Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 190

After everyone except Guo Xun left, the Empress spoke. “You donated ten thousand taels of gold and ten thousand taels of silver for the relief fund and another thousand taels of silver for the merit monument. The renovation of the Wang residence will also cost at least another thousand taels of silver and you can’t avoid contributing ten thousand taels of silver for the prince’s wedding. The new tea has not started selling and the wine hasn’t been brewed yet—where did you get so much money? Are you planning to sell yourself? Everything is managed by Shijing, but you’re making a mess of it.”


Though the Empress’ words sounded calm, Shao Yunan detected a hint of thinly veiled anger. His heart warmed and he cheerfully added water to the Empress’ teacup and said, “Uncle, don’t worry. I have a plan. With this batch of new tea, the ones sold at the auction house alone should bring in around ten thousand taels of silver. But the batch of red tea at the end of the year will be the most valuable. If you can get me some good grapes this year, when the grape wine is unboxed next year, I’ll have a steady stream of wealth. The goat milk wine should also earn quite a bit. Let Shijing show you the things we brought back from Country. Perhaps there’s something more valuable.”


The Empress tapped his forehead. “Don’t just throw around figures like ten thousand and thousand in the future. Money is not spent like that.” Shao Yunan boldly held the Empress’s hand and played innocent. “Little Brother Guo and I have given face. I must give even more face. With me around, we don’t need to fear even eight or ten Loyal and Brave Marquis residences. Uncle, your ‘relief fund’ is a great thing for the country and the people and in terms of money, I will provide full support.” The Empress smiled genuinely. “That’s what you suggested.”


“Without Uncle, my suggestions are useless.”


“You talk recklessly. Later on, I will ask your father to teach you manners properly. A dignified family’s young master and a second-rank Lord, yet you speak so crudely.” Shao Yunan patted his mouth. “I deserve this scolding. I will definitely pay attention in the future.” The Empress picked up his teacup, took a sip, and considered the matter closed. Shao Yunan took the opportunity to say, “Uncle, Little Brother Guo is very skilled at cooking, on par with me. When I’m not around, you and the Emperor can ask Little Brother Guo for anything you want to eat.”


The Empress took the chance to educate him. “He is the principal wife of a King, not a cook. You are my nephew, so I can call you to cook, but I cannot call him.” Shao Yunan said, “Little Brother Guo is also the Empress’ nephew.” Leaning closer, he continued. “In fact, there’s a personal reason why I asked Little Brother Guo to open a private kitchen. The definition of a private kitchen is that it is private and less crowded. When you and the Emperor go there to eat, you won’t attract attention like when you go to Yunlong Pavilion. “


The Empress raised an eyebrow. “Tell me more?” Shao Yunan explained what a private kitchen was and the layout he designed for Guo Zimu’s private kitchen. Guo Zimu’s private kitchen was targeted at the elite, combining modern high-end private kitchen design concepts, which would undoubtedly meet the requirements of Emperor Yongming and the Empress.


Hearing Shao Yunan’s explanation, the Empress became interested. “If it can be done as you say, I will go.” Shao Yunan wanted to cultivate a favorable impression for Guo Zimu in front of the Empress before leaving. Guo Zimu’s devilishly handsome face had the potential to be his greatest support in the capital, especially with the Empress. Shao Yunan also harbored concerns about Emperor Yongming. After all, which emperor wasn’t a bit promiscuous?


However, there was one thing Shao Yunan couldn’t understand. “Uncle, do you mind if Little Guo wears a mask in front of you?” What Shao Yunan really wanted to ask was, “Aren’t you curious about Little Guo’s face?” The Empress’ eyes were deep and he cryptically replied, “If he wishes to conceal it, I won’t insist.”


On the way back to the residence, Shao Yunan couldn’t figure out whether the Empress was curious or not. The thoughts of those in power were too difficult to decipher. Upon returning home, three children and three big cats came out to greet him. Wang Qing had already gone to the National College, attending the elementary school section there. Nizi would enter the palace every three days for etiquette lessons. Jia Moxi also seemed quite busy, he would only appear during meals.


It had been a long time since Shao Yunan had spent time alone with the three children. He first greeted his grandfather, little grandfather, grandmother, and father, chatted for a while, and then took the three children and three big cats back to the room. Once in the room, he released the three big cats into the space, as they had been cooped up for a long time.


“Aunt Yun.” Jiang Moxi reached out. “Money.” Shao Yunan was stunned. “What money?”


“I want money.” Shao Yunan looked at the serious little eyes and replied seriously, “How much?”


“One thousand taels.”


“For what?”


“To buy people.”




“For training.”


Wang Qing interjected to translate. “Little Dad, Big Brother wants to buy some people to train them to help him manage the craftsmen.” So, he wanted to cultivate his own manpower? Not bad, he had ambition. Shao Yunan took out his small treasury from the space, opened it, and handed eight hundred taels of silver notes plus two hundred taels of silver to Jiang Moxi. Without any displeasure that Jiang Moxi had asked for money, he even said, “If it’s not enough, come and ask Uncle Yun again.”


“Okay.” Jiang Moxi was also curious; he had never thought of asking his Little Dad for money. “Do you really not need any help?” Shao Yunan asked again. Jiang Moxi shook his head and Wang Qing translated. “Big Brother says he wants to ask for two people. One is blind in one eye and the other is missing a hand. Both are retired soldiers.” Shao Yunan patted Jiang Moxi’s shoulder. “Within your means.”


“Yes.” Jiang Moxi took the silver notes and said, “You can go in.” Shao Yunan took the three children into the space, and he brought them out again for dinner.


Meanwhile, after Shao Yunan returned to the residence, Eunuch An entered the palace. As soon as he saw the Empress, he knelt down. The Empress, who was reviewing internal affairs memorials, noticed his appearance and suppressed his anger. Eunuch An had been silent the entire time and the Empress raised his hand, dismissing everyone from the Palace, including Guo Xun.


With everyone gone, the Empress spoke. “Speak.” Eunuch An knocked his head on the ground and pled, “Seeking mercy from the master, seeking mercy!”


“Mercy for what?” Eunuch An lifted his head, tears streaming down his face, and the Empress’ eyes flickered. Eunuch An crawled to the Empress’ feet and prostrated himself. “Master, this slave, dares not conceal anything. This slave seeks master’s mercy…” After a pause, Eunuch An’s body trembled, and with a trembling voice said, “This slave, this thing, recently, has regrown…” The Empress’s eyes widened slowly.


Eunuch An immediately began kowtowing frantically and continued. “This slave’s life belongs to the master! But, but, but that thing…” Eunuch An burst into tears. Castrated as a punishment in the past, he had started regrowing, and he couldn’t bear the thought of being cut again, turning into a eunuch neither male nor female.


“You mean, what was cut off from you has grown back?” The Empress’ expression was inexplicable. Eunuch An desperately knocked his head and blood oozed from his forehead. He didn’t need to answer. His actions had already explained everything. This matter couldn’t be concealed. If he wanted to survive, if he wanted to keep that thing, it was better to—start talking.


“Has it fully grown back?”


“No, no, it’s just, it’s somewhat recovering.” 


The Empress asked. “What are you asking of me? Is it to be freed from servitude or to let you keep that thing?”


“I implore Your Majesty to let this servant keep the wretched roots. I implore Your Majesty to grant mercy…” The Empress raised his hand to stop Eunuch An’s incessant kowtowing. “Lift your head.” Eunuch An picked up his blood-stained face. The Empress stared into his eyes and asked directly, “Do you know why it has grown back again?”


Eunuch An looked anxious, and the Empress bent down, approaching him. “An Ze, you have always been loyal to me, and I can’t bear to part with you. If you want me to grant your wish, I will. But, what to say, what not to say, what to do, what not to do, don’t let me remind you.”


In Eunuch An’s panic, he was overjoyed again. He immediately started knocking his head frantically, and then he heard the Empress’ slightly cold command. “For a lifetime, you must not marry, and you are forbidden to have offspring.” Eunuch An lifted his head and bowed down again after a moment. “This servant will only be the master’s servant.”


The Empress straightened up and withdrew his hand. “An Ze, I will issue a decree to free you from servitude. You shouldn’t blame me for being ruthless. I appreciate your loyalty, and I won’t pursue it if you wish to marry even as a eunuch. But if that thing regrows and you have a wife and leave behind an heir, I won’t be able to protect you.”


“I understand!” Eunuch An kowtowed.


“Let this matter rot in your stomach.”


“This servant thanks Your Majesty for the mercy!”


The Empress’s gaze became slightly cold. “Arrange for the families of these two people to be sent to Loyal and Brave Village.”




“You may go. Let Yunan come to the palace tomorrow.”




“This servant thanks Your Majesty for your mercy. This servant thanks Your Majesty for the mercy…” Muttering thanks repeatedly, Eunuch An exited while still kneeling, lowering his head, tears streaming. After he left, the Empress supported his forehead with one hand. “Should I punish ‘him,’ or should I praise ‘him’?” 


After pondering alone for a long time, the Empress stood up and went to Donglin Hall to find Emperor Yongming. Upon hearing what the Empress said, Emperor Yongming took half a day to react. “An Ze’s thing… grew back?” Emperor Yongming’s expression seemed to witness a monstrous sight. The Empress nodded helplessly. “An Ze said it himself. He came to the palace seeking mercy from me. The implication in his words is that it started to grow again, but hasn’t fully recovered.”


“He came to you for what? To be freed from being a eunuch?”


“Naturally.” The Empress informed Emperor Yongming of his decision. Emperor Yongming was quite speechless. “That thing can grow back again. If Zhuo Jin and Guo Xun find out, I am afraid they’ll go mad.”


“That’s why I forbade him from marrying and having offspring.” The Empress added, “Who knows, it might really recover enough to leave behind descendants.” Emperor Yongming understood. “It’s probably related to Yunan again. Yunan has given him quite a bit of gratitude, it’s quite a coincidence, isn’t it?” Rubbing his chin, Emperor Yongming said, “An Ze is indeed loyal and you granted him his life. It doesn’t matter if he’s not a eunuch now, since he mostly stays outside the palace. However, it could be problematic if others find out. Talk to Yunan. He should stop giving away things so casually.”


The Empress nodded. He naturally had the same thoughts. However, seeing Emperor Yongming still looking somewhat distressed, he couldn’t help but ask, “Your Majesty, is there anything wrong?” Emperor Yongming nodded thoughtfully. “That thing is good, but how come mine hasn’t grown back again? I feel it’s not big enough.”


The words were too much for the Empress to bear. He stood up and walked away, disregarding etiquette. “Qiyou!” Emperor Yongming stood up and hurried over. “Qiyou, can you see if mine grew bigger? Thicker?”


“I don’t know!”


“Just take a look.” The Emperor, acting indecently, dragged the embarrassed Empress back to the bed.



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