Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 76.2

Shao Yunan demonstrated first, using a reed tube to suck out the sheep’s spinal cord, and then ate the meat. After the first bite of meat, Wei Hongwen’s business experience couldn’t stop turning in his head. Normally, Shopkeeper Xu would definitely ask Shao Yunan for some business, or try to buy the recipe for this dish from him, but now, Shopkeeper Xu could no longer say it.

Since there were guests present, Madam Cen took the three children to another room to eat. After eating two pieces, Wei Hongwen put down his chopsticks and said, “These sheep skewers are just delicious. Hongwen claimed to have eaten all the delicacies in the country of the Great State of Yan, but today he can’t help but feel ashamed. Brother Shao’s craftsmanship really lives up to his reputation.”

Elder Cen laughed and said, “Yunan’s cooking is really delicious and this old man’s appetite has been spoiled by him.” Kang Rui and Jiang Kangning nodded in agreement. Shao Yunan said, “If you want to make it difficult, just make it difficult. You live here so what else do you want to eat? Rather, Big Brother and Senior Brother are going to be busy soon, right?”

Jiang Kangning said, “If there is no important business, it’s usually after the 15th just like the official opening of the Yamen. If it’s the capital, it is usually the tenth just as the imperial court opens.” Kang Rui continued, “The academy starts on the first day of February, but Senior Brother should go there the day before to meet with the other teachers.”

Shao Yunan then looked at Elder Cen. ”Elder Cen, you don’t have to go to the county school?” Elder Cen said, “I have already explained it. I will show up on the first day of the first month to encourage the students. But otherwise, the three teachers will be in charge of the county school.”

“Then on the first day of the year Shijing will escort you there and will come back with you when you are finished.”


Seeing that they had finished the family business, Wei Hongwen spoke. “Little Brother Shao’s cooking skills are very good. Do you plan to open a restaurant? With Little Brother Shao’s skills, even my chef at Yizhangxuan restaurant can’t compete.”

Shao Yunan laughed. “I am too lazy and opening a restaurant is troublesome. Shijing also doesn’t like me to be too busy.” Saying that he looked at Wang Shijing. Wang Shijing immediately answered. “Our family is small. The small business we do is enough to cover our daily expenses, so we don’t need to work hard. Besides, Yunan is still young, so it’s not good for him to be overworked.”

Wei Hongwen wanted to vomit. ‘You are a small business!?’ Not to mention him. Shopkeeper Xu and Zheng also wanted to vomit, but Wang Shijing continued to say, “Money is endless, but our family is not that ambitious.” His words blocked Wei Hongwen’s desire to open a restaurant in partnership with Shao Yunan.

Jiang Kangning spoke up at the right time. “It’s a rare occasion for Master Wei to taste Yunan’s cooking, don’t waste it.” Wei Hongwen picked up his chopsticks again and smiled helplessly at Shao Yunan. Let’s eat first. After eating he might still have a chance to talk about the purpose of his trip.

Wei Hongwen racked his brain on how to mention his business to Shao Yunan, so he passed through the whole meal thinking about it. But he didn’t expect that before he could mention it first, someone else would. “Elder Cen, Senior Brother, Big Brother I asked the kitchen to boil water, do you want to bathe?”

Elder Cen looked at Shao Yunan, his eyes were inquiring, ‘You have an idea?’ Shao Yunan showed a confident look. “I just have something to ask Shopkeeper Xu. Elder Cen, you must be tired after such a long day, so why don’t you take a bath to relieve your fatigue.”

Seeing Shao Yunan’s smile, Elder Cen, Kang Rui, and Jiang Kangning knew that he had a plan. After Shao Yunan spoke like this, Wei Hongwen and Shopkeepers Xu and Zeng could not help brightening up, as Shopkeeper Xu hurriedly said, “I also happen to have something to discuss with Little Brother Shao. You and I are really of the same mind.”

Elder Cen waved his hand. “Then Yunan, you can go talk about business. I’ll have another cup of tea with your Senior Brother and Big Brother.”

“Alright.” Shao Yunan got up and gestured for the three to follow him. After a slight salute to Elder Cen, Jiang Kangning, and Kang Rui, the three men followed Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing, with eagerness in their steps.

“I wonder what Yunan is planning to do.” Kang Rui muttered to himself. Elder Cen shook his head. “Tea and wine can never be given to the Hengyuan Marquis Mansion. On this matter, Kangning, you have to send a secret letter to the Emperor, and write another letter to Kangchen, asking him to present it to the Empress.”


Shao Yunan brought Wei Hongwen, the two Shopkeepers, and Wang Shijing to the study. Guo Ziyu then brought in tea and after they sat down, Shao Yunan didn’t say anything. Finally, Wang Shijing opened the conversation by saying, “Master Wei did you just want to meet Yunan this time?”

Wei Hongwen really didn’t expect these two people to be so straightforward. But since the other party was straightforward, he didn’t hide it anymore and directly said, “Exactly. I have been in business for many years. A year ago, a new tea and a new wine suddenly appeared in the capital. The capital dignitaries and nobles could be said to be totally overwhelmed.” “

Especially the price of that new tea, even with the price of a thousand gold teals, it is still difficult to buy it. But Wei learned that the new tea and wine came from your and Little Shao’s hands. Coincidentally, Wei also learned that his men have a lot of contact with you two, so I came to make friends. I will not hide it from you, Wei hoped to do some business with you two.”

“Wei also knows that the new tea and new wine belongs to the Empress, so Wei is not trying to compete with the Empress for this business. But the truth is Wei also does not have much of a choice but to ask for at least a hundred pounds a year of new tea and wine. Wei already checked and with the tea and goat milk fruit produced in Yongxiu this amount is not much.”

Wei Hongwen’s original idea was not like this, he originally planned to get at least 30% of the amount produced by Shao Yunan. But after today he already dismissed this idea, the quantities he said were enough. Although the number was not large, but the one thing he could be sure of was, except for him, no one else could get the new tea and new wine from Shao Yunan’s hands.

Wang Shijing expressionlessly said, “As Young Master Wei said, the big boss behind the tea and wine is the Empress. Yunan and I are just simple farmers, so why do you think we can sell the tea and wine without the consent of the Empress? Young Master Wei’s request is too difficult for others.”

Shopkeeper Xu and Shopkeeper Zeng couldn’t help becoming anxious when they heard this. Shopkeeper Xu looked at Shao Yunan pitifully and beggingly, hoping that Shao Yunan would make it easier for them and show them some friendship. But Shao Yunan pretended to not see it, as he picked up his cup of tea to drink it. 

Wei Hongwen took a deep breath, but he was not angry as he spoke. “The Empress also wants to use this tea and wine to earn money. Wei will not go around in circles with the two of you. I want this tea and wine, only for me and my Hengyuan Marquis Mansion to gain reputation, so price is not important. I will accept as much tea and wine as the Empress is willing to sell, as long as I can get the tea and wine for the Hengyuan Marquis Mansion.”

Shao Yunan chuckled and said, “I’m not from the capital, so I don’t know how to sell the tea and wine. But if Young Master Wei really accepted it like this and we charged you like this, you will be the one to suffer a big loss.”

Wei Hongwen also smiled lightly, saying, “Sometimes, face is more important. It is also because of the friendship between Little Brother Shao and Shopkeepers Xu and Zeng, that Wei deliberately went this far. I hope you can understand Wei’s difficulties.”

But Shao Yunan was not moved as he just shook his head. The smile on Wei Hongwen’s face couldn’t withstand it and even Shopkeeper Xu couldn’t help but say, “Brother Shao, please help. This matter is very important for our big boss and the Hengyuan Marquis Mansion.”

Wang Shijing said, “Unless the Empress gives permission, Yunan and I can’t make decisions on this matter. Young Master Wei has the Hengyuan Marquis Mansion behind him, but we cannot compare with him.”

Wei Hongwen said, “Brother Wang is too modest. Although Elder Cen is not in the court anymore, he is not an ordinary person.” Wang Shijing asked rhetorically, “Does Young Master Wei mean that Elder Cen’s face is greater than that of Empress?”

Wei Hongwen pursed his lips tightly and Shopkeeper Xu couldn’t resist speaking up again, but was stopped by Shao Yunan’s raised hand.

“Shopkeepers Xu and Zeng, it’s not that Shijing and I don’t want to give you face. Although the tea and wine came from me and Shijing, nowadays Shijing and I don’t have the power to sell the tea and wine to anyone.” Shao Yunan then said nonchalantly, “ Hengyuan Marquis’ Wei is actually making it difficult for us by making such a request. Shouldn’t you know the value of the tea and wine in the capital better than us? Do you think the Emperor and the Empress will let others earn this money and this fame? The Hengyuan Marquis Mansion might not be afraid of offending the Emperor and Empress, but Shijing and I wouldn’t dare. We both don’t have such a big backer.”

Wei Hongwen’s heart thumped and he immediately said, “I’m afraid Little Brother Shao has misunderstood. How could the Marquis of Hengyuan’s residence not be afraid of the Emperor and the Empress?”

Shao Yunan said with a puzzled face, “Not afraid? But you don’t seem afraid in your meaning. If you were afraid, would you still make this request with me? Would you still come to try to steal business from the Empress and the Emperor?”

Wei Hongwen didn’t know what to say. If these words reached the ears of the Emperor and the Empress, maybe the Emperor wouldn’t do anything to him, but he would definitely do something to the Hengyuan Marquis Mansion. Damn! He really thought too simply! These two peasants were as shrewd as foxes!

Shopkeeper Xu and Shopkeeper Zeng become uneasy. Their big boss will never be able to bear such a big accusation! The two bosses hurriedly pleaded, “Little Brother Shao, you misunderstood. Our proprietor definitely did not mean…”

Shao Yunan interrupted the two Shopkeepers and said to Wei Hongwen, whose expression was tense, “Young Master Wei, Shijing and I would like to talk with you alone.” Wei Hongwen’s expression changed slightly. “Alright.”


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