Chapter 13 – Sneak shot

After the second phase of the Top 10 competition of “Star of Tomorrow” was broadcasted on Beijing Television Station, ratings soared. Ye Cang’s perfect interpretation of “Summer Bug”, but also his retreat from Xia Fei’s hands, as well as Zheng Zhao’s early exit, no matter which it was a bursting point.

Many fans will not only watch the live broadcast but also watch the TV broadcast again because the TV station will broadcast rehearsal tidbits. You can see the other side of your idol. This time, however, they saw the exact opposite of what they had imagined.

[My Idol is like a little daughter-in-law in front of Ye Cang!!! No, no!!! I refuse to believe it!!!]

[Shit! The arrangement is actually done by Ye Cang?!]

[Cub Cang can actually arrange a song, it’s amazing! Mom sheds tears of relief ┭┮ _ ┭┮ ]

[In a whisper, no one thinks it’s a very sensational CP. Beauty attack x cold receive, I’ve already filled a 10,000-character novel.]

[I want to see it! Sister!]

[Bah! You cults! Li Zihang is clearly the one attacking!]

This mess has put Ye Cang and others on the top of the search, also secretly developed two cult groups, the “midnight party” and the “leaf party.”

Li Zihang curiously clicked on a video to take a look. As a result he was directly thundered by the pink bubbles in the slow motion. He was simply impressed by the brains of netizens and blamed his hands for being cheap.

Li Luan glanced at his screen and frowned tightly. “What kind of ghosts are you looking at?”

Li Zihang quickly turned off the video, and Li Luan turned his eyes with a cold hum.

Looking at the busy assistant, Li Zihang could not help asking his Grandfather, “Are you really going to stay?”

Since the last game, Mr. Li asked his assistant to tidy up villa on in Zhongjing City and arranged for family doctors and servants to come over. It looks like he is going to stay for a long time.

Li parents thought it was for the sake of their youngest son. They also specially called him to teach him to be sensible, and to take good care of his grandfather.

Li Zihang has a big pot on his back, and he had harsh words to say. Can he tell his parents that Grandpa was going to chase after the star?! Who can believe it! Maybe Mom and Dad would suspect he’s out of his mind and take him directly to the hospital.

Li Zihang could only endure it silently. He was like a teenager who finally realized the bitterness of growing up.

Li Luan did not realize the grief and indignation of his little grandson: “I had planned to start a record company a long time ago,” he said calmly. “And now I have this opportunity.”

Li Zihang: “…”

He still underestimated his grandpa. This star chaser is really hard core!

Li Luan looked at his grandson and sighed, “You are happier than I was back then. You can pursue your dreams freely. I couldn’t. It’s always a pity that I can only help some children who have dreams to console them.”

Li Zihang had never heard his grandfather say such a thing. The grandfather in his memory was always the great head of the Li family. But now, looking at his grandfather’s white hair and wrinkles, his heart suddenly softened and he wanted to comfort his grandfather.

However, before he could say a few words of tenderness, Li Luan changed his face and challenged his assistant: “Haven’t you created an account yet? How do you want me to use it?! Punk!”

 He said and thought of something, frowning: “Also, all those messy videos, clean them up!”

Li Zihang: “…”

Li Zihang thought: my grandfather is not only chasing after the star, but also poisonous men.

Ye Cang is naturally impossible to be signed in Li Luan’s company, but after seeing this, he is also somewhat crying and laughing.

At the beginning, Li Luan said he wanted to start a record company, but he never really put it into action. He did not expect that it would come true after so many years.

Shen Huai happened to see the expression on Ye Cang’s face: “What’s the matter?”

Ye Cang collected his mobile phone and lamented, “A talented person like me, even if I change my body, I still can’t hide my brilliance!”

Shen Huai: “…”

He looked at Ye Cang with his eyes staring at him like he was a psychopath, and then led him out of the elevator. Two simple words entered his eyes- Star Art.

The studio was not large, it was decorated in simple black-and-white style, looking very simple. However, it is well-known in the industry. It is even considered to be the best recording studio in Zhongjing.

Walking down the narrow aisle, there is an entrance to a small meeting room,. An assistant-looking girl poured two cups of coffee and asked them to sit down for a while.

Ye Cang was not interested in coffee. He stood up and looked at the meeting room. The decoration of room is very simple. Apart from the sofa and coffee table, there was only a whole wall of vinyl records, many of which were out of print.

Ye Cang was fascinated by the limited edition records and introduced them to Shen Huai. When he was counting his treasures, there was a rich voice next to him.

“Do you see many young people who are so interested in vinyl albums nowadays?”

Ye Cang and Shen Huai turned their heads and saw tall man coming out. He was Yan Xiangming, the boss of Star Art Studio, and also sound engineer and arranger that Shen Huai invited for Ye Cang.

Followed him was another tall and thin man with a pair of thick glasses, messy hair, and his askew way of walking, as if he had not been completely awake.

Shen Huai seemed a little surprised to see him: “Why are you here?”

This person is the gold level songwriter Fang Zhiqing in the industry. He and Yan Xiangming are good friends. Originally Shen Huai got Bai Jiajia’s song through Yan Xiangming.

He lay boneless on the sofa: “I stayed too late to arrange the music yesterday, so I just slept here for one night,” he said lazily.

Yan Xiangming smiled foolishly, touching his head. He said to Shen Huai, “Boss, you rarely ask me for help. I am afraid I can’t do it well, so I invited him to carry a favor.”


Ye Cang raised his eyebrows and looked at Shen Huai. Shen Huai did not hide it: “This studio is funded by me.” Looking at Yan Xiangming again, “We agreed that if I pay for your skill, you are my partner. Why are you calling me like this?”

Yan Xiangming looked like fox: “How can that be done? If it hadn’t been for your help boss, I would have been desperate. How could I afford to open Star Art?”

Shen Huai is quite helpless, Yan Xiangming is a man who attaches great importance to affection and righteousness, he is just too stubborn.

Fang Zhiqing scoffed: “Okay, you don’t have to pretend to be so hypocritical, hurry up to get down to business!” He leaned forward slightly and cast his eyes through the thick lenses on Ye Cang. “You are going to sing “Mulholland Avenue?””

“Young man, your courage is not small!”

Ye Cang: “…”

To tell the truth, no one has dared to speak to him like this for a long time.

Yan Xiangming is one of the best sound engineers in China. His work schedule has been scheduled a year in advance. Therefore, in the past, even if Shen Huai brought Bai Jiajia to record, he did not look for him. If the arrangement of “Mulholland Avenue” was not that difficult, he would not have looked for Yan Xiangming.

Yan Xiangming was grateful to Shen Huai, but unfortunately he never had a chance to repay him. He waited until Shen Huai came to him for help. He immediately left the things at hand, made spare time, and even worried that he could not do it well. He dug up his good friend, Fang Zhiqing from his home.

Fang Zhiqing was not very willing. Only after he knew that the song he was going to arrange was “Mulholland Avenue” he showed interest.

Coincidentally, Yan Xiangming had just received a record from the Flying Birds Orchestra. When he heard “Mulholland Avenue,” he immediately fell in love with the song, and recently tried to write this type of song.

He just did not expect that Ye Cang not only knew of this song but he also wanted to sing it in the competition.

Fang Zhiqing and Yan Xiangming discussed it all night, which gave them a general idea of how to arrange the song.

The three men began to discuss directly in the meeting room. Ye Cang found that Shen Huai really had some skills in finding him this arranger for him. He was not polite, so he spoke out his ideas directly.

Fang Zhiqing was still somewhat interested at first, but as Ye Cang went on, his expression slowly changed. He straightened his upper body from the sofa, and his face became brighter and brighter.

“Yes!! You’re right!” Fang Zhiqing suddenly shouted, and the whole man stood up excitedly and walked around. “It turned out that it could be like this…”

Several other people present were startled by him. Yan Xiangming was better. He was used to the periodic craziness of his friends. He smiled and thought it over for him. “That’s what happens when you send inspiration to young people. Don’t mind.”

Ye Cang used to see many people in the rock circle such as Zhiqing and did not think there was anything to it. Shen Huai was cold as ever, so people can not see what he is thinking.

Fang Zhiqing’s inspiration sprang, the three quickly finalized the arrangement of the song, and then entered the studio.

The business lasted until the wee hours of the morning.

Ye Cang yawned in the studio, Fang Zhiqing and Yan Xiangming were also tired.

Four people entered the elevator, Fang Jiqing hung on Yan Xiangming, Ye Cang also half-squinted against the wall of the elevator, only Shen Huai was sober and neatly dressed as if he could go to the dinner party immediately.

Fang Zhiqing feel all kinds of envy and jealousy: “Agent Shen, didn’t you wait outside all day? I can’t believe your energy is still so good!”

Shen Huai smiled and did not speak.

When he bought out the company before, he had not slept for three days and three nights, and he was still in high spirits. Half a day was not a big deal for him.

Just then, with a “Ding” sound, the elevator door opened.

The four men went out in turn. Shen Huai was about to drive over when suddenly he felt a camera flashing past.

With a stern look, he turned sharply to the flower beds outside the building.

A thin man was holding up his camera. He didn’t expect to be found out. He ran away with the camera in his arms.

Fang Zhiqing has not yet responded: “What’s the matter?”

Shen Huai looked solemn: “Someone took a sneak shot.”

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