Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 189

Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan, both villagers with humble origins, managed to climb their way up to the position of Loyal and Brave Marquis, all because they “associated” with Jiang Kangning, Elder Weng adopted son. Leveraging Jiang Kangning’s help, they presented an immortal fruit to the Emperor, and as a result, they ascended to the position of Loyal and Brave Marquis. Now, Shao Yunan has also become the long-lost legitimate young master of the Grand General’s residence! This significant turnaround became the talk of the town in the capital for several years.

People outside spread various rumors, most of which were bitter remarks. Shao Yunan turned a deaf ear to the affairs outside the mansion. Before returning home, he and Guo Zimu needed to finalize the matters of the hot pot restaurant and private kitchen. As expected by Shao Yunan, Eunuch An was not just busy, he was on the verge of losing his mind. Even with capable subordinates assigned by the Empress, he found no respite.

The Empress had clearly decided to groom Jiang Kangchen into a trusted aide for managing palace affairs. After Jiang Kangning returned from the border, the Empress refrained from assigning him business-related tasks. Eunuch An presided over matters in the capital, and Wei Hongwen, an experienced businessman, was more suitable than Jiang Kangchen to explore the domestic and foreign markets for the Great State of Yan. At present, Jiang Kangchen’s hands were only occupied with a yet-to-be-opened jewelry store. As for the restaurant, Eunch An had taken full charge of it.

Jiang Kangchen came from a prestigious family, and his father once served as the chief minister of the cabinet. Sending someone of such background into business seemed somewhat wasteful, and the Empress clearly shared this sentiment. Therefore, regarding the hot pot restaurant, Eunuch An expressed his willingness to invest on behalf of the Empress, but taking on additional responsibilities was out of the question. As for the private kitchen, Eunuch An didn’t bring it up, but Shao Yunan had mentioned that Guo Zimu wanted to open one. Guo Zimu, being the future Marquis, Eunuch An would certainly not miss the opportunity to get involved.

With Eunuch An lacking the energy, Shao Yunan was willing but not entirely capable. He was the one responsible for earning money for the Empress, and everyone relied on him for the major deals. Shao Yunan didn’t need to take charge of everything, he simply waited to receive his share of the money. Even Wei Hongwen remained silent, as running a business in the local area was much easier for him than for Shao Yunan, who was an outsider.

For the hot pot restaurant, Shao Yunan proposed the distribution of shares: one-third for Eunuch An (on behalf of the Empress), one-third for himself, one-third for Guo Zimu, and the final one-third reserved for his adoptive father, Elder Cen. Elder Cen had written a letter to persuade Cen Kuai, his biological son, to return to the capital. Since Cen Kuai was talented, his return would benefit both Shao Yunan and Guo Zimu. Shao Yunan planned to bring Elder Cen and his wife to live in the Marquis’s residence after its renovation.

The private kitchen is considered Guo Zimu’s own business. Shao Yunan and he spent three or four days discussing and finalizing the business model and menu for the private kitchen in the Wang residence. With the capable Guo Zimu understanding both accounts and cooking, and the assistance of the Marquis, Shao Yunan was not worried about any problems arising. However, Guo Zimu was currently short of funds. While the Wang residence was being renovated, most of the funds from the private residence of King Luo Rong, except for real estate, have been entrusted to Guo Zimu. The public account of the Wang residence was not overly abundant, having already been used for the renovation, making it somewhat challenging to invest further in the private kitchen. Without hesitation, Shao Yunan borrowed one thousand two taels of silver from Guo Zimu. Although he has accumulated a lot of debt, these debts are for future expenses, and the silver he brought to the capital this time remains largely untouched and is still with him.

Guo Zimu did not stand on ceremony with Shao Yunan, accepted the one thousand taels, and wrote an IOU. Shao Yunan refused interest, and Guo Zimu was not insistent. The one thousand  of silver would be repaid in installments without interest.

Guo Zimu also owns a dessert shop. Although it was under the Yunlong Group, Shao Yunan gave the operational rights to Guo Zimu. With just a word from the Empress, Guo Zimu now holds a 30% share in the dessert shop, as a favor from the Empress to both Shao Yunan and Kinge Luo Rong.

Observing Guo Zimu’s serious dedication, Shao Yunan knew he could confidently return. In a few years, the capital would have one more wealthy figure, a King primary wife.

While Shao Yunan and Guo Zimu were busy with the opening of the stores, Wang Shijing was even busier. He took the personnel assigned by Emperor Yongming to the outskirts of the capital to establish his experimental base. Wang Shijing selected about thirty acres of land from the Wang residence in the outskirts and began developing an experimental base. Guo Zimu was well aware of the profits from tomatoes and cucumbers, and as long as they grew successfully, it would undoubtedly be profitable. Wang Shijing is currently in the outskirts, and it will take some time for him to return. Prince also accompanied him. Wang Shijing himself requested this task, and Emperor Yongming readily agreed.

With Morong Yi recovered, many people are waiting to see when he will attend court. As the Crown Prince and a member of the royal family, once he is healthy, even if he doesn’t participate in politics like King Luo Rong, he still needs to attend court and handle matters. However, no one expected that Morong Yi would request to go to the outskirts to farm! He did not enter the Six Ministries, nor did he accompany his father to attend court sessions. Instead, he chose to work as a common farmer! Many people thought that Crown Prince Morong Yi was a bit foolish. Only Shao Yunan believed that he probably just wanted to lose weight.

When discussions about Morong Yi choice reached his ears, the blushing Crown Prince, sipping sweet grapefruit tea, squinted and said: “This Crown Prince should have shed some weight a long time ago.”


Upon receiving the message from the palace, Guo Zimu was momentarily stunned. With King Luo Rong absent from the residence and the Crown Prince outside the city, why did the Empress want him to enter the palace now?

Gathering the items on the table one by one, Guo Zimu bit his lip and asked the personal servant arranged for him by King Luo Rong: “Did he only mention that I should enter the palace?”

“Yes. He only said that His Highness wants you to enter the palace.”

Calming his thoughts, Guo Zimu stood up: “Let’s go then.”

“I’ll assist Lord in changing clothes.”

“No need. I’ll do it myself. Just pack some of the snacks I made this morning.”


Having been around Shao Yunan for so long, Guo Zimu had picked up some social skills. Regardless of the Empress’s intentions, bringing a small gift would not hurt.

After changing clothes, Guo Zimu, accompanied by his servant and carrying some delicate snacks, boarded the carriage sent from the palace. Along the way, Guo Zimu felt a bit uneasy and absentmindedly touched the mask on his face. Even though he was used to wearing it when going out, and it wasn’t the first time meeting the imposing figure, this time, he couldn’t wait for the other party to take the initiative.

The Empress was at the Palace. Guo Zimu followed the palace maid with his head slightly lowered, crossed the threshold, and entered the Palace. After walking a few steps, he heard a familiar voice saying: “Little Zimu.”

Guo Zimu looked up in surprise: “Mourong!”

He was here!

King Luo Rong joyfully approached, took Guo Zimu’s hand, and upon closer inspection, he saw that Shao Yunan was also present. Guo Zimu, whose anxious heart had settled, smiled at Shao Yunan, indicating that he was fine.

“Little Brother Guo, what did you bring?”

Approaching him, Shao Yun’n took the food box from Guo Zimu’s hands. Feeling the coldness of Guo Zimu’s fingers, he raised an eyebrow. Guo Zimu smiled and assured him that he was fine.

After taking the food box, Shao Yunan opened it and exclaimed: “Wow, it’s Mochi!” Unconsciously, he picked one up, took a bite, and turned to the person at the higher position, saying with an amazed expression: “I only mentioned it once, and Little Brother Guo made it. It’s so delicious. Uncle, you have to try it.”

Having said that, he approached and placed the food box in front of the Empress, saying: “This goes well with floral tea. Let me brew it.”

Shao Yunan’s actions made it feel more like a family gathering. Guo Zimu casually said: “I’ve been in the cold for a while, it might be a bit chilly.”

“It’s better when it’s a bit cool.”

The Empress, holding one, took a bite and nodded in surprise: “Delicious.” He looked at the smiling King Luo Rong and then at Guo Zimu: “Uncle Luo is really fortunate.” He looked at Guo Zimu again: “Main King wife, in the future, you should visit the palace frequently and teach this Emperor a few recipes for sweet.”

Guo Zimu replied: “If Your Highness likes it, it’s my fortune.”

Without asking Guo Zimu to remove the mask, the Empress finished one Mochi, took a few sips of the jasmine tea brewed by Shao Yunan, and said: “Since we are all family, Main King wife, there is no need to be restrained. Sit down and talk.”

King Luo Rong pulled Guo Zimu to sit down and also let go of the hand he was about to remove Guo Zimu’s mask with. The Empress said: “Guo Xun.”

Guo Xun immediately approached with something in his hands and respectfully presented it to King Luo Rong.

The Empress said: “This is the gift list drafted by Eunuch An. Lord, take a look and see if there’s anything inappropriate.”

Guo Zimu blinked, realizing that calling him to the palace was for this? Shao Yunan interjected: “Uncle Mourong, let me take care of your and Little Brother Guo’s clothes. The Emperor rewarded me a weaving workshop, and I could use it. I promise that both of you will look exceptionally handsome on the day of your marriage. You can also advertise our Yunlong garments while you’re at it.”

King Luo Rong chuckled: “Deal. Uncle Mourong, you’re the one who has to look the most handsome on that day.”

“Don’t worry, leave it to me.”

King Luo Rong looked at the smiling Empress and said: “Empress, are you planning to open a clothing store?”

The Empress, with an indulgent tone, said: “Eunuch An said that Nizi wants clothes made from that workshop for her dowry. As for the rest, let Eunuch An do as he pleases. Uncle, check the gift list. We’ll finalize it today and make preparations early.”

“Letting Empress worry about this.”

Kinge Luo Rong unfolded the gift list, and the dense handwriting made him a little dizzy.

The extensive list exceeded his expectations. Apart from the essential items for a royal marriage, the other items made King Luo Rong feel a bit embarrassed. Even when the Emperor got married, it wasn’t as extravagant.

Without scrutinizing it, Kinge Luo Rong closed it and said: “Empress, this is too much.”

The Empress smiled faintly: “Not too much. Besides what the royal family should provide, the rest is prepared by Eunuch An. Loyal and Brave Marquis is the adopted brother of Loyal and Brave Marquis, and you are the only King of the royal family. Whether it’s the betrothal gifts or dowry, nothing should be lacking. Eunuch An said that on the day of your marriage, King Wife dowry must be ten miles of red dresses to show the wealth of the Loyal and Brave Marquis residence.”


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