Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 96.1

Because Wang Qing went to school for the first time, Shao Yunan made a big meal for lunch as encouragement. With Kang Rui around, Elder Cen didn’t go to the academy. After staying in the study for a few days, he was planning to go to the capital with Kang Rui and just waited for Kang Rui to wrap up his affairs in the academy. 

Shao Yunan was also already aware of this matter. Since Elder Cen was going on a long trip without him, he needed to prepare something delicious for him to bring along. The food on the ship and in the capital would definitely not suit the old man’s appetite.

Guessing that Wang Qing would be home soon, Shao Yunan went to the kitchen. Guo Zimu who was preparing in the kitchen and saw him come in asked, “Brother Qing hasn’t come back yet?” Shao Yunan said, “Almost there. I’ll do the meat dishes, you do the vegetarian dishes, and don’t forget to make a plate of shredded potatoes with vinegar.”

“Alright.” Guo Zimu, who was not wearing a mask, handed over the stove to Shao Yunan, as he went to slice the vegetables. There were now many more people in the house, so Shao Yunan did not allow them to go near the area where Guo Zimu usually moved around. 

In the main courtyard, Uncle Zhou and Aunt Zhou usually came to help. Because of their age, Shao Yunan also allowed them, but didn’t allow others to come to the main country yard, especially Ding Lin and Ding Sen, two strong middle-aged men.

Guo Zimu’s usual range of activities was in the main courtyard where he and his Elder Brother Guo Ziyu lived, especially the kitchen of the main courtyard. He doesn’t like to meet outsiders due to his bewitching face. Shao Yunan could not bear him always wearing a mask in front of outsiders, so he simply did not give outsiders the opportunity to see him. Jiang Kangning, Jiang Kangchen, Kang Rui, and other people were not affected by Guo Zimu’s appearance. It also didn’t matter, because they were family, so Guo Zimu was not uncomfortable facing them.

Cutting shredded potatoes, Guo Zimu said with some concern, “I don’t know how Brother Qing did in the academy today. Why didn’t you let him tell everyone that he was Elder Cen’s grandson?”

Shao Yunan, who was cooking braised pork, said, “Even if he doesn’t say it, everyone will learn about it in the future. If he says it now, he would only attract the suspicion of his classmates, which would be counterproductive. Don’t worry, Wang Yan and Zhao Congbo are there with him. The two of them already studied in private schools for several years and know how to deal with the world. They are all children who like studying, so they shouldn’t have too much time to bully others. Besides, with my Senior Brother around, I am sure he would not let Wang Qing be bullied.”

Guo Zimu said, “That’s good, I was worried that Qing would be bullied.” Shao Yunan asked, “Is Brother Guo really not going to take the exam again?” Guo Zimu nodded and said with a bit of self-condemnation, “Brother said that he is very down-to-earth now and he doesn’t want to bother anymore.”

Shao Yunan said, “Since Brother Guo decided, let’s respect his choice. But what about you Brother Guo? You can’t be a cook in my house for your whole life right?” Guo Zimu raised his head. “Why not? I’m here because of you. Being a cook is good since I like to cook.”

Now that he mentioned it, Guo Zimu was very talented in cooking. Shao Yunan was silent for a while before he said, “That’s fine. After a while, Shijing and I will be busy again, so I will leave the food in the house in your hands Little Brother Guo.”

“Leave it to me. Don’t worry about the kimchi and the sauces for the grilled meat. I’ll deliver them on time.”

“Good. It really saves me time having you around.” Guo Zimu smiled. Today’s life was one he had forgotten for many years. Even when nothing happened at home, he had never been so down-to-earth and at ease. If possible, he would like to stay at the Wang Residence for his whole life.

But Shao Yunan couldn’t bear to let brothers like Guo Ziyu and Guo Zimu stay for the rest of their lives in a place as small as his house. Guo Ziyu was also a scholar. Although Guo Zimu has no position, he was intelligent and could learn. Moreover, Guo Zimu has good cooking skills and he might also have other talents. 

In the beginning, he himself did not know anything about the situation here. If the two of them had not given him a detailed analysis and explanation, things might not have gone as well. Shao Yunan still wanted to arrange good lives for the two of them, as he couldn’t bear the two of them serving his family for the rest of their lives.

“Yunan I am back.” Shao Yunan came back to his senses and looked at the kitchen door. Wang Shijing walked in quickly, his feet covered in mud. Obviously he had just come back from outside. Shao Yunan hurriedly said, “Drink some water first and then go take a bath. The water is ready.”

“Okay. Did Qing already come back?”

“Not yet, he should be back soon. Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something first?”

“I’m a little hungry.”

“There are garlic burmese buns on the table in the main hall. You can eat some before the main meal.”

Wang Shijing has been busy since four days ago, taking the people sent from the capital and the people sent by Jiang Kangning to collect the tea and training them how they should pick the tea and how to investigate the types and distribution of ancient tea trees in Yongxiu County. So he left home early every morning and only returned in the evening.

When Wang Shijing finished bathing, Shao Yunan had already prepared four meat dishes, just as Wang Qing came back along with Kang Rui. Kang Rui was now treating the Wang residence as his home. He also didn’t want to go back to his own house, which was very lonely and liked to live here, even though he would need to travel back and forth every day.

As soon as Wang Qing came back, Shao Yunan saw that he looked a bit uncomfortable, carrying a one-shoulder green cloth bag in his hand. Shao Yunan froze. “Brother Qing, where is your school bag?” He immediately went to look at Kang Rui, but Kang Rui just flashed him a smile without explaining.

Wang Qing couldn’t help but pout. “Little Father, my school bag is gone. I also didn’t even get a few bites of the bento and snacks you packed for me.”

“Huh?! Did your classmates bully you?” Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing looked at Kang Rui at the same time, but Kang Rui still didn’t say a word, sitting at the table and just drinking tea, looking thirsty all of sudden.

Wang Shijing immediately said, “Qing, tell father, what happened in the academy?” Kang Rui said at this time, “You should ask Yunan. Why did he prepare such a special school bag for Qing and make such a delicious lunch and snacks?”

“Me?” Shao Yunan became confused. Wang Qing was so aggrieved that he took off the purse from his waist and handed it to his Little Father. Shao Yunan took it without knowing why, opened it, and saw that the purse, which was originally just for Wang Qing’s pocket money, now had five jade pendants in it! Shao Yunan became a little dizzy. “What is this?”

“The students in my class wanted to buy my school bag and the snacks my Little Father made for me. But since they didn’t bring any money with them, they gave me these jade pendants. I didn’t want them, but they forced me to take them. The bento was already divided by them when I wasn’t even full. While their own bento was terrible.”

Shao Yunan was speechless, as Wang Shijing coughed twice. “Didn’t you say you don’t want to sell it?”

“I said so! But they still wanted to buy it and they robbed it from my hand and stuffed in their jade pendants.” It could only be said that Wang Qing was very aggrieved. He didn’t want the jade pendants, he wanted his school back and snacks! Speaking of which, Wang Qing was about to cry, he only had that one school bag!

Shao Yunan hurriedly put his arms around Wang Qing. “Don’t cry, don’t cry. Let’s have Grandma Zhou make you another school bag. Little Father will prepare you more snacks tomorrow so you can distribute them to your classmates and return the jade pendants to them. Tell them that if they want to buy a bag, they have to book it in advance, because Grandma Zhou can only make one every few days. As for the bento…” Shao Yunan suddenly had an idea. “You tell them that your Little uncle is going to open a bento store in the county town, so if they want to eat it, they can buy it from him. Little Father will prepare a bigger bento for you everyday from now on, so you can eat it together with your classmates.”


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