.”

Ye Cang pretended to sigh as if he sympathized with Shen Huai.

Bai Jiajia was so angry that his face flushed: “Bullshit! I took the initiative to terminate the contract!”

Ye Cang: “I understand, this is like breaking up, the abandoned one always cares about this kind of thing.”

This metaphor was very vivid, coupled with Bai Jiajia’s blushing and thick face. Compared with Shen Huai’s and Ye Cang’s indifference, there was a bit of meaning. Bai Jiajia was usually arrogant and not very popular, coupled with the fact that everyone sympathized with Ye Cang. No one knows who laughed first and triggered a burst of low laughter.

Even Shen Huai could only feel dumbfounded, so he only bowed his head and put his fist to his lips to hide his smile.

Originally everyone thought it was Bai Jiajia who kicked out Shen Huai, but when Ye Cang said it, look at Bai Jiajia who cares about the appearance, who can tell what the truth was.

Bai Jiajia felt the unknown eyes full of meaning around, the string in his brain broke, eyes turning red. Ye Cang was prepared, his body swayed flexibly, and his mouth was not idle: “Oh, but don’t start. You have a bad temper. Your new agent is very upset, isn’t it?”

Bai Jiajia: “!!!”

To speak of the devil, Cassie just dealt with some things, but only moments later, Bai Jiajia rushed to talk to other people with a desperate look, Cassie quickly pulled him: “What are you doing?!”

Cassie’s voice pulled Bai Jiajia reason back a little.

Cassie didn’t know what had happened, she just saw Shen Huai here, conditionally raising a polite smile: ”Jiajia is busy with the new show recently, and his mood is a little irritable, elder brother Shen do not blame him.”

“I have nothing to blame.” Shen Huai stopped his smile and said faintly, “The person he should apologize to is Ye Cang.”

Cassie’s face stiffened: “This…..”

Bai Jiajia, however, has already shouted, “No way, I will apologize to such a person!”

Cassie: “Jiajia!”

More and more people around watched the hustle and bustle, and some people even took pictures on their mobile phones. Cassie already knows what happened, afraid of it getting bigger and worse, she can only press the reluctant Bai Jiajia to apologize.

Bai Jiajia refuse to reconcile, and his eyes seemed to contain poison as they swept over the two men: “Wait, I will not let you go!”

Ye Cang waved his hand. “All right, we’ll wait. However, you listen to my advice, these villainous lines are less useful and unlucky.”

There was more laughter around him, and Cassie pulled away Bai Jiajia with a blue face.

When they left, there was no longer a play to see, and the crowd soon dispersed.

Shen Huai and Ye Cang got into the elevator. The others in the elevator were just onlookers. When they saw the person concerned, a girl’s eyes lit up and whispered, “Ye Cang you are just so handsome, come on! We’ll vote for you!”

Ye Cang froze and smiled. “Then, thank you.”

The faces of several girls turned red and let out a little scream.

Shen Huai looked at Ye Cang helplessly. He could see why the nurses were so reluctant when Ye Cang was discharged from the hospital.

The girl turned to Shen Huai again, her eyes burning: “We also will cheer Brother Shen. We’re all on your side!”

Shen Huai: “… Thank you.”

They got out of the elevator and the girls behind them were still shaking their fists to refuel them.

Ye Cang laughed and said, “The fans are so cute, the pressure is big, agent!”

Shen Huai looked at him, then whispered, “I’m sorry.”

Ye Cang was stunned: “Why did you tell me – I’m sorry?”

Shen Huai: “Today matter, I involved you.”

Ye Cang chuckled. “He’s narrow-minded and crazy. What does it have to do with you? You’re not a doctor. You can not manage all the psychopaths in the world.”

Shen Huai was once again speechless by his description, but he also saw that Ye Cang did not take the matter to heart, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

Just looking at his own artist’s appearance, talking can exasperate, who would have thought he was the powerful and cold-faced rock tyrant on the stage.

Shen Huai suddenly had a feeling of disillusionment.

When he successfully signed the contract, Shen Huai took him to see the recording studio and dance studio. As soon as Ye Cang saw the studio, he could not move his feet and sat down next to the sound engineer. When Shen Huai received a phone call back, he was already very familiar with the recording engineer, and they both met each other with a look of hate to meet so late.

The sound engineer is a typical technical otaku who never cares about gossip. Ye Cang has never recorded music before, so he does not recognize that he is Ye Cang, who has made a lot of noise on Weibo recently. “Brother Shen, ” he asked Shen Huai with a smile. “Is this the new singer signed by our company? Really solid!”

Shen Huai: “…”

When the two left the company, Ye Cang remembered that he had just gone out to answer the phone and asked curiously, “What happened?”

Shen Huai just received a phone call from the “Star of Tomorrow” director group. The other party asked them why they only signed up for one song. Shen Huai would not tell the truth. He could only use the excuse that Ye Cang’s poor health and lack of energy to prepare for the second song.

This wasn’t all false, but the other party is obviously not thrilled about it. He said a few words and hung up the phone. Shen Huai was worried about putting pressure on Ye Cang, so he did not tell him.

The director group could not help it, so he told the chief director about it. The chief director had dinner with several judges at the moment and casually mentioned it.

Xia Fei, one of the judges, immediately turned cold: “Now these young people, are not good at improving their professional level, but always want to take these eye-catching evil ways, it’s simply corrupting the atmosphere of the whole circle!”

Xia Fei was a well-known singer in China in his early years, but he has gradually changed to backstage in the past few years, but his popularity and status is still there. This time, the “Star of Tomorrow” program group also spent a lot of effort to invite him to be a mentor. He has always hated young singers who did not sing well but rose to the top with traffic, and now Ye Cang’s approach is poking him with what he hates most.

As a result, that night, netizens found that Xia Fei sent a Weibo.

@Xia Fei: Learn art first, be a man, the talent can be improved slowly, but if the heart is not correct, they rely on fans to do whatever they want, I will not let this kind of person advance.

Weibo did not name a surname, but netizens quickly guessed the right owner.

[What happened to Ye Cang?]

[I heard that there is only one song prepared for the next game. Is this too confident or self-defeating?]

[I can’t stand this kind of person. If you don’t have the ability, don’t take a shit in the manger. Think of the contestants who were eliminated by him before, he’s not worth it! ]

[If you want to kill yourself, why don’t you die cleanly! It’s not hype yet.]

[That’s what you can say, please be a man.]

Ye Cang was having fun, but Weibo kept alerting him so he could only give up the game for the time being and open Weibo.

Seeing Xia Fei words, Ye Cang frowned and directly went straight in. He wanted to see the other side of the story, and then he saw Weibo on top.

– Lu Yang, the Bible in the hearts of rockers.

Ye Cang: “…”

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