MAIR – Chapter 166 – Meeting on the narrow road

Shen Huai had not seen Sheng Zhen before but had vaguely heard the rumors of the second son of the Sheng family. In addition, there were also complaints from Guo Wenyuan’s mouth.

According to rumors, heng Zhen is impatient and easily angered. It can be seen from his performance when he met today. but today he has repeatedly suppressed his anger and pretended to be magnanimous, which can’t be overstated by Shen Huai.

Moreover, when Sheng Zhen and others turned around, Shen Huai saw Fu Cheng standing at the back. Since his debut, he was probably never so easily missed. He was wearing a hat and looked very haggard. If Shen Huai didn’t deliberately look, he would not have noticed him at all.

When Shen Huai told Guo Wenyuan about it, he was still confused that ”Fu Cheng was also there”

No wonder he didn’t notice. After all, Fu Cheng hasn’t had a good time recently.

At that time, “Red Actress” changed the leading actor before they started filming. Although it was announced that Fu Cheng got a different job, and his schedule could not be arranged, anyone who knew a little bit about the entertainment industry could understand the internal situation. Fu Cheng the male lead was removed from this role by Chairman Sheng himself, so there were more rumors, and Fu Cheng reputation was greatly affected.

Since then, Fu Cheng seems to have gone through bad luck, getting involved in several scandals one after another. First, there was a problem with his product endorsement, and then he wore a fake brand when he went to fashion week. For a while, he was insulted and mocked on the Internet.

Fu Cheng’s team could only let him keep a low profile. Even at the start-up conference of his new role, he just stayed for a while and left and even the reporter didn’t have time to take a few photos. He only made a small splash on the Internet, which soon fell into silence.

But at such times, instead of thinking about how to restore his reputation and save his career, he followed Sheng Zhen to attend such a private party.

Guo Wenyuan also wondered “What does he want to do?”

However, no matter what Fu Cheng wanted to do, it was none of their business. Even though Shen Huai has some doubts, there was no evidence at present, so he could only hold back for a while.

The incident was just an interlude for the two of them.

When Guo Wenyuan learned that Shen Huai was in a hurry to go back to the meeting for the Xia Shiyu, he immediately became much more attentive. He not only walked him to the garage but also opened the car door for him. During this period, he hesitated several times until Shen Huai got in the car and then he asked anxiously, “Do you think Wanjun has a chance of winning?”

Shen Huai had long guessed what Mr. Guo wanted to ask. Seeing that he was so nervous, he felt some empathy.  Knowing that he was not an outsider, he got to the bottom of it. “According to the current data, her debut is stable. There may be some twists and turns for position C, but it should be no problem in the long run.”

Mr. Guo was immediately relieved. “that’s good, that’s good.”

Shen Huai smiled and said: “it’s hard for you to vote, especially for your assistant, who is very capable. Our director Ming even wants to dig him for our company.”

Mr. Guo was quite surprised and obviously did not expect Jia Mingming to have such ability.

With that, Shen Huai drove away.

Mr. Guo originally wanted to fire Jia Mingming every day,  but now when he thought about it, he suddenly felt a sense of crisis, so he immediately called Jia Mingming “Little Jia has done a good job recently. I’ll ask the finance department to give you a raise, so you must try your best in the future.”

Jia Mingming, who stayed up late last night to vote, answered the phone vaguely and said “Thank you boss” from reflex, and then fell asleep again.

Half an hour later, he sprang up from the bed.

“I dreamt that my boss gave me a raise, which is just like the real thing.”

He mumbled and got up, grabbing his cell phone to wash up. Then he clicked on the screen and found a phone call on the log from his boss.

He froze, rubbed his eyes and looked at it again. He also reached out and pinched himself to make sure that he was not dreaming

“My boss gone crazy today”

After months of fierce competition, “National Idol” has finally entered the final stage of the program, that was, the final debut finals.

Across this barrier, they were no longer trainees, but people who entered this colorful circle.

In addition to the contestants, the fans who voted for them were even more excited.

They are like chasing a TV series, and they finally come to the ending. They have put out thousands of times of their energy to vote for their favorite contestants and draw the perfect end to this nurturing feast.

For Morning Star, there were still two remaining members of their STAR group, Xia Shiyu and Yao Xuetong.

Among them, the number of votes cast for Xia Shiyu was far ahead from Wang Can, who was on second, almost without any suspense but because of this, it couldn’t be taken lightly.

Although Wang Can Yingyuan’s company was not as big as Morning Star, they started from idol groups and have a clear understanding of the twists and turns in it. They were much more proficient in the operation of idols than other companies in the industry.

Therefore, although the current Xia Shiyu vote count was very high, Shen Huai and others weren’t assured, who knows what Yingyuan company is planning.

However, they waited for several days and Xia Shiyu still hung high at the top of the list. Although Wang Can, who ranked second on the list, had been catching up with new votes, but still seemed unable to do it.

During this period, Yao Xuetong, who had been firmly stuck in the 10th place, was overtaken by the contestant behind her putting her debut in jeopardy.

Ming Wei couldn’t stand still: “Boss Shen, it seems that Xia Xia’s votes have been stabilized now, it is better to tilt the company’s resources to Xuetong. Otherwise, Xuetong situation will be very dangerous if it goes on like this.”

Shen Huai eyes fell on the voting interface of “National Idol”

“National Idol” voting interface was refreshed once every hour, except for the top three that attract the most attention, from the4th to the 15th, the number of votes were very tight, and sometimes after the refresh, earth-shaking changes will take place in this ranking. This has also stimulated the enthusiasm of fans to vote. In just a few days, the total number of votes of “National Idol” has reached an amazing height.

Yao Xuetong did well at first, but what followed was weak making her fall to the edge of danger. Now, she has directly fallen out of the starting position.

But at this time in front of Yao Xuetong, but also a contestant form Yingyuan Company.

Yingyuan has a total of seven contestants participating in the competition this time. In addition to the two that were already eliminated, there are still five contestants who have entered the final finals. It is just that Wang Can was the most eye-catching one on the top, so no one has noticed others in top ten, plus the one who just squeezed Yao Xuetong, Yingyuan has four members and now has five people in top 10, which almost accounted for half of the top ten.

Shen Huai noticed the problem faintly, and could not help frowning.

Ming Wei thought that Shen Huai was worried about affecting the Xia Shiyu, so she quickly explained, “Mr. Shen, I don’t want to aggrieve Xia Xia, but Xia Xia is still rising right now, and if Yingyuan company makes efforts, it will still take them a long time to overtake her. At this time, it’s no use not to release the base card. Wang Can certainly can’t catch up with Xia Xia. Instead of adding icing on the cake, it is better to send charcoal to the snow. As long as we add little support to Xuetong she can stand on the podium. This is also for the consideration of the whole team. What do you think? “

Ming Wei looked at Shen Huai hopefully but saw him shake his head.

Ming Wei froze, “Boss Shen, you don’t think I’m right?”

Shen Huai said in a deep voice, “You said that YingYuan company has not made efforts, but I have a different opinion from you. Yingyuan company has made efforts for a long time, but no one has noticed it.”

Shen Huai turned the screen to face Ming Wei and pointed to a few contestants in the middle of the row. “As you said, the company has been here for the whole team since the beginning.”

Ming Wei looked at the four members and saw the four words of “Ying Yuan company”, Suddenly like struck by lightning she was speechless.

Most people only paid attention to the front and the back. After all, these two spots were the most suspenseful places for the whole competition and also the most competitive places. The middle row was not so eye-catching. Using this public psychology, Ying Yuan company quietly sent several members of their group to the aisle.

Ming Wei returned to her senses after a long time. She then turned on her mobile phone and checked the latest hot searches about “National Idol” and soon found some clue.

During this period of time, someone has been taking rhythm, editing and circulate Wang Can and several other members of the original group, and was playing the topic of “The whole group must be talented”, regarding Wang Can and other members as a whole, attracting many fans of Wang Can to vote for all of them.

The Ying Yuan company did a very modest job, so it didn’t attract the attention of others. Only Wang Can fans complained in a few words, but they were soon appeased by other fans.

In addition, of course, there were a lot of other coquettish operations, but Ming Wei didn’t think much of them at that time.

Seeing all this, Ming Wei was shocked. “Mr. Shen, what you mean is that since Ying Yuan company found that Wang Can couldn’t compete for position C with Xia Shiyu, they quickly changed their strategy and preserved their strength and distributed the resources originally given to Wang Can to follow -up members to keep them in their seats.”

Ming Wei thought she was right this time, but Shen Huai shook her head.

Shen Huai looked at the screen. Now it was part of voting for Wang Can and Xia Shiyu. Now it is only two days till finals and Xia Shiyu has basically won. Yingyuan seemed to have completely given up on Wang Can and used her to pave the way for several other contestants, but Shen Huai always felt that the ambition of Ying Yuan will never stop at present.

Shen Huai put his hands on his chest and said slowly, “I heard from Producer Zhang before that Ying Yuan is one of the first companies in China to start an idol group, and it is also one of few companies that can make profits with it. It can be said that Ying Yuan is No.1 in this industry. With such a brilliant resume, do you think they are willing to just send other people to the position of debut and give up on the most eye-catching C position? “

Ming Wei froze. “But, at this time, there were so many votes short. Can they still do anything else?” : she suddenly stopped and her face became ugly.

Shen Huai knew that she had also thought about it: “If they can’t win in the field, they may not use off-field means.”

“Tell all departments to gather. I’m afraid everyone will have to work overtime these two days. The battle between us and the Ying Yuan has really begun at this moment.”


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