My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 39 – Chu Mei Bo

They rushed to the intensive care unit. Through the glass, they saw a pale girl lying in bed with a breathing mask on her face. According to the nurse, although she was out of danger, she was not awake and had to stay in the intensive care unit for one night. 

Shen Huai was not sure whether Chu Mei Bo, like Ye Cang, has been reborn in this girl’s body. But right now, she was still not awake. It’s meaningless for them to wait here, they had to go back to the hotel first.

After returning, Xue Chengge had already gone to bed, so Shen Huai did not disturb him, and went to sleep in the same room as Ye Cang.

Although they had lived in the same house before, they actually had their own bathrooms. Now they had to live in the same room, and the interrupted kiss tonight made Shen Huai a little uncomfortable.

Taking advantage of the fact that Ye Cang was bathing, he pressed his forehead and forced himself to turn his attention to work.

When he finished his phone call and arranging things, he turned his head and saw Ye Cang walk out with a bath towel around his hips. His figure was flexible and thin, because of his recent regular exercise, there was a slight shadow of muscle lines.

Shen Huai’s forehead veins pulsed in annoyance: “Put on your clothes!”

Ye Cang: “I’m going to sleep in a minute. Why should I wear something?”

Shen Huai: “…”

Ye Cang hugged his arm and looked at Shen Huai’s vaguely red ears. “Are you shy?” he said with a wicked smile.

Shen Huai: “I’ll go to shower first.” After that, he rushed into the bathroom with his things.

The bathroom door slammed shut. 

Shen Huai rested his arm on the sink, and looked at himself in the mirror with some regret. His self-control, which he had always been proud of, was like paper in front of Ye Cang.

Just like tonight, he just wanted to take a walk with Ye Cang to make him relax. Who knew it would develop into something like that.

For the first time, Shen Huai thought of escaping. He stayed in the bathroom for a long time before he dallied out.

Ye Cang seemed to be too tired and had fallen asleep.

Shen Huai breathed a sigh of relief and returned to his bed. Only, when he closed his eyes, his mind went back to the river bank. It took him a lot of effort to force himself to forget this scene and tiredly fall asleep.

Early next morning, Ye Cang woke up.

He had gone through so many things yesterday that he thought the illegitimate rice would make him have nightmares. Who knows that after he fell asleep, he had no dreams and slept straight to dawn.

He couldn’t help looking at the other side of the bed. To his surprise, Shen Huai was still sleeping.

Ye Cang took a look at his cell phone, then got up and dressed. He wanted to wash, but he didn’t want to wake up Shen Huai. He got out of bed and went quietly to the bedside of Shen Huai.

Shen Huai had a good sleeping posture.

Black hair scattered on both sides of his forehead, his eyebrows soaring, giving a faint shadow to his deep eye sockets. Long and dense eyelashes cleverly attached to his eyelids, because he was asleep and relaxed his mouth slightly tilted.

Ye Cang reached out and tried to touch his mouth, but Shen Huai suddenly opened his eyes.

Ye Cang’s hand suddenly froze.

Shen Huai squinted at the person in front of him, his voice was a little hoarse because he had just woken up: “What are you doing?” 

Ye Cang quickly retracted his hand and pretended he didn’t try to do anything, “I was just about to wake you up. I’m going to wash up first.” 

Shen Huai was skeptical, but when he saw Ye Cang, the scene of yesterday appeared in his mind like a shadow, so in the end he could only unnaturally shift his eyes away.

Ye Cang was guilty of being a thief, and he didn’t dare to look at Shen Huai.

Each of them had his own thoughts, and they were at peace with each other this morning. 

When they finished washing and eating breakfast, they rushed to the hospital. Knowing that the girl was completely out of danger early this morning, she was transferred to the general ward, and they went to the general ward again.

Before they got close to the ward, however, they heard arguments coming from inside. The two men were worried and could not help but quicken their pace.

In the ward, the girl with pale skin sat on the bed, cool and calm. In contrast, it was a couple standing opposite her who shouted abuse.

The police with embarrassing expressions persuaded him: “Mr. and Mrs. Chu, the child has just woken up, and her body is still very weak, Please lecture her in the future, let her now a good rest now.”

The police were also very helpless. Yesterday they arrived at the scene of the crime and found a bag near the river. From these belongings, they found out that girl was named Chu Chu, who had just graduated from high school and wanted to jump into the river to commit suicide for some reason. They tried contacting girl’s parents last night, but were unable to contact them until this morning. They learned from the hospital that the girl’s life was out of danger, so policeman came to the hospital with them. Who knew that as soon as they came in, they had not spoken even a few words before the couple began swearing. 

The policeman was afraid of stimulating the little girl. He could only try his best to persuade the other party. On the contrary, the little girl did not seem to want to commit suicide at all. She was very calm.

When Ye Cang and Shen Huai knocked on the door to come in, the policeman seemed like he had seen the savior.

“Mr. Chu, these two gentlemen are the ones who saved Chu Chu’s live.”

Mr. Chu turned to look at the two men and said impatiently, “Really, I’ll ask my secretary to give you a sum of money as a reward, as well as a fee for keeping quiet. For the sake of Chu’s reputation, please don’t publicize this matter.”

Shen Huai frowned not for the arrogant tone of the man, but for the fact that his daughter had just had a serious accident and almost died. Instead of worrying about her health he cared only about his reputation.

With that Mr. Chu turned to Chu Chu, “If you do such a dishonorable thing again, I will no longer care about you. I’ll finish the discharge formalities in a minute, go home and stay there. Don’t make any more trouble!”

Chu Chu, however, said lightly, “Go back to marry a 40-year-old man and become a marriage tool?”

When Mr. Chu heard her words, he was furious: “What nonsense are you talking about? You don’t get good grades, you don’t have any skills, and you can’t even pass the college entrance exam. I let you get married only after consideration of your future!”

Chu Chu: “Selling girls for your own glory can also be said so magnificently, I really underestimated you.”

Mr. Chu: “You bitch!”

He was so angry that he reached out to hit Chu Chu, but the other side looked straight at him with cold eyes, which made Mr. Chu freeze, and his hand couldn’t move.

The policeman took the opportunity to stop him: “If you have something to say, say it but don’t do it.”

Mr. Chu regained his mind and became even more angry: “Damn! I feed you and dress you! That’s how you repay me?!”

“No.” Chu Chu’s lips drew a faint smile. “Your company shares, I also have 50%, I eat my own dividends, how much do you need for my feeding and clothing?”

As soon as this sentence came out, Mr. Chu felt as if he had been hit on his sore point and said angrily, “What do you mean by that?”

Chu Chu said lightly, “It doesn’t mean anything. This company was originally owned by my mother. After you married her, you raised a mistress outside and killed her…” 

Mr. Chu jumped with rage: “What are you talking about? Your mother died of illness!!!”

Chu Chu: “Well, after you and that mistress made her so miserable, she died of illness…”

Mr. Chu: “Damn you! She died of breast cancer! Who’s made her miserable!!!”

Chu Chu wondered, “That’s what I see on TV, isn’t it? Well, that’s you and the mistress…”

Mr. Chu was furious: “there was no mistress!” Aunt Wu and I didn’t know each other until after your mother died!”

The woman on the other side hid her face and says, “Chu Chu, I know you’ve always hated me, but you can’t make up such rumors just because you hate me…”

Chu Chu: “Mrs. Wu, when you cry, you have to frown a little tighter, and your eyes have to be a little redder. It would be even better if you could shed two tears. It’s very unprofessional of you to act like this.”

Mrs. Chu: “…”

Mr. Chu was so angry that he lost his temper and pointed to Chu Chu with his fingers shaking. “Okay, you think you are an adult now, don’t you? I can’t control you anymore! Don’t expect to get another penny from me in the future!!!”

Mrs. Chu hastily advised, “Chu Chu, don’t be stubborn with your father, admit your mistake…”

“I was right,” Chu Chu said strangely, “Why should I admit my mistake?”

Mr. Chu was so angry that he waved away Mrs. Chu’s hand. “What else do you advise her to do? Go back! I’ll pretend that I never raised such an evil seed!!!”

Chu Chu: “Wait a minute.”

Mr. Chu thought that Chu Chu was frightened by his words and wanted to admit her mistake. He turned around and sneered, “Know now you’re wrong? As long as you listen to me in future…”

Chu Chu, however, had no intention to admit it at all, but asked seriously, “Did you mean to sever the relationship between father and daughter with me?”

Mr. Chu: “!!!”

Chu Chu looked at the policeman and said, “You have heard it. Can the police take care of it?”

The policeman’s expression was awkward. He had only routinely come over to take a statement. He did not expect to encounter such a family feud. He coughed and whispered, “From the legal point of view, the biological father and daughter can not break off the relationship…”

“Really?” Chu Chu expressed regret. “What a pity.”

Police: “…”

Mr. Chu flushed with anger: “You evil seed!”

Chu Chu sighed, “If the child is not taught, is the father’s fault!”

Mr. Chu: “!!!”

Mr. Chu was about to suffer from cerebral haemorrhage when the door was knocked and a man in a suit came in and introduced himself to the public: “My surname is Zhang, I am Miss Chu’s attorney.”

Mr. Chu looked at Lawyer Zhang in shock: “You…” He looked at Chu again, “What did you call a lawyer for?”

Chu Chu ignored him and said to lawyer Zhang: “Lawyer Zhang, according to my mother’s will, I will get 50% of the shares of Changtian Company managed by my father when I grow up. You have seen the picture of the will and my ID card. If I want to go through the legal process, what’s the winning rate of the lawsuit?”

Lawyer Zhang responded earnestly: “If there is an original will, the winning rate can reach more than 80%.”

At this time, Mr. Chu finally recovered from his shock, and realized that the reason why Chu Chu was messing around with him before was just to wait for the lawyer to come over. He was very anxious and angry: “What are you doing? What will?! What are you talking about?”

“Doesn’t Mr. Chu remember?” Chu Chu laughed lightly, but her laughter did not reach the bottom of her eyes. “Yes, you always thought that you had taken care of my mother will, but you never thought that my mother had seen through your personality a long time ago. She left me two identical wills. The one you took away from me was one of them.”

There was a touch of panic on Mr. Chu’s face, but he soon suppressed it down: “Nonsense! You’re getting worse and worse!”

However even if he hides well, Mrs. Chu apparently doesn’t have this ability, she panicked and pulled his arm: “Husband, what she said…”

Chu glared at her. “Shut up, let’s go back.”

When he had finished, he pulled Mrs. Chu out of the ward, but his back was somewhat awkward.

After Mr. Chu left, Chu politely said to the policemen, “Thank you for today, I have some words to say to these two gentlemen, Could you excuse me for a moment?”

The policemen who was forced to listen to this big performance, also felt some embarrassment, only comforting her with a few words, and also left the ward.

After he left, the lawyer smiled and said, “Miss Chu, have I finished my job?” 

Chu Chu nodded: “Thank you for today. I’ll call you later if I need you in the future.”

Lawyer Zhang nodded and turned away from the ward.

When all these people left, Ye Cang responded: “This… Is this lawyer a fake?”

Chu Chu nodded: “Fake, he is an actor from theatre, his acting is okay.”

Ye Cang was startled, it was only one morning, even if she had great ability, it was impossible to find a lawyer immediately and invite him to the ward, it would be too illusory.

“You… Why did you do that?”

Chu Chu smiled a little, but did not reply.

Shen Huai looked at the pale face that had a calm expression totally inconsistent with her age. Without asking, he had guessed the identity of the other party: “Chu Mei Bo?”

Chu Chu’s smile deepened and without denying: “Mr. Shen has a good eye. Next, let’s talk about cooperation, okay?”

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