Chapter 11 – Great devil

It was not until the end of the performance that the audience slowly recovered, the shock of the song remaining in their hearts.

The audience was still interested, this feast of visual and audio has completely conquered them. The audience stood up spontaneously to applaud for a whole minute. The bulletin board, which seemed to be frozen, also came back to life, and netizens expressed their respect for the two singers with a voice of awe that filled the screens.

Li Luan’s assistant glanced at the tearful president and cautiously said, “President, the performance is over.”

When Li Luan’s mind returned, he realized that his cheeks were wet. The assistant quickly turned around and pretended that he didn’t see anything.

Li Luan did not lose his temper as usual. He looked up at Ye Cang on the stage. The whole person was a little stunned, his eyes filled with complex emotions.

It’s been almost thirty years, he thought he’d never see such a performance again in his lifetime.

Ye Cang did not know that his number one fan was sitting below the stage. This time, he sang freely and incisively. He was impatient with the host’s crooked interview, he just wanted to step down to see his agent’s reaction.

He did not cooperate, and Li Zihang was notoriously reticent.

The host couldn’t go on interviewing, which was rather embarrassing. Fortunately, the director’s instructions came in at this time from the headphones. She said quickly, “For this song, I think that among the three judges, Mr. Xia should have the most feelings, it is better to ask Mr. Xia to comment on it first.”

Xia Fei is a die-hard fan of Lu Yang. Everyone knows that “Summer Bug” was his first attempt to enter the music circle. He is straightforward and speaks harshly. Once upon a time, some people wanted to sing “Summer Bug,” however, if there is a little defect, he would pull out a sneer and some sarcasm, he had a poisonous tongue that told the truth, and the other side can only bear it and swallow it.

This was one of the reasons why later on, no one dared to sing “Summer Bug.”

When Ye Cang and Li Zihang sang, the camera kept sweeping towards Xia Fei, but his face was so serious that people could not see what was on his mind.

The words spoken by the host were in line with the audience’s intentions, and they also wanted to hear how Xia Fei would comment on Ye Cang and Li Zihang’s singing.

Xia Fei did not refuse, he first commented on Li Zihang: “Your timbre and pitch are very good, but there are still some problems…”

Xia Fei’s comment was merciless but meaningful. Li Zihang was prepared for it and accepted the comment modestly.

Xia Fei’s face also softened a little: “But you don’t have to be depressed, some things are given by time and experience. It’s good to be able to do that at your age.”

Li Zihang did not expect that he would still be able to get the praise of Xia Fei, and in a moment of surprise he did not respond.

However, no one cared about his reaction, because Xia Fei’s eyes turned to Ye Cang, which was the real highlight.

Xia Fei looked at Ye Cang in a complicated way and after a long time, he said: “I don’t know what to say. Your performance is almost perfect. I even felt that you have exchanged souls with the devil to be able to sing such a song.”


Ye Cang:…

At this time, a magazine curtain floated quietly.

[Culture is not the same when licking dogs are superior to us]


Zheng Zhao’s face was pale in the background, and he couldn’t believe what he saw. The killing tactics originally prepared for Ye Cang turned out to be made into success by the other party. He was angry enough that he almost vomited blood.

However, his teammate did not understand his mood and kept asking him, “Are we going to lose?”

Zheng Zhao could not bear it and roared at him, “The result has not come out yet! What are you talking about?”

He was so upset that he pushed people aside and went outside. As soon as he came out, he heard the audience screaming and shouting the names of Ye Cang and Li Zihang.

Zheng Zhao’s mood was even worse.

The result was self-evident, Ye Cang and Li Zihang were promoted to the top six without any doubt, while Zheng Zhao stole the rice only to lose the chicken, and had to take part in the next PK competition.

Ye Cang did what he said, and netizens waited for him to beat Zheng Zhao in the face.

Zheng Zhao felt the same way, so he reluctantly pulled out a smile: “This game, you sang extraordinarily, I am convinced we lost.”

Although Zheng Zhao tried to seem magnanimous, he couldn’t help showing a little resentment.

Ye Cang could see it, but he never had the habit of beating up a drowning dog. He did not pick up his words, he just shook hands with both of them and wished them good luck in the next stage. Only then did he step down with Li Zihang.

This made many netizens waiting to watch the hustle and bustle disappointed, but let more people enhance his favor, feeling that he has demeanor. No one said he was arrogant anymore, and they all thought it was his true disposition.

By contrast, if Zheng Zhao, who is facing a big enemy, seems to be a little bit of a gentleman, many people associate it with the deletion of Zheng Zhao’s Weibo before, and begin to unavoidably have some other ideas.

Zheng Zhao clenched his teeth and rally hated Ye Cang. However, in full view of the public, he could do nothing but watch Ye Cang and Li Zihang walk off the stage.

After stepping down, Li Zihang’s mood at the moment had not completely calmed down. He wanted to talk with Ye Cang again, but he directly skipped him and went to the aisle leading to the audience.

As soon as Shen Huai came in, he saw Ye Cang staring at him with burning eyes: “Did you see my performance today? Is it good?” He looked like a child who had done well in the exam and asked for praise from his parents. There is no calmness on the sub-stage.

Shen Huai did not know whether to laugh or cry, but he still replied, “Yes, it was very powerful!”

Contented, Ye Cang put his arm on Shen Huai’s shoulder and pulled him to the breakroom. As he passed by Li Zihang, he finally seemed to think of his teammate and looked at him in surprise: “Why are you still here?”

Li Zihang: “…”

Suddenly, he could understand Zheng Zhao’s mood, after all, as his teammate, he couldn’t bear it any longer.

Zheng Zhao had always been fearless, thinking that Ye Cang and Li Zihang would lose, so he was not very attentive to his PK repertoire. Now that he suddenly faced PK, coupled with his previous mental imbalance, he behaved in a mess, and went out in the cold.

Zheng Zhao was going crazy. He did not expect that the script he had designed for Ye Cang would come true for him instead. 

Now Ye Cang has successfully entered the top six, but he had to leave the stage in disgrace. For Zheng Zhao, this was a nightmare.

Zheng Zhao’s family is well-off. From an early age, he got everything he wanted from the wind to the rain. He has also aimed at the championship of “Star of Tomorrow”. However, once he entered the program group, he was hit hard. Now even Ye Cang, a person he doesn’t like at all, can beat him. His state of mind is completely out of balance.

It’s just that he can’t do anything when the audience is watching him live.

Zheng Zhao smiled under the directions of the host, and said a few words to fans, then he hurried off the stage.

He stood in the dark aisle and watched the contestants, who had followed him into the top six, stepping onto the bright stage, and clenched his teeth so hard that they almost started bleeding.

Ye Cang seemed to feel something. Looking back, he only saw a figure.

Li Zihang looked at him doubtfully. “What’s wrong?”

Ye Cang shook his head and joined him on stage to greet the cheers of the audience.

In addition to the fact that the fans of the eliminated players were genuinely sorry for them, most of the audience soon forgot about it and turned their eyes to the next match.

Next is a group race. The judges select two racers according to their strength. The rest of the players choose one race master. If the race is successful, they will be promoted directly. On the contrary, they will participate in the following wheel PK race if it is not.

Li Zihang was undoubtedly one of the chosen contestants, but it was difficult for the judges to decide another candidate. In the end, Xia Fei pushed through the discussion and recommended Ye Cang.

Ye Cang and Li Zihang are on both sides, the remaining four contestants selected the contestants to attack and beat in turn according to the order in which they advanced to the top four.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Li Zihang was the first to be chosen, and the host took the opportunity to interview him, and the contestant was also very helpless: “These two are both great demons, at least choose one who plays their cards according to the routine.”

As soon as this came out, there was a burst of “hahahahahaha” on the screen.

Ye Cang shrugged somewhat helplessly.

Others were shocked to find that by the time of the two games and songs, Ye Cang had changed from the soft steamed bun that everyone could bully before, to become the great devil of the same status as Li Zihang.

# Ye Cang Summer Bug # soon rushed to the hot search.

But compared with the past, the sunspots under his Weibo have almost disappeared, there were mostly fans who “whine” and music professionals who can still maintain rational analysis. A few sporadic sunspots can only use the events from the past, but soon they were scolded by excited netizens to disappear.

Shen Huai sat in the study, and the data on the computer slid quickly before his eyes. This is a piece of software he had ordered from Chen Chiyu.

Ye Cang before and after the change is too big, and it appears in the public media. Although this matter is too strange, the Internet is only joking about transmigration or something, but there was still some hidden dangers. The role of this software is to be able to detect hidden information early and calmly deal with it.

Shen Huai does not intend to let him hide his true nature. As for the trouble that arises, he naturally has his agent to solve it.

As long as Ye Cang does not change, he will always protect him, so that he will never have to worry about the future. 

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