Chapter 12 – PK song

As soon as the eight-into-six competition was over, Shen Huai had already received olive branches from several entertainment companies. If “No Old Song” made them have some intention to move, then the strength of “Summer Bug” was enough for them to turn their minds into action.

Such a new and talented newcomer, in today’s entertainment industry, is simply a rare species, they are simply a cash cow ah, no matter how much it would cost to hire such a person, it would be worth it.

Ye Cang’s former agent repented and thought he could not afford it. Who knew that he had been reborn now? He mistook pearls for fish eyes, which had become a big joke in the industry. More importantly, the new company used to be very optimistic about him being vice president, but because of this incident, they changed their attitude towards him. His promotion is also flying away.

He had the nerve to call Ye Cang, but when Ye Cang remembered him, he hung up the phone with a “wrong number”.

 Of course, Morningstar had the biggest reaction to this incident.

 Ming Wei reacted quickly and immediately contacted Shen Huai. In the beginning, Ye Cang and the company had only signed the trainee contract, the company did not pay much, but at the same time, if Ye Cang wanted to break the contract, he does not have to pay too much of a price.

In terms of the ability he has shown today, many companies were willing to pay this small price for this piece of jade. 

Shen Huai told Ye Cang about this matter, and Ye Cang said he had the full power to handle it.

Ming Wei directly took out the A-level artist contract, which is already very sincere.

After all, Bai Jiajia also signed the A-level contract after getting the “Best Newcomer”.

However, Shen Huai was not half surprised but clearly stated his requirements. He had been an agent for three years and had a clear understanding of the small pitfalls in the contract.

Ming Wei failed to get half a benefit from him, Shen Huai was very particular about the contract, it stuck right on her bottom line every time.

Ming Wei has never been so suffocated, She couldn’t help but ridicule: “You are so dedicated to him, you are not afraid to raise a second Bai Jiajia?”

Shen Huai did not speak.

However, Ming Wei felt more and more stuffed, and directly changed the topic: “If the contract has no problem, take it over to Ye Cang to sign. He was lucky enough to meet a self-sacrificing agent like you.”

Shen Huai ignored her sarcasm and said slowly, “There is one more thing, I want the independence of the copyright of Ye Cang’s songs.”

 Ming Wei laughed angrily: “You are really too cheap to let it go.”

Every singer has this request, but in fact, most of them wrote the song of little value. it was a good deal for the company to trade this irrelevant request for greater benefits.

Even if Ye Cang has adapted “Summer Bug”, the stereotype left over for many years cannot be easily changed.

Ming Wei is also somewhat afraid of Shen Huai, this subordinate usually looks like a gentleman. However, when negotiating, he behaved like a vulture. Whenever she shows a little flaw, she will be chased and beaten by him with no mercy.

Besides, she had paid such a high price in the early stages that there was no need to haggle over such a small matter.

So Shen Huai successfully obtained the right for Ye Cang’s independent song copyright after paying a little profit in advertising fees.

After this negotiation, even a strong woman like Ming Wei was a little tired.

Shen Huai, however, did not show any change. He took a contract and stood up, showing his usual restrained and polite smile: “Thank you, Sister Ming.”

Ming Wei was trying to say something and Shen Huai raised his head just in time. There seemed to be a sharp glint in his eyes. However, before Ming Wei could see it clearly, it was covered by the lenses.

Ming Wei’s words were never spoken. She looked at Shen Huai’s departure and somehow felt a sense of regret, as if she had missed a gold mine.

When Shen Huai returned home, Ye Cang just came out of the room: “You just came back, come and listen to my next song.”

Shen Huai followed him into his bedroom. After a while, his room changed into a recording studio, and some time ago he had learned to shop online, so the room was full of messy things. 

Ye Cang scratched his head and felt embarrassed. He kicked away the debris on the ground to reveal a road, then he found that there was no place to sit in the room. He could only let Shen Huai sit on the bed.

Shen Huai was speechless, he found out that Ye Cang had a very high talent in music, but in other aspects, he was really useless.

Ye Cang coughed gently, threw aside these misdeeds, turned on the computer and played the music he had made.

The song did not have a very clear theme, relying on all kinds of musical instruments and voices to create an illusory artistic conception, even if Shen Huai did not understand what is being sung, he was still trapped in a fascinating dream.

In order to avoid the situation of “No Old Songs”, Shen Huai especially remembered all the songs written by Lu Yang, but he was still at a loss: “When did you write this?”

Ye Cang shook his head: “This is not my song.”

“The song is called Mulholland Avenue. It’s a song by the Flying Birds Orchestra.”

The Flying Birds Orchestra is a rock band from Lu Yang’s time, but compared with Lu Yang’s fame, the band, like most rock bands at that time, is nameless, and there is little information available online today.

Mulholland Avenue was their masterpiece.

Mulholland Avenue is a famous road in Los Angeles, it leads to Hollywood, and has appeared in many Hollywood movies, for people of that time, Hollywood represented ecstasy. This is also the theme of this song.

This song is very thoughtful, although it can’t be said to be excellent, its exploration of music is still ahead of its time.

 Shen Huai’s musical touch is not as sharp as Ye Cang’s, but he knows very well that such a song in a competition track is too risky.

However, Ye Cang is firm in his attitude and does not intend to change his decision. 

Of course, he can continue to sing his own famous songs, with his ability, it is easy to get the first place in this game, and even become a superstar again, even if it will not be as high as the previous life, it is enough to be well-fed.

But in that case, what’s the point of living his life all over again?

Changing to another agent, they will not let him be so nonsensical, but Shen Huai listened to his ideas, and seriously nodded: “I see, you go ahead and do it, don’t worry about anything else.”

Although Ye Cang knew that Shen Huai had always respected him professionally, they were partners after all. Yet he did not consult with him and made decisions without authorization. It is indeed a bit capricious. However, Shen Huai not only did not blame him but also spared no effort to support him.

He felt as if his heart had been scratched by something, and he felt a tingling itch. This made the original teasing he had intended to say seem a little inappropriate. His clever tongue didn’t work and the whole person seemed a little dull.

Shen Huai didn’t think too much about it. He always put himself in the right position. He never rebutted his artists professionally. As long as they decided, he would support them.

However, he did not hear Ye Cang’s reply, and looked at him with some doubt: “what’s the matter, do you have any other questions?”

Ye Cang returned to his mind with a cynical smile as usual, but only he knew that it contained emotions he had never had before.

He put his arm on Shen Huai’s shoulder again, as if he didn’t see his frown, and clicked open the next song.

Shen Huai was surprised: “This is…”

What sounded in the stereo is a very famous rock piece by Lu Yang, but he can still hear that it is recorded by Ye Cang. Although the recording conditions are not the best, his performance is as good and stable as ever.

“You prepared two songs?” Shen Huai asked.

Ye Cang nodded. “This is a PK track I prepared for myself.”

Shen Huai was even more surprised. Ye Cang was so confident in himself that he didn’t think he would lose at all. So from the top ten, he had never prepared a PK track. How could he do it this time?

Ye Cang seemed to see his confusion and explained: “Although I think the song has its own charm, but as a competition track, it needs to be in line with the preferences of most people. At this point, there is no difference between now and thirty years ago.”

He smiled. “I want to sing this song, but I promised you to win the championship.”

Shen Huai was stunned. He was used to the wayward and natural nature of his artist. But it was the first time he had been so quietly attentive. A strange emotion hit his brain, leaving him with no idea how to deal with it.

Ye Cang was originally a little uncomfortable, but when he saw Shen Huai look away, he felt even more uncomfortable than he was, so he let it go.

He went over his head and said, “Agent, is it very touching?”

Shen Huai twisted his brow and pushed his head away. “Sit properly.”

Ye Cang stared at Shen Huai’s red ears, smiled softly, loosened his arms and returned to his original position.

Shen Huai breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Although the sound engineer of the company is good, the difficulty of this song is very high, and it is not something he can do. I will find another sound engineer and arranger for you. It’s not that I don’t believe in your abilities, but time is running out, and it would be easier for you to have a good arranger to help you.”

Ye Cang: “I…”

Shen Huai held out his hand and stopped him saying, “Anyway, you must listen to me this time. You don’t need to worry about money.”

Ye Cang was not so stubborn.

Since Fan Jing’s incident, he has guessed that Shen Huai is not the poor little agent he imagined. Moreover, he is not this kind of stubborn person. The arrangement of Mulholland Avenue is extremely complicated so it was a little difficult for him to do it alone, and even if he is familiar with PK songs, he still has to prepare for it.

Moreover, the rare strength of his agent always gives him a little face.

He smiled and “helplessly” accepted the other person’s kindness.

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