MAIR – Chapter 120 – Teaching

Song Yimian froze, his face turning pale.

He managed to perform before Guo Wenyuan now, but acting together with Guo Wenyuan was still an insurmountable hurdle for him.

Guo Wenyuan had walked out, making Song Yimian grit his teeth, clench his fist tightly, and close his eyes once again.

At this point, he no longer cared about his fear of Guo Wenyuan, he just wanted to win this role.

During this period of time, Song Yimian had prepared with great care. He even took the script with him while eating and even went with it to the bathroom. He made a complete biography of Urano’s character and practiced it many times in front of the mirror, almost to the point of going crazy.

In his heart, he kept telling himself that he was not Song Yimian, but his name was Urano.

And when he opened his eyes again, there was no longer any of the tenderness belonging to Song Yimian, only indifference.

In this scene the protagonist Ning Shen was caught by the neon army, and Urano was responsible for interrogating him. Urano tried his best to pry Ning Shen’s mouth open. But Ning Shen pretended to be stupid, and stunned the two of them fighting with wits and bravery. At last, Urano got angry and threw Ning Shen in prison after torturing him.

This part of the plot was not easy, the emotional control and the rhythm of the speech had high requirements. However, to some extent, if they acted well, this scene would turn out amazing.

Guo Wenyuan sat in the chair, his hands tied to the armrests with ropes.

His collar was torn a bit open, his hair messy, but he still had a careless smile on his face. Looking at Urano opposite him, he said with a smile, “I didn’t expect to meet an old acquaintances so soon… Oh, no, I should call you Mr. Urano now.”

Urano took two steps forward, his eyebrows slightly raised and he seemed to recognize Ning Shen’s face in the dim yellow light, then he also smiled. “Reporter Ning, safe and sound.”

Ning Shen said helplessly, “Mr. Urano, I was only interviewing you last time, and I didn’t mean to embarrass you. You don’t need to tie me up because of this, do you?”

“Oh, so Reporter Ning thinks that I brought you here because of personal grudges?” Urano straightened up and looked at Ning Shen with a smile.

Ning Shen asked, “Isn’t it like that? I’m a journalist, and I don’t do anything harmful. Why did you arrest me?”

Urano’s eyes suddenly darkened, and he held a picture in front of Ning Shen. “Reporter Ning, do you recognize him?”

His pupil shrank a bit, but his face showed an impatient look. “I don’t know him.”

After several rounds of going back and forth, Ning Shen tried his best to hide his identity, but Urano keenly grasped the loopholes in his words and approached step by step.

The lines of this paragraph were very close, and the most important thing was that the rhythm was very difficult to control, but Guo Wenyuan and Song Yimian seemed to have rehearsed. In particular, Song Yimian, who played Urano had the upper hand in this moment, his momentum almost overwhelming Guo Wenyuan.

In the end, Ning Shen was cornered by Urano. He looked very embarrassed, but he still refused to admit his identity.

Urano’s face turned completely cold. He knew it was a tough nut to crack, so he ordered a subordinate to go on, “Take care of Reporter Ning and let him know that we are not vegetarians here.”

Originally, this plot ended here.

Yu Fan and Shao Ning were very satisfied. The performance of these two was very good, and they both remembered perfectly such a difficult and long scene. It could be easily seen how much effort had been made.

However, Ning Shen, who was sitting on the chair, suddenly asked, “Urano, you speak Chinese so well. Who taught you that?”

Yu Fan was a bit surprised. This was the original paragraph about Urano’s background, but he deleted it for the sake of a compact plot at that time. He did not expect that Guo Wenyuan would suddenly improvise. He tried to interrupt them, but Shao Ning stopped him and signaled him to look at Song Yimian.

Song Yimian was also stunned by Guo Wenyuan’s improvisation, but then he responded with a cold look at Ning Shen, with a warning in his eyes, “Reporter Ning, curiosity is not a good habit.”

Ning Shen laughed, “I heard that you told your classmates you had a lover who you loved very deeply, but she had unfortunately passed away. Let me guess, did you kill her?”

“Shut up!” Urano stepped forward with a fierce expression, grabbed Ning Shen’s collar and scrutinized him, “I warn you, it’s no good to provoke me!”

Ning Shen’s crooked mouth curved in a smile. “Anyway, I have already fallen in your hands, and I don’t plan to get out alive. It would be interesting to rip off the face of a hypocrite like you before I die, wouldn’t it?”


Urano slapped Ning Shen hard in the face.

Everybody from the staff was stunned.

Guo Wenyuan’s assistant was so anxious that he rushed to stop Song Yimian. However, Shao Ning, who reacted quickly, stopped him. “Shh! Don’t disturb them. “

Assistant: ”!!!”

Only Guo Wenyuan and Song Yimian remained unaffected.

Ning Shen coughed twice, slowly turned his head back, and stared at Urano’s scarlet eyes. Gasping for breath, he whispered, “In fact, it is better that she died, otherwise if she knew she had taught such an animal, I’m afraid she would have met a fate worse than death.”

The only thing left in Urano’s eyes was killing intent. He reached for Ning Shen’s neck and squeezed. “I am going to kill you!”


Shao Ning hurriedly called stop.

Song Yimian’s hand was stuck on Guo Wenyuan’s neck when he suddenly regained his senses and stepped back a few steps. He realized what he had done, his whole face turning pale.

Guo Wenyuan’s assistant rushed over to help his boss untie the rope.

Guo Wenyuan moved his wrists, looked at Song Yimian’s distracted appearance, and then said, “It was a good performance.”

Song Yimian didn’t expect that Guo Wenyuan wouldn’t get angry, but would even praise him, so he was stunned.

Guo Wenyuan’s expression didn’t change at all. “You have performed very well in these two scenes. Your expression and movements were in place. Did you do a special practice on walking posture? That turned out to be a good idea.”

Song Yimian nodded flattered, “Yes, I have practiced specially.”

Urano was trained in the neon army, so he had some military style, and when Song Yimian studied the character, he took into consideration this small detail. But he didn’t expect that such a small detail would be noticed by Guo Wenyuan.

Even Yu Fan and Shao Ning were a bit surprised, after all, they hadn’t noticed.

Guo Wenyuan continued, “You are very thoughtful and diligent, which is very good, but you can’t be content. Your acting skills still need to be honed.”

Song Yimian looked at Guo Wenyuan’s stern expression. He was excited and bowed subconsciously, “Yes, thank you for your advice.”

Guo Wenyuan: “…”

Looking at Song Yimian’s nervous appearance, he felt as if he was bullying a child, so he waved directly, “Alright, this role is yours, let your agent come in and sign the contract.”

Song Yimian looked at Guo Wenyuan in disbelief. He recalled slapping the producer. He expected a cold reception and didn’t think it to be so straightforward.

He was so happy, he couldn’t say anything coherent. “Thank you… Thank you, Mr. Guo. Thank you!”

Guo Wenyuan said, “um,” and then added, “Go back and get ready. When we get to the set, I’ll be a hundred times harsher than I am now.”

Song Yimian nodded forcefully. “I will work hard! Please give me more advice in the future!”

Now Song Yimian had completely changed his mind about Guo Wenyuan, and although it was just an act, the fear in his heart had disappeared after he slapped the other person’s face.

Guo Wenyuan watched Song Yimian walk out of the audition room excitedly and felt some emotion in his heart.

He knew of Song Yimian’s heart knot, but like Shen Huai, he was optimistic about Song Yimian’s talent and efforts, so he took this opportunity to untie Song Yimian’s heart knot with this scene.

However, for this method to be effective, Song Yimian had to be fully immersed in his role, and Song Yimian really lived up to his expectations, which led to the follow-up of Guo Wenyuan’s subsequent improvisation in order to let Song Yimian vent his anger.

Unexpectedly, the effect turned out good. At that time, Song Yimian was completely immersed in the role of Urano. Guo Wenyuan suspected that if Shao Ning hadn’t called out cut on time, Song Yimian would have really strangled him.

However, it also showed the depth of Song Yimian’s involvement in the character, which made Guo Wenyuan very satisfied. 

Guo Wenyuan smiled, but unexpectedly, the pull made his cheek hurt, making him hiss from the pain and secretly scold in his heart. This stinky boy unexpectedly hit so hard!

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