MAIR – Chapter 154 – Breakups?!

After Ye Cang finished speaking, he left, leaving an Old Guo, who looked like he was struck by lightning.

So when the two returned to the private room, they found that Mr. Guo, who was very smug before, was wilted like a frostbitten eggplant.

Shen Huai looked at Ye Cang with questioning eyes, but just got a gloating shrug from him.

Guo Wenyuan secretly looked at Pei Ran several times, but did not know how to open his mouth.

Pei Ran may have noticed it, but he was now chatting with Chu Mei Bo about movie making. Chu Mei Bo thought Pei Ran was an actor like her but unexpectedly, Pei Ran wanted to be a movie director. After talking with Pei Ran, she found that Pei Ran didn’t just talk casually about it. He really planned to carry it out.

Chu Mei Bo thought for a moment and said, “Why don’t I recommend a screenwriter to you?” 

Pei Ran motioned to her to go on. 

Chu Mei Bo: “Her name is Tang Sugar. Although her resume is full of romantic genres, I have read her script. She is a very thoughtful and capable screenwriter. When I talked with her, she said that she wanted to write a story about your time and has been looking up relevant information. If you don’t have a better choice, you can try her.”

Although Pei Ran had rich experience in the film industry and had tried all kinds of positions, he really had some difficulties with writing.  Even though he had the whole plot of the film in his mind, it was really difficult for him to put it on paper and make the script.

Pei Ran originally decided to slowly search for someone, but Chu Mei Bo’s proposal came just on time. He didn’t care about the other party’s reputation in the industry. He was confident in Chu Mei Bo’s vision, so he agreed to find the time to meet and chat with Tang Sugar.

Chu Mei Bo immediately sent a message to Tang Sugar.

Since Tang Sugar became popular through her previous two online dramas, she was no longer a little transparent newcomer who no one paid attention to. Recently she received many invitations for cooperation, but Tang Sugar was still considering them. When she received Cu Mei Bo’s WeChat message she was immediately interested. 

The two sides made an appointment, and the meal was finished.

When the five people left the restaurant, Mr. Guo walked at the front quite worried. Chu Mei Bo and Pei Ran chatted vigorously, while Ye Cang and Shen Huai were walking at the end.

The location of the restaurant was a little bit offside, and it was already a little late, so it was not easy to take a taxi and everyone chatted as they walked. Mr. Guo called his assistant to drive over to pick them up.

Ye Cang and Shen Huai talked about the big earthquake caused by Huayue Records in the music circle. Nowadays, stars like Tang Ruoyi or Qiu Jie still had it good but the situation of small newcomers was not that good. Now they were all looking for a way out like headless flies.

For example, Liu Ke, who had taken part in “Star of Tomorrow” together with Ye Cang had  also signed a contract with Huayue Records. However, compared with Ye Cang and Li Zihang, his popularity was obviously much dimmer. After “Star of Tomorrow” ended, he disappeared in the crowd. However, Ye Cang had interacted with him during the competition, and knew that he was a musician with his own ideas, so after Liu Ke contacted him this time, he did not refuse him, but decided to talk with him.

There were many people like Liu Ke, who had seen Ye Cang’s love and support for music. In fact, after Huayue was exposed as a bully in the circle, many people contacted Ye Cang. Ye Cang did everything he could and talked to them one by one.  

The reason why Ye Cang delayed coming back for so long was not only because of commercial activities such as advertising, but also because of this.

Shen Huai handed over almost all the resources of the studio to Ye Cang, but Ye Cang did not act arbitrarily. Before he made a decision, he would still discuss it with Shen Huai, which had formed a tacit understanding between the two people.

While they were talking, Shen Huai’s body suddenly froze and he looked across the street, but it was quiet and there was nothing there.

Ye Cang asked, “What is the matter with you?”

Chu Mei Bo and the others in front also stopped and looked at Shen Huai with concern.

Shen Huai shook his head. At that moment, he felt someone looking over here, but he didn’t see anything and thought he was just too nervous.

This kind of thing had happened before, so Shen Huai didn’t say anything. Just at this moment, Mr. Guo’s assistant drove over, so everyone got in the car and drove to the hotel.

When they left, across the street, a paparazzi carefully poked his head out and took a long breath. He had heard before that Shen Huai was very sensitive, so he paid great attention to hiding but unexpectedly, he was nevertheless almost discovered.

The paparazzi patted his chest and looked at the pictures on his camera. 

Director Xie’s filming management was very strict. The paparazzi could hardly shoot anything of value, so most of them had given up, but he had been following the crew for so long, and finally got something good. 



After returning to the hotel, Mr. Guo locked himself in the hotel room gloomily. 

In fact, Ye Cang hadn’t said much. He just told him that Tang Wanjun had been staying in Hong Kong Hall after her death, and that Pei Ran had also been there. Before Pei Ran almost died bravely, he had asked him to apologize to Tang Wanjun.

These were all facts, and it didn’t seem too ambiguous to look at it like that.

But he couldn’t stand it. Mr. Guo was a fan. What was a fan? He was the best fan in the word for his goddess! You don’t like her?! How is that possible?

Moreover, Tang Wanjun was able to make her debut with Pei Ran’s help. She herself had thanked Pei Ran many times on various occasions. Moreover, Tang Wanjun had never married and had never had an affair with anyone. Coupled with Ye Cang’s words, when he thought about it, it was a tragic love story.

The more Mr. Guo thought about it, the more heartbroken he was. However, it was not appropriate to speak about it with the others. Mr. Guo thought about it again and again. Only Shen Huai had the kindest heart and would  listen to him complaining, so he called Shen Huai directly. 

Shen Huai was walking out of the bathroom after taking a bath, when Ye Cang hugged him and was about to ask for a kiss, when Shen Huai’s cell phone rang. Shen Huai could only push Ye Cang away to answer the phone.  

Ye Cang, who was interrupted, felt very upset. He frowned and stared at Shen Huai’s mobile phone. “Who is this? Does this person still have any manners calling so late?”

Shen Huai hung up the phone and looked at Ye Cang with a complicated expression. “Mr. Guo.” 

Ye Cang: “…”

Shen Huai: “He said he was heartbroken, and is very sad. He wants to talk with me.”

Ye Cang: “…”

Damn it! 

Mr. Guo, you did it!!

Ye Cang watched sadly as Shen Huai changed his clothes and walked through the door without any hesitation. For the first time, he realized what it was like to be unhappy because of his own karma.



Mr. Guo ordered a bottle of wine, which he had already started drinking before Shen Huai came in. Although he hadn’t drunk much, he was obviously drunk.

Guo Wenyuan was really sad at this moment. He didn’t call Shen Huai to take revenge on Ye Cang but purely because he trusted Shen Huai’s character and wanted to hear a positive word from his mouth, so that he could really give up. 

He looked at Shen Huai pitifully. “Junior Shen, I know that you are always honest unlike that bad guy Ye Cang. Just tell me the truth, Miss Tang, is she…. with Pei Ran… “

Shen Huai hesitated for a moment. 

If it had been before, he might have told Guo Wenyuan that it was impossible, but after this period of time he saw Pei Ran’s extraordinary attention to Tang Wanjun, so he was not so sure anymore.

However, when Guo Wenyuan saw his silence, his heart suddenly cooled, and tears filled his eyes. “I knew it…”

Shen Huai looked at Guo Wenyuan and felt some sympathy. After the image of his idol was destroyed, he received the news that his idol may have fallen in love. As a fan, Old Guo was really miserable.

Shen Huai had been in this circle for such a long time. When he saw some idols falling in love, their fans took off their powder and stepped back. Although Old Guo was already so old and shouldn’t behave so childish, his obsession was similar to that of the star chasing girls, so Shen Huai was really a little worried.

Shen Huai was thinking about how to phrase it and Mr. Guo was already washing it down with a bottle of wine.

Shen Huai was a little frightened when he looked at his posture.

After drinking a whole bottle of red wine, Mr. Guo stood up shakily with red cheeks and dim eyes, and then gave a hiccup. 

Mr. Guo raised his hand in the air and said, “Junior Shen!”

Shen Huai: “…”

He helplessly sat down with Mr. Guo. “You talk, I will listen.”

Mr. Guo sniffed. “I’ve really liked Miss Tang for many years. I have listened to her songs since her debut. Her singing is so beautiful! I worked at the construction site and almost all of my co-workers were her fans. In fact, we also thought that she would get married one day and we as fans, should give her our blessing…”

Hearing Guo Wenyuan’s words, Shen Huai breathed a sigh of relief.

But Mr. Guo suddenly started crying. “It was not easy for me to meet Wanjun! Since I was a child, I have been very hard working, walking my own bloody path, I was hurt by others and had to rely on myself to start over again and again. As a result, as a result… “

Old Guo hugged Shen Huai’s arm and wiped his snot and tears in Shen Huai’s sleeve. 

Shen Huai: “…”

In his life, he had never comforted a drunk who was lovesick. When Chen Chiyu was lovesick, he wanted to drink with him, so he took him directly to the boxing ring. After a fight, Chen Chiyu was not sad anymore, instead he had trouble breathing for his life… 

It was just that Mr. Guo was in fact old and this state of his had something to do with Ye Cang. Shen Huai was too embarrassed to do anything.

In the end, Shen Huai couldn’t stand it and could only call Guo Wenyuan’s assistant.

As soon as the assistant came in, he saw his boss holding Shen Huai’s arm and crying like a child. Boss Shen was frowning as if he had reached the limit of his patience.  

The assistant was frightened. After all, Mr. Shen’s background was very powerful and he hung up on the hot Weibo search for a long time. His boss’s small physique was estimated to be unable to bear a single blow.

The more the assistant thought about it, the more terrified he was. He rushed up and tore the boss off Mr. Shen’s arm, then apologized.

When Shen Huai saw the assistant frightened, he was speechless and didn’t know what the assistant’s brain had imagined.

He told the assistant to take good care of Guo Wenyuan and then went back.

The assistant supported Guo Wenyuan, and carefully asked Shen Huai, “Mr. Shen, can I ask you what kind of stimulation Mr. Guo had? Wasn’t he alright this afternoon?”

Shen Huai hesitated for a moment. “It’s probably similar to…. lovesickness.”

Assistant: “Lovesick?!”


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