MAIR – Chapter 151 – A Koi Is A Koi

Huayue Records had been unlucky recently.

Feng Yankai, the president of the company, had been very busy resolving previous matters but was taken to court again in the blink of an eye.

At first, Feng Yankai didn’t take it seriously. He didn’t know how many lawsuits of this kind he had to go through every year. But this time, his attorney looked flustered.

“Feng… Mr. Feng, the lawyer of the other party is Qi Wenyi!”

Feng Yankai, who was annoyed, said impatiently, “What Qi Wenyi?”

His lawyer opened Baidu and searched for Qi Wenyi.

Feng Yankai’s face changed after reading it. Qi Wenyi’s reputation was well-known in the legal world. He was best at fighting transnational lawsuits and his opponents were all famous international companies and groups with outstanding achievements. It was just that he was getting older in recent years, and he seldom took cases by himself.

Feng Yankai was furious. “How can Xia Shiyu afford to hire him to file a lawsuit?”

The lawyer whispered, “I heard that Qi is the personal legal consultant of the Shen family …”

Feng Yankai: “Shen Huai!”

Before Feng Yankai could finish his angry outburst, someone knocked on the door again.

He said angrily, “What are you doing? Don’t you know I’m busy?” 

His voice fell and the door was opened with two strangers coming in. “Hello, Mr. Feng, we are from the CSRC. You are suspected of illegal acts such as fund embezzlement. Please cooperate with us in our investigation.”

Feng Yankai’s face changed completely.

Two days later, the news that Feng Yankai, president of Huayue, was being investigated for fund embezzlement shocked not only the stock market, but also the entire Internet.  

These days, there had been a lot of negative news about Huayue Records on the Internet. The share price of Huayue Records fell again and again. However, it was an established record company with numerous artists and some people were optimistic that it would survive this storm.

However, in the course of the investigation, Huayue Records constantly exposed new problems. According to the latest news, Huayue Records was pressed with 17 charges, large and small, and this time it seemed that it would really be unable to recover. 

The news caused an uproar.

Huayue had been controlling the entire Chinese music market for more than a decade. In these years, it had gone through many storms, and had survived. It was like a big ship that never sank. No one thought that one small rock would cause it to sink.

Shen Huai didn’t deceive Zhang Li, it was just the beginning.

Because of Huayue’s fall, the pattern of the music market in the whole country was quietly changing. For a while, there were many big and small record companies springing up.

Even “National Idol” was affected. Tang Ruoyi, as a major shareholder of Huayue Records, was also involved in the investigation and Qiu Jie’s contract was about to expire. Ming Wei invited him to join Morningstar after some consideration.

Morningstar became the biggest beneficiary of this incident.

At the same time, there was also a short article posted by someone on an investment forum. It said that the company had recently received a big order, but the proposal couldn’t pass at that time. The boss of the company was in a hurry. As a result, he saw two bosses from the investment circle in his circle of friends voting for Xia Shiyu, so he also helped voting for her. The next morning, his proposal was passed.

At the time this was posted, there were many “??”. Some people laughed, thinking that this was the wrong place for the water army to post.

Until it was proved that the matter of voting in the circle of friends was true. Later, there were many people who were also waiting for the approval of their proposals, so they voted for Xia Shiyu with the mentality of giving it a try.

At that time, everyone thought it was interesting. After all, among the number of serious professional posts, such a funny post was quite interesting, but no one cared about it, and it soon sank.

Until a few days later, this post rose to the top again and the person who had voted for Xia Shiyu came back to give feedback, saying that his proposal had really passed. Now the whole company was so happy they thought of Xia Shiyu as their mascot and made voting for Xia Shiyu their daily routine.

Some people probably thought this post was funny and reposted it on Weibo. Recently, due to the lawsuit against Huayue, Xia Shiyu was very popular, so when this Weibo was posted it attracted a lot of attention. 

[hhhhhh It’s so funny]

[Koi, the carp??? ]

[Pray to the koi to bless me that I will pass CET-4 this year, and this faithful girl will vote every day]

[The water army is working too hard, to make up this kind of scene…. ]

[ LZ is a witness that this matter is related to the investment circle. Recently, the posting style of this circle is really weird. I don’t know who first said that WeChat voting is more effective. Every day when I open my circle of friends, I think I’m in a female idol fan circle by mistake ]

[I have nothing to ask for, I just ask for world peace … ]

Probably because this rumor had a bit of inexplicable superstition, the Weibo post spread quickly making many people follow suit. The voting manifesto was mostly about what to pray for and from the laughter one could tell who was a real fan and who was a fake fan.

Recently, in the tidbits of “National Idol” the staff and the contestants of the very program also started playing with it. But because “National Idol” was filmed behind closed doors, the paparazzi couldn’t interview the participants, so they could only find a way to interview other people.

The person who the paparazzi wanted to interview the most was Shen Huai, the behind-the-scenes BOSS of these two events, but Shen Huai had always kept a low profile and the paparazzi who tried their best to get any news about him learned that he had gone to visit the crew of “Red Actress”. 



The filming of “Red Actress” was coming to an end. The crew had returned to Dongjiang City for the final shooting in Golden Gate Theater.

Now on the plane to Dongjiang, in addition to Shen Huai, there was also Pei Ran.

Shen Huai had promised Chu Mei Bo to visit the crew from the very beginning, but he had been busy all the time and put it off until now. 

It was just that Pei Ran wanted to make a movie. Shen Huai thought that even though he knew how to make a movie in the past, after all these years many things were different. In addition to the excellent production of “Red Actress”, Director Xie was a famous director, and Pei Ran could learn from him.

After Shen Huai got off the plane, he found that Song Yimian had come to pick them up. 

Song Yimian had become popular since “Sin of the Eternal Night”. Anyone else would’ve certainly asked him to undertake more activities in order to maintain this popularity, but Shen Huai only asked Song Yimian to stay in the crew of “Red Actress” and learn diligently.

Song Yimian trusted Shen Huai very much. He had experienced many ups and downs in recent years and knew very well that this kind of popularity came and went quickly, and it was his own strength that could really make him go on. 

Moreover, the longer he stayed among the cast of “Red Actress”, the more aware he was that there was mountain after mountain. Let alone Chu Mei Bo and Guo Wenyuan, any experienced actor in the movie crew could beat him with their acting skills. 

In addition to Chu Mei Bo and Guo Wenyuan, the experienced actors in the crew were not secretive either. They never spared time to teach the young actors in the crew. For these experienced actors, it was natural to do this kind of thing, making the atmosphere of the whole crew very good.

After “Sin of the Eternal Night” became popular, Song Yimian felt somewhat proud, but after he saw the acting skills of the experienced actors in the crew of “Red Actress”, he felt like a basin of cold water was poured on his head that made him wake up instantly.

It was a pleasant surprise that his previous role became popular, but he still had a lot to learn.

Song Yimian had spent half a year in the crew of “Red Actress”, even though his screen time was not much. On weekdays, he watched the other actors in the crew perform or asked them for advice. In this half a year, he could feel that he had made a lot of progress.

But for Shen Huai, seeing Song Yimian after such a long time, he only felt that he had become a completely different person, his brows and eyes had become increasingly stable and calm.

Song Yimian knew that Shen Huai was coming to Dongjiang this time, so he came to pick him up. He had also heard that Shen Huai had signed another newcomer, but he had never seen a picture of him. This time, when he saw the beautiful and eye-catching teenager next to Shen Huai, he could not help but take another look. 

Shen Huai introduced them to each other, “This is Pei Ran.”

Song Yimian was surprised that the teenager had the same name as the former Hong Kong superstar. 

Pei Ran smiled, reached out his hand and shook hands with him. “Hello, I’m Pei Ran.”

Song Yimian unconsciously stood up straight and his voice became a little tense, “Hello, my name is Song Yimian.”

Song Yimian said hello to him, and it was only then that he realized that he had used a honorific name for such a young man. 

However, he didn’t think too much about it. He just drove the two people to the hotel while chatting with Shen Huai. 

It was a coincidence that they happened to see a confrontation between Yokota played by Guo Wenyuan and Cheng Yanxin played by Chu Mei Bo. 

Shen Huai did not expect such a coincidence to take place and took a closer look at Pei Ran. 

Pei Ran showed an interested expression.

Although Song Yimian was talking, he was still paying attention to them. Seeing this, he said, “The scene won’t be cleared today. If you want to see it, you can talk to the deputy director.”

Hearing this, Shen Huai said, “Let’s not go to the hotel then and go to the crew directly.”

In fact, Song Yimian also thought of today’s scene. Meanwhile, Chu Mei Bo and Guo Wenyuan’s acting skills had conquered all the crew members, and their confrontation scene could be called a fight of immortals. 

It was just that there were not many scenes with just these two, so each scene attracted everyone’s attention. Even the male lead Wei Siyong sometimes joked that Guo Wenyuan was the hidden male lead of the movie.

Today’s scene was not only the confrontation scene of Chu Mei Bo and Guo Wenyuan, but also one of the highlights of the whole movie. Song Yimian had been itching to see it for a long time, but since he was catching up with Shen Huai, he could only miss it.

Unexpectedly, Shen Huai proposed to directly go to the crew. Song Yimian asked again, and immediately changed direction, driving to the production team.

At this moment, the crew of “Red Actress” had already set up the scene in Golden Gate Theater, while Chu Mei Bo and Guo Wenyuan were putting on their makeup and changing their costumes. 

The two rehearsed once, and although they hadn’t officially started shooting yet, not even the tiniest imperfection could be spotted.

Surrounded by many cast members, even if it was just a rehearsal, it was still very enjoyable to watch. 

Director Xie nodded with great satisfaction, and asked them to rest for a while and put on their makeup, while he went to make the final adjustments. 

It was exactly at this moment that Shen Huai and Pei Ran walked into the studio, and many people noticed Pei Ran. After all, his face alone was enough to stand out in the entertainment circle.

Chu Mei Bo and Guo Wenyuan also noticed them. Guo Wenyuan frowned slightly and looked at Chu Mei Bo with questioning eyes.

Chu Mei Bo smiled and said in a low voice, “It seems that a familiar person has arrived.”

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