Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 188

Back at the Grand General’s residence, Shao Yunan immediately found Wang Shijing. The two went back to their room and Shao Yunan told him everything. Wang Shijing’s mood was far from pleasant, but he wasn’t angry; instead, a sense of heaviness weighed on him. Shao Yunan hugged him and couldn’t help but say, “Brother, I’m sorry.”


Wang Shijing snapped out of his thoughts and lifted his wife’s face. “The one who should apologize is me. You are a member of the Dai family and the Empress’ nephew. Even if the Empress decrees that you and I should separate, it is only right. As for Old Zhu, I don’t hate or blame her. She is a stranger to me. However…” Wang Shijing sighed and spoke truthfully. “I never thought of her death. After your identity was revealed, I also considered that she might…”


Shao Yunan also sighed. “I thought the Shao family would suffer, but I never expected the scope of this incident to be so wide. Today, I truly felt that this is the ancient times—an era where those in power hold the power of life and death. That old woman is detestable, but I never wished for her death.”


“Don’t dwell on it. The Empress leaving her body intact is genuinely giving you face.” Wang Shijing crouched down and looked at Shao Yunan. “My wife, due to your identity, the Emperor’s punishment of Zhu Shi, the Shao family, and the Wang family, is not excessive. There will be many more incidents like this in the future. You must learn to accept them. It was her own actions that led to her demise. If she hadn’t caused trouble repeatedly and been unreasonable, she wouldn’t have met this end, and Wang Zhisong wouldn’t have lost his prospects.” Shao Yunan hugged him. “Am I still too soft-hearted?”


“Yes, you are still too soft-hearted. She was my birth mother and her death doesn’t bring joy, nor does it bring sadness… it’s just a bit nostalgic. If I hadn’t met you, maybe it would have been me, Qing, or Nizi that was forced to death. Yunan, you have to get used to these things, because I can’t guarantee that I won’t do similar things in the future with my status.”  Was this an adaptation to the local customs? This kind of custom didn’t seem necessary.


Shao Yunan hugged Wang Shijing tightly. “I will try. Looking at it now, my sorrow seems hypocritical. The Empress had a point. If Old Lady Wang Zhu doesn’t die and gets released, she will definitely cause more trouble for you. Now that you are a Marquis, she’ll cling to your thigh for dear life. As for Wang Zhisong, he already cut off the path of grace for himself. Let’s see if he can find another way in the military. As for Wang Tianyan, heh, let him experience the hardships of conscription. It might help him lose some weight. I have no sympathy for that whole family.”


Wang Shijing pecked Shao Yunan on the face and asked, “Do you want to take a nap?”


“No, I won’t sleep. I’m going to find my father.”




Shao Yunan didn’t tell Wang Shijing about the Emperor asking if he liked it or not. As long as Wang Shijing didn’t betray him, he wouldn’t divorce Wang Shijing. Speaking about it would only add to Wang Shijing’s troubles. 


However, this modern person needed time to adapt to this feudal society. It wasn’t apparent in Shuishui Village, but after entering the capital, the feeling of life and death being in the hands of a thought was too obvious. Shao Yunan truly had a sense that he was an ancient person. A person living in a feudal society.


Everyone, including Wang Shijing himself, considered the Emperor’s decision normal. If the family had to choose, executing the entire Shao family would be considered lenient.


Two days later, King Luo Rong and the others returned. Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing first went to the Cen residence to meet their adoptive parents, then to King Luo Rong’s residence to see King Luo Rong and Guo Zimu. Finally, they picked up the children. Shortly after they left the Cen residence, the Elder General sent a visitation card over. The Cen couple quickly changed into new clothes and headed to the Grand General’s residence.


When they met King Luo Rong, Shao Yunan didn’t conceal his identity. King Luo Rong and his eldest son were surprised, but also understood. Given the strong resemblance between Shao Yunan and the Elder, it was a well-known fact in the noble families of the capital.


Shao Yunan, along with his adoptive parents, thanked the Emperor and the Empress. Then, he explained why he was considered the Dai family’s missing child, emphasizing his resemblance to the Elder. There was no plastic surgery in ancient times and the similarity between Shao Yunan and Elder Dai was well-known in the capital.


The Elder General publicly acknowledged Shao Yunan’s identity as the missing child of the Dai family. Emperor Yongming and the Empress were delighted, and no one dared to raise doubts about the seeming coincidence. The Elder General also thanked the invited Elder Cen for taking care of his grandson. The acknowledgment shocked Elder Cen, Shao Yunan’s adoptive father, who was deeply moved.


On the third day, there was a commotion in the capital. The Emperor issued an edict, praising the loyalty and righteousness of the Dai family, who had found their missing child. The Emperor decided to host a recognition feast in the palace for the Dai family and officials with sixth grade or higher rank were allowed to bring their families to the feast. The news spread and various speculations arose, including rumors that the Dai family claimed Shao Yunan as their missing child to win the favor of the Grand General. However, the Dai family did not refute any unfavorable rumors, as they held a strong position and were not afraid of slander.


The recognition banquet was scheduled for five days later and the Dai family announced that they would not accept any gifts. The recognition feast was held in the palace and it would be inappropriate to bring gifts. Shao Yunan, with Jiang Kangchen, who was in charge of internal affairs,  assistance, suggested having hot pot for the feast to promote the upcoming hot pot restaurant and save money. Jiang Kangchen proposed the idea to the Empress, who agreed.


Not to mention Duke Anguo and his eldest son’s inner turmoil, who had to appear but couldn’t bring their wives. The Duke could only bring his legitimate granddaughter to ease the embarrassment. Shao Yunan became the legitimate grandson of the Dai family, the Empress’s nephew, and Duke Anguo, Wu Tianpeng, felt bitter about it. Despite suffering from a serious illness that hadn’t completely healed, Wu Tianpeng, who was now a Marquis, had to endure and address Shao Yunan as “Marquis.”


Jiang Kangchen organized the recognition feast. Officials and their families sat at round tables, curious about the various vegetables, raw meat, and the strange copper pot emitting steam in the center of the table. The royal artisans crafted the copper pot based on Shao Yunan’s design. Fortunately, the technique was not complicated, and although the quantity was large, all the pots were delivered to the palace on the day of the recognition feast.


Once Emperor Yongming and the Empress arrived, the recognition feast officially began. The Elder General thanked the Emperor and the Empress, then brought Shao Yunan forward to explain why he was considered the Dai family’s missing child, emphasizing his resemblance to the Elder Zhengjun, which was widely known in the capital. The Elder General publicly acknowledged Shao Yunan’s identity, and both the Emperor and the Empress were visibly pleased.


Afterward, everyone congratulated the Elder General for finding his grandson and even the officials who had been mocked by Shao Yunan before were forced to smile and offer their congratulations.


Among those present, Elder Cen, Elder Weng, King Luo Rong, and Guo Zimu were the happiest. They were delighted for the Dai family’s fulfillment and Shao Yunan’s reunion with his family. Guo Zimu, still wearing a mask, had no issue wearing it, and neither the Emperor nor the Empress brought up the matter of the mask. However, Guo Zimu, who had let go of most of his grievances, had his own plans. He wanted to reveal his true face the day he married King Luo Rong and he only shared this plan with Shao Yunan. Not even King Luo Rong knew.


During the recognition feast, the hot pot was delicious, and an official stood up to make a compliment. “Emperor, Empress, the hot pot today was unforgettable. I wonder if it is from Yunlong Restaurant? I’d like to bring my parents to taste it.”


The Empress smiled and said, “This hot pot was created by the Marquis. This is the first time this Empress has tasted it.” Turning to Shao Yunan, he asked, “Yunan, how did you come up with this idea?”


The Empress’ way of addressing Shao Yunan was a signal that pleased some and displeased others. Shao Yunan stood up, smiling mischievously. “Empress, your nephew doesn’t have any other hobbies; he just likes good food. In winter, the room is cold and the dishes get cold quickly. Your nephew thought about how to have something both delicious and warm, so he came up with this hot pot.” After a slightly playful gesture, Shao Yunan said, “Empress, your nephew and Little Guo want to open a hot pot restaurant in the capital and earn some private money. Your Majesty and the Emperor must support us.”


This was quite disrespectful, but when it came from Shao Yunan’s mouth, Emperor Yongming and the Empress laughed heartily. Emperor Yongming immediately said, “I will definitely support it.”


“Thank you, Your Majesty!”


Emperor Yongming looked satisfied and said, “Sit down. In the future, whenever you come up with new delicacies, don’t forget to send some to the palace first. We just tasted this hot pot today and it deserves a reward.”


Shao Yunan nudged Wang Shijing and Wang Shijing stood up, saying, “Your Majesty, please punish me. It’s my fault for not reminding him.” Emperor Yongming pointed at Wang Shijing and said, “Loyal and Brave Marquis, you might spoil him too much.”


Wang Shijing, expressionless, delivered a cheesy line. “Your Majesty, naturally, I have to spoil my wife.” The Empress chimed in, “Loyal and Brave Marquis’ words are music to my ears. My nephew, if not spoiled, how can he be?”


Shao Yunan blushed. He just wanted to let his brother-in-law show off a bit, but he didn’t expect the Emperor and the Empress to join in on the act. However, the Empress’s words touched him. Emperor Yongming chuckled and reached out to hold the Empress’s waist and said, “Since the Loyal and Brave Marquis is willing to accept the punishment for Marquis Wang Shao, I will punish the Loyal and Brave Marquis to send two more jars of white wine to me this year.”


Wang Shijing helplessly said, “I accept the punishment.” King Luo Rong interjected. “Loyal and Brave Marquis, how many jars of white wine do you plan to brew this year? I am about to marry the Marquis, and the Marquis is your brother-in-law…” Loyal and Brave Marquis didn’t finish his words, but the meaning was clear.


Wang Shijing could only say, “King, the wine for the Marquis’ marriage, Loyal and Brave Marquis residence will take care of it.” King Luo Rong was pleased. “Good, good. I appreciate the Marquis’s generosity.”


Emperor Yongming nodded satisfactorily. It seemed that the Loyal and Brave Marquis and his wife understood his intentions. Now, his national and private treasuries should save a considerable amount.


After Wang Shijing sat down, Shao Yunan immediately poured him a cup of tea. Wang Qing, Nizi, and Jiang Moxi were at another table, having their meal under the guidance of Shen Bing, Su Chenyi, and others. Shao Yunan glanced in that direction and was surprised. Jiang Moxi, who loved hot pot the most, was chewing slowly with an empty pair of chopsticks, staring intensely and cautiously in one direction. 


Shao Yunan followed his gaze and saw the stern and avoiding face of Duke Anguo, Wu Tianpeng. Obviously, Wu Tianpeng knew that Jiang Moxi was staring at him. Wang Qing and Nizi were anxiously looking at Jiang Moxi. Nizi even tugged at Jiang Moxi and said something. Jiang Moxi lowered his eyes and picked a piece of lamb from Nizi’s bowl to eat.


Someone pinched his leg and Shao Yunan snapped out of his thoughts; it was Wang Shijing. Then, Emperor Yongming, pretending to drink, said to those around him, “The Wu family treats the wolf cub as a lamb.” The Empress slightly pulled the corner of his mouth and said, “Yunan said that the child is a prodigy and he is just not very articulate. If he is talented, Your Majesty should plan early.”


Emperor Yongming only said, “If the Crown Prince were alive, Qing and Jiang Moxi could have been his companions.” The Empress’ eyes instantly turned cold. Emperor Yongming, who spoke these regretful words, lowered his eyes and took a sip of wine. Guo Xun and Zhuo Jin looked toward the direction of the Wu family and lowered their heads.


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