MAIR – Chapter 87 – The little newcomer is much cuter than that old man Du!

Song Yimian returned to his residence and began to pack up his things. This is the house the company rented for him. Since he is about to terminate his contract, he won’t be able to continue living here.

Hua Rong got the news soon and hurriedly came over.

At that moment, Song Yimian has already calmed down. He thought he would hate or even fear Hua Rong, but after talking with Shen Huai, he found that many things were far less terrible than he originally thought, even Hua Rong.

Hua Rong looked at him from above. “Are you really sure you want to terminate the contract?”

Song Yimian nodded.

Hua Rong took out the termination agreement, and Song Yimian read it carefully. He had gone to a lawyer with Shen Huai’s contract, and the other side was very nice. He not only helped him read the contract but also taught him how to read it. Although the termination agreement was much simpler than the contract, the other side was Hua Rong. Song Yimian had to be more cautious.

Hua Rong looked at him and became more and more suspicious.

“You have to think clearly. If you terminate your contract with me, you will never have such a good chance in the future. That is what the entertainment industry is like. Do you think you can get rid of this kind of thing if you change the company? It’s impossible. This industry is very cruel. If you don’t give something, how can you surpass the others, let alone stand out… “

Song Yimian ignored her and she felt more and more irritated. There was always that feeling that things were beyond her control. She had always had a sense of superiority in the face of Song Yimian, feeling that she could firmly control him. But at this moment, she felt that the Song Yimian in front of her seemed to have become a different person, which made him completely unpredictable.

Song Yimian finished reading the contract and after making sure there was no problems with it, which he had learned from Shen Huai, he signed up his name with a pen and calmly handed it to Hua Rong before saying, “Sister Hua, I have already signed the agreement. Please sign and seal it.”

Hua Rong frowned and was now sure that Song Yimian was really different from before. She said, “I forgot to take the company seal. I’ll go back and stamp it first. Then you can come to the company and ask me to get it.”

Song Yimian said faintly, “Sister Hua, you have always been very thoughtful. Since you came here especially to ask me to terminate the contract, how could you not bring the seal? Do you regret it now, Sister Hua?”

Hua Rong was embarrassed by his words, and her face couldn’t hold on. She had always thought highly of herself and had a secret sense of superiority towards her artists, especially towards Song Yimian, who was regarded by her as a waste.

She thought about Song Yimian over and over in her mind, but she still couldn’t think of any popular characteristics of the other side. She thought that after he had just experienced such a big thing, it was normal for him to change.

At this thought, she thought she figured it out and no longer hesitated. She took the contract, signed her name, took out the seal from her bag, and carefully stamped it. Then she handed one copy to Song Yimian showing him her trademark smile.

“I wish you a bright future.”

Song Yimian looked at the hand stretched out in front of him and his lips slightly curved. He lightly touched Hua Rong’s hand, and then drew it back immediately.

“I will.”

After Hua Rong left, Song Yimian took the termination agreement in his hands and his whole body collapsed on the sofa, with a half-crying half-smiling expression on his face.

The termination of the contract had not only loosened the shackles on his body, but also the shackles on his heart. Hua Rong was no longer a mountain in his mind, and the gloomy past seemed to gradually become less terrible.

He turned on his cell phone and dialed a number.

“Hello, Brother Shen. This is Song Yimian…”

After hanging up, Song Yimian took a long breath and clenched his fists. For the first time in two years, he was full of hope for the future.

Shen Huai took Song Yimian to go through the signing formalities and chatted with him for a while.

Compared with the last time, Shen Huai asked more in-depth questions. Knowing that Song Yimian had just gotten a role in a criminal investigation drama, he asked him for the script and questioned him in detail about his own views on the script.

For the first time, Song Yimian was flattered by this kind of treatment, as he shared his own view on the story.

Although Shen Huai had never acted in any dramas, he had excellent vision and could hear the homework that Song Yimian had done on it. But his full preparation didn’t mean that he was suitable for this role. After all, Song Yimian didn’t have a professional background, so there were bound to be some problems.

However, Shen Huai was still very satisfied. In his opinion, technical problems were easy to solve, and the most important thing was attitude.

What’s more, Song Yimian didn’t go through systematic training and took an entirely wild road. With his performance like this, he certainly had some talent.

Shen Huai knew it in his mind, but he still looked calm on the surface. “I’ve probably understood it. Listening to your story, I think this script is pretty good. Your view on character building is also very interesting, and several ideas feel relatively fresh…”

Shen Huai spoke and Song Yimian listened attentively, nodding from time to time.

When Shen Huai finished, Song Yimian’s face showed a convinced expression.

Shen Huai took a sip of his water and said,” As for the rest, I’ll give you suggestions after reading the script.”

Song Yimian nodded repeatedly.

Although Shen Huai was not an actor, he had a precise vision. Song Yimian had a sense of insight from several points of their discussion. Now he had no doubt about Shen Huai’s abilities.

Shen Huai put the script away then suddenly asked, “By the way, where do you live now?”

Song Yimian scratched his head reluctantly. “I’m staying at a hotel for the time being. I’m busy these days. When I have a little spare time, I will find a new house and move out.”

Shen Huai pondered for a moment. “Don’t look for a house.”

Song Yimian: “???”

Shen Huai: “I’ll take you to the company dormitory.”

Forty minutes later, Song Yimian stared at the villas in front of him and asked in a trembling voice, “This… This is the company dormitory?!”

Shen Huai’s face did not change a bit. “Yes, you can choose one and then move in.”

Song Yimian: “…”

Just at this moment, the door of one of the villas opened, and Chu Mei Bo came out with her school bag on her back. When she saw them, she said hello.

Shen Huai heard that Song Yimian who was standing next to him gasped and mumbled to himself, “It’s really a dormitory…”

Chu Mei Bo came over and glanced curiously at Song Yimian. “Hey, it’s the one from that night…”

Shen Huai nodded, “He is my newly signed artist.”

“Oh?” Chu Mei Bo was a little surprised, then she laughed, “This kid is good. Our agent has a good vision.”

Song Yimian was startled by Chu Mei Bo and was immediately at a loss. He bowed to her in a 90-degrees angle, “I will try my best!”

Chu Mei Bo smiled more and more happily, and said to Shen Huai, “The little newcomer is much cuter than that old man Du!”

Shen Huai: “…”

Song Yimian: “???”

Chu Mei Bo waved and was about to leave when she suddenly thought of something. She turned back and said, “You are an actor, right? If you have any questions about acting in the future,  you can always ask me.”

Song Yimian looked surprised, “Really?”

“Of course.”

“Thank you, Sister Mei!”

“Be good!”

Chu Mei Bo casually appeased Song Yimian and then walked out with her school bag on her back. Then, Cheng Mengjiao arrived on a small electric scooter and said, “Sister Mei, I’m here to pick you up.”

Chu Mei Bo didn’t dislike it. She sat on the skater and left.

Song Yimian was still immersed in the joy of learning from the big names, and couldn’t help asking Shen Huai, “Where is Sister Mei going? Is the person who came to pick her up her assistant?”

Although it was a bit strange for the assistant to drive an electric scooter.

“No.” Shen Huai glanced at him and brutally crushed his fantasy. “She is going to school, and it was her classmate who came to pick her up.”

Song Yimian froze with a stiff smile on his face, then he hesitantly asked, “Is she going to a university or a technical school?”

Shen Huai: “It’s a high school.”

Song Yimian: “…”

Shen Huai: “Oh, by the way, I remember that you went to a good university, so your college entrance examination results should be pretty good. Please feel free to help her catch up with math, when you have time.”

Song Yimian: “???”

Recently, in the dandy circle of Zhongjing city, a piece of creepy news came out.

It was said that Guo Wenyuan, the second ancestor of the Guo family, had recently turned asexual. After leaving the hospital, he first broke up with all of the little stars he had previously nurtured. It was also said that he recently started to go to the gym again.

Although the matter of the Morden Hotel was kept secret from the outside world, it was clear to the people in the circle. Knowing that Guo Wenyuan would not commit adultery and threw himself out of a concussion, made them nearly laugh to death.

Everyone thought that Guo Wenyuan’s recent abnormal actions have been stimulated by this event. Even Guo’s assistant believed so without any doubt.

After Guo Wenyuan solved the matter with these scarlets, he felt that the air around him became much fresher and his whole person looked much more comfortable.

As soon as he felt comfortable, his mind floated and he asked his assistant, “Is there any movie being filmed recently?”

Assistant: “Er…”

The assistant was very worried. Recently he was very busy dealing with Mr. Guo’s little lovers, and it took all of his free time. These people were very difficult to deal with one by one and he didn’t dare to deal with them heavily in case that any of these little goblins earned Mr. Guo’s favor once again, so he was overwhelmed at this moment.

As a result, it was finally solved, and his boss came up with a new idea.

In the past, Guo Wenyuan only liked to play with little stars. He was pampered and afraid of facing any hardship. Although he was the shareholder of Guanrui, in fact, he has never made any contribution to the group’s business. He just paid out dividends. He never went to the production teams or participated in the shootings of the crew. At most, he would put his little lover in the crew and the directors could only bear with it.

Now he wanted to go himself. If he went there blindly, in case something happens and affects the shooting progress of the crew, no one would blame the big boss. His little assistant would be the one to take the blame.

The assistant could only gently advise, “Mr. Guo, there is nothing to see in the shooting location. It looks beautiful and classy on TV, but in fact, the location looks very boring…”

“Of course I know that.” Guo Wenyuan looked at him strangely. “I asked you which movie has been shot recently. Why did you tell me that there was something wrong with it?”

His assistant wanted to cry without tears and just wanted to summon up his courage to directly deny it.

Guo Wenyuan waved his hand and said with disgust, “If it took you so long to deal with the affairs of those starlets, I am afraid your ability to do other things is not good enough. Forget it. I won’t embarrass you anymore. Let’s just go to Shanyang Film and Television City.”

The assistant choked on his own saliva, but could only swallow it silently.

But he also cleverly admitted it and then, holding his own broken heart, arranged the schedule for his boss.

After the boss hit his head, he was more annoying than ever!

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