Chapter 8 – Textbook level face.

Bai Jiajia felt that he had been very unlucky recently, and the recording of the new show was not smooth. Cassie recently signed several newcomers and divided most of her energy. She was not as enthusiastic about Bai Jiajia as she was in the beginning.

Bai Jiajia put up with it for a few days, and finally couldn’t help getting angry at Cassie: “What choreographer are you looking for? How can you be so perfunctory?!”

Cassie’s face was ugly too: “You’re talking nonsense! Mike is a veteran choreographer. Do you know how hard it was for me to get him to do it?”

Bai Jiajia tightened his eyebrows. He had heard of Mike’s reputation and had great expectations. He was disappointed to see Mike’s choreography it seemed fancy, but it was worse than the two little-known dance teachers Shen Huai had invited for him.

When Cassie saw that he was silent, her face softened. “Come on, don’t be petty. Go record songs this afternoon. I’ve already made an appointment for you in the studio.”

Speaking of the studio, Bai Jiajia was in an even worse mood, complaining, “I used to record singles in the studio of Star Art. But now I am squeezed in the ordinary studio of the company with those little artists, and the recording engineer you hired can’t even do simple voice modification, let alone anything else, because he can’t say either of them…”

Cassie’s eyelids jumped, and even if she had a good temper, she couldn’t stand it any longer. “Star Art is a professional recording studio, used by the first-line kings,” she scoffed. “You can steal music once you pick it up and use it, and repair it? You are fooled by the so-called million sound repairers on the Internet. You might as well practice singing well with that effort. What are you singing about?! Even if you didn’t have the intention of singing before, you’ll have to live well.”

Bai Jiajia could not help it: “I don’t care, I have always been like this…”

Cassie was too lazy to talk to him. She looked at her watch and said impatiently, “I’ll have someone pick you up later. Also, don’t go to find trouble with Shen Huai. What’s your identity, what’s Ye Cang’s identity, and what’s there to worry about with him?”

When Cassie finished, she left in a hurry. Bai Jiajia opened his mouth and only the shaking door panels responded to him.

He kicked the foot of the sofa in anger. As a result, he knocked his big toe so hard that he almost cried out in pain. Finally, he sat down on the sofa angrily, ready to watch the rainbow fanart of his fans for a while to appease his mood. But when he just opened Weibo, he found Ye Cang hanging high in the hot searches.

Bai Jiajia was furious and smashed his cell phone directly into the wall.

It was very late when Shen Huai got home. He found that the room was dark and only the direction of the kitchen was a little bright. He walked over somewhat puzzled and saw Ye Cang squatting in front of the refrigerator, with a few slices of bread in his hands and a bottle of milk in his mouth.

Shen Huai: “… What are you doing?”

Ye Cang was startled and almost choked on a mouthful of milk.

Shen Huai went over quickly, took the snack out of his hand, and asked, “You didn’t eat?” He looked at the table and found two untouched meals on it.

Shen Huai was speechless: “Auntie said you did not respond to call to eat, no matter how busy you are, can you eat it?”

Ye Cang coughed slightly, somewhat embarrassed: “I have never heard the voices of the outside world when I work, and by the time I realized it, it had already come to this point.”

Shen Huai couldn’t help it. He took off his coat, rolled up his shirt sleeves, and said, “You should eat first, I’ll get you a bowl of noodles.”

Ye Cangz said, “You can cook?!”

Shen Huai said while neatly boiling water, “It’s just noodles and simple home-cooked food. It’s not as good as you think.”

Because it had not seen the sun all year-round, Shen Huai’s arm was very white, his movements revealed vaguely smooth muscle lines, when warm light fell on it, it was as if adding a layer of soft light, softened his overly cold temperament.

Ye Cang could not help joking: “Agent, you look like a sage…”

Shen Huai coldly glanced over. Ye Cang, feeling the murderous intent, wisely swallowed the rest of his words.

Shen Huai cracked an egg with one hand, and the transparent egg white fell into the pan and soon became white, with the edges roaring and giving off a fragrant smell in the air.

Ye Cang swallowed saliva and pressed his cooing stomach, eager to find some topics to distract his attention.

“You look very proficient. Did you learn it from your Aunt?”

Shen Huai’s action seemed to pause. He said, “No, I learned it after my parents passed away.”

Ye Cang froze: “I’m sorry.”

“It’s nothing. It’s been years.” Shen Huai faintly put the cooked noodles in front of Ye Cang: “Eat.”

The steaming noodles exuded an attractive aroma. The fried eggs were golden on both sides. Next to them lay two hot cabbages, and scallions sporadically dotted them. They were full of color, fragrance, and taste, which made people move their fingers.

However, when Ye Cang saw the bowl of noodles, he somehow thought of the way the young Shen Huai pursed his lips and cooked silently.

He was very serious and quietly comforted: “Don’t be sad, no matter how hard it is, it will only get better and better in the future.”

Shen Huai did not know what Ye Cang’s brain made up in the end, he was trying to explain, but when he saw Ye Cang’s serious eyes, he didn’t say the words in his heart and finally he smiled and nodded: “Okay.”

Ye Cang breathed a sigh of relief, feeling that the whole person returned to his usual appearance: “That’s right. When my brother gets old, I’ll take care of you.”

Shen Huai: “…”

After eating noodles, Ye Cang seemed to come alive and dragged Shen Huai upstairs to see his new arrangement. He sang this song many times and was very familiar with it. He had nothing to do being a ghost these years, and he had a lot of ideas for adaptation.

Shen Huai listened to Ye Cang play again, a little embarrassed, he did not expect Ye Cang’s speed to be so fast, in just one day he completed the arrangement of the whole song. Ye Cang put down his guitar and explained his arrangement to him.

After Shen Huai frowned, he said, “This arrangement of yours is not easy. The studio of the company may not be suitable. I’ll find another studio for you.”

Ye Cang hurriedly waved his hand: “No need to use it. When there is a band at the scene, I will just record a simple demo.”

Shen Huai: “But…”

“It costs extra money to find another studio!” Ye Cang said, “It’s not easy for you. Don’t spend this kind of money. I’m still participating in the competition. There is not much income. If you can not get a commission, you still have to save some money.”

Shen Huai, who is worth tens of billions of dollars, was silent for a moment, and then obediently went “uh-huh.”

Ye Cang appeased him again: “I heard that the champion can get 1 million, you rest assured, I will not lose, we will soon have money.”

Shen Huai did not doubt this, Ye Cang saw him agree, excitedly leaned over, hooked his shoulders and patted hard, very confident.

“I said I’d take care of you, so wait to drink with me in the future!”

Shen Huai silently endured the arm on his shoulder. He felt that Ye Cang was good everywhere. He liked the habit of shoulder-hooking and patting his back, which had to be changed.

Although Ye Cang has a lot of skills in this game, his black history can’t be erased. More people think he was a blind cat finding a dead mouse and picked the right song rather than believing that his singing skills are advancing by leaps and bounds. However, such good luck is hard to reproduce. At this time, his speech in the grouping was somewhat blackmailed.

The world has never been fair, the arrogance of the powerful is called self-confidence, and if you do not have the strength, you will only be laughed at.

After the game, Zheng Zhao posted on Weibo, although it was quickly deleted, but Weibo’s content has triggered speculation among netizens. They all thought that the person mentioned in Zheng Zhao Weibo is Ye Cang.

For a moment, there were rumors of discord between Ye Cang and other contestants. Ye Cang, who had already disappeared, came out to be a demon.

[But if you play it once, shake it up, low pen.]

[So arrogant, sit and wait for next week to hit you in the face.]

[Next week is the stage for cooperation. Sympathize with his teammates.]

[Textbook-level face-beating, next week’s live broadcast must be very good 2333, squatting guard.]

[Squatting 1]

There was a lot of uproar, however, Ye Cang himself and his company have been quiet as a chicken. Only a few fans defended him in vain.

Shen Huai looked coldly at the buzz on Weibo. For him, it was just a small fight. It was not difficult for him to suppress it. It’s just that he knows how many of them are the water army of other companies, and if it goes down this time, there will be another time, and he never likes to spend more time on such things.

Since we need to solve this problem, we should slap hard. Even if we can’t do it once and for all, we should at least let these people remember the pain.

As a result, when the sunspots got carried away and thought they had won a complete victory, the situation suddenly flipped over.

A microblog was hotly searched on top.

@Fan Jing: The children sing very well.

Who is Fan Jing? He is the king level singer that stood tall in the music circle for more than 30 years, and the nationality is extremely high. Although he has gradually turned to teaching music in recent years and rarely appears in the media, his position is still there, coupled with the fact that he is still the original singer of “No Old Songs.” when this sentence came out, Weibo immediately exploded.

The water army was uncertain. Fan Jing, such a great god, could not be invited by money. They took money to do things, but they didn’t want to offend any big people. Originally they thought that he was just a kid who has no foundation in the circle, but involving a great God like Fan Jing, the meaning is not the same.

The water army immediately died down.

Several entertainment companies that invited the Internet Water Army were also unable to say anything. There was a lot of uproar about Ye Cang’s suicide before, and they didn’t see anyone protecting him. Of course, they thought he was just a small, transparent newcomer who could be bullied at will. When they hired the water army, they were not too cautious. Now they were afraid to hold the handle in the hands of others, it is clear that the other side had used Fan Jing’s hand to beat them. If they don’t know how to be good, they will not be so gentle.

Without these professional sunspots, online remarks are no longer one-sided, after all, the ideas of ordinary people are very simple. If there is a professional, who can compare with Fan Jing, the big god who has affirmed Ye Cang. On the internet, is there keyboard chivalry more powerful than Fan Jing?

Now with Fan Jing’s stamped certification, Ye Cang’s strength was unquestionable. Before many people still doubted whether he can sing “Summer Bug”, but now they have some expectations.

Bai Jiajia looked at Weibo nervously, holding his new mobile phone tightly with his fingers.

When he saw the scolding of Ye Cang online, he was happy for a few hours. With Fan Jing’s Weibo, his breath was stuck in the middle of his throat, and he was depressed enough to vomit blood.

At this moment, his assistant poked out his head and said, “Jiajia, a call came from the studio and moved our schedule to tomorrow for Ye Cang’s demo this afternoon.”


The cell phone slammed on the wall and was scrapped again.

Bai Jiajia gnashed his teeth: “Ye Cang!!”

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