Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 191

Having just entered the palace the day before and now summoned again by the Empress, Shao Yunan couldn’t figure out what the Empress meant. Usually, the other party wouldn’t call him into the palace two days in a row. With a few doubts, Shao Yunan brought another box of the mochi Guo Zimu made yesterday and took the carriage to the palace. 


Yesterday, the Empress only ate two and then the eunuch took the rest to the Emperor. Shao Yunan had heard From King Luo Rong that there was a long period when Emperor Yongming often couldn’t eat enough and that he liked sweets. He thought that the reason the two had such a good relationship was because they had suffered a lot in the past, either shared hardships or major difficulties. Without time to create something fresh, Shao Yunan decided to seize the opportunity and brought the mochi Guo Zimu had brought to the palace. After dismissing the attendants, the Empress cut to the chase. “Eunuch An entered the palace last night, asking this king to free him from his servitude.”


“Ah?” And then? Shao Yunan couldn’t grasp the Empress’ intention in telling him this. Could it be that he was called into the palace just to discuss Eunuch An’s matter? The Empress looked at Shao Yunan. “The thing he had cut off has started to grow again and he doesn’t want to be a eunuch anymore.” Shao Yunan showed obvious surprise and thought, “No way!”


The Empress directly said, “Do you know why that thing of his is growing again?” Shao Yunan’s scalp tingled and the Empress picked up a teacup and drank the tea with his eyes lowered. Shao Yunan cleared his throat and cautiously said, “It can’t be related to me, right?”


“What do you think?”


Shao Yunan boldly walked a few steps and sat across the tea table from the Empress. “Little uncle, the first time I made honey grapefruit tea for you, I also gave some to Uncle An…”


“Hmm? What do you call him?”


“Uh, I gave him two bottles and as for the food I sent you… I also gave him a portion. Could it be related to this?” The Empress raised an eyebrow. “If not related to that, then what do you think it is related to?” He put down the teacup without reservation. “Do you really not know how healthy I am?”


He pointed at Shao Yunan’s forehead. “Thanks to uncle An for eating it. If it was another eunuch, do you know how dangerous it could be? What about the one in your house? Did you also give him some?”


Shao Yunan shook his head. “No. There were only a few bottles of grapefruit tea made with those leaves and they were all sent to the capital. However, the water used for the meals at home is from the back mountain, maybe there’s a similar effect over time?” The Empress thought in his heart, it’s still you who sent it. The Empress also thought of Shao Yunan sending it to him and softened his tone. “Now that you know, be more cautious in the future.”


Shao Yunan touched his chin. “I think the water might not have the effect of making the cut-off thing grow again, it might be the leaves. Eunuch An lived with me for so long and I haven’t seen any movement from him.” Shao Yunan clearly knew what was effective. The spiritual spring water at most strengthens the body, while the spiritual milk had that specific effect.


With a flash of insight, Shao Yunan suddenly raised his voice. “Little uncle, we’re going to make a fortune!” Startled by this, the Empress who was frightened by his delighted appearance took a deep breath. Forget it, this child had been away from home for more than ten years. It’s not something he can learn in a day or two. “Speak carefully, don’t be so alarmed.”


The raw materials for the tea leaves and wine auctioned at the auction house are either grown in the space or are irrigated with spiritual spring water. Shao Yunan originally wanted to rely on the things auctioned at the auction house to discover the benefits after everyone had eaten them to allow prices to rise, because he couldn’t openly say that these were good things. But now with Eunuch An’s move, he could openly advertise with the slogan “Nourishes life and extends longevity.”


“Little uncle, everything I send to the auction house is made with water from the back mountain. What do you think would happen if those people knew that this thing is good for the body and has the effect of extending life? It would definitely be snatched up. The advertising slogan should be ‘Nurtured by the essence of the sacred land of the fairy mountain.’ With your and the Emperor’s endorsement, it would definitely bring in a fortune.”


The Empress hesitated and Shao Yunan said, “After taking those things, you will definitely discover their benefits. We are just putting these benefits ahead of time. It’s telling them that this is absolutely a good thing. Just this bit, don’t think it’s expensive. Even with money, you might not be able to buy it.” He clapped his hands together. “If you want to go to the auction house, it depends on whether you have enough status. Let’s make the auction house’s style as high-end as possible. Anyway, there may be fewer other things in this world, but definitely not fewer rich people. What we lack most in the Great State of Yan now is money! With money, the soldiers on the border won’t worry about being cold or hungry. Our weapons and equipment can also be upgraded.”


The Empress didn’t hesitate anymore. “Draft a detailed plan for me.” This time, it was Shao Yunan who hesitated. 


“What’s wrong?” Shao Yunan felt a bit guilty. “I will tell Big Brother Kangchen about it and ask Big Brother Kangchen to write it. Uh, my handwriting is not very good.” This time, the Empress was truly angry. “A dignified Second-Rank Marquis’ wife, the eldest son of the Dai family, this King’s nephew, can’t even write? Where should this Empress’ face be put! From tomorrow onwards, come to the palace every day to learn to write!”


Seeing the Empress’ expression, Shao Yunan nodded obediently. Between the two authority figures, he was more afraid of the Empress than Emperor Yongming. Shao Yunan secretly thought, “Emperor Yongming is so ‘devoted’, there must be an element of ‘wife control’ in it. When this Empress gets angry, it really makes people scared.”


After leaving the palace, Shao Yunan first went to find Jiang Kangchen. Although Jiang Kangchen was an inner court official, he wasn’t in the palace often because he had to handle tasks for the Empress. After informing Jiang Kangchen of the Empress’s request, Shao Yunan went back to his mansion to comfort his own father and soothe his wounded soul.


Jiang Kangchen submitted the detailed plan the next day and the Empress nodded repeatedly after reading it. Having freed himself from the shackles of the Wu family, Jiang Kangchen made rapid progress with a clear direction. In a few days, the first opening of the Yunlong Auction House would take place. The Empress handed over this significant event to Jiang Kangchen. With the order in hand, Jiang Kangchen left the palace and went straight to the Grand General’s residence to quickly consult with Shao Yunan on how to conduct the auction.


In the experimental base in the capital’s outskirts, Murong Yi and Wang Shijing were checking the fields. After a few busy days, Murong Yi had indeed lost some weight and his complexion had also darkened a bit. He no longer looked like the plump and fair doughboy he used to be. Wang Shijing’s skin tone hadn’t changed much, but the scar on his face had become shallow and barely noticeable. His left eye, which had been blind, now looked normal like the right one. If he didn’t mention it, no one would believe that his eye had once been blind.


At this moment, the two were drinking tea in their residence after spending time in the fields. Wiping off the sweat from their head and necks, Murong Yi unbuttoned his collar. Being plump, he sweated a lot, especially in the scorching weather. Wang Shijing poured him a cup of green tea and said, “The weather is getting hotter. You shouldn’t go to the fields. I can handle it alone.” Murong Yi wiped his sweat and replied, “This is the task I discussed with the Emperor. How can I slack off?”


While they were talking, a servant walked in, bowed, and said, “Lord Marquis, Young Master. Lord Wang Shao has sent a message, asking Lord Marquis and Young Master to return to the capital to attend the auction.” Wang Shijing glanced at Murong Yi and said, “Understood.”


The servant withdrew and Murong Yi asked, “What auction is this?” The news about the auction house had not been completely released and Murong Yi had not been well before, so he was not well-informed. Wang Shijing replied simply. “Yunan suggested that the Empress open an auction house and sell some rare items. The one who bids the highest gets the item.” Murong Yi smiled and said, “Sounds intriguing. Indeed, my father said that Yunan has many ideas. Let’s pack up and get ready to go back.”


“Okay.” The two returned to the capital in the evening and headed straight to their respective residences. As soon as Wang Shijing entered the house, Shao Yunan came out. Seeing his wife, Wang Shijing, who usually had a serious face, suddenly appeared a bit softer.


“Shijing, have dinner first, and then take a bath.”


“Have you eaten?”


“Yes. Let’s go back to our room.”


“I’ll go greet Grandpa and the others first.”




After Wang Shijing greeted the elders, he followed Shao Yunan back to their rooms. Wang Shijing positioned himself as the “son-in-law” of the Dai Family in the Great General’s Mansion, not a first-class marquis. He did not only use correct etiquette with the elders, he also followed the rules and regulations. Because of his mentality and attitude, the elders of the Grand General’s residence became very satisfied with him. At the least, it was not like in the beginning, where they thought he was not worthy of Shao Yunan. 


Wang Shijing sighed with satisfaction after tasting the meal his wife prepared. Accustomed to his wife’s cooking, he found it hard to swallow the food during the recent period in the capital’s outskirts.


During a pause in conversation, Wang Shijing asked, “Where are Qing and the others?” 


“Qing is studying in the room, Nizi went to play with her sister, Moxi… I don’t know.” replied Shao Yunan. “Hmm?” Wang Shijing looked surprised. Shao Yunan explained. “He asked me for one thousand silver coins, saying he wanted to buy people. He also asked Grandpa for two more people. I don’t know what he’s busy with. He’s not seen around during the day and I haven’t asked. Asking is futile if he doesn’t want to say.”


Wang Shijing frowned. Shao Yunan expressed some concern. “Big Brother Wu Jian’s situation greatly affected him. He’s not an ordinary child. I’m really worried that he might develop some extreme ideas psychologically.”


“I’ll talk to him.”


“That’s good.” Wang Shijing fell silent and continued eating. When he finished, Shao Yunan called someone to clean up.


In a secluded house in the capital, Jiang Moxi looked expressionlessly at the person lying on the ground with blood constantly flowing from two crossbow arrows in their legs. The person’s face was pale and they were suffering intensely. In Jiang Moxi’s hand was an exquisite small crossbow. In front of him, hundreds of craftsmen knelt trembling on the ground. Behind him stood two upright men, one wearing a black eyepatch and the other with an empty sleeve on his right arm. Both of them looked at Jiang Moxi with fear in their eyes. Raising his eyes from the person who was undoubtedly doomed, Jiang Moxi turned to the hundred craftsmen. Lips parted, he uttered coldly. “Live or die.”


“Master, have mercy! Master, have mercy!” The hundred craftsmen vigorously kowtowed, never expecting this young child to be so ruthless. Ignoring the person bleeding on the ground, Jiang Moxi took out a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to the one-eyed man. Without hesitation, the man took it, his injured hand trembling – the hand that had killed countless enemies was now shaking!




The one-eyed man immediately unfolded the paper and began to read. Jiang Moxi spoke awkwardly and he was too lazy to talk. Everything he wanted to do was written on the paper. If they wanted to live, they had to obediently follow orders and not have any other thoughts. After the one-eyed man finished reading, Jiang Moxi raised his chin. “Go in.” The craftsmen initially didn’t understand his meaning, but the one-armed man spoke. “The master told you to go in and do what you need to do.”




None of the craftsmen dared to delay. Scared and weak-legged, they helped each other to stand up and turned around to enter one of the huts behind them. That was the place where they would be spending the rest of their lives.


Jiang Moxi looked at the man on the ground who was already out of breath again  and said, “Drag him away.” The one-eyed man went over, but behind him, Jiang Moxi spat out another sentence. “Keep your mouth shut.”


The one-eyed man’s body trembled for a moment. He pursed his lips and went to drag that smith (corpse) who had led the disturbance. Those hundred craftsmen naturally did not take it to heart when they saw that their new master was nothing more than a child. Now, no one even dreamed of resisting. Even the veterans who originally didn’t put Jiang Moxi in their eyes, were currently under Jiang Moxi’s command and didn’t dare to have any contempt for this child who couldn’t speak well. The crossbow alone that Jiang Moxi took out, made them fearful.



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